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Were you always one of those players who enjoyed hundred-percenting video games? Or, are you one of those players who can't help but collect every Unusual Gem in Skyrim or find every single Star Piece in Paper Mario? Then, you may be interested in achievement hunting; of course, that's assuming you're not already an avid achievement hunter. Here are some tips for achievement hunting that will definitely help if you're new and might provide some insight for pros.

Define Achievement Hunting for Yourself

Obviously, achievement hunting is collecting all the "cheevos" in various video games. But, what counts as a "cheevo?" In modern games, some achievements are counted during gameplay, such as completing a quest or completing a level without taking damage. Other achievements, such as hundred-percenting a game or beating the game a certain way can be harder to quantify or record. Some achievement hunters want to collect as many achievements as possible from as many games as possible. Some focus on speedrunning certain games and earning world record times. Others still want to accomplish specific feats, like The Mexican Runner beating all 714 NES games.

When deciding to become an achievement hunter, it's important to decide for yourself what achievements you want to hunt and what "achievement hunting" looks like for you. The definition of success is easily manipulated by outside pressures, and in this case, achievements and achievement hunting can be boxed into what the games, tracking sites, or even communities say they are or aren't. Therefore, when getting started in achievement hunting, you need to define success for yourself so you're not letting the rest of the world define it for you.

Get Used to Reading, Making, and Editing Lists

A big part of achievement hunting is the list of achievements you are hunting. It could be the games you want to hundred-percent, or what you need to do to hundred-percent a game, or the list of Steam achievements for a particular title. Whatever type of list you're working with, understand that reading, writing, and editing them is almost inescapable in achievement hunting.

For example, a quest I'm strongly considering embarking on is playing all of the games in the 2nd edition of "1001 Video Games to Play Before You Die." Fortunately for me, someone already took the time to put all the video games listed into an Excel sheet. I've downloaded the Excel sheet, but if I am going to take the time to play 1001 games, then I do need the list to have more information. So, I'm editing the list by adding columns to track which games I own, which games I've played, and how long I should anticipate taking to beat each game. Editing this lengthy list can be a quest in and of itself-- there are 1,001 titles after all-- but the task is necessary to ensure I complete the overall quest as well as each individual game. Google Sheets is a similar alternative to using Excel.

Besides Microsoft Excel, an excellent tool for creating lists is Airtable. Airtable is a free-to-use program that's similar to Excel but has much more functionality. For example, users can link to pictures and have them show up as a thumbnail within the cell. Airtable also allows users to create color-coded dropdown menus. So, if you wanted to create a list of your video game collection in Airtable, then you can create a color-coded menu of all the different consoles in your collection and give each console its own color.

Overall, lists are a core component of achievement hunting and going forward it's something you very likely will need or want to seriously consider becoming proficient in.

Think About Joining an Online Community

Achievement hunting is a marathon, not a sprint. It took more than three years for The Mexican Runner to beat all 714 NES games. It took Stallion83 about six years to reach 1,000,000 Gamerscore. Motivation can be hard to find at times. However, there are plenty of online communities and social networks where achievement hunters can find both motivation and camaraderie.

There is TrueAchievements for Xbox users, TrueTrophies for PlayStation users, and TrueSteamAchievements for Steam users. RetroAchievements is for older consoles like NES and Sega Genesis, but the only downside is players have to use the site's emulators in order to track achievements during gameplay. Two good sites for cross-platform achievement hunting are Exophase and MetaGamerScore.

The sites are nice if competition and rankings help you stay motivated; all of the sites show you in comparison to other players on the site. The sites track not only individual achievements, but also track total achievements and have separate rankings according to geography, a particular game, or based on specific features. TrueSteamAchievements even allows users on the site to have a blog on their profile, and there is a ranking for your number of blog followers.

It's Time to Start Achievement Hunting

Achievement hunting can seem overwhelming, especially after you've set up your goals, made your lists, and gotten a glimpse at how other players are fairing. But, you're probably farther along than you think! If you're thinking about taking achievement hunting seriously, then it's very likely you already have completed a few achievements on some of your favorite titles. So, you're not starting from scratch. Being an achievement hunter is a matter of getting started and playing some great (and some not so great) video games. Ultimately, though, you are fully in control, so remember to have fun. Now, get to it and start earning some cheevos!

Observer Achievements Guide Wed, 16 Aug 2017 09:54:49 -0400 Ty Arthur

Taking the base gameplay from Bloober Team's previous entry Layers Of Fear and adding in investigative elements in a bleak sci-fi future, Observer has you in the role of a police detective desperately trying to determine what's actually real and what's in his head.

Along the game's seven to eight hour psychological horror experience, there are 19 achievements / trophies to unlock, ranging from finding collectibles to completing arcade mini-games and even tackling some tough philosophical choices about when life isn't worth living. 

Below we cover all 19 Observer achievements with specific info on how to unlock them if you find yourself stuck. Need help with the rest of the game still? Check out our other Observer guides here:

Observer Game Achievements / Trophies


Finish the game without ever dying.

There aren't a lot of parts in the game where you can die -- but in those few parts, dying tends to happen a lot. Your main issue will be towards the end of the segment inside the mind of Helena Novak (in the tattoo parlor) when you have to sneak past a monster in the office cubicle farm.

Keep in mind here that you can't really outrun the monster, and instead you have to stay hidden and never draw its attention in the first place. Stay crouched down the whole time, don't run, and always check left and right before breaking out of cover. Once you are near the exit point, you can stand up and walk normally.

Pearls Before Swine

Decide the fate of the organ farm.

Its easy to complete miss this achievement. After completing the tattoo parlor and having to go through the basement, you will find Apartment 28 with the words "Chiron Eats My Dreams" spray painted outside on the wall. 

If you figure out the door code (its 7441), inside you'll find some Layers Of Fear easter eggs, as well as giant pig that's being used as an incubator for growing black-market human organs.

After the apartment lockdown went into place, the machine keeping the pig docile was shut off, so now its in terrible pain (being stuffed full of hundreds of extra organs will do that). Either restart the machine to put the creature back into a blissful, drug induced euphoria, or unplug it all to kill the pig and shut down the organ farm.


Find 10 nanophage patient cards.

As long as you are doing any amount of searching around the apartment complex, its virtually guaranteed you'll get this achievement organically. Just make sure to pick up the patient cards lying around the apartment complex as you see them.


Find all nanophage patient cards in a single playthrough.

While getting 10 cards is easy, getting them all is quite difficult if you don't already know where to look. Its possible to screw this one up and have to restart the game, as some of the cards are actually in the mind hacking segments.

Once you pass those digital cards, you can't ever go back and find them again. Stay tuned for a full guide on each card's location coming soon (along with the rest of the game's collectibles).


Analyze 100 objects.

This includes both organic objects like blood and tech objects like computers, so either mode of your augmented eyes will help here. Don't forget to look up and down, checking ceilings and floors, and take a peek inside objects like cabinets as well.

If you are routinely searching each room and hallway, you should hit this around the time the hallways become covered in bloody tentacles while you are chasing after the killer's blood trail.

Noble Sword

Complete all With Fire and Sword: Spiders arcade games.

New levels of this mini-game become available when you find new terminals, so always check every apartment room for a computer you can interact with (including the terminal in the tattoo parlor that looks much different than the rest of the computers).

Stumped on any particular level of this arcade puzzle? Check out our full guide to completing all 10 Fire and Sword levels in this mini game.

KDP! Open Up!

Interrogate 20 apartment tenants.

This one takes persistence and a little exploration, since many of the rooms don't have people who respond.

As long as you fully explore each hallway and floor whenever you have free reign to move around the apartment complex, it's not hard to find all 20. Steam will actually keep track of how many you've knocked on already when you pull up the overlay.

Voxel Runner

Earn 3,000 points during a single trapware run.

We haven't managed to nab this one yet, but will update the guide once we do!

Drug Trail

Interrogate Amir's clients.

During the first mind hacking segment when you see Amir's past, you will have to talk to several people while dropping off drugs throughout the building. After the segment is over, go back to those same apartments and talk to the clients to get this achievement to pop.

Body Snatcher

Decide the fate of the merging minds.

We haven't managed to nab this one yet, but will update the guide once we do!


Observer Game Secret Achievements

I'm An Observer

Complete your first Dream Eater sequence.

Although this is a "secret" achievement, it pops automatically after you complete Amir's mind hacking segment near the beginning of the game, and it can't be missed.

Altered States

Overdose on synchronization pills.

This is a fun little easter egg you can get once you find several synchronization pills lying around. Just take a whole bunch at once (rather than saving them for when you need them) and have fun.

A Work In Progress

Find all RC cars and recall a memory of Adam.

Stay tuned for a full guide on the RC car locations (and the rest of the game's collectibles) coming soon!

It's A Trap

Survive Adam's trapware.

This is another secret achievement that pops automatically as you near the end of the game.

By Any Other Name

Find all the roses and discover the final resting place.

Throughout the apartment complex you will occasionally find real roses, rather than digital representations. One is found in the stairs down to the basement, and another is on the covered hallway between the two halves of the complex. Stay tuned for a full collectibles location guide coming soon showing you their locations.

The Root Of All Evil

Find and listen to all patient interview recordings.

Scattered around the complex are a series of old cassette players containing the ramblings of a mental patient. You'll find most of these around crime scenes that are investigated. Stay tuned for a full collectibles guide coming soon with exact locations.


Decrypt Adam's figurine.

This hacker speak for Codebreaker is another story-based achievement that you won't miss if you finish the game.

A Death In The Family

Reject Adam.

Like with Layers Of Fear, this game has multiple endings requiring you make slightly different choices, and this is one of them. We'll have an ending guide for you shortly.

The Prodigal Son

Embrace Adam.

This is the game's second primary ending achievement. Stay tuned for a full ending guide coming soon.


Those are all the Observer achievements currently available -- totaling up to 1,000 gamer score if you nab 'em all. Do you have any tips for the achievements we haven't unlocked yet? Let us know in the comments section!

Prey Guide: List of Missing Persons & Volunteers Thu, 11 May 2017 12:52:00 -0400 Craig Snyder

Prey is littered with with missing people of all types. And if you're interested in completing the game 100% then you'll need to find every last one of them.

You can get away with skipping around 10 missing persons and still manage to unlock the Missing Persons achievement, but a true completionist should seek out all of them. Be advised that using recycler grenades can be severely damaging when it comes this achievement, because recycled bodies will display as an empty, crossed-out name in the crew roster (meaning they're unable to be found, identified, and cataloged).

That said, here's a list of missing volunteers and persons that should make scavenging through Prey an easy task.

Missing Volunteers in Prey

There are 18 volunteers that you can find in Prey. Volunteers are different than regular missing persons or crew members, because they can only be found in the Volunteer Quarters of the Neuromod Division. The list below is in alphabetical order and gives the exact location of each volunteer.

Volunteer Number Location
  V-010255-01  Neuromod Division
  V-010655-37 (aka Luka Golubkin)  Crew Quarters
  V-011155-17  Talos I Exterior
  V-041255-00  Neuromod Division
  V-052255-01 (Volunteer F)  Psychotronics
  V-052255-02  Psychotronics
  V-060155-05  Talos I Exterior
  V-071855-21 (Zhao Sun)  Talos I Exterior
  V-080354-01  Psychotronics
  V-090655-13 (Aaron Ingram)  Psychotronics
  V-091755-03  Psychotronics
  V-091855-04  Psychotronics
  V-103155-06 (Jordan Yax)  Psychotronics
  V-110655-16  Neuromod Division
  V-110655-27 (Adrain Holland)  Talos I Exterior
  V-111754-03  Psychotronics
  V-122255-07  Psychotronics
  V-122854-12  Psychotronics


Missing Persons in Prey

Finding all 268 missing persons in Prey unlocks an achievement. All throughout Prey, you'll find deceased crew members and other personnel scattered throughout the Talos 1 Space Station. You need to find the corpses of all these unfortunate people in order to complete this achievement. There are a few of these missing persons that are still alive, too.

On the Security Station terminals, you can check the Crew tab to view which missing persons you've already found. You're also able to track each individual person's location. Below is a full list of every missing person in the game, sorted by the location that they can be found.

Neuromod Division Missing Persons
  Divya Naaz
  Frederick Steele
  Grete Mikkelsen
  Hadley Dalton
  Halden Graves
  Helen Croft
  Jiao-Long Heng
  John Haskins
  Joshua Vanstry
  Jovan Gravilovic
  Junior Bookman
  Natasha Nikova
  Patricia Varma
  Rich Ivers
  Robert Gage
  Tina Snow
  Veer Singh


Talos 1 Lobby Missing Persons

There are several missing persons in this area that are actually still alive, and will be noted as such in the table below.

To find Harley Grainger, Maxine Ford, Richard Coveney, and Steve Folson, initiate the Showing Initiative objective by becoming a psychopath before Dahl arrives in Life Support.

Alice Aiken
Anna Goldcrest
April McGuire
Beth Ino
Bianca Goodwin
Demetri Bowser
Elias Black
Garfield Langly
Harley Grainger
(Tracking Bracelet)
Hendrik DeVries
Jason Chang
Joel Weeks
Kelly Randolph
Laura McAvoy
Lucia Jimenez
Luther Glass
Martin Giroud
Maxine Ford
(Tracking Bracelet)
Mishca Lavarev
Nash Underwood
Octavia Figgs
Randolf Hutchinson
Richard Coveney
(Tracking Bracelet)
Steve Folson
(Tracking Bracelet)
Trevor J. Young
Yuri Kimura
Hardware Labs Missing Persons
Aime Schmidt
Clive Lawrence
Conrad Birchman
Franklin Goode
Gregory Kepner
Hope Ellis
Jorgen Thorstein
Lane Carpenter
Lorenzo Calvino
Miyu Okabe
Nickie Tannar
Peter Coleman
Randall Wood
Sean Larsen
Thaddeus York
Titus Kromwell
Talos 1 Exterior Missing Persons

Jessica Wiley, Riley Butler, and Tana Vale can only be found in the Cargo Bay after the explosion. To move to the Cargo Bay, bring Dayo Igwe there by completing the Dr. Igwe objective. After completing this objective, you may bring him to Talos 1 Lobby, Neuromod Division, and Shuttle Bay.

