New Rewards at My Nintendo

Snag some discounted games until February 1.

The My Nintendo website has announced a list of new rewards available for both the Wii U and 3DS systems. You can exchange gold coins earned from buying Nintendo eShop games or platinum coins from logging onto Miitomo for discounts on selected games. Just remember that these rewards are being offered until February 1.

European members can purchase these Wii U eShop rewards:

  • 30% off Typoman: 250 platinum coins
  • 25% off Zack and Wiki: Quest for Barbaros’ Treasure: 300 platinum coins

The 3DS eShop offers these rewards to Europeans:

  • 20% off Pocket Card Jockey: 10 gold coins
  • 50% off KORG M01D: 80 gold coins
  • 15% off Ultimate NES Remix: 300 platinum coins

North American members can get these Wii U eShop rewards:

  • 30% off Xenoblade Chronicles: 70 gold coins
  • 30% off EarthBound: 40 gold coins
  • 30% off Kirby Super Star: 200 platinum coins

The North American 3DS eShop rewards are:

  • 30% off EarthBound: 40 gold coins
  • 15% off Xenoblade Chronicles 3D: 600 platinum coins
  • 20% off BOXBOY!: 100 platinum coins
  • 20% off HarmoKnight: 300 platinum coins

Head on over to My Nintendo to grab some discounts just in time for the holiday season!


Published Nov. 1st 2016

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