The 9 Best Guilds of Ravnica Cards for Standard in MtG

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A new Undergrowth mechanic introduced in guilds of Ravnica can trigger a series of really powerful plays in the late game. Molderhulk is one of the best examples of the mechanic that will be seen in the following decks.

Black-Green Midrange

One of the most important cards of this deck except Molderhulk is Stitcher's Supplier that puts cards in your graveyard. Another one is Glowspore Shaman that also suuplies your graveyard with more creatures. Since both of these cards are very cheap this will allow you to play Molderhulk as early as turn three.

Sultai Midrange

Additionally, you could use a reprinted Narcomoeba card and combine it with Demon of Catastrophes. Another two cards that can be well utilized here are Isareth the Awakener and Reassembling Skeleton for some good value.


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Published Sep. 26th 2018

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