The 11 Most Anticipated MMO Releases of 2018

Ascent: Infinite Realm

Developer: Bluehole
Platforms: PC
Release date: TBA 2018

One of the publishers of PUBG is preparing to release a new MMO in 2018 -- Ascent: Infinite Realm, which was previously known under the working title "Project W."

In this upcoming game from Bluehole Studios, players will enter an amazing world of technology and magic. Battles will take place not only on the ground but also in the air. You will be able to use a variety of battle techniques, build houses, join raids to pillage dungeons, customize your vehicles, and participate in PvP battles.

A:IR will have five basic classes: Assassin, Mystic, Gunner, Warlord, and Sorceress. Heroes will be allowed to fish, farm, manage furs, attack air ships, take part in public activities, and destroy huge monsters together.

Published Nov. 27th 2017

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