Rake Monster Hunter Guide for Beginners

Having trouble finding and slaying the beast in this survival horror simulator? We show you the easiest way to get Rake to come to you!

It's man versus beast out in the backwoods -- but without having to leave the comfort of your phone screen with Rake Monster Hunter! Think you have what it takes to kill the beast before he tears you to shreds? As many new players are discovering, that's easier said than done.

Once you have the basics down and figure out how to navigate the woods and use your inventory, there's a surprisingly simple method that always works for finding and taking down Rake with minimum effort. Read on if you want to be a successful monster hunter and not a midnight snack!

Rake Monster Hunter Beginner's Tips

First and foremost, given where the shoot button is positioned on the screen, it is unbelievably easy to accidentally fire the shotgun as you turn to look around.

Your hunter only gets two shots before having to reload his gun -- so you always want both shots available whenever Rake appears. To avoid this issue, keep your right thumb a bit higher or over to the side than normal. 

When the game starts, make sure to pick up all the tent freebies in the corners to max out your held traps, ammo, lights, and cameras. These are pretty hard to see in the tent, so turn on your flashlight with the button in the lower-right corner of the screen.

After leaving the tent to begin the search, set up cameras to check different areas so you don't have to always trudge back and forth, and be wary of a roar off in the distance, indicating Rake is approaching.

 Make sure to grab the traps before leaving the tent!

Finding and Hunting Rake (The Easy Way)

If you just want to see Rake and not spend forever tromping through the forest to unlock the higher difficulties (with ads going off every two minutes along the way), your best bet is to find a defensible position with your back to an obstacle (like a tree, cliff face, or the lake).

Laying down 4-5 meat guarantees Rake will come roaring through the woods at you very quickly, so you can use this mechanic to your advantage by taking up a defensible position and then laying down all your bear traps at once.

There's a hitch here, though -- the game has a minimum distance to the tent before traps can be deployed, so you can't use the side of the tent as your defensive wall. Instead, your best bet is to head forward from the tent a couple hundred yards, then turn left to see the lake.

The water acts as a natural barrier, and Rake never approaches from the water, so this giant body of water can actually work better as your barrier than trying to use trees that Rake might move around.

With your back to the water, drop down all five traps in a semicircle around you, then lay all five meat in-between the dropped traps. Now you just play the waiting game. Assuming Rake hasn't glitched out and gotten stuck in the ground, he normally appears within 10 to 90 seconds after all five meat have been placed on the ground.

With your shotgun aimed out and the traps between you and Rake, taking him down isn't that hard. Reposition as necessary to get him to hit all five traps while you reload your shotgun, and voilà -- one dead monster. Be careful when you move out of range of his claws, though, as you can actually damage yourself walking on your own traps!

 With your back to the lake, arrange the traps and meat in a ring around you

Have you found any other Rake Monster Hunter strategies that work well? Let us know how you brought down the beast in the comments section below!

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Published May. 11th 2018

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