The 9 Best Guilds of Ravnica Cards for Standard in MtG


Guilds of Ravnica introduced some exciting removal and counter spells, one of which is especially interesting. Ionize not only counters other spells, but it also deals damage in the process. You will be able to see it in three kinds of Standard decks.

Blue-Red Control

Here Ionize can be played alongside Lightning Strike and Sinister Sabotage. This type of deck can also take advantage of a new Ral planeswalker that can easily win the game with his ultimate ability.

Jeskai Control

This archetype can be just as effective, but instead of Ral you can use Teferi, Hero of Dominaria. In addition to Ionize and Lightning Strike you can also play Settle the Wreckage and deal with entire board of enemy creatures.

Grixis Control

Lastly, there is option to play with Nicol Bolas, the Ravager and The Eldest Reborn. Any of these color combinations will work great, you only need to find out which of these three strategies fits your playstyle the best.

Published Sep. 26th 2018

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