Quantum Break to be Released on Steam

After a quite frankly abysmal PC release, an improved version of Remedy's time-altering, third person shooter adventure is headed to Steam.

Despite receiving overall favourable reviews, Quantum Break greatly suffered from one thing -- its PC version was terrible due to performance and stability issues, restrictions that prevented players from using third-party workarounds, and worst of all, you needed Windows 10 to play it.

Now, four months after said release, the third-person shooter will be arriving on Steam on September 14th -- and developer Remedy has promised that it has fixed all the problems the PC version had. For starters, it'll run on Windows 7 or up.

Not only that, but a physical retail version of the game will also be released for PC. Titled Quantum Break: Timeless Collector’s Edition, it will contain five game discs, a 'Making Of' Blu-Ray and book, a soundtrack CD, two posters and a quick-start guide. All wrapped up in a sleek-looking box (we gamers sure love our boxes for some reason).

If you want more info, you can see a list of all the latest patch notes here, which Remedy has been working on since the game's initial release.

Quantum Break is also available for the Xbox One. Players take control of Jack Joyce, who gains the power to manipulate time after a failed time-travel experiment and must stop his former friend from bringing about the End of Time. It originally released earlier this year, on April 5. 


Published Aug. 4th 2017

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