Your Favorite Game of Thrones Characters as Hearthstone Cards

Have you ever wondered what your favorite Game of Thrones character would look like as a Hearthstone playing card? Imgur user Game of Stones will bring your fantasies to life.

Equal parts riveting and infuriating, the Hbo series Game of Thrones is taking its rightful place as one of the most acclaimed television shows of its time. 

With diehard fans of the captivating show appearing all over the gaming atmosphere, it's no wonder we've seen a League of Legends' and Game of Thrones mashup trailer, Diablo 3: Reaper of Souls easter eggs, and now GoT inspired Hearthstone Cards thanks to Imgur user GameOfStones

The Starks

With the dire wolf as their sigil, the Starks are the triumphant and respected family of Winterfell. The cards created for this house are hilariously accurate, especially the impeccable portrayal of the utter uselessness of Sansa Stark. 

The Lannisters

Possibly the most detested family of the entire show, the Lannisters are also exemplified perfectly by their respective cards. Since Tyrion has a knack for convincing others to fight for him, giving other minions taunt is the perfect ability. Joffrey's ability, on the other hand, is without need for explanation. 

The Targaryens

As the Targaryens have risen, fallen, and are now potentially rising again, the "house of dragons," has undergone a re-brand from the disastrous and chaotic Mad King to the gentle and reasonable Daenerys. If I were given the choice to bring one of these legendary cards to life, it would absolutely be Daenerys'. Obviously because of card value, not Emilia Clarke.  

The Baratheons

Although I've never been the biggest fan of the Baratheons, I would give anything for the Lannisters to be overthrown, even if it meant by Stannis. Their claim to the throne was short lived after Robert's drunken foolishness relieved him of the crown, which in turn makes his card ability all the more flawless. 

The Tyrells

The Tyrell house has an impressive talent of diverting controversy and prying eyes. Margaery's repositioning ability and Olenna's anti-bloodlust are, no doubt, the perfect card descriptions. In lieu of show spoilers, I'll leave Loras' explanation up to reader's imaginations.

Others Worth Mentioning

I admittedly giggled after reading Bronn's card. Littlefinger's impressive capacity of manipulation is exemplified perfectly through forcing enemies to attack each other, and Varys can use his unlimited spies for your benefit by revealing your enemy's cards.

If only these cards existed, you can imagine how overpowered, and sought after, the legendaries would be. You can view the entire album, in all its glory, here.

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Published May. 19th 2014
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    Master O' Bugs
    Those are sooooo good. It's amazing how well he could get their personalities in their abilities. Very very impressive.

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