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You can make some pretty sweet things with a 3D printer, from detailed figurines to soap dishes. Regularly listed at $2,200, save $440 when you order the LulzBot TAZ 5 Desktop 3D printer. But you better move quickly! This deal expires at 3 a.m. ET). 

Product Details

All LulzBot products use Free Software and are Open Source Hardware. 

The TAZ 5 utilizes an open spool filament system and can print with numerous 3mm filament materials including, but not limited to: PLA, ABS, HIPS, PET (T-glaze), Polycarbonate, Nylon, Wood-filled PLA, Metal-filled PLA, Tritan Co-Polyester, and NinjaFlex/SemiFlex TPU (with optional Flexystruder tool head).

In the box: TAZ 5 Desktop 3D Printer, USB and power cables, SD card with source files, Quick Start Guide, Comprehensive User Manual, 9-Piece toolkit with storage bag, and a sample 1-Meter piece of 3mm ABS filament.

I’m always looking for new awesome products, so please send me your favorites at commerce@LaunchMediaNetwork.com.

[Interview] Open Bionics Talk Bionic Arms and their Tag Team with Razer & Deus Ex Devs https://www.gameskinny.com/3py3n/interview-open-bionics-talk-bionic-arms-and-their-tag-team-with-razer-deus-ex-devs https://www.gameskinny.com/3py3n/interview-open-bionics-talk-bionic-arms-and-their-tag-team-with-razer-deus-ex-devs Fri, 10 Jun 2016 12:31:53 -0400 Angelina Bonilla

Open Bionics is a company devoted to making bionic arms more affordable for the estimated 2 million hand amputees worldwide. They create bionic arms are uniquely designed based on the user’s requests, giving them a way to express themselves, as well as having a bionic arm that’s both fashionable and versatile.

Recently, it has been announced that Open Bionics is working with the team behind the reinvigorated Deus Ex series. During their E3 2016 broadcast on June 8, they revealed to the world that they are creating a functional bionic arm which resembles the one worn by Adam Jensen, the main character of the game Deus Ex Human Revolution and its upcoming sequel Deus Ex: Mankind Divided.

They now have a full website up, speaking about the project, but I had a chance to sit down with Samantha Payne from Open Bionics about this project and about the work they’re doing.

GamesSkinny (Angelina Bonilla): How did you come in contact with Eidos Montreal?

Open Bionics (Samantha Payne):  We first came into contact with Deus Ex through social media. We kept being asked by Twitter users to create a Deus Ex arm, at one point there was a mini social media campaign launched by fans to get us to work with Deus Ex. This collaboration is really down to fans we share; people who are interested in gaming, technology, and bionics.

GamesSkinny:  In what way has their work influenced your newest designs?

Payne:  The Deus Ex artists have some serious style. We had a lot of fun working with them and discussing ideas. The Deus Ex design team takes full credit for the aesthetics of the Titan Arm and the Adam Jensen Arm. We took their designs and made them into working prosthetics and robotic display arms.

Image Credited to Eidos Montreal

GamesSkinny: Your company’s goal is to “Change the prosthetic industry by making affordable, functional and beautiful prosthetic devices for amputees.” Do you think that making the arms similar to that of Jensen’s will attract people to it, and will it still be affordable to the 2 million amputees worldwide?

Payne:  Absolutely. Both the Adam Jensen and Titan Arms are fully 3D printed. We use desktop 3D printers, for these arms we used the Ultimaker 2 with a Flex3Drive to create the hands.

These arms are so beautiful they are already attracting fans of the game and people who are not gamers. We’ve already been contacted by a lot of upper-limb amputees asking for one of these arms. We’ve also been asked by gamers to create an arm that is wearable for people with two arms, which is interesting. This collaboration has really got people talking about the desirability of these devices. Before this partnership, it was extremely rare to hear someone with two arms say ‘I wish I had a prosthesis’. Our aim is to offer amputees something they’ll enjoy wearing. We’re challenging attitudes.

GamesSkinny:  In the process of making your arms function as well as they do, you mention that sensors are attached to the wearer’s skin, which pick up muscle movements that control the hand. Could you go more in depth on how that works?

Payne:   Sure. We use standard EMG sensing. This method of controlling myo-electric prosthetics has been around for years. It’s the best way we have at the moment to enable an amputee to be able to move their robotic fingers individually and change the grip mode of the hand. The hand will have six different grip modes, meaning the amputee will have the ability to pick up different shaped objects. For example, by squeezing their forearm muscle, they will be able to move the finger and thumb to perform a pinch grip. If they squeeze again, they can change the grip to close the whole hand. They will also have proportional control. This means they can choose at which speed to close the fingers and open them. This is helpful for picking up small and delicate objects. Instagram videos demonstrate this here and here.

