Xbox 360 Countdown to 2014 Sale Starts Tuesday

If you're looking to check off a game on your backlog at a bargain, take a look at this massive game sale on Xbox Live.

As all the next-gen hype and sales numbers gradually settle down, we are reminded of their predecessors that are now on the console endangered species list. The price of hardware is sure to be slashed in the coming months, but until then, Microsoft is kicking things off with a sale on games, add-ons, avatars and more from the Xbox Game Store.

For tomorrow only you can get Borderlands 2 for 75% off, as well as a range of discounts on that title's DLC. 

The deals will continue through the week until December 23, 2013, so if you see anything you might fancy on this list... don't hesitate.

Also keep in mind there are titles on this list that are on the verge of being de-listed. Capcom has already acknowledged that their license with Marvel is expiring, so Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 and Marvel vs Capcom 2 will no longer be available to download very soon (this does not affect retail discs and online play). I see quite a few other Marvel titles included in this sale, so publishers like Activision might be in a similar situation. 

Major Nelson says that there will be daily deals as well like the Borderlands 2 deal, so make sure to check his Twitter page each day. Considering there is also another week left in the year after the 23rd; it would be safe to assume there will be a second round of week-long deals as well. 

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Published Dec. 16th 2013

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