Dayo Igwe
Emmanuel Mendez
Grant Lockwood
Hunter Hale
Jessica Wiley
Jose Costa
Karisma Chouhan
Mariana Arias
Mike Devlin
Riley Butler
Tana Vale
Psychotronics Missing Persons
Allison Brady
Andrea Hudson
Annalise Gallegos
Cory Richard
Crispin Boyer
Demian Linn
Evan Avery
Hans Kelstrup
Helen Barker-Combs
Janos Jozsef
Kristine Lloyd
Mitsuo Takaji
Otta Lauda
Rory Manion
Ruby Stone
Sanjay Puri
Steven Mueller
Sylvain Bellamy
G.U.T.S. Missing Persons
Alika James
Anders Kline
Brittany LaValley
Edward Douglas
Eric Berger
Josh Dalton
Kimberly Bomo
Laurel Davis
Ramon Ridley
Aboretum Missing Persons

Although I've yet to find out which particular action triggers it, Alex Yu may otherwise be found on Talos 1 Bridge near the end of the game. Rani Chaudhary can also potentially be found in Cargo Bay or Life Support, depending on your actions after saving her from the Telepath in the Greenhouse.

Alejandro Mata
Alex Yu
(Tracking Bracelet)
Carin Buckley
Edna Burton
Elle Gold
Evelyn McCarthy
Gennady Mironov
Iris Stein
Jenny King
Jia Kyung-Ho
Julien Howard
Lawrence Baxter
Lily Morris
Lizzy Colton
Marc Sellers
Marietta Kyrkos
Mickey Pitt Sr.
Rani Chaudhary
Rodney S. Poole
Thomas Tucker
Zachary West
Crew Quarters Missing Persons

You need to initiate the Locate Crew Member objective for Nicole Hague to appear in the Crew Quarters. Will Mitchell is registered once you take the bracelet out of the container that it spawns in.

Abigail Foy
Argenteno Pero
Bernard Griffith
Brandi Pester
Bruce Cobb
Caleb Hawethorne
Carlos Popinga
Chloe Burgess
Chris Wade
Clarke Raffirty
Colette May-Shutlz
Daisy White
Dan Billingsly
Daniel London
Danielle Sho
(Tracking Bracelet)
David Branch
Don Davis
Elizabeth Bay
Emma Beatty
Eve Coolidge
Franz Klinger
Gary Snow
Guy Jameson
Harvey Clausen
Ike Stewart
Indigo Lake
Ivy Song
Jillian Quigg
Joseph McSorley
Kade Mason
Kevin Sabian
Keira Whitman
Lia Macy
Lisa Larson
Maliah Fowles
Mary Malinaro
Mathias Kohl
Mike Turner
Neil Warnes
Nicole Hague
Oliver Benoit
Patricia Wang
Phong Vu
Regina Sellers
Salman Kapoor
Thomas Lutz
Vincent Schubel
Will Mitchell
(Tracking Bracelet)
Deep Storage Missing Persons
Akande Benin
Andrew Grey
Heather Bentz
Jennifer Lee
Lyn Cloyer
Mary Page
Cargo Bay Missing Persons

Actions and decisions made in game can cause Sam Hertz, Kevin Hague, Alfred Rose, Austin Cool, and Tamiko Hayashi to relocate to Life Support.

Alfred Rose
Ash Lasair
Austin Cool
Christopher Smith
Darcy Maddox
Diane Washington
Ekaterina Mulsaev
Enoch Kouneva
Gerald Wildman
Gus Magill
Kevin Hague
Quinten Purvis
Sam Hertz
Sarah Elazar
Tamiko Hayashi
Life Support Missing Persons
Alan Bianchi
Alton Weber
Angela Diaz
Anong Lao
Ari Liudnarht
Augusto Vera
Carol Sikes
Cynthia Dringus
Emily Carter
Erica Teague
Hank Majors
Johnny Brungen
Kane Rosito
Kirk Remmer
(Tracking Bracelet)
Max Weigel-Goetz
Pablo Meyers
Penny Tennyson
Price Broadway
Raya Leiruat
Roger Meir
Tobias Frost
Umi Isaka
Power Plant Missing Persons

Mikhaila Ilyushin can be found in Talos I Lobby or Shuttle Bay later on in the game, based on certain actions and decisions you make.

Umi Isaka
Duncan Krassikoff
Guy Croal
Ian Rolston
Jean Faure
Lan Nguyen
Matthew Connolly
Miguel Lopez
Mikhaila Ilyushin
Nicholas Stillwater
Talia Brooks
Shuttle Bay Missing Persons

Emmanuella DeSilva and Frank Jones can be found in the Shuttle Bay by initiating Locate Crew Member from a Security Station.

Anastacia Uriegas
Blaine Cooly
David Simmonds
Donald "Skipper" Hail
Drew Springer
Eddie Voss
Emmanuella DeSilva
Frank Jones
Galel Seif
Leon Woods
Lloyd Thompson
Mary Stevens
Mia Bayer
Nils Kjaergaard
Rodrigo Diaz
Scott Parker
Todd Matsuyama
Tom "Buzz" Cooper
Talos 1 Bridge Missing Persons
Bill Nixon-Greene
Gordon Bitz
Izumi Minami
Jada Marks
Matt Cothron
Omar Bolivar
Perry Fullbright
Sadie Hall
Skye Braxton
Spencer Ogden
Stone Blanchard


That's the entire list! If you're interested in more Prey content, check out some of our other guides:

How to Get Every 8-Bit Bayonetta Achievement Thu, 13 Apr 2017 06:52:03 -0400 GeorgieBoysAXE

SEGA really is getting the last laugh on some folks, because even after the news of Bayonetta’s port to PC has been broken, folks are still booting up 8-Bit Bayonetta in hopes of nabbing all the same achievements that initially revealed the teaser countdown website last week.

I mean, who could blame you? The game is kind of charming despite how dumb and pandering it actually is; you can’t help but have some fun out the elaborate goof right? Imagine if this was a mobile game that you were plugging away when you were bored on the toilet, and wanted some fast-paced 2D action; bet you’re starting to feel a lot less guilty about it now.

Let’s not be so critical of the dumb flash-game that was used as a cheap marketing ploy for a slightly underwhelming announcement -- we can still enjoy it.

And if you’re up for more than just enjoying Platinum’s pixelated take of the gun-toting witch, then you’re in luck, because here’s some surefire tips to get you all sixteen achievements in 8-Bit Bayonetta.

  Zero - Die without Scoring

OK Y’all, ready for this super dope pro-tip for the very first achievement on the list? Yeah? Alright, listen up; do, nothing… I repeat, do, absolutely, nothing. After that, you’ll see the ‘cheevo pop-up, and feel an immense sense of accomplishment for your efforts.

 Don’t Give Up - Try again

This achievement goes hand-in-hand with the one before it;  just make sure to tap the spacebar to hop back into the 8-bit fight.

 Axed-Killed by a Land angel

Honestly, you’ll most likely activate the conditions of this achievement too when you get the “Zero” achievement, considering that you didn’t screw up the intricate steps involved with that objective that is.

 Death From Above - Killed by flying angel

If you thought the first two achievements were hard, then this one will really leave your head spinning because you’ll have to JUMP to your doom instead of willingly accepting the sweet release of death like before. Just to make extra sure that you get this one, keep all gunfire on the ground to keep the land angels at bay long enough for the airborne enemies to strike you.

 In The Face - Kill a land angel

Another achievement that’s easy pickings, you’ll be recognized for this feat the moment you put your very first axe-wielding angel down for a dirt nap.

 Unlimited Ammo - Fire 1,000 Bullets

This one is pretty Self-explanatory, but there’s one key detail about the “combat” in 8-Bit Bayonetta that’s never clarified at all, and that’s the fact that there are two different fire actions mapped to different keys, allowing you to distinctively fire both of her guns at a time. Just mash away at the two keys as much as you can, and you’ll land this achievement in no time.

 Bullet Ballet - Maintain a very high rate of fire

If you stick with the steps involved with getting “Unlimited Ammo” then it’s only a matter of time before you’ll earn this one for your troubles.

 Anti Gravity - Double Jump lots during a game

Another easy one to nab, this one will naturally appear after a couple of rounds on the game, just keep jumping again in mid-air and Steam will pop the achievement up for you in no time flat.

 Bouncy - Single Jump 30 times

This one is actually trickier than it sounds because double-jumping at any point will disqualify that leap from the count, and some of the flying angels will reign death from above at heights that are outside of the apex of your normal jump. The trick here is just being patient, and sticking to the jumps as long as you can survive within each round, the 30th hop will grant you the prize of “Bouncy” on your achievement list.

 Ninja - Dodge multiple axe attacks in 1 game

The skill involved with grabbing this achievement isn’t as daunting as the description makes it sound out to be. The tactic is clear out all of the flying angels while mobs of land angels press their attack on. When you’ve got about 3-4 of them at far left of the screen where their axes preparing to swing at you, start timing your jumps to evade as many ax attacks as you can until the achievement awards you for your efforts.

 Bonus - Reach a score of 5,000

No real strategy here, just plenty of patience and some good reflexes will net you 5,000 on the scoreboard before the round will end, it’s as simple as that.

 Very Specific - Finish with a very specific score

Easily the most cryptic award on the list, the key to getting the achievement here is to make sure that you lob just enough gunfire earn exactly 5700 points, then making sure that you die to end the round as soon as possible. If done right, the achievement will crop up on the bottom right-hand corner of the screen.

Many of you might be wondering what the significance the number 5700 holds to Bayonetta -- I’m wondering the same thing, so if you think you have a clue as to why this number is the one that they chose for the achievement, then feel free to comment what you know below!

 High Roller - Finish with a score between 8,000 and 13,000

Just so it’s clear, this achievement will only unlock when you literally land on a number that between 8,000 and 13,000 for your score, so that means getting settling at those bench marks (getting exactly 8,000 or 13,00) just won’t count. Once you die with score that satisfies the necessary range then the achievement will be yours.

 High Score - Reach a score of 13,000 or more

The tips to win the achievement here is the very similar to the ones I outlined for the “Bonus” achievement; only with a lot more patience required, as this is most definitely the hardest of the bunch to collect. Just stay diligent with your jumps and shots, and with enough skill, you’ll be able to claim this achievement for the win.

 Bayonetta - Kill a lot of angels

Again, this one is more of a waiting game, but if knowing exactly how many you need to take down to get the achievement will make the wait any easier, than you’ll be happy to know that the magic number 1,000 angels -- happy shooting!

 Addicted - Launch the game multiple times

It’s weird that I would save this one for last considering how easy it is, but it’s definitely the most annoying one that you’ll deal with earning too. The secret to grabbing this last achievement is to shut down 8-Bit Bayonetta, and reopen it 5 times, which I can imagine might be annoying for any of your Steam friends that might be online while you’re doing this one but hey, if they knew the reason behind all the spammed launches then I think they’d understand.

There you have it, you have now earned all sixteen achievements of 8-Bit Bayonetta, are you proud of yourself? Because you should be, now go play the real Bayonetta on Steam and try your luck hunting those achievements.

Torment: Tides of Numenera complete achievement list Tue, 28 Feb 2017 17:29:23 -0500 Ty Arthur

Who ever would have thought that almost two decades after Planescape: Torment took the gaming world by storm, we would finally get a sequel? It may be set in a wholly different universe that leans more sci-fi than fantasy, but Tides of Numenera still offers all the delicious oddity you could ever want from a Torment title.

When the first game in this series came out, the concept of "achievements" hadn't even entered the gaming lexicon yet. But now 18 years later, this new Torment experience lets you unlock Steam Xbox achievements and PlayStation trophies.

While all the achievements were thoroughly hidden up until release to keep a wraps on certain story and gameplay elements, now they've finally been unveiled. Check out the full list below, and be sure to come back soon - we'll be updating the secret achievements as they are unlocked throughout the week!

