Titanfall Alpha Invites Going to Battlefield 4 Players

Titanfall might be cutting it a little close with releasing Alpha two month before launch.

According to sources at Beyond Entertainment, invites to Titanfall Alpha are going to Battlefield 4 players for the Xbox One version of Titanfall

EA has had a rough past couple of months

Battlefield 4 players have been unhappy in recent months due to the notoriously poor launch of the game back in October of 2013. There have been a ton of bugs found within the first-person shooter, and I can only assume that EA is giving keys to Battlefield 4 players because they have been consistent in their complaints of the gameplay. 

EA has a lot of ground to catch up on if they want to redeem themselves in 2014 for a poor showing last year. The company is in the running for "the worst company in America" again, and should they win (well, in this case lose) it would be the third consecutive year EA has "earned" the title. 


Titanfall goes into Alpha testing now!?

Titanfall is in Alpha testing less than two short months away from its expected launch March 11th. Why the delay on this Alpha testing? I usually see the beta phase rolling out right about now and with Titanfall being such a hyped title, do you think EA is cutting it a bit close? 

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Published Jan. 16th 2014
  • Cordy Coleman
    Let the company breath man! No matter what they say EA has continually came out with blockbuster titles they make mistakes but they always fix them in the end (SimCity and BF patch at the same time) but to be honest I HATE EA now
    I wish I was in the alpha :( yet another thing I missed out on not having a next-gen system yet
  • Venisia Gonzalez
    Featured Columnist
    Some people might end up happy. I wish them luck with Titanfall.

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