One of the best parts of this collaboration was Deus Ex’s determination to make these arms beautiful and functional. It’s not just a stunt. These arms can actually be used as everyday prosthetics.

Image Credited to Open Bionics

GamesSkinny:  All of your prosthetic arms stand out from the other arms that are on the market right now because they don’t try to blend in. How did you come to that decision? 

Payne:  We have moved on as a society from wanting to blend in. In our parents and grandparents’ time, it was best to be seen as ‘normal’. Now, as a society we value our individuality and uniqueness. We wanted to celebrate our differences and personalities. Why have a human looking arm that doesn’t move if you can have a bionic version in the style of your favorite fashion house or hero?

Amputees have been very open about how slowly attitudes have been changing. For a lot of the older generation, they experienced body-shaming for being different. Now prosthetics are becoming cool and a trendy accessory. People are more open to body differences and more interested in experimenting with their bodies. It makes sense to apply that same experimentation to prosthetics which are just an extension of the body. They’re useful tools, and they can look awesome too.

GamesSkinny:  The design for the Jensen arm is going to be open source, which allows anyone to download the design and create it with their own 3D printer. Why did you choose to make it open source?

Payne: Our aim is to see progress in the field of bionics. Bionic arms exist but they are only available for the wealthy. We want to see more people benefit from this technology and we want to see the technology to advance. The best way to increase accessibility and progression in the field is to open it up to as many people as possible.

Image Credited to Open Bionics

GamesSkinny:  What sort of hurdles have you had to jump over in order to create the bionic arms and make them accessible for millions?

Payne: Mostly it’s time and money. We have a team of five incredibly committed people working on this but the problem is worldwide. We need to get these prosthetics CE marked and FDA approved to start making an impact.

GamesSkinny:  Are you planning on making other kinds of prosthetic limbs in the future, such as legs?

Payne: We’d love to make legs and we are definitely looking into it.

GamesSkinny:  With the partnership between Eidos: Montreal and Razer, has developing the arms gotten easier with all this support behind it now?

Payne:   We could not have done this without Deus Ex and definitely not so quickly. The support has been mind-blowing.

Razer has created a unique experience allowing people with two arms to control a bionic hand. This will hopefully get people thinking about the design of the human hand and how lucky those of us who have them are.

Image Credited to Open Bionics

GamesSkinny:  Could you, in your own words, explain to us what inspired you to make these bionic arms and what you’re planning on doing in the future of this company?

Payne:  We’re inspired by children who are born without hands or who lose hands through accident, illness or war. They’re extremely adaptive but we know through talking with parents that there are some tasks where a prosthesis could be really useful. We also know bullying in schools can still be a problem, so we’d love to be able to offer children these arms that help their classmates see that being limb different is cool. We’re excited to be able to offer our Disney, Star Wars, Marvel, and Deus Ex arms next year.

Image Credited to Open Bionics

GamesSkinny:  You say that you want to show people that these devices in video games and science fiction can become a reality. What is the best part about bringing prosthetic limbs, like Jensen’s, to life for millions of people all around the world?

Payne:  There are so many positives it’s hard to narrow it down. The amazing reaction of amputees has been great to see. We feel like people have been waiting for arms that have an awesome design for ages. So many people are excited by the blurring of lines of reality and fiction and it’s a really exciting to be working in this field. It’s advancing all the time and so quickly.

A big thank you to Open Bionics (Samantha Payne) for taking the time to answer my questions. Check out their website, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YoutubePinterest, Tumblr, Linkedin and Google Plus. Open Bionics is changing the world of Bionic arms and Prosthetic Limbs, one arm at a time.

3D print your own customized Spartan from Halo 5: Guardians https://www.gameskinny.com/jnfhm/3d-print-your-own-customized-spartan-from-halo-5-guardians https://www.gameskinny.com/jnfhm/3d-print-your-own-customized-spartan-from-halo-5-guardians Mon, 23 Nov 2015 11:02:13 -0500 Zanne Nilsson

Xbox Wire just announced that starting today, fans of Halo 5: Guardians will be able to order their own 3D-printed version of their customized Spartan from the game. The Spartan figures can be created in three different sizes ranging in price from $29.99 USD to $89.99 USD, and each figure "will also include a Halo 5: Guardians REQ Supply Pack for no additional charge, available until Dec. 6, 2015." 

Xbox and 343 Industries has teamed up with Sandboxr and 3D Systems to produce the figures, which allow for a wide range of personalized options:

Using items unlocked in the game, fans can build a 3D prototype of their Spartan, choosing from 175 armor and helmet types respectively, and more than 30 color variations. 3D Spartans can also be positioned in five different stances with five fixed weapons, and for an added touch of personalization, add up to 18 characters of text on the stand to display your Spartan’s name or slogan.