Looking for more help on how to get started in this bizarre futuristic game? Take a gander at our other guides:

Achievement How To Unlock Gamerscore
 Live Another Life Complete a Mere   30
 This Is MY Cult Convince the cult in Sagus Cliffs you are the Changing God  15
 A New Home Learn the truth of where Jherem came from  15
 Always In Touch  Found the Hall of Relics 15
 Foremen Don't Forget  Discovered Min of Tan Liang's embarrassing secret 15
 I Clank When I Walk Equip everyone one of Jernaugh's upgrades  15
Peace Bringer  Brought peace to Choi's Spirit 15 
 Ill Gotten Gains Found the Murden's treasure room  15 
War Machine  Defeated Waits-For-Prey in combat  15
Death Wish  Died by drinking too much Bloom Juice  15 
Inside Man  Coty betrayed the First on your behalf  15 
 Priest Restored Aligern found his friends and family  15 
Keep Your Friends Close  Made Aligern believe you are the Changing God... and earned his love anyway   15
Buckle Down   Tybir made a dangerous deal with Tol Maguur  15
Mere Explorer  Found all merecasters  15 
Overload  Acquired one too many cyphers   15
 Hall Of Memories Unlocked all elements in the calm  15 
Limits Of Human Capacity  Achieved maximum character level  15 
Beloved   The entire party loves the Last Castoff 15 
Despised The entire party dislikes the Last Castoff   15
Not Dead Yet  Escaped the Sorrow... for now  30
A City Carved In Stone  Reach the Sagus Cliffs  30
 Monuments to the Past Reached the Valley Of Dead Heroes  30
 Sanctuary Found Miel Avest  30
 Belly of the Beast  Reached the Bloom  30
Crystalline Vista  Reached the Ascension  30
Castoffs Fate  Activated The Resonance Chamber  30
Terminal Velocity  Ended your life before it truly began  15
For Knowledge? Slew the Nychthemeron  15
Just a Taste Became the main course in a Dendra O'hur feast  15
Free Minds  Defeated the Adversary  15
Accidental Savior Rescued the Memorialists in the Valley of Dead Heroes by failing to find them  15
Knowledge Seeker Undertook Tantalum's quest to explore the tombs of the Necropolis  15
Valley's Hero Freed the Valley from the Children of the Endless Gate  15
Rising Phoenix Helped Phoenix find the answer he seeks  15
Transdimensional Midwife Brought a new minnim pair to life  15
Memovira  Became the new Memovira  15
Private Property  Purchase a slave  15
Homeworld Bound  Return the lascars to their home  15
A God In Human Skin Become the Changing God  40
 All Too Human  Callistege became completely human again  15
Ascended  Translated Callistege's consciousness to the datasphere  15
The Dying Light Powered up Erritis' nanites  15
Back To The Farm  Freed Erritis from the audience  15
 Love Restored Help Tybir make peace with Auvigne  15
Dangerous Ideals  Matkina turned away from her isolation  15
Successor  Matkina became the new Memovira  15
Going Home  Rhin returned to her true home  15
A New Family Rhin stayed with the Last Castoff  15
It's For The Best  Rhin found a new family through the Empty House of Time  15
A New Beginning  Woke up in the Calm after dying  15
Legacy Completed the Game  90


Which achievements have you managed to unlock so far? That 90 points for finishing the game will top you off your gamerscore quite nicely! Stay tuned for full guides on unlocking some of the more difficult trophies that Torment: Tides of Numenera has to offer. 

Dead Rising 4 Achievement Guide: Idol Worship Thu, 08 Dec 2016 00:15:11 -0500 Ty Arthur

It's been a long wait, but there's finally a fourth main entry in the infamous Dead Rising series, marking the return of original hero and fan favorite Frank West (read our review here).

While sadly the PS4 crowd will have to wait a full year before getting to join in the ludicrous zombie slaying fun, Xbox One and Windows 10 players can now start decimating the undead horde and nabbing some nifty achievements along the way.

The obnoxiously grindy Zombie Genocider of course returns, along with the even more ludicrous (and very misleadingly titled) Left 100,004 Dead 2 achievement, which actually tasks you with killing 200,008 zombies in a single playthrough.

If hours upon hours of running over zombie crowds doesn't exactly sound like a fun time for a measly 20 gamerscore, don't worry, there's plenty of achievements available that don't require nearly that much time sink.

Dead Rising 4 Idol Worship Achievement

One such achievement is Idol Worship, bearing the sad but amusing description "Find the Frank West Statue. Didn't there used to be more of these?"

Turns out the people of Willamette don't quite remember Frank as the hero he likes to think of himself as, and there's only a single monument to all his hard work from the first game still standing. Finding this offbeat and hidden little gem nets you a rare achievement and 30 extra gamerscore.

Idol Worship is hard to find on its own but incredibly easy to pick up if you know precisely where to look -- and that's where we come in! Below we cover exactly how to find the statue so you don't have to spend hours fruitlessly searching.

To get started, head through the shuffling zombie masses to North Peak and locate the North Peak Fire Hall building at the top-left corner of the map area

Idol Worship achievement location

While facing away from the Fire Hall (the one with the single string of Christmas lights and a fire truck sticking out of the garage) and looking towards a line of buildings in front of you, head forward towards the back of a building that has a chain link fence and a large cargo truck.

Jump up on the truck's cab and then onto it's roof so you can gain access to the top of the building just behind the truck.

 Gaining roof access to reach the Frank West statue

From the building's rooftop, turn left and run across to the next roof with a flaming barrel located near the front. Ignore this area and immediately cross the wood plank offering access to a third rooftop on the other end of the block from where you started.

This rooftop should have a large AC unit with a blue tarp over it, and just to the left will be sitting a bare mattress and a bloody body. Take a gander at the edge of the mattress to find the Frank West statue waiting to be picked up.

Finding the Frank West Statue

All kinds of questions come to mind -- why was someone sleeping on the roof, and what were they doing with that Frank West statue? Considering how many giant stuffed animals can be found in the game, it seems like an odd thing to snuggle up to at night during the zombie apocalypse...

 Is there anything more satisfying than the achievement noise?

Now that you've got that one down, there's plenty more Dead Rising 4 achievements to still grab.

Looking for more help? Check out our guide to getting the Faaantastic! achievement with an S-Rank photo and be sure to let us know about the hardest achievement you've managed to unlock so far while cracking the case in Dead Rising 4!

Dead Rising 4 Achievement Guide: Shooting an S-Rank Photo Tue, 06 Dec 2016 23:27:09 -0500 Ty Arthur

Gone from the series since the iconic first game, taking photos of ridiculous zombie mayhem has returned in Dead Rising 4, offering plenty of opportunities for photographic evidence of the outbreak... or to snap some selfies with explosions in the background.

There are different levels of photography, with varying point score increases depending on specifically what is going on within in the frame. Unlocking the Faaantastic! achievement requires taking an S-Rank photograph anywhere within the game, which is activated by crossing the 5,000 point threshold with a single snapshot.

Best S-Rank Photo Location

There are many different areas where it's possible unlock this achievement, even from the earliest parts of the game, but there's one location where you can most reliably nab an S-Rank photo with the least effort possible.

To get this perfect photo and unlock the achievement, first head over to Kichiro Plaza in the Willamette Memorial Complex and walk up to the Ja-POP! store (found to the left of the stairs and behind a giant Santa sleigh display).

An easy location to get an S-Ranked photo

Everything in the store is Capcom themed and (obviously, since this is a Capcom game) is worth loads of bonus points. Here's where you get your S-Rank pic quickly.

If you stand directly in the store entrance so that the entire room is within your snapshot, you can very easily net more than 5,000 points and get an S-Rank photo.

Just make sure that the E. Honda (yep, of Street Fighter fame) character cut out and arcade stand are in the center so you get everything in the room within a single frame and can see both side walls.

Framing an S-Rank Dead Rising 4 Photo

There are plenty of other locations to get S-Rank pictures besides this simple method. To get high enough point scores, just try to have the most possible enemies (alive or dead) in the frame at one time.

You can actually unlock the Faaantastic! achievement even earlier in the game when you pick up the first blue print by simply taking a picture of the horde of zombies blocked by the glass.

Let us know how high a photo score you've managed to get, and where you unlocked your first S-Rank pic!

The world's hardest achievement: Seriously returns to Gears Of War 4 Thu, 22 Sep 2016 07:00:01 -0400 Ty Arthur

New console, new developer, new Gears experience: the upcoming October release of Gears Of War 4 sees gritty, cover-based combat finally return to Sera (and here we thought committing worldwide genocide against the Locust was going to bring peace!).

We've already covered how big changes are coming to Horde mode, but that's not the only element seeing some major tweaks. The soul-crushingly hard Seriously line of achievements makes a return, and with even more requirements than ever before!

A Changing Philosophy

The previous iterations have had varying levels of difficulty, with some having less incentive to actually complete. Getting 100,000 kills in Gears 2 required a level of farming that frankly didn't seem worth it for instance, while earning all 65 Onyx medals and hitting level 100 in Gears 3 took a huge time investment but was at least fun the whole way through.

New Gears developer The Coalition - having taken over from series regular Epic Games back in 2014 - knew changing up the formula was necessary but might lead to some backlash, so they issued this statement about the new achievement focus:

"The philosophy behind our design of the next Seriously iteration is simple - to make an achievement representing Gears fans that show hardcore dedication to the game and mastery of all aspects of Gears of War.

We heard the fan feedback on Seriously 3.0 from Gears of War 3 so we’ve streamlined the requirements from that version to offer clearer, less intrusive goals (for example, you won't need to get 6000 kills with each weapon) that still take time to earn."

A New Breed Of Seriously

So what exactly will be required for overly zealous fans willing to put in the effort this time around? After plenty of teasing, the multi-tiered requirements have now been revealed as:

  • Complete the Campaign on Insane Difficulty
  • Re-Up 10
  • Earn all Ribbons 
  • Earn a Rank Placement in each mode
  • Get all 5 Horde classes to Level 10
  • Level any 5 Horde Skills to Level 5
  • Complete all 10 base on-disc maps from Wave 1-50 (any difficulty)

This reveal tells us some interesting things about Gears 4. Since the re-up scheme has clearly changed from 3 to at least 10, hopefully they won't take as long each time or this achievement will vex for years.

Having to hit wave 50 for 10 different maps of Horde mode will also be a major challenge if the difficulty is on par with Gears 3 (I've only ever made it to wave 50 on one single map myself). Presumably other achievements will be earned along the way however, like finishing the campaign on Insane.

What do you think of these changes, and are you planning on going for Seriously 4.0 this fall?

Deus Ex: Mankind Divided - completing all objectives in Black Market Buy Wed, 24 Aug 2016 17:32:02 -0400 Ty Arthur

It's time to get back into the action as augmented super human Adam Jensen! The opening mission Black Market Buy has you outfitted with a wider array of powers and weapons than you get in the next area of the game exploring Prague, so have fun here utilizing all the abilities.

Black Market Buy features several side quests that are easy to miss but offer bonus experience and even opportunities to unlock some difficult achievements early on.

During the opening cut-scene mission briefing, you can choose either the lethal or non-lethal loadout and still do everything in this level, but non-lethal is quieter and can be helpful in getting past the terrorists in the ending segment without being spotted.

Up to you!

There are a few things to keep in mind throughout the level: first and foremost, whenever possible loot every single body you come across, even the construction workers you didn't kill. You want those extra grenades and all that ammo or credits.

When given the option, be sure to also complete each of the cover, stealth, and combat tutorials throughout this level – even if you have extensively played the previous games. The area resets after the tutorial so you can complete the section however you want, and you unlock the Adept Of The Metaverse achievement after finishing them all.

There are alternate routes to going through all of these objectives below – this is just one method to play through, and finding the others is a big part of the Mankind Divided experience.

Restore Power To Keypad

The first section of the level is very self explanatory after you leap out of the plane and land on the roof. Just follow the path until you have to crouch to go beneath the fan blade, smash through a vent, and then climb up a ladder.

To pass the area here, you have to utilize the item pickup feature to grab the three large crates and pull them away from the opening to create a path.

Making your own entrance

Go forward and jump up the ledges, then crouch down and jump through the small opening into the next room. Turn on Smart Vision and then smash through the structurally weak point of the wall.

Jump up onto the rafters and then crouch down through the small opening to reach the breaker. Flip the switch, but don't go through the open door to your right – it's now electrified. Instead jump up on the breaker box and return the way you came.

Walk up to the keypad next to the locked door. Instead of hacking the keypad, enter the code “0451” to unlock the A Heated Combination achievement.

First opportunity for an achievement!

Jam The Signal Booster

The next few segments of the tower are teaching areas that show you how the cover, stealth, and combat systems work. You can approach these sections any way you please, and they are fairly self-explanatory. Decide whether you want to go for full stealth and non-lethal take downs or instead go loud and chuck grenades with your rifle set to full auto.

Either way, the next part of the game you want to pay special attention to is when you enter the Conservation Lounge. Turn into the Penthouse segment (if you aren't sure where you are, pull up the map – each room is labeled) and go up the ladder. This area is swarming with guards if you went the stealth route, so you may need to throw a grenade first to quickly clear the floor.

Finding the signal booster

Follow the scaffolding above the ladder and then enter the vent to your left that's filled with dirt. Don't turn at the end – instead punch out the grating and keep going forward into the next vent segment. Turn left at the end of this section. You should be able to see two guards in a room filled with equipment.

This is the room you want

The signal booster is the device with the green blinking light sitting on top of a dented yellow tripod. Just approach and interact with it to finish this side objective and earn yourself an extra 250 experience.

Taking out the signal booster

Disable The Chopper / Save Singh

After sealing off the Atrium by hacking the control pad you have two options – jump straight down, or take the elevator. Either offers stealth opportunities, as you can use Icarus Strike to take out the guard beneath without being spotted.

The point of this section is to disable the chopper before the unknown assailants in gold masks kill Singh, which is much harder than it sounds.

The entire area has zero visibility due to the standstorm. You will need to make extensive use of Smart Vision or you are going to accidentally walk into a field of fire or bump into a shooter, which means you need to have several energy-restoring items on hand until you learn the layout.

Getting into a big firefight is a sure fire way to lose as the battle drags on against overwhelming odds. The best method to both take out the chopper and save Singh is to bypass the firefight altogether and stealth your way to the back of the helicopter. There's two different routes to take, left or right, and either can work.

What you need to do is quickly get all the way to the far left or right wall and hug it until you reach the chopper. If an enemy gets in the way, take them out using a non-lethal takedown whenever possible so you make no noise and don't alert anyone else in the storm to your position. The key here is stealth and speed together as one.

To take out the chopper, you just have to open the hatch on the back right side and mess with the engine, but the panel itself is invisible in the storm until you activate Smart Vision. Disabling the chopper effectively finishes the mission.

