Expect Festive Minecraft Surprises on Christmas Day

Minecraft chests go festive on Christmas Day.

You've opened your gifts, you've gorged on possibly heart attack-inducing goodies. Now that the festivities have simmered down, you lumber to your PC, start up Minecraft, and what's this?

Seems you may have missed a gift... From Minecraft?

Well, not really. I guess its more like a present from yourself. From your past self.

On Christmas day, it seems that Minecraft chests will be temporarily revamped as neatly wrapped and ribboned gift boxes. Well, isn't that festive!

Turn your system's clock forward to December 25 to get your present early, if you're into that kind of thing.

Redditors spotted this for the PC version of the sandbox game. No word on if this will also apply to the Xbox 360 edition of Minecraft. At the very least, 360 players will be offered a seasonal skin pack.

Check out the Reddit thread to discover more Christmas surprises that Mojang may introduce for the season.

Source: VG247

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Published Dec. 25th 2012

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