Cubic Ninja 3DS Hack Causes Game's Price to Skyrocket

Cubic Ninja, a 3DS puzzle game, has dramatically increased in price due to an exploitable hack that cracks the 3DS, allowing gamers to use homebrew applications.

Jordan "Smealum" Rabet, a 22-year-old hacker from Paris, managed to crack the Nintendo 3DS using a game called Cubic Ninja. With the hack, users are now able to use homebrew applications and emulators. Because of this exploit, sales on Cubic Ninja are skyrocketing.

Cubic Ninja is a puzzle platforming game. Gamers play as CC, the Ninja Cube, who navigates through traps and enemies to reach the end of each level. Players use the gyroscope to tilt the 3DS and shrink, throw shuriken, use a shield, and unlock the doors. There are 100 levels, including multiple boss fights.

Players seem pleased with the quirkiness of the game and fun levels, but critical of the controls, the 3D graphics, and the shortness of gameplay. With a metascore of only 51 on MetaCritic, it doesn't seem like too popular of a game. In fact, one GameStop store was selling used copies of the game for $4.99 as recently as November 19, 2014 (as announced on a SlickDeals forum).

However, with the reveal of the Cubic Ninja hack, prices have increased expontentially. GameStop is offering used copies at $39.99. Amazon's cheapest copy is new and costs $29.99, with copies going all the way to $129.99. According to the website, Amazon has only 54 copies, and GameStop is not offering any online sales, only store-specific ones. Gamers who are interested in using homebrew applications either need to find a lucky physical location, or be willing to shell out more money.

All this being said, homebrew applications are NOT sanctioned by Nintendo. Nintendo pulled Cubic Ninja from their online store, presumably to impede the hack. They might even look to patch the firmware and take away the hack's entry-point. This game may have a work-around, but it's costly and will most likely have a limited run. Are you going to buy a copy of Cubic Ninja to use the hack?


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Published Nov. 30th 2014

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