The chopper's hatch location

If Sing survives, you unlock the Singh No Swan Song achievement. If you make it to the chopper and disable without alerting anyone, the Ghost achievement will also pop.

Now that you've done it once, be sure to go back and try it again, exploring more of the nooks and crannies riddled extra items in hidden caches and go through alternate routes using a different play style!

What Could Valve Do to Improve the Steam Achievements System? Thu, 11 Aug 2016 04:36:38 -0400 Mohamad Yehea Aldandashi

Video games achievements started back in 1982, and it's been a big thing in gaming community since then. It began with the Activision badges system, and this was a system by which game manuals instructed players to achieve a particular high score, take a photo of score display on the television, and send the photo to receive a physical, iron-on style patch. (As it says here on the achievement wiki page)

Achievements give the feel of accomplishment and success to the player, and it encourages the players to find secrets and do certain things to unlock them.

In 2007 Valve became the second large publisher to release a platform-based, multi-game achievement system for their Steam platform. (According to the achievement wiki page)

So it was a big thing, right? Yes it was, sort of, but comparing it now to the achievement systems on other gaming platforms, is like comparing other horse breeds to the Arabian horse breed.

So what's wrong with Steam achievements system?

-The lack of a score system.

Unlike almost every other gaming platform that has an achievements system, Steam doesn't have an achievement score system. Yes, it has a "Showcase" system, like the one in the photo from my Steam account, but it doesn't do anything other than that. There are no special badges, no prizes, just something to put on your Steam account to show off, but it's barely noticeable by other people unless they specifically visit your account to look at your achievements count.

Solution: add a scoring system with special prizes, like Uplay for example. The points system in Uplay gives you extra stuff like alpha bonuses, and discounts when buying games, and even sometimes it gives you free games. It is maybe hard to do on Steam, because unlike Uplay, Steam has games from different developers and publishers, so another more easy solution is a special badge system, for completing a certain amount of achievements.

-The lack of a decent security system.

Yes, Valve was always protective with Steam accounts and hacking, but when it comes to the achievements system, they just ignore it. You can download a particular program that lets you unlock any achievement you want without even playing the game; I even tried it myself on CS:GO and it worked. Maybe they try to be more aware of these things? It is annoying to see someone get that achievement you worked hard for, by just clicking a few buttons.

There are more problems in Steam achievements, but they all should be fixed by the developers themselves; like the grinding-type achievements, for example: jumping 1000 times; or the type of achievements you're supposed to be doing, like completing level 2.

In the end, some people like the current Steam achievement system, and some people don't even like achievements at all. What's your opinion? Do you like achievements? Do you think Steam achievements system is lacking? Either way, I would love to hear your opinions on this.

Surprise WoW Legion features casual players should be excited about Mon, 08 Aug 2016 05:24:51 -0400 Sean Handler

In less than a few weeks, the new expansion for World of Warcraft will be released along with a plethora of new features. Much of the game will be changing, and new and returning players alike are probably not aware of some of the more exciting updates this expansion brings. Here's a list of some of the most exciting things coming to Azeroth on August 30th.


Transmogrifications (often referred to as "transmogs" by players) have been around since the "Mists of Pandaria" expansion and allow players to change the appearance of their various pieces of equipment. In the Legion expansion, this gets an overhaul to an account-wide system that will allow players to save the appearance of an item and keep or discard it as they choose.

A visual appearance of the Wardrobe system seen in the Legion expansion Alpha

Players will be able to collect a variety of these item appearances and save them as favorite outfits without having to sacrifice precious bag space. This change will make the system similar to that of Diablo III.

Artifact weapons are now able to be added to other weapon appearances as well, however other weapons cannot be transmogged to the Artifact weapon's appearance.

This change is also being given a new name, "Wardrobe". There are some restrictions to this system. After digging through the official WoW forums where discussion on the Wardrobe are taking place, you can see there are some qualifications your armor must meet to qualify for transmogrification.

  • You must be able to equip the armor that you are transmogging
  • The armor must be of your primary armor type
  • The armor/weapon you are transmogging must be equippable by your character's class. 

Let's say you were playing as a Mage and wanted to use the Wardrobe system to change your appearance. Even though both Mage and Warlock wear Cloth Armor, Mages would not be able to use any Warlock specific sets. However, you can still use the system on any Mage-class armor that you have saved to your Wardrobe. 

Class Changes

All of the familiar WoW classes are also getting significant changes in the Legion expansion. However, for new players to the game, Hunter can be a popular choice to start with. Changes to the Hunter class include new Mechanical pets and significant changes to the Survival and Beast Mastery subclasses. Traps are being removed from the Beast Mastery class and will only be available to Survival class hunters. Survival is also being focused into a melee-style class, emphasizing the use of traps to keep enemies at bay. 

Mechanical pets like the above pictured Alarm-O-Bot can now be tamed by Gnomes, the newest race to gain access to the Hunter class. Prepare for a fleet of miniature Hunters roaming Azeroth in search of these robotic beasts soon. Goblins who choose the Hunter class will also be able to tame these creatures as well.

Another class that works great for casual players is the Druid. Druids are a versatile class with a total of four subclasses (Feral, Balance, Restoration, and Guardian) to pick from. The major changes coming to Druids are specific to each subclass, but in general all Druids will now have an "Affinity" talent row that will provide a passive ability useful at all times and access to key abilities for their secondary shapeshifting choices. 

All classes in the Legion expansion will also be receiving some visual updates, primarily those with melee abilities, although all classes will benefit from more detailed visuals and new animations. 

Artifact Weapons

A brand new type of weapon is arriving with the Legion expansion; "Artifacts", they are rare weapons with incredible powers and high stats that will make even the most powerful heroes able to stand toe-to-toe with the most difficult of foes. These are the ultimate weapons in Azeroth, available only to seasoned warriors according to lore. These unique weapons will scale as you do, and each class specialization gets a unique weapon. 

Artifact weapons are also upgradeable, so you can change them in a myriad of ways. These weapons are obtainable early on in the expansion, and to level them up you need a special type of currency known as "Artifact Power". You gain this resource by leveling up, taking on arenas, boss raids, and more. This power is used to unlock a variety of weapon traits that will become available as you progress.

As you unlock new traits for your Artifact weapon, you can also choose the order in which they are unlocked. This furthers the customization options for these powerful weapons even more. There will also be a new item specific to these Artifacts called "Relics", which can be slotted into artifacts to unlock new abilities or strengthen secondary stats.


What game would be complete without achievements to unlock? Legion is bringing a ton of them to the table, and they cover a wide variety of topics. Casual players will likely take interest in the ones involving exploration such as Explore Suramar, achieved after revealing the covered areas of Suramar's map. Achievements that focus on appearance will also be fun to collect. There are achievements that also cover certain boss raids as well as crafting, finding certain items for characters, and many more.

Including the most recent additions, there will now be over 2,000 unique Achievements in the game, giving accolade hunters plenty to do.

Demon Hunters: The new class in Azeroth

The biggest feature being introduced in Legion has already been revealed, but for new players, or spoiler avoiders, the new class being added is Demon Hunter. 

Unlike most of WoW's classes that are open to nearly all of the available races, Demon Hunters are restricted to Night Elves and Blood Elves. Demon Hunters have two subclasses, Havoc which focuses on damage, and Vengeance which is their tanking subclass. 

As with all classes, Demon Hunters have a variety of customization options including different horns, blindfolds, and more. The above image shows some of the many options that will be available. For those who have pre-purchased Legion, you'll have access to the Demon Hunter class on August 9th. If you did not pre-order Legion, you will have to wait until August 30th when the expansion drops to enjoy the new class. 

With all of these new features coming to World of Warcraft, many new players will have a lot to choose from. What are you most excited for when Legion drops? Let me know in the comments!

Overwatch Trophy and Achievement Guide Tue, 07 Jun 2016 06:42:34 -0400 Daniel Lopez

Overwatch is filled to the brim with unlockable sprays to leave your mark with, many of which can be obtained through completing the trophy (PS4) and achievement (Xbox One) challenges. These sprays in particular show off some of the spectacular gameplay feats you've accomplished, from a four-person resurrection as Mercy to nailing someone's noggin with a scoped head-shot while airborne as Widowmaker.

And if you're like me, than you're hopelessly addicted to the distinctive "ding"-like sound the console makes every time a trophy or achievement is unlocked.

So, to help the cause, we've compiled a list of every Overwatch trophy and achievement with some tips on how to snag some of the most elusive sprays. Many of these trophies and achievements can be obtained simply through dumb luck, but using some of the strategies below may help increase your chances of crossing out another spray off your laundry list.


These trophies/achievements can be unlocked using any characters on any maps. You just have to play the game!

The Friend Zone

Play a Quick or Competitive Play game in a group with a friend.

  • Reward: Man and Omnic Spray
Level 10

Reach level 10

  • Reward: Forge Onward Spray
Level 25

Reach level 25

  • Reward: Rise Spray
Level 50

Reach level 50

  • Reward: Respect Spray

Win 100 games in Quick or Competitive Play

  • Reward: Victory Spray

Earn 21 postgame cards in Quick or Competitive Play

  • Reward: Thanks Spray

Earn 50 postgame medals in Quick or Competitive Play

  • Reward: Well Played Spray
Decked Out

Collect 50 unlocks for a single hero

  • Reward: Oops Spray
Survival Expert

Use health packs to heal 900 health in a single life in Quick or Competitive Play.

  • Reward: Piñata Spray
  • Tip: If you're having some trouble with this challenge, you can cheat a bit. Select Pharah and find a room with a health pack away from the action. Fire off some rockets under you, restore health, and repeat.
The Path Is Closed

Destroy 3 of Symmetra's Teleporters in a single Quick or Competitive Play game

  • Reward: Sorry Spray
  • Tip: Using a mobile character to quickly find and destroy the teleporters undetected is key. Tracer is your best bet of slipping behind enemy lines and making sure you're the first to find the teleporter. Make sure to listen for characters discussing the presence of a teleporter.

Get a 20 player kill streak in Quick or Competitive Play

  • Reward: Tea Time Spray
  • Tip: This can be obtained using any number of characters, but I found Torbjörn to be the best at growing a kill streak. A well-placed turret can deal damage to multiple enemies, garnering a lot of eliminations without the risk of a close-range engagement with the enemy team.


These trophies/achievements can be unlocked using heroes of the offensive category. Each character has two challenges, which unlock their "Pixel" and "Cute" sprays.

Die Die Die...Die

Kill 4 enemies with a single use of Reaper's Death Blossom in Quick or Competitive Play

  • Reward: Cute Spray
  • Tip: This is one of the easier hero trophies to get due to Death Blossom's high damage output and 360 degree spread. You simply need to wait for the enemy team to group up then activate the ultimate after positioning yourself in the middle of them. If you notice you're getting killed before completing Reaper's ultimate, try flanking the enemy team, jumping from a higher elevation to surprise them, or have a healer patch you up while you dive head first into the enemy team.
Waste Not, Want Not

Get 3 solo kills with a single clip of Reaper's shotguns in Quick or Competitive Play

  • Reward: Pixel Spray
  • Tip: Keyword is solo, meaning you need 100 point kills with no help from your team. Try to pounce on low health characters like Mercy and Zenyatta who tend to stay away from the fight. With some luck and carefully placed headshots, you'll be golden. Remember to resist the urge to reload!
Slice and Dice

Kill 4 enemies with a single use of Genji's Dragonblade in Quick or Competitive Play.

  • Reward: Cute Spray
  • Tip: Don't overestimate Genji's Dragonblade power. For some characters it may take a few swipes to put them away. Wait for a good push from your team, utilize his Swift Strike ability to jump from target to target, and aim for low-health enemies during the chaotic battle.
Their Own Worst Enemy

Kill 2 enemies with a single use of Genji's Deflection in Quick or Competitive Play

  • Reward: Pixel Spray
  • Tip: Deflecting attacks that produce a lot of sporadic projectiles or explosive damage, like Tracer's Pulse Pistols and Junkrat's frags, give the best opportunity to deal damage to multiple enemies in one use. Remember: you only have to damage heroes before they fall to get the elimination, so deflect often around big groups fighting for a payload or control point.
It's High Noon

Get 4 killing blows with a single use of McCree's Deadeye in Quick or Competitive Play

  • Reward: Cute Spray
  • Tip: Flanking the enemy team during Escort maps (Dorado, Route 66, and Watchpoint: Gibraltar) is a great way to snag multiple kills with this deadly ultimate. While the enemy is facing the payload, get behind your opponents and remind them what time it is. When they hear McCree announce "It's High Noon", enemies will try running away to escape your sight. By positioning yourself in back of them, you can nail fleeing enemies that aren't aware of your position. Remember: you need killing blows, so take your time and let those red skulls appear before pulling the trigger.
Whoa There!

Interrupt an enemy ultimate ability with McCree's Flashbang in Quick or Competitive Play.

  • Reward: Pixel Spray
  • Tip: For your best shot at stopping an ultimate before it starts, stick close to your team. Enemies aim to kill in groups. For instance, you know enemy Reapers are always lurking to unleash Death Blossom on your squad. Bait him in by grouping up, then flash'em to turn his play of the game into an embarrassing trip back to spawn.
Death From Above

Kill 4 enemies in a row without touching the ground as Pharah in Quick or Competitive Play.

