I am Bread out now on PS4

Bossa Studios hyper-strange "bread simulator" I am Bread drops on PS4.

Bossa Studios "bread simulator" I am Bread is out now on PS4. 

From the creators of Surgeon SimulatorI am Bread is the story of the main character from Surgeon Simulator being driven mad by the antics of a piece of sentient bread. You play the bread. 

The title was made in conjunction with developers Just Add Water and comes fully unlocked -- so you can play as a baguette, crisp bread, or fly around in Zero-G right from the get-go. 

You can pick up I am Bread from the PSN store now. 

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Published Aug. 25th 2015
  • Critley Lynn King
    To each their own. I just don't know how this could be all that fun. Bread...really?

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