Respawn: No, Textures in the Titanfall Alpha Test are NOT Finalized

Regardless of what you may have heard, the alpha textures aren't final.

Prior to the release of the private Titanfall alpha test, developer Respawn Entertainment wanted to make one thing clear: No, those textures are not finalized.

That makes sense, considering the early build of the game. But a NeoGAF "insider" called CBOAT made the claim that those low-res textures will indeed be in the final Xbox One version of the game. Respawn was quick to deny that, though:

Another fan asked if Respawn was only saying that to "save face." The developer replied: "It doesn't benefit us to lie about that." Well, no, it probably doesn't.

As for another rumor that claims the game will have 16 maps at launch, Respawn would only respond- "gonna have to wait on that one!" Interestingly, the designers chose not to respond to a question concerning the native resolution of Titanfall.

Lastly, according to information acquired by DualShockers, the anticipated Xbox One exclusive won't boast split-screen multiplayer, and they're not including medics or a revive mechanic of any kind.

Why would there be finalized textures in an alpha build?

I'm not all that interested in Titanfall, but I can't imagine how or why we'd see finalized textures in the alpha test. I didn't buy that from the start, and Respawn's explanation sounds perfectly feasible. As for the rest of it, I don't know if multiplayer fanatics will be okay with 16 maps, but maybe that isn't the real number. Gotta wait and see.

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Published Jan. 30th 2014

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