  • Reward: Cute Spray
  • Tip: Jump Jet management is key here. The best cycle to snag four eliminations before landing starts by jumping from high elevation and getting a kill before using the Jump Jet ability. After propelling yourself back into the air, try to get at least another two kills with her Barrage ultimate. By that time, your jet pack will be charged again and you can rain even more rockets from the sky. As you descend, your Jump Jet cooldown will finish, giving you one more shot at another elimination or two during your final descent.
Clearing the Area

Knock an enemy to their death using Pharah's Concussive Blast in Quick or Competitive Play

  • Reward: Pixel Spray
  • Tip: This challenge is easy on any map with a cliff that leads to a falling death. A great one (among many) is the Sanctum section of the Nepal map. Use the ginormous bottomless pit next to the control point to your advantage. While enemies are piling in to capture the control point, launch a concussive blast next to them and watch as they plummet to their doom.
Target Rich Enviornment

Kill 4 enemies with a single use of Soldier: 76's Tactical Visor in Quick or Competitive Play

  • Reward: Cute Spray
  • Tip: While deadly, this ultimate does not offer enough power to kill four targets at full health in one use. Your best bet is to wait for big skirmishes, like the last push on a Control or Assault match where everyone is pressing hard to capture or defend an objective. Wait for players' health bars to start depleting and aim to use the Tactical Visor in open spaces where it is difficult to find cover to hide from your auto-aim.
Rocket Man

Get 2 killing blows with a single use of Soldier: 76's Helix Rockets in Quick or Competitive Play.

  • Reward: Pixel Spray
  • Tip: This challenge is tricky because it requires killing blows, rather than just eliminations. Your Helix Rockets must get the last hits on two enemies at once. Having a Zarya on your team makes this a lot easier, as you can fire your Helix Rockets at a group trapped in her Graviton Surge. Otherwise, just hope your opponent likes to use the buddy system and keep firing away with those rockets.
Special Delivery

Stick 4 of Tracer's Pulse Bombs onto enemies in a single Quick or Competitive Play game

  • Reward: Cute Spray
  • Tip: Try and use Tracer's Pulse Bombs as often as you receive them. Don't worry about dying, because staying alive is not a priority for this challenge. If you are having trouble sticking opponents, aim for big and stationary targets. Bastion is just begging to be stuck with a pulse bomb, along with Reinhardt and Roadhog. Just don't be too careless charging at the enemy team. Use them quickly, but make them count.
Total Recall

Recover 400 health using Tracer's Recall without dying in Quick or Competitive Play

  • Reward: Pixel Spray
  • Tip: Use Recall as often as you can. As soon as you take considerable damage, say around 30 to 50 points, don't be afraid to use Recall. Tracer has very low health, so usually trying to save Recall until the time is right just results in a death. It's instinctual to save it for when you take bigger damage, but using it often and simply surviving will go a long way. Recover lost damage with health packs and keep throwing yourself into the fray when Recall is ready for use.


These trophies/achievements can be unlocked using heroes of the defense category. Each character has two challenges, which unlock their "Pixel" and "Cute" sprays.


Kill 4 enemies with a single use of Bastion's Configuration: Tank in Quick or Competitive Play

  • Reward: Cute Spray
  • Tip: Don't take the challenge's title too seriously. Simply using Bastion's ultimate ability and charging head first will lead to maybe a kill or two. Catching the enemy grouped up, weakened, and off guard will lead to easy pickings with this powerful ultimate. A single well-placed rocket can often kill heroes with 200 health or less with one blow. The rounds are explosive, and therefore deal damage in a wide radius. So aim for groups and fire off as many rounds as you can in eight seconds.
Triple Threat

Kill 2 enemies in each of Bastion's configurations without dying in Quick or Competitive Play.

  • Reward: Pixel Spray
  • Tip: This challenge requires players to get two kills in Bastion's Recon, Sentry and Tank configurations without dying. The best Bastion strategy for this challenge is to stick and move. Kill an enemy or two while in Sentry, then move to a new area to set-up. While moving to new areas, try and land a few shots in Recon mode on enemies that are being attacked. Even if you get three points for an elimination, it still counts as a kill. Once you have those kills under your belt, the Tank kills should be the easy part if used at the right time (see above if you need a reminder of when is the right time.) Make sure to have those 4 other kills done before using your ultimate.
The Dragon Is Sated

Kill 4 enemies with one of Hanzo's Spirit Dragons in Quick or Competitive Play.

  • Reward: Cute Spray
  • Tip: It is pretty easy to Avoid Hanzo's ultimate ability, Dragonstrike, if you see them coming. So try slipping behind enemy lines undetected using Hanzo's Wall Climb ability and hitting them from their blindside. As they wait to see where the Spirit Dragons are coming from, it will already be too late.
Simple Geometry

Get 2 killing blows with a single use of Hanzo's Scatter Arrow in Quick or Competitive Play.

  • Reward: Pixel Spray
  • Tip: Like Soldier 76's Rocket Man challenge, this also requires you to obtain the last hit on two enemies with a single ability use. Hanzo's is a bit easier, considering his scatter arrows do massive damage in close spaces. Wait for enemies to hit a choke-point in the map and let the arrows fly as they stand hip-to-hip to capture an objective or move the payload. If you are the patient type, you could camp a high-traffic hallway like the broken down train cars on Route 66.

Kill 4 enemies with a single use of Junkrat's RIP-Tire in Quick or Competitive Play

  • Reward: Cute Spray
  • Tip: Junkrat's powerful ultimate, RIP-Tire, can wipe-out a crowd of enemies pretty easily with it's wide-radius explosive blast. Dealing up to 600 damage, the RIP-Tire can kill most charcters instantly is they are close-enough. Control maps offer the best opportunity to kill lots of enemies in a single use. Just make sure to use it relatively close to the point so your enemies don't have time to flee or shoot your tire down.
Mine Like a Steel Trap

Knock an enemy into your Steel Trap using Junkrat's Concussion Mine in Quick or Competitive Play

  • Reward: Pixel Spray
  • Tip: This is a lot easier than it sounds. Junkrat's Steel Trap is massive, giving you a pretty large target to aim for. Best place to do this is on Control maps that have sections with enclosed control points, like Village on Nepal or Garden on Nepal. Throw a Steel Traps and Concussion Mines in the control points until some unlucky (but very helpful) player lands on your trap.
Cold Snap

Freeze 4 enemies at once with Mei in Quick or Competitive Play

  • Reward: Cute Spray
  • Tip: This challenge can be done on any map, but Control maps once again offer the best opportunities to complete it. Mei will have to use her Blizzard ultimate to get this done. After the enemy team has herded together to defend their objective, activate her ultimate to trap multiple enemies in her winter vortex. You'll need to trap at least three players with Blizzard, since the fourth can be frozen using your primary weapon (aka the Freeze gun).
Ice Blocked

Block 1200 damage with a single use of Mei's Ice Wall in Quick or Competitive Play 

  • Reward: Pixel Spray
  • Tip: Wait for choke points on Escort maps, usually around the payload checkpoints, to build a wall of ice that will annoy the hell out of the other team. Out of pure frustration they'll shoot at the wall and you'll get this challenge done easily. Just keep building walls randomly along the payload's tracks and you'll get this challenge done in no time.
Raid Wipe

Kill 4 enemies during a single use of Torbjörn's Molten Core in quick or Competitive Play

  • Reward: Cute Spray
  • Tip: Torbjörn's ultimate, Molten Core, is among the most deadly in the game. Torbjörn's turret becomes a level three, gaining a faster fire rate, 800 health, and additional rocket projectiles. Torbjörn too gets a huge damage boost to his Rivet Gun, as well as 300 armor. Wait until the opposing team feels confident during a push, then unleash Molten Core as they are within range of your turret. Make sure to utilize your damage and health boost to chase down fleeing enemies, because Torbjörn turns into a damage-dealing behemoth once he's fired up.
Armor Up!

Have one of Torbjörn's Armor Packs on 5 allies at the same time in Quick or Competitive Play

  • Reward: Pixel Spray
  • Tip: Having five armor packs actively on teammates at a time is a lot harder than its sounds. To make sure you can deliver the most armor to as many teammates at once, save up 200 pieces of scrap while defending a control point. The second control point in front of spawn is the better of two, since teammates will be easier to get to. Allow for additional scrap to pile up around the point, then start delivering that armor as fast as you can. First give it to stationary teammates like snipers and Bastion, since they are the least likely to take damage. Then throw as many armor packs around the point as possible so teammates can easily spot them and pick them up. Keep an eye out for teammates without yellow bars on their health. This means they have yet to receive an armor pack or lost it already.
Smooth as Silk

Kill an enemy with a scoped headshot while airborne as Widowmaker in Quick or Competitive Play

  • Reward: Cute Spray
  • Tip: Prepare for many failed attempts at this challenge. Not only do you have to get an airborne headshot with Widoemaker's sniper, but it has to be the killing blow as well (meaning easy headshots on D.Va's Mech are out of the question). Best way to get this is to find a relatively small object to jump off of and aim for low health enemies like Zenyatta. The reason you want a small object is because it gives you a platform to quickly jump on and off, while offering enough time to properly scope in. This challenge will no doubt make you a detriment for your team, but it's totally worth it for the spray.
Did That Sting?

Kill 4 enemies using Widowmaker's Venom Mine during a single Quick or Competitive Play game

  • Reward: Pixel Spray
  • Tip: Launch as many of Widowmaker's Venom Mines as you can throughout the match. The mines deal continual poison damage for five seconds to enemies caught in its vicinity. So if you continually launch them at objectives like control points and payloads while teammates finish the infected opponents off, you are sure to get the needed eliminations.


These trophies/achievements can be unlocked using heroes of the tank category. Each character has two challenges, which unlock their "Pixel" and "Cute" sprays.

Game Over

Kill 4 enemies with a single use of D.Va's Self-Destruct in Quick or Competitive Play

  • Reward: Cute Spray
  • Tip: Unfortunately, everybody knows by now to haul-ass after hearing D.Va activate her ultimate, Self-Destruct. So the trick here is to catch the enemy team while they are distracted and successfully launch the imploding Mech without your opponent knowing which direction it is coming from. Flank the enemy while they battle for an objective using D.Va's high mobility. Then launch the Mech towards the enemy from afar by activating D.Va's boosters and ejecting as the Mech is on the move. The goal is to land the Mech on your opponent as it is about to explode, rather than announcing your entrance by simply walking towards your opponent and ejecting next to them. If you can, try launching the Mech towards the sky so it becomes airborne and very difficult to spot.
Shot Down

Prevent 1500 damage with a single use of D.Va's Defense Matrix in Quick or Competitive Play

  • Reward: Pixel Spray
  • Tip: D.Va's Defense Matrix prevents incoming projectiles from doing any damage. 1500 damage is a lot, so it's best to use this often when you've garnered a lot of enemy attention. You could also wait for certain high-power ultimates to be activated to increase your chances, like Pharah's Barrage or Reaper's Death Blossom.
Storm, Earth and Fire

Land Reinhardt's Fire Strike and Charge after an Earthshatter stun in Quick or Competitive Play

  • Reward: Cute Spray
  • Tip: To pull this off, you'll need to perform three of Reinhardt's abilities against a high-health target in rapid succession. First, pick a tank you would like to absolutely obliterate (like Roadhog or Winston). Then, perform these actions in this order: Earthshatter (Ultimate), Fire Strike, then Charge. If performed correctly, you'll have one massively over-killed tank. Make sure to aim your Fire Strike and Charge well. Clipping the enemy with either won't do the trick.
I Am Your Shield

Block 8000 damage with Reinhardt's Barrier Field without dying in Quick or Competitive Play.

  • Reward: Pixel Spray
  • Tip: Unfortunately for this challenge, you will undoubtedly need a good performance from your team to keep you alive. This challenge is best done on Escort maps where you need to push the payload. You'll need a healer to keep you standing and a team to effectively drive the enemy away from you. Make sure to charge your shield when you can so it doesn't completely break and leave you exposed. If you sense a team-wipe coming, escape with a charge back towards your spawn and try to regroup before you get picked off.
Hog Wild

Knock 2 enemies to their deaths with one use of Roadhog's Whole Hog in Quick or Competitive Play

  • Reward: Cute Spray
  • Tip: Roadhog's Whole Hog ultimate doesn't deal an overwhelming amount of damage, but it has a huge spread that throws any enemies in front of him a good football field's distance away. There are certain maps that are perfect for knocking multiple enemies to their deaths with one use. Nepal's Sanctum section and Ilios' Lighthouse section have plenty bottomless pit real estate near their control points which Roadhog can use to send enemies hurtling towards their deaths. Make sure enemies are relatively close to you to send them as far as possible. Also aim for non-flying opponents like D.Va and Pharah who have a chance to get back on land.
Giving You the Hook

Interrupt an enemy ultimate ability with Roadhog's Hook in Quick or Competitive Play

  • Reward: Pixel Spray
  • Tip: This challenge is relatively easy and only requires decent aim with Roadhog's Hook to accomplish. Just like McCree, stand around groups of teammates to bait an unsuspecting enemy to use their ultimate. As soon as they unleash their ultimate, grab with a chain and enjoy the hilarious sound of an interrupted ultimate ability. Extra satisfying when used on Pharah during her Barrage.
Anger Management

Damage 6 enemies during a single use of Winston's Primal Rage in Quick or Competitive Play

  • Reward: Cute Spray
  • Tip: Good news is you don't need a single elimination for this challenge. Bad news is you need to hit all six opponents within 10 seconds. Luckily, you have a few new tools at your disposal to accomplish this. Winston gains a ton of health during his Primal Rage ultimate, as well as a shorter cooldown for his Jump Pack ability. This allows you to throw him right into the trenches and attempt to wail on each enemy at least once. Make sure to keep track of who you are hitting and using Jump Pack to bounce around to different enemies. Landing on someone with jump pack does damage within itself, so aim for groups and you could deal damage to many players easily within the 10-second time frame. Best opportunity to use this: the last push for the final objective while on the attacking team. The enemy team will be confined to defending one area, allowing you to find them easier than earlier on in the match.
Mine Sweeper

Destroy 10 turrets or traps using Winston's Tesla Cannon without dying in Quick or Competitive Play

  • Reward: Pixel Spray
  • Tip: Make sure there is a Symmetra on the other team. Her turrets are destroyed quickly and there are usually a lot of them. Destroying two groups of at least 5 of her turrets is enough to get the challenge done. Just make sure to utilize your Jump Pack to get in and out of trouble to stay alive.
The Power of Attraction

Capture 5 enemies in a single use of Zarya's Graviton Surge in Quick or Competitive Play

  • Reward: Cute Spray
  • Tip: Zarya's ultimate would be best used during the fight for a control point or final objective in an Escort or Assault game. This gives you the best shot at catching five enemy players at once. The range of her Graviton Surge's pull isn't big enough to launch them randomly, so aim carefully and wait for the right moment.
Power Overwhelming

Keep Zarya's particle cannon above 70 power for 60 seconds in Quick or Competitive Play

  • Reward: Pixel Spray
  • Tip: After creating a particle barrier around yourself, any attacks that hit you will deal no damage and instead power your Particle Cannon. You can also create particle barriers around teammates that will have the same effect, allowing you to power your particle cannon two different ways. So to obtain this trophy/achievement, you have to switch between creating a barrier for yourself to charge, then as that ability cools down, creating a barrier on another teammate who is taking incoming damage. By timing your barriers correctly, you will be able to create a constant charge of at least 70 long enough to nab this tough trophy/achievement. Practice makes perfect!


