Modding Skyrim to Make It More Like Dark Souls

Wildcat -- Combat of Skyrim

One of the Souls series’ hallmark features is the lethality of combat, and it’s not just the player who’s fragile; most of the enemies your size will fall after three or four hits as well.

There are quite a few highly configurable combat overhauls available for Skyrim that make combat deadlier for all parties involved, but Wildcat in particular is fairly lightweight and adds a few extra mechanics that many Souls veterans will find familiar.

  • Stamina costs for all attacks, not just power attacks
  • Faster stamina (and magicka) regeneration
  • Staggering is more common (though I’d probably disable the injury system)
  • Increased damage dealt to characters in the middle of an attack

However, if you've already got a combat overhaul that you like, that should do the job just fine.

Published Mar. 8th 2018

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