NDA Still in Effect for Final Fantasy XIV Early Access - No Video Uploads

Record all the video you want this weekend, just don't upload it anywhere!

Hoping to record some Final Fantasy XIV footage during this weekend's early access period? Hold on to those videos you record, because uploading them before launch is against the non-disclosure agreement (NDA).

Final Fantasy XIV forum user Reinheart has taken the time to translate some official messages from Square Enix Japan's community staff, one of which pertains to the non-disclosure agreement and this weekend's early access to the game.

Community representative Triairy clarified that users can indeed record videos prior to launch, but they must be kept private until the NDA is lifted post-launch.

It is likely that the NDA will be lifted on launch day, but it is recommended that you wait to hear official word from Square Enix on the agreement's removal. The Final Fantasy XIV terms of use will be updated upon the Final Fantasy community team's announcement.

This may be a bit of a downer for those of you looking to stream Final Fantasy XIV during the early access period, but the 3-day window between early access and full launch isn't that long. Be patient as we move into A Realm Reborn!

(Thanks so much to Reinheart for the hard work at translating these forum posts!)

Published Aug. 23rd 2013
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  • AmoxxDW_4518
    Thanks for the information! This article popped up first when I was looking for this information. I am a streamer but definitely don't want to break the NDA.
  • Synzer
    Guide Editor
    I wasn't planning on it, but still, this is good to know. That explains why it's so hard to find any videos.

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