These trophies/achievements can be unlocked using heroes of the support category. Each character has two challenges, which unlock their "Pixel" and "Cute" sprays.


Block 1000 damage with a single use of Lúcio's Sound Barrier in Quick or Competitive Play

  • Reward: Cute Spray
  • Tip: Lúcio's ultimate, Sound Barrier, adds a massive temporary shield of about 600 to all teammates within your vicinity. To nab this trophy/achievement, try using Lúcio's ultimate to survive an intense offensive push by another team with as many teammates near you as possible. The more targets affected, the better chance you have of clocking damage. Utilizing Sound Barrier during ultimates is another good strategy. For instance, try using it when you hear an incoming RIP-Tire from Junkrat. Each teammate hit with the RIP-Tire can take up to 600 points of damage. So if they have a Sound Barrier, it will only take up to two characters to be hit, along with any additional damage from other enemies to get the challenge done.
The Floor Is Lava

Get 3 killing blows while wall riding as Lúcio without dying in Quick or Competitive Play

  • Reward: Pixel Spray
  • Tip: This is probably the most difficult challenge to complete. It will require fancy finger-work and patience rivaling that of Mahatma Gandhi. Getting killing blows is with Lucio's semi-effective projectiles is tough enough, but you also have to be wall riding, which requires you to continually hold the jump button. So to get kills while wall-riding, you have to hold the jump button, move with one analog stick, aim with the other and also shoot using the trigger. The best strategy I could come up with is to ditch his projectiles and stick with his knock back ability. By utilizing maps with fall pits, like Ilios and Nepal, Lúcio can ride the wall and with just one push of the trigger knock one or more enemies off the ledge. This strategy helps, but still requires a lot of skill to pull off.
Huge Rez

Resurrect 4 players at once with Mercy in Quick or Competitive Play

  • Reward: Cute Spray
  • Tip: For this challenge all you have to do is hope your team gets wiped and for you to be nearby to resurrect them with your ultimate ability. This may be the only trophy/achievement where it helps to have an awful team. Remember that you can use Mercy's Guardian Angel ability to fly to the yellow orbs that mark where teammates have fallen. This allows you to quickly get to the downed group and hit them with a second life. 
Group Health Plan

Restore 200 health for 5 players without dying as Mercy in Quick or Competitive Play

  • Reward: Pixel Spray
  • Tip: Now's the time to step away from the tank's shadow and spread the healing love to the whole team. To earn this trophy/achievement you'll have to make good use of Mercy's Guardian Angel ability to fly to teammates in need. Keep an eye on your teammate's health bars and heal whenever at all possible. Every little bit counts. Always have a plan of escape as well, since you cannot die during this process. Don't get caught too deep in enemy lines and utilize Mercy's Guardian Angel ability to fly safely away to from the action if needed.
Huge Success

Teleport 20 players in a single Quick or Competitive Play game as Symmetra

  • Reward: Cute Spray
  • Tip: Be careful with where you place your teleporters. While you want to get your teammates back into the action as quickly as possible, placing teleporters too close to objective points leads to them being quickly destroyed. Teleporters can be used six times, so make sure they're well-hidden to get the most out of each one created. Find a place about halfway to the objective you are defending or attacking so you can get all six uses out of your teleporter. Then you only have to create 3-4 throughout the match.
The Car Wash

Hit an enemy with 7 beams simultaneously as Symmetra in Quick or Competitive Play

  • Reward: Pixel Spray
  • Tip: This challenge can be easily done by picking a high-traffic doorway and placing all six of your turrets around it. Make sure it is a doorway that is far enough away to give you time to create all six turrets needed for this trophy/achievement. Once the turrets are up, just sit and wait for a poor schlub to walk through it. Don't forget that you are the seventh beam, since Symmetra's primary gun, the Photon Projector, will be the last laser needed to connect with the enemy for you to complete the challenge.
The Iris Embraces You

Restore 1500 health with a single use of Zenyatta's Transcendence in Quick or Competitive Play

  • Reward: Cute Spray
  • Tip: Zenyatta's ultimate, Transcendence, restores 100 health per second for six seconds. While the health restoration is massive, the amount of health needed to be restored for this challenge is equally as daunting. Like the other support challenges, this would be best used when a large group of your teammates is about to be fried by an enemy's ultimate ability while defending or attacking an objective. Look to use Transcendence while being attacked with Zarya's Graviton Surge or Reaper's Death Blossom.
Rapid Discord

Get 4 kills or assists with Zenyatta's Orb of Discord within 6 seconds in Quick or Competitive Play

  • Reward: Pixel Spray
  • Tip: Keep Zenyatta's Orb of Discord on an enemy at all times. The Orb of Discord makes enemies afflicted with it take increased damage from not just Zenyatta, but the whole team. There is no cooldown on the ability, so let those orbs fly. This challenge only requires you to grab an assist at the least, so help pick off weak enemies with your Orb of Discord and Zenyatta's powerful Orbs of Destruction (his primary weapon) from afar. As soon as your target is killed, throw the Orb of Discord to the next enemy. Hopefully your team can dispatch the enemy quick enough to earn you this very tough trophy/achievement.


These trophies/achievements can be unlocked using any hero. Each challenge requires players to complete a task for certain game types, like Escort, Assault, Control and Hybrid.


Win a Capture map on defense without losing the first objective in Quick or Competitive Play

  • Reward: Jail Spray
Double Cap

Capture both objective on a Capture map without dying in Quick or Competitive Play

  • Reward: Beyond the Moon Spray
Escort Duty

Push a payload 100 meters without leaving it in Quick or Competitive Play

  • Reward: Out of My Way Spray
  • Tip: Tank heroes offer the best chance at surviving a 100 meter trip with the payload. You'll normally have a healer keeping you alive, while the rest of your team should be fending off defenders looking to stop the payload's advancement. Reinhardt is a perfect candidate for this since his shield allows teammates to stand behind you and protect the payload while you have an excuse to plant yourself on the objective at all times. Make sure to always be close to the payload, since even a second away from it means restarting the meter count. If you have a good team behind you, this challenge can be accomplished fairly easily.
Can't Touch This

Prevent the attacking team from touching the payload for 1 minute in Quick or Competitive Play

  • Reward: Red X Spray
  • Tip: After stopping the enemy team's offensive push, try pushing your defensive line closer to their spawn so they have to fight off defenders in order to get back to the payload.

Win a Control map without the enemy capturing an objective in Quick or Competitive Play

  • Reward: Red O Spray
World Traveller

Win a Quick or Competitive Play game on 12 different maps

  • Reward: GL HF Spray
Addiction Unlocked: When Achievement Hunting Goes Too Far Tue, 31 May 2016 10:00:12 -0400 Josh Artman

I’m a Gamerscore addict. Now don’t get me wrong -- it’s not as serious as any real addiction, but it certainly does impact my gaming habits. Between Xbox 360, Xbox One, Windows Phone, Games for Windows Live, and Windows 10 games, I’ve amassed a whopping 83,771 Gamerscore, as of this article’s publication. I’m sure that might sound measly to some of you, but in my circle of friends, it’s over double that of my closest competitor. I’m no Stallion83, but it’s safe to say I have much more than a passing interest in Achievements -- check out some of my 2015 Xbox Year In Review stats if you don't believe me.

A few months ago, a friend asked me why I still insist on pursuing these ultimately pointless badges.

My answer to this question has always been the same.

Achievements provide some continuity to my gaming experience, a gamer’s resumé, if you will. I’ve always enjoyed being able to pop open the Achievements menu, so I can fondly look back on some great games and particularly difficult accomplishments. It provides some structure to my overall gaming experience, and makes me feel like I’ve done something truly meaningful with every play session.

But lately, I’ve started to question that explanation more and more - is it all really worth it?

Achievement hunting isn’t harmless, and sometimes it can really take the fun out of a game. Take my experience with BioShock Infinite, for example. All of my friends and the online community praised the game for its great story, but it didn’t do much for me personally. I’m not trying to bash the game -- I’m actually really upset that it didn’t “wow” me like it did for everyone else. But I think back on my time with Infinite, and I suspect it has something to do with my Achievement hunting tendencies.

When I first acquired the Paddywhacker Hand Cannon in the game, I wasn’t thinking about the fate of Columbia and the personal tale of Booker DeWitt. I was only concerned with killing 25 enemies with the gun as soon as possible, receiving the “Loose Cannon” Achievement and the accompanying 5 Gamerscore. Although this alone was a minor distraction, I was in this Achievement-crazed state of mind for my entire playthrough of Infinite, and I feel like my overall experience with the game suffered because of that.

And in the end, what did I really get out of it? My overall Gamerscore ticker certainly increased, sure. But as a result, I look back on the game with little to no impactful memories of the game’s often-lauded story. Many gamers love to wax poetic about games as art, but I feel like I am often disqualified from this conversation because of the way I mindlessly play games.

I also feel as if my attachment to my Achievement resumé has given me an unhealthy level of brand loyalty -- I bought an Xbox One without even considering the PS4 as an option. Even worse, from 2013 to mid-2015 I used a Windows Phone, solely because that meant more Achievements. Allow me to repeat that for emphasis - I owned a Windows Phone.

So yeah, that’s what I have to share about my personal Gamerscore addiction. It’s still a prevalent part of my gaming experience, but lately I’ve been challenging myself to pop the Achievements menu less and less often. Hearing that glorious unlock noise will always hold a special place in my heart, but I'm beginning to learn that the hunt for Gs should never overshadow the fun of the game itself.

I can't be alone in this struggle. Have any of you ever felt overly-addicted to Achievements, Trophies, or other unlockables?

[Images sourced from Microsoft, Irrational Games, and]

StarBreak Fire Forest walkthrough Wed, 11 May 2016 13:06:12 -0400 Ty Arthur

Harkening back to those 16 bit glory days when you fired endless streams of power blasts at leaping beasts and flying robots alike, StarBreak sees classic action platforming collide with massively multiplayer gaming.

Much like areas with respawning mobs in an MMO, StarBreak is divided into zones of varying difficulties, with many you will want to avoid until you've properly leveled, found some dank loot, and mastered the jump/crouch/fire mechanic.

Following the tutorial, your first real taste of the game will be the Fire Forest, which hides its fair share of secrets and can be tough for new players. Don't worry, we'll show you how to overcome all those annoying Goblings and gigantic bosses!

If you are just getting started with the game and aren't sure what to do first, don't forget to check out our StarBreak beginner's strategies here.

Fire Forest Enemies / Traps

Goblings / Hoppers

These pig/boar things all look similar but come if a few different varieties. When first encountering them, hang back and see what kind they are before advancing.

A Gobling will either shoot a fireball in a short arc that explodes on the ground, launch 1 – 3 fireballs horizontally, or charge directly at you for a physical attack. The hoppers also utilize a physical attack, but jump in a wide arc left or right.

For any variety, the best way to take them out is to utilize the Fire Forest terrain, hanging out at the edge of outcroppings and firing from above or below. You will be far less likely to be hit by ranged attacks or charges than if you approach directly from the left or right.

Firing at an angle from below

Gobling Nest / Volcano

These large hazards are easy to see and hit. The Gobling Nest hangs from the ceiling and points down, while the Volcano sits on the ground and points up.

The Nest is simple to take out by standing directly underneath and firing up, but you may want to let it survive for a while, as it will periodically throw out new Goblings that can drop loot.

The volcano launches fireballs that split in either direction when they hit the ground. Pay attention to the patterns, as this enemy is teaching you how to avoid the similar fireballs from the mid-boss coming up.

 Gobling Nest

Spider Bomber

The aerial enemy of the Fire Forest, these fly in a clear pattern and launch a single projectile at a time. So long as you aren't also busy dodging fire from Goblings, Spider Bombers are incredibly simple to take out by aiming diagonally towards the sky.


These red pointy sticks of death seem easy enough to avoid, right? Just jump forward. You don't actually want to right away, though. Before you pick up any nice loot that can be lost, jump up and down on the first patch of spikes you see until you die to unlock the “Watch Your Step” achievement!

You say "intentional suicide," I say "achievement unlocked!"

