5 Weirdly Awesome Japanese Mobile Games You Need To Try

MewMew Tower

In Japan, games with cats aren't just a thing, they're practically their own genre. Okay, maybe that's a smidge dramatic, but while there are a number of weird cat games out there, MewMew Tower stands out thanks to its absurd premise.

In MewMew Tower, all you have to do is just stack your cats. That’s it! The simple nature of the gameplay is what makes it uniquely addictive. Trying to stack one cat after another, each with their own unique shapes and sizes, can get pretty exciting. The higher you get, the harder it becomes to balance your tower of cats, which could end up in a cat-tastrophe (I will not apologize!).

The game is available for both Android and iOS but only the iOS version is available internationally. Although it’s not fully translated, the game's simple nature makes this less of a problem than it'd be for other games. 

Published Nov. 28th 2017

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