'Destiny' Players Fear Losing Exotic Gear Thanks to Companion App Conflict

A Destiny player's Thorn was dismantled, arousing suspicions of widespread hacking. The truth was far closer to home.

On Thursday, a Redditor named DeafSpaceWizardry shared the story of a Destiny PvP experience that, he claimed, ended in his being hacked and having his Thorn dismantled by an antagonistic player. The content of the original post has been deleted - as has the OP's account - but the details were archived in a GameRant article that broke the story. As it turns out, DeafSpaceWizardry's problems were not caused by another player, but by his own actions.

Before Bungie's newest Community Manager responded to the story, both the Reddit post and GameRant article spread like wildfire in the Destiny community. Rumors of "bounty locking" resurfaced, with Redditor Fendumino claiming to have gained access to other players' inventories. Some players, unconfident in Bungie's attempts to respond to the issue, suggested hacking one of the Destiny Community Managers to gain attention. Fears rose, with players questioning whether disappeared items - and even characters - were lost to griefers with knowledge of the exploit.

However, Bungie's investigation of DeafSpaceWizardry's claims turned up no evidence that his account had been compromised. Instead, the Destiny developer stated, the player accidentally dismantled his own Thorn by trying to break down a different weapon while using an inventory management app, such as the Destiny Companion App. Bungie also stressed: "No items were dismantled via the Bungie.net API, nor is this possible" [emphasis mine].

This hasn't stopped Destiny players from accusing Bungie of concealing potential exploits and condemning the developer for not making more prominent statements regarding the inventory management conflict. For now, however, it seems the problem in Destiny exotic disappearances lies somewhere between the screen and the controller.


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Published Jul. 18th 2015
  • coolkid_3239
    why would someplayer delete someones thron thats carzy
  • Ainyan
    This has been making rounds on Reddit for months now, since the Companion App was upgraded to allow vault access. In fact, that's when Fendumino did his whole post 'proving' he could access other peoples' inventories and bounty lock them (although it was never actually proven that he could, and no one's ever truthfully reported that it has happened to them). Bungie's been over the API with a fine-tooth cone.

    It was proven definitively by both Bungie and by another Reddit user (Fendumino, in fact, who was temp-banned from the subreddit for witchhunting because of his post) that this guy was lying through his teeth.

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