Fire Forest Loot

Any of the enemies you encounter can drop boosts, health, and EC, but not all of them will provide equipment.

If you are looking for new equipment, go after the Pink Goblings (the ones who launch a single fireball in an arc that explodes when it lands), as they are the only enemy – besides the bosses – who drop chests.

The chests will contain randomized loot drops for all shell types, but that's actually not very useful since Fire Forest is designed for 1st level characters running a Wildfire shell. These are the objects that will matter to you and should be equipped as soon as you find them:

  • Kantikoy Repeater (can drop with custom options changing the range or number of shots)
  • Frag grenade
  • Empowered blast
  • Talons (armor)
  • Trackers (armor)
  • Jerkin (armor)

Fire Forest Secret Area

The Fire Forest is procedurally generated each time you open a new instance and won't be the same every time, but there is frequently a secret room available. To access this area, you are looking for a small underground camber right before the final boss area.

The chamber will have a vine-covered wall on the right side and a small area you can leap up onto on the left side. Jump onto the ledge on the left and leap up to hit a small “z” shaped switch, which will move the vines and reveal a secret room with a free chest!

Accessing the Fire Forest secret room

Fire Forest Mid-Boss And Boss Guide

Hopper Queen

This gigantic, bloated Gobling utilizes two attacks: a fireball that splits into four smaller ones mid-air and fly off diagonally, and a fireball that lands on the ground and then splits into two that go left and right along the ground. Either version deals 10 damage.

They are easy to tell apart, so there's plenty of time to dodge either variety once you learn the pattern. Although it seems at first like there's a ton of fire flying across the screen when the Queen gets to belching, there's actually a very easy way to get through this part.

The easiest tactic is to simply stand right in front of the Queen and fire facing up and to the right. Most of the small fireballs will miss you, and you will only have to move or jump slightly when a split fireball comes near. This is actually easier solo than in a group, and 2,000 HP later the Queen will go down and the blue wall will disappear.

Where to stand to hit the Hopper Queen


The actual boss of the Fire Forest is airborne and requires quite a bit of jumping around on floating platforms to hit. At first the Lobster will simply leap from column to column, giving plenty of warning. Stay on the floating rocks and fire diagonally to hit the boss, jumping down to a lower area when the Lobster leaps.

Next, the boss will grow wings and fly left and right across the entire screen. Your strategy is the same: leap to different floating rocks and jump either up or down to remain in an area where you have a clear line of sight for firing.

Try to avoid staying on the larger columns, as the Lobster will drop scuttling parasites that run across them and will damage you. Keep jumping and firing until the Lobster finally falls. Unlike the Hopper Queen, this battle is easier with lots of other players hitting the Lobster simultaneously from different angles.

Taking on the flying Lobster

Leaving the area after taking down the boss Lobster unlocks the King Crab achievement, and completing the zone also allows access to the Fungal Forest zone when you return to Eschaton Station. Congratulations on beating the first main area!

Stardew Valley hat guide to get you lookin' good Mon, 29 Feb 2016 14:25:53 -0500 Ashley Shankle

What, you didn't add "cosmetic hats" to your list of wants in a Harvest Moon-style game? Too bad, because Stardew Valley has them and they make for a small and appropriate character customization option.

Nothing in Stardew Valley is free sans you getting your farm, and hats are no different. They can be pretty pricey in terms of effort investment.

Some hats require you make a certain amount of money, catch a wide variety of fish, or be the cool kid in town with all the best gifts and a wealth of friends. Further still, some aren't tied to achievements at all, making them difficult to figure out on your own.

Luckily most hats are tied to achievements, making them easy to figure out and get during normal gameplay. Those tied to winning festival games, museum completion, and adventuring are more difficult to stumble upon and are generally more difficult to get. The Sombrero, tied to you earning 10 million gold, is the most difficult non-achievement hat to get.

How do you get a hat once you reach the requirement(s)?

Once you've obtained the achievement tied to a hat, the Ruined House on at the south of the Wizard's tower on the west side of town opens for business -- and that business is the sort of maybe kind of dapper world of hats.

If you have 1000 gold on hand, you can saunter up to the Ruined House and give it your business. Each hat costs 1000 gold regardless of difficulty to unlock.

The list below has the hats listed in alphabetical order with the achievements they're tied to (when applicable) and the requirements to obtain them listed. Just because you're a farmer doesn't mean you can't be snazzy.

Hat Achievement Achievement reqs.

Archer's Cap
 Gourmet Chef Cook every recipe.

Blue Bonnet
 Treasure Trove  Donate 40 items to the museum.

Bowler Hat
 Millionaire  Earn a million gold.

Butterfly Bow
 A New Friend  Reach 5 hearts with one person.

Cat Ears
The Beloved Farmer Reach 10 hearts with 8 different people.

Chicken Mask
A Big Help  Complete 40 quests.

Cool Cap
Homesteader Earn 250,000 gold.

Cowboy Hat
 A Complete Collection Complete the museum's collection.

Cowgal Hat
Monoculture Ship 300 of a single crop.

Cowpoke Hat
Polyculture  Ship 15 of each crop.

 D.I.Y.  Craft 15 different items.

Delicate Bow
Cook Cook 10 different recipes.

 Popular Reach 5 hearts with 20 different people.

Eye Patch
Master Angler Catch one of every fish.

N/A Win 500 Star Tokens at the Stardew Valley Fair.

Gnome's Cap
 Craft Master  Craft one of every item.

Goblin Mask
Full Shipment  Ship at least one of every item.

Good Ol' Cap
Greenhorn  Earn 15,000 gold.

Hard Hat
N/A ??? (If you know, please let me know!)

Hunter's Cap
 Living Large Upgrade your house to maximum size.

Lucky Bow
Cowpoke  Earn 50,000 gold.

Mouse Ears
Best Friends  Reach 10 hearts with one person.

Official Cap
 Ol' Mariner  Catch 24 different fish.

Plum Chapeau
 Sous Chef  Cook 25 different recipes.

Polka Bow
Gofer  Complete 10 quests.

Sailor's Cap
N/A Win the fishing competition during the Winter Festival.

Santa Hat
Networking Reach 5 hearts with 10 different people.

Skeleton Mask
 N/A  Defeat 50 skeletons.

 N/A  Earn 10 million gold.

Fisherman  Catch 8 different fish.

Straw Hat
N/A Win the egg hunt during the Spring Egg Festival.

 Cliques  Reach 5 hearts with 4 different people.

Top Hat
N/A  Win 8000 Qi Coins at Qi's Casino.

Moving Up  Upgrade your house.

Trucker Hat
Artisan  Craft 30 different types of items.

Watermelon Band
 Mother Catch  Catch 100 different fish.


If you're hungry for more info on Stardew Valley, check out my guides on wooing potential spouses, befriending villagers, cooking (you gotta eat!), and crop maturation times and prices. Have fun, and don't get so wrapped up in farming you don't adventure!

Upcoming Xbox One system update details announced Wed, 20 Jan 2016 06:04:57 -0500 Alec Pearce

Mike Ybarra, Director Of Program Management For Xbox, has released the details for Xbox One's next system update.

This changes will seek to refine the social aspect of the Xbox dashboard. Ybarra stated:

"This month, we’re focused on continuing to improve social features to help you stay connected to the Xbox Live community across console and PC, while bringing these experiences closer together".

Key features include joinable Twitch broadcasts, the ability to hide games from the 'ready to install' list, an update to suggested friends, and improvements to trending.

Perhaps most exciting is the return of the gamerscore leaderboard, which had previously been removed from the Xbox One dashboard. Once again, players will be able to compare their achievements and gamerscore with their friends to see who's gained the most over the last 30 days. This will add a competitive edge to the gaming experience.

The achievement leaderboard is back!

Xbox News updates will also appear in activity feeds as "a one-stop source for all the latest information about new hardware, console updates, game releases, tournaments...breaking entertainment content, and more".

For a full list and description of all the updates, check out Ybarra's post on Xbox Wire.

6180 the moon Quick Review - Do you want an easy 1000 gamerscore? Sun, 10 Jan 2016 07:43:50 -0500 Alec Pearce

If you're a die-hard achievement hunter then you probably already know about 6180 the moon  -- and for good reason.

The easy to master, sidescrolling platformer can be completed by your average gamer in about 1-2 hours. It joins a long list of easy to complete games from 2015 such as: Pneuma: Breath of Life, Whispering Willows and Beyond Eyes. 

The gameplay is pretty basic and quite fiddly at first, requiring you to guide the Moon past 50 levels of obstacles, spikes and spinning blades. Using momentum from your jumps you can propel yourself through the top of the screen and up through the bottom, helping to avoid certain traps so you can progress to the next stage. After a bit of trial and error it is very straightforward to master and no level will be particularly bothersome for you. That being said the levels do get progressively harder and more varied, so there are a few parts that will make you stop and think for a moment about your next move.

Though you won't be playing it for this reason, there is a fairly cute story that is based upon the Sun 'disappearing', causing the Moon to go and look for it. Along the way you meet up with the other planets: Earth, Venus and Mercury and have a chat with them before finally reaching your end goal, the Sun itself. Spoiler alert, everything is fine and the reason the Sun disappeared is because it was nighttime or something...this is riveting stuff!

Despite not paying much attention to the plot, I did find the soundtrack to be surprisingly sweet and quite catchy. I absolutely ended up humming and/or whistling along to it on many occasions.

Once you have succeeded in finding and talking to the Sun, you must travel back to Earth before night begins and this involves playing through the same levels all over again but with inverted controls. In all honesty, even though it sounds more complex, I personally found the journey back far easier for some reason.

But you probably won't care about the story. You'll only care about one of the easiest 1000 gamerscore you'll ever earn. Thirteen out of the 16 achievements you will unlock by simply playing through the game, so you need not worry about those. The 3 'missable' achievements are:

1) Space Crashers - Destroy 500 blocks (Secret)

2) Gravity Free - Clear a level without jumping (Secret)

3) Faster Than Light - Clear a level without using a drop of light (Secret)

Even these are easy to accomplish, and you may find you do them without realizing as you progress towards your 100% completion.

Final verdict 

6180 the moon isn't really that great. The gameplay is average and you'll quickly master the clunky controls, but it serves its purpose in being interesting enough to keep your attention during the 1-2 hours of play time. The little story is cute but completely underwhelming and arguably a bit pointless. The only reason I would recommend someone  buy and play this game is because it's very cheap, priced at £3.19 here in the UK, making it totally worth it for one of the easiest and most undemanding 1000 gamerscore points ever! If you're an achievement hunter and you haven't got this game yet then what are you waiting for?!

Pros - easy 1000gs, simple controls, cool soundtrack, cheap price

Cons - mediocre gameplay, cute but dull story, no replay value

Is Elite: Dangerous the hardest game completion ever? Wed, 06 Jan 2016 13:45:06 -0500 Alec Pearce

The critically acclaimed space flight sim, Elite: Dangerous, is arguably the best game in its genre. With over 400 billion star systems to explore in a completely un-capped Milky Way, the possibilities do seem literally endless.

The game does have a steep learning curve however, and new players may feel frustrated at first as they start to get to grips with the complicated user interface and controls system. Elite becomes harder still when you take a look at the achievements list and that is what I will be considering. Are the game's achievements so challenging that it has become the hardest game ever made to 100%?

Over the years, since achievements were introduced on the Xbox 360, many games have been created that are pretty damn hard to fully complete, i.e. get 1000/1000 gamerscore. The Gears of War series had the notorious 'Seriously' achievements, Halo had the legendary campaign achievements and Rock Band 2 had the 'Bladder of Steel Award'. You had to invest a large amount of time to complete these challenges but nothing compares to the time you must commit to attain 100% in Elite: Dangerous.

In total, you must put in over 800 hours of your life to get 1000/1000 in E:D!! That's roughly 34 days, or one tenth of a year, of mining and refining materials, buying and selling goods, exploring uncharted systems, raiding trade ships and collecting bounties on pirates. That's just for progressing in the game, to achieve an Elite ranking and save up enough money to buy 20 different ships etc etc. This alone takes great skill to achieve.

In particular, there are 3 ridiculously tricky and insanely time consuming achievements that stand out amongst the rest. Only a handful of players have completed:

  1. A True Champ - Won 250 CQC matches (this also requires a lot of raw skill and even if you boosted this it will take upwards of 60 hours).
  2. Centre of the Galaxy - Visit Sagittarius A (traveling 26,000 light years there and back will take around 30 hours).
  3. Well Trained - Complete all the tutorials

Yes, you read that correctly. The hardest achievement in this game is to complete the tutorials! In the 'Combat Training Incursion Advanced' mission you will face ten waves of enemy spacecraft alone and must survive to defeat them all. It is ridiculously difficult, which is why only 3 tracked players have completed it. 

The game is so hard that, in total, just one tracked player has taken the time to finish Elite: Dangerous in its totality, out of 13,328 gamers. 'Ownasaur' took 820 hours and 51 minutes to earn a well deserved 1000 gamerscore and his accomplishment means that the completion percentage currently stands at 0.01% for the game.

I would challenge anyone to name a game that is as time consuming, challenging and frustrating as Elite: Dangerous. The steep learning curve for new players means many give up after a few hours of play time but, for those who stick it out, it doesn't get much easier. Even the most skilled players, such as Ownasaur, will realise that this is perhaps the most epic grind in a video game that we have ever seen.

You may completely disagree with me and that's okay! I'd love to hear any and all opinions in the comments. What would get your vote as the hardest game to 100%?

Elite: Dangerous is currently available on PC and Xbox One.

