Full of Stars: Code to Access the Forgotten Temple

Don't know how to get inside the Forgotten Temple in Full of Stars? This guide will give you the tips you need to get inside and unlock the Wake Up People from Cryogenic Sleep achievement.

If you've made it this far in the space flight game Full of Stars, you should be proud of yourself. You're almost to the Blue Sector!

The Forgotten Temple is one of the last destinations you and your crew will reach in your escape from the intergalactic war. Your crew is skeptical that the temple has anything of value inside. But you know that the Forgotten Temple is worth exploring. Here, you'll unlock a new achievement, gain more resources, and get one step closer to a new home on a safe planet.

Read on to learn how to get there, and most importantly -- how to get inside.

How to Get to the Forgotten Temple in Full of Stars

If you haven't gotten to the Forgotten Temple yet, you can. Starting from Quantum Comms Station, travel either to the corporate battlefield, Vivid Nebula (hard), or Tortuga Station (very hard).

  • From the corporate battlefield, travel to the space telescope (hard), which is the key to finding the mysterious Blue Sector. From there, travel to the Forgotten Temple.
  • From Vivid Nebula, you can travel straight to the Forgotten Temple. This is the most direct route. You won't need to travel to the space telescope.
  • From Tortuga Station, you can either travel to the space telescope or Vivid Nebula. Both destinations will lead you to the temple.

When you arrive, you'll see the doors to the temple are shut tight, with no chance of budging.

How to Access the Forgotten Temple in Full of Stars

Once you get to the Forgotten Temple, you'll need to:

  • Take a good look at the temple doors.
    • There's a mark above the door in Morse code: II..II.I.. You wonder if the door will open if it receives coded radio transmission of this code.
    • Note: Your mark may be different than the one I've provided.
    • Pushing the doors doesn't work, so choose this option instead.
  • Choose your transmission.
    • If your mark is different, know that every I should be 1, and every dot 0.
    • Translate the code accordingly.

Here's the transmission for the Morse code above:


Remember that your code will be different if the mark above the temple door is different. Choose the option that correctly resembles your mark.

Here's another example: .III.IIII. Your transmission for this code would be 0111011110.

Once inside the temple, you'll be able to find the sleeping people and unlock the Wake Up People from Cryogenic Sleep achievement. You'll also gain 1,000 idium if you search the urns in exchange for seven leadership points.

How to Complete the Cryogenic Sleep Achievement

Once you're inside the temple, you'll need to:

  • Go to the main altar.
  • Look around when you get closer.
  • You'll see chambers with human corpses, and green vapor surrounding them. Decide to inspect the chambers.
  • You'll realize the corpses aren't corpses after all. Open the chambers for 300 idium.
  • As they slowly start waking from their sleep, try to talk to them.
  • You'll tell them about either the war or the Blue Sector. They'll go into hysterics. To convince everyone to board your ship, be gentle.

Congratulations! You've unlocked the achievement and gained new passengers. 

When you're finished copying down data from the main altar, you'll travel to Heaven's Gate, the only available destination. Who knows what's waiting for you there...


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Happy exploring!

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Published Jun. 11th 2017

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