Konami starts new Metal Gear Solid discussions, Kojima's involvement debatable

Konami has started discussions on the next game in stealth series, Metal Gear Solid. Kojima's involvement is still uncertain.

Konami has started discussions about the new Metal Gear Solid game. According to Nikkei, a business publication, internal discussions about a new Metal Gear game have begun, and the company is examining plans.

The report was first published today in Nikkei, the online version of which was translated by Kotaku. “When we start development, a large-scale investment will become necessary,” Konami said. Other details including a release date, have not been confirmed. 

The company earlier said that auditions for main staff to lead the development of the next MGS game were underway. "Konami will continue to develop and distribute top-quality content in the Metal Gear series following Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain," Konami stated.

Kojima's involvement in the next game was not discussed publicly, and it is still uncertain whether he will be a part of the next game at all.

This report follows the news of closure of the LA Studio which was an arm of Kojima Productions. Hideo is currently under a contract which renders him unable to sign new partnerships or announce new projects. This contract ends in December 2015, so don't expect any statements from the man himself.

A power struggle between Konami and Kojima Productions led to the removal of Hideo Kojima's name from all of the game products. The dispute reportedly led to Kojima leaving Konami in October. Konami, however, is claiming Kojima's absence to be a vacation.

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Published Nov. 3rd 2015

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