Peter Molyneux's New Game Stealth Launches onto iOS

Surprise! A new game developed by the infamous Peter Molyneux is out on iOS. And, apparently, it's rather good.

After the absolute disaster that was Godus, it looked as if the once beloved games designer Peter Molyneux was ready to call it a day. Between the controversy of said game and people becoming increasingly fed up with his constant failure to uphold his rather lofty promises, Molyneux had become tempted by the prospect of retirement and he even swore to never speak to the press again (spoilers: that second one didn't last).

Which is why it's rather shocking that a new game by the man himself has been released. Even more shocking is that it came out with no fanfare or even an announcement. It's just... there.

Developed by Molyneux's studio, 22cans, The Trail (which Molyneux mentioned working on back in 2014) is a third-person adventure game for iOS that has players travel across a series of landscapes, collecting, crafting and trading items before settling in a town and building their own home.

At the moment, the game is only available in the Philippines (bizarrely) but it'll probably be brought over to other regions soon. You can see the game in action below.


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Published Feb. 26th 2020

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