The page on Halo Waypoint for the 3D printing service gives a quick rundown of how the process works, reminding users that the only armor options they'll be able to choose from are the ones that they've already unlocked in-game, "so make sure to open all your REQ packs before you start."

Would you pay $30 or more for your own customized Spartan figure? Or would you rather spend your hard-earned cash on something else? Tell us in the comments!

Fallout 4 pip-boy design available for 3D printers https://www.gameskinny.com/1izr6/fallout-4-pip-boy-design-available-for-3d-printers https://www.gameskinny.com/1izr6/fallout-4-pip-boy-design-available-for-3d-printers Wed, 11 Nov 2015 09:33:34 -0500 Daniel Williams_2179

If you, like a lot of people out there, were not able to pick up a pip-boy edition of Fallout 4 then I have some good news for you. The specs for the Fallout 4 design of the pip-boy is now available for 3D printers.

This was done by a mechanical engineer at the website Ytec 3D called Yvo de Haas. This design consists of 38 parts and can be customized to fit different wrist sizes and a range of smartphones, including the iPhone 6s. 

There are three sizes available to buy at the moment, a small, medium or large sized pip-boy. Assembly is required, though, but there is a link on Ytec 3D website on how to build it and what sized screws, bolts, and tools needed to finish the build. They also cover how to paint the pip-boy parts, unless you are fine with the colour white for your pip-boy. 

Ytec 3D also offer designs of the laser pistol, and laser rifle from the Fallout series for 3D printers to download from their website. All you need to make one of these is your own personal 3D printer or know someone who owns one. 

Borderlands wedding proposal https://www.gameskinny.com/5liz6/borderlands-wedding-proposal https://www.gameskinny.com/5liz6/borderlands-wedding-proposal Sun, 30 Aug 2015 06:07:55 -0400 Courtney Gamache

A man by the name of Noah Yamen went above and beyond to propose to his girlfriend, using their favorite game that they play together, Borderlands, as a theme for the special day. 

Using the aid of a 3D printer, voiceover from characters, and a creative mind, Noah was able to create a remarkable experience for his wife-to-be. 

The special game that brought them together

"Playing this game together has been one of those things that’s brought us even closer… it’s just become ‘our thing,'"

In most unusual circumstances, Noah Yamen says that playing Borderlands together formed a special bond between him and his girlfriend. Through fighting bandits and discovering vaults, Noah and his special lady Tia became a close couple - and now they're ready to tie the knot.

Planning the Event

Noah put a lot of thought into how his proposal would take place, and he knew that creating Borderlands in real-life was the way to go. Below are the many steps that Noah took to ensure that everything was pefect.

  • Design an echo-device replica for an iPhone case
  • Make a mission app (with XP and level-ups)
  • Tiny loot chest for the engagement ring
  • Replica 3D shield generator

The shield generator may seem a bit out of place, but Noah took careful notice to the types of shields that Tia uses in game and designed one specially for her, dubbing it the "N.O.A.H Shield". Using the 3D printer, he modeled the shield, printed it, added some LED lights, and also painted it with the colors her in-game shield has. 

"And in the mission, added details to it: ‘N.O.A.H. Shield: Never leave home without it! For all the trials you’ll face, you’ll be glad you had a N.O.A.H. Shield. It will always protect you from harm, and shield you from all that nasty pain you don’t want. Best part is you can take the N.O.A.H. Shield with you ANYWHERE!’” 

-Noah Yamen

Through eight missions comes "Seal the Deal"

After thoughtfully planning eight missions for his real-life Borderlands proposal, Noah took his girlfriend to Chicago for a mini three-day getaway where the final mission, called "Seal the Deal", took place. With the aid of Claptrap singing, Noah then got on one knee and asked Tia to marry him, and she had the option to accept or decline within the mission.

"Seal The Deal: This was the final step; She listened to the voiceover from the game that aligned perfectly with this mission (Clap-Trap singing ‘Did you know my head is at your crotch level? I’m trying not to think about it…’) while reading the description of the mission (‘Will you marry me? You can always count on me. Through thick and thin, I will always be there. Everything from taking care of you to sharing special memories like this one.’). Thats when I got down on one knee and opened up the Loot Crate to reveal the ring. After I asked her to marry me, she had to choose either the ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ button on the mission to turn it in, which completed the game. And it showed the completion of leveling up and the reward obviously being the ring."

-Noah Yamen

A Borderlands movie on the way

In addition to the adorable wedding proposal, there's more Borderlands on the horizon. Lionsgate has also announced a partnership with Gearbox to bring the world of Borderlands to the big screen

What do you think about how Noah proposed to his girlfriend? Got an idea that could top this? Comment below with your thoughts on this adorable proposal!