Kane and Lynch Movie Adaptation Possibly, Maybe Moving Forward

Kane and Lynch could be coming to a movie theater near you...maybe

Kane and Lynch: Dead Men was one of those games where the story was just plain wonderful. The voice acting was superb. The gameplay was awful. Basic game mechanics like shooting a gun made the experience worse. When you're playing a third person shooter (or any game for that matter) that's kind of a bad thing. I remember playing the game literally thinking; "I wish I was just watching a movie". This is one of the reasons why I was excited at the Kane and Lynch film adaptation announcement.

Of course, the rumors of a film adaptation have been circling since the games release. The biggest stars thought to be attached at one time were Bruce Willis as the stoic no-nonsense Kane and Jaime Foxx as psychopath Lynch.

***Why do marketing team love silhouettes so much?***

That was back in 2011 and since then the film appears to be in development hell. Well, get excited guys. Recently, there have been reports of Gerard Butler and Vin Diesel being offered the roles of Kane and Lynch respectively. So at the very least Hollywood hasn't forgotten about the adaptation.

I think Willis/Foxx was great casting and would stay close to the source material. Butler/Diesel sounds like Explosions and Axe Body Spray (aka not a good idea). My perfect cast would be Clive Owen as Kane and Sam Rockwell as Lynch (what an awesome movie that would be).

Who would you guys want to see in a Kane and Lynch film?


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Published Nov. 6th 2013

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