Black Friday Deals Coming to Ebay, Microsoft Store, and Kmart

Here are some amazing deals coming your way this weekend!

It's that time again, to get up at 3 in the morning to get those sweet deals on games you've been waiting all year to play. Many stores are dropping the prices and calling your name. GameStop,, and many more are stepping up to the plate and offering up some really great discounts on some of the new games that released with the Xbox One and PlayStation 4. 


Since Ebay is not really the place to find new products, they only have a few known deals that I could find. That is November 28th and 29th they are having a couple of holiday bundles. 

  • PlayStation 3 Grand Theft Auto V bundle for $219.99
  • Call of Duty Ghosts for $39.99 and PlayStation 3 holiday bundle for $179
Microsoft Store

Some notable deals from the online Microsoft Store include many of the recent games made available only a few short weeks ago for the next-gen consoles--Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

  • Call of Duty: Ghosts for $39.99 (Xbox 360), $49.99 (Xbox One)
  • Grand Theft Auto V for $33.99
  • Battlefield 4 for $38.99 (Xbox 360)
  • FIFA 14 for $24.99 (Xbox 360)
  • Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag for $33.99 (Xbox 360)
  • Madden 25 for $24.99 (Xbox 360)
  • Skylanders Swap Force for $38.99
  • Minecraft for $14.99

Kmart is not typically a place I look for games but I found some pretty decent handheld and accessories deals for the 3DS and Wii U.

  •  Xbox 360 Camo Controller - $39.99
  • PS3 Urban Camo Controller - $39.99
  • RockCandy Xbox 360 Controller - $19.99
  • Afterglow Controller PS3 - $24.99
  • Turtle Beach X12 Xbox 360 Headset - $34.99
  • Turtle Beach P11 PS3 Headset - $29.99
  • Pokémon X - $34.99
  • Mario & Luigi Dream Team - $34.99
  • Mario Kart 7 - $34.99
  • Lego Marvel (3DS) - $29.99
  • New Super Mario Bros 2 - $34.99
  • Super Mario 3D Land - $34.99
  • Donkey Kong Country Returns 3D - $29.99
  • Animal Crossing (3DS) - $29.99
  • WiiU Bundle w/New Super Mario BrosU + New Luigi BrosU - $299.99

Many of these games like Battlefield 4, Pokémon X/Y, and Lego Marvel released in the last couple of months. This weekend, while you are with your family, will be the perfect time to catch up on all the games you wanted to try! 

Comment below on any deals you may hear about within the next couple of days, since many businesses are starting early this year!

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Published Nov. 26th 2013

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