Just Die Already: 5 Horror Game Cliches That Should Stay Buried

Worst Horror Cliche #4: Inventory… Or Lack Thereof

A lot of modern games have issues with inventory management, with many prime offenders falling into the horror genre. Of course, horror game buffs will know that this feature goes back to the origins of their most beloved game in the genre, but in many ways, it's a zombie we wish Chris and Jill had blown into oblivion way back when. 

Resident Evil was one of the primary games that used limited storage space and use limited inventory to drive home its survival horror tag. Evidently, it worked, but perhaps a little too well.

That was 1996 and this is 2018, so surely this has now been thrown on the scrap heap, right? Wrong. Tedious trips to the dreaded storage box became an irritating staple decades ago, and unfortunately, those same boring journeys are still necessary in this day and age.

This couldn’t have been made any clearer than with the recent entry in the Resi series: Resident Evil 7: Biohazard. Despite dropping over 20 years after the first installment, the seventh entry in the long-running horror franchise still incorporates this frustrating gameplay mechanic.

And it’s by no means the only offender. The Evil Within and State of Decay (among others) still require the player to manage their inventory space down to a "T" – on occasion turning a scarefest into a borefest.

Games such as Dying Light have begun paving the way for a more RPG-orientated approach in terms of storage space, so let’s hope that theme continues.

I get that it can impose a more difficult challenge for the player to overcome, but when it’s at the expense of enthralling, engrossing gameplay, monotonous backtracking can certainly feel like a chore – one which really should’ve been buried by now.

Image source: Polygon

Published Oct. 4th 2018

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