Call Of Duty: Black Ops 3 Collectible Guide Sat, 07 Nov 2015 10:16:59 -0500 Ty Arthur

As with all the Call Of Duty titles, there's a host of secret collectibles to pick up throughout the dystopian future beautifully rendered in Black Ops 3. Unlike with the Modern Warfare series, these aren't just laptop intel objects. Instead you'll have to find a wider range of collectibles to pick up, varying from hookahs to broken robot parts.

You don't have to nab these in any particular order, and you can pop back into a mission after finishing it to grab anything you missed, but with this guide you won't have to, as you'll be able to easily grab all 56 Black Ops 3 collectibles while playing through the campaign from beginning to end.

For you achievement hunters, the Walking Encyclopedia achievement pops when you nab all the collectibles in a single mission, followed by the Curator achievement when you pick up all the collectibles across the entire game. Can't find one specific collectible? Just hit “Ctrl” and “F” and type in either the name of the collectible, the name of the mission, or even the name of a mission objective to go straight to the right place.

Mission: Black Ops

Collectible 1: NRC Comms Earpiece

During the “Infiltrate The Security Station” objective, while the alarms are going off in the air control tower, head down the stairs and past the small flaming area on the floor. Turn left to find the NRC Comms Earpiece collectible on the desk next to the blue keyboard.

NRC Comms EarpieceNRC Comms Earpiece

Collectible 2: Dud RPG

On the same objective as before, when Hendricks opens a door and then shoots an enemy sitting at a control panel, turn around and locate the dud RPG collectible in the corner next to the window.


Collectible 3 Egyptian Army Cap

During the objective “Go To The Interrogation Room,” breach the door and immediately turn left when you hear the minister speaking to find the Egyptian Army Cap collectible sitting in the shelves.

Egyptian Army Cap

Collectible 4: Replica Nano Drone

On the “Go To The Extraction Point” objective, after shooting the missiles on the side of the VTOL, head inside the main room and run into the smaller chamber to the left next to the stairs. On a tool chest next to the door you'll find the Replica Nano Drone collectible.

Replica Nano Drone

Collectible 5: VTOL Panel

Near the end of the mission during the “Go To The Secondary Extraction Point” objective, run past the APC Hendricks jumped in to find the VTOL Panel collectible on a table at the end of the hallway.

VTOL Panel

Mission: New World

Collectible 6: Defective Robot Hand

In the “Locate the Generator” objective, move through the open room containing the drones across a courtyard to an open doorway on the left. Head past the fire on the ground to find the Defective Robot Hand collectible in front of a pipe.

Defective Robot Hand

Collectible 7: Bomb Detonator Core

In the area filled with cement rubble and the four large cover points during the “Locate the Explosives” objective, head up the stairs to find the Bomb Detonator Core collectible in an overturned trash can.

Bomb Detonator Core

Collectible 8: Model Maglev Train

While in the same objective as the previous collectible, when you enter the room with the yellow strips across the ground, head downstairs past the barrels to find the Model Maglev Train collectible in the shelving at the back of the room.

Model Maglev Train

Collectible 9: Premium Liquor

Still in the same objective as the previous two collectibles, while on the Maglev train, grab the Premium Liquor collectible by looking at the front edge of the bar with the bartender that curiously doesn't seem upset by all the gunfire going on.

Premium Liquor

Collectible 10: Train Pass

After grabbing the Premium Liquor collectible run into the next car where the robotic enemies crash through the windows and then head up the stairs to the right. The Train Pass collectible is sitting on the empty seat to the left of a male passenger.

Train Pass

Mission: In Darkness

Collectible 11: Broken Respirator

While playing the “Go To The Docks” objective, go inside the run down shop at the end of the open area after your first major fight. The Broken Respirator collectible is behind the counter.

Broken Respirator

Collectible 12: Urn With Incense Sticks

After passing the submerged cars in the flooded street, head over to the pathway on the right, next to the building to find the Urn With Incense Sticks collectible lying on the ground next to the boarded up window.

Urn With Incense Sticks

Collectible 13: Child's Toy

In the “Go To The 54i Communications Hub” objective, swim down the submerged escalator area, but rather than heading right towards your objective, instead keep going straight through the plants to find the Child's Toy collectible in a clearing on a gray bench.

Child's Toy

Collectible 14: Warlord Helmet

After leaving the submerged area and going inside the office building, don't go upstairs but instead run to the back of the building into a separate room. On the left side near some candles you'll find the Warlord Helmet collectible.

Warlord Helmet

Collectible 15: Fu Dog Figurine

Later in the mission during the same objective you'll walk through a hole in a building's wall and see a series of open window areas on the building across from you. Turn right and head up the broken stairs until you see a billboard. Jump across the open area to the other building and head through the hole in the wall to find the Fu Dog Figurine collectible on an empty shelf.

Fu Dog Figurine

Collectible 16: Therapy Session Recording

This mission's final collectible is found during the “Go To The Black Station Operation Center” objective. Head inside the building with the yellow “Electronics” sign and run all the way to the back and outside. Run up the two flights of stairs to find the Therapy Session Recording collectible on the table at the back of the room.

Therapy Session Recording

Mission: Provocation

Collectible 17: Gangster Bling

During the “Get To Cloud Mountain” objective, jump down the ledge to the right of the street vendor cart and head inside the garage to find the Gangster Bling collectible sitting on a red generator (despite what it's called, this collectible is clearly a pair of brass knuckles and not a necklace or any other jewelry).

Gangster Bling

Collectible 18: Supertree Souvenir

Turn around and leave the garage where the last collectible was found and go down the street to the right. Head past the large palm tree to find the Supertree Souvenir sitting on a table in the corner with several cases.

Supertree Souvenir

Collectible 19: Dud Slave Collar

While still in the same objective you'll come across an area where you jump over a small broken bridge. Head left into a building with several couches and run up the stairs. Immediately to your right is sitting the Dud Slave Collar collectible on the kitchen shelf.

Dud Slave Collar

Collectible 20: Antique Vase

In the same objective you'll come across an area with a bunch of cargo containers stacked on top of each other. Run down the right path just after the first set of containers and then hang a left when the path dead ends. Jump up the red container blocking your way and you'll find the Antique Vase container sitting there at the edge of the blue cargo container.

Antique Vase

Collectible 21: Mineral

Later in the “Get To 54i Servers” objective, you'll head through an area covered in foliage into a fake cave. On the back side of the first lit up column you'll find the Mineral collectible waiting to be picked up.


Collectible 22: Bullet Shell Necklace

To finish off the Provocation collectibles, play through to the “Go To The Far Super Tree” objective and cross the rickety bridges until you reach the flaming building. Head up the stairs to the left of the building's entrance and use the Z-Trak to zipline across. Head up the first set of stairs and run across the bridge to the right to find a tree with red columns. Run down the stairs to the right and you'll find the Bullet Shell Necklace collectible sitting on a large gray container.

Bullet Shell Necklace

Mission: Hypnocenter

Collectible 23: 54i Data-Pad

To start off this mission's collectibles, run through the main path in the jungle during the “Go To The Facility Entrance” objective until you see the area covered by a yellow tarp. Underneath the tarp is the 54i Data-Pad collectible.

54i Data-Pad

Collectible 24: Contamination Test Kit

This collectible is found during the “Hack The Datapad” objective. In the lobby area with all the flickering screens, head down the left path and run to the end to find the Contamination Test Kit collectible on a tray near the wall.

Contamination Test Kit

Collectible 25: Coalescence Marketing Material

While playing the “Descend Into The Core” objective, you'll find an open circular excavation area with several standing lights set up. Jump down and head into the small building on the right to find the Coalescence Marketing Material collectible lying on the ground.

Coalescence Marketing Material

Collectible 26: Bio-Contaminant Canister

Later in this mission, during the “Go To The Original Source” objective, head down a set of stairs through a large hole in a wall to find the area with a desk with Hendricks is standing to its right. Move through the doors that automatically open and head into the room to the left to find the Bio-Contaminant Canister sitting on the floor at the back of the room.

Bio-Contaminant Canister

Collectible 27: E-Ink White-Board

During the “Go To The Server Room” objective, head to the far right of the room with the pods lined up around two pillars to find the E-Ink White-Board collectible sitting on the counter.

E-Ink White-Board

Collectible 28: Prototype DNI Implant

In the same objective you'll walk through a room partially submerged in water and go up a short set of stairs. Walk through the hallway (ignoring the first set of doors on either side) and then go through the door immediately to the right after the hallway ends. On the right hand side underneath the glitching monitor you'll find the Prototype DNI Implact collectible.

Prototype DNI Implant

Mission: Vengeance

Collectible 29: Damaged Optical Camo Cloak

During the “Go To The Safe House” objective, on a damaged street the main character will say he should cut through the area. Turn to the left and head down the alleyway. At the end of the alley in front of a door covered by a sheet you'll find the Damaged Optical Camo Cloak collectible.

Damaged Optical Camo Cloak

Collectible 30: Bio-Luminescent Orchid

While looking down on the burning section of town in the area with the mobile armory, turn to the right and go down the stairs and then jump onto the street. Cut through the building on the left side of the street and run forward through all three circular holes in the walls. On the ground to the right just after the third hole you'll find the Bio-Luminescent Orchid.

Bio-Luminescent Orchid

Collectible 31: HCXD Bomb Sniffer Robot

During the same objective you'll come across a large multi-level structure with several destroyed vehicles outside. Run inside and go through the massive hole, then turn left. The HCXD Bomb Sniffer Robot collectible is on the ground at the end of the room.

HCXD Bomb Sniffer Robot

Collectible 32: Dragon Necklace

This mission's last collectible is found during the “Go To The Safehouse Panic Room” objective. When you move through a large hole in the side of a burning building, turn right to find a couch and chair sitting at the side of the room. The Dragon Necklace collectible is sitting on the table right next to the chair.

Dragon Necklace

Mission: Rise and Fall

Collectible 33: NRC Helmet

The first collectible in this mission is found during the “Enter The Holding Room” objective. At the beginning after your team walks through the two sets of double doors, go forward instead of following them and locate the NRC Helmet collectible sitting on the desk in front of the large monitor.

NRC Helmet

Collectible 34: Broken Stained Glass

This collectible is found during the “Clear Debris From Station Exit” objective. When you go up some stairs into a large open room with a hole in the roof, turn left, go up the escalator and then turn right. Sitting on a desk near the wall you'll find the Broken Stained Glass collectible.

Broken Stained Glass

Collectible 35: Propaganda Poster

While attempting the “Plant A Spike At The Weak Point” objective, turn left at the large gate and go through the door to the side. To the left on the wall is located the Propaganda Poster collectible waiting to be taken down.

Propaganda Poster

Collectible 36: Military Officer's Sword

This one is found during the “Go To Safiya Square” objective later in the mission. Go through a house with a destroyed wall and you'll see a devastated area of the street with several destroyed buildings. Instead of jumping down onto the main path, go the right, head inside the building and move down the dark stairway. At the end of the hallway is a damaged living room where you can find the Military Officer's Sword sitting on a short bookcase.

Military Officer's Sword

Collectible 37: Piece Of Broken Statue

During the “Open The VTOL Hatch” objective, rather than going towards the hatch, turn right and run to the side of the room with a couch and table. The Piece Of Broken Statue collectible is sitting on the table.

Piece Of Broken Statue

Collectible 38: Etched Glass Bottle

When fighting the giant robot during the “Destroy The A.S.P.-ML” objective, go into the building on the right side of the area and run up the yellow staircase with the glass sides. Turn right and then left and you'll see the Etched Glass Bottle collectible nestled between two couches.

Etched Glass Bottle

Mission: Demon Within

Collectible 39: Shell Casing

While playing the “Pursue Sarah Hall” objective you'll find several ammo crates to the right, go past them into the wooden bunker to find the Shell Casing collectible on top of a table.

Shell Casing

Collectible 40: WWII US Field Radio

After picking up the Shell Casing, turn around and run past the tree stumps and the large crashed object. Keep going past the tank and hug the left side of the map. You'll run by stacked logs and a small structure covered in leaves, eventually going by a small stream. Inside another camo covered structure you'll find the WWII US Field Radio collectible.

WWII US Field Radio

Collectible 41: Field Binoculars

While still in the same objective you'll have to shoot some dire wolves and you'll find an area with an ammo crate. Just beyond the crate is the Field Binoculars collectible sitting on a wood crate.

Field Binoculars

Collectible 42: Russian Field Compass

When you cross a small stone fence into an area with several snow covered buildings, go past the stacked logs and inside the hole in the back of the brown house. Run up the stairs to find the Russian Field Compass collectible sitting on another wood crate.

Russian Field Compass

Collectible 43: Russian Hat

After you pick up the Russian Field Compass, jump down the doorway and run forward -- down the stairs into the area with the tank on your right side. Turn left and run by another tank to go inside a stone building. At the back of the building next to a lamp sits the Russian Hat collectible.

Russian Hat

Collectible 44: Wagner Gramophone Record

Later in the mission you'll find a large destroyed building to the right with a dirt patch you can walk up. Head into the second floor and turn right to find the Wagner Gramophone Record collectible sitting to the right of a painting.

Wagner Gramophone Record

Mission: Sand Castle

Collectible 45: Postcard

There are only two collectibles in this mission, with the first found during the “Land On The Mobile Refinery” objective. After landing at the blue objective point, run forward past the large metal shelves and up the stairs to the right. Inside the control room with the broken glass you'll find the Postcard collectible sitting on the desk.


Collectible 46: Industrial Drillbit Parts

After flying and landing during the “Go To The Communications Array” objective, run forward and go down the large open pathway to the left. To the right of the metal pipes you will find the Industrial Dribill Parts collectible sitting on the ground.

Industrial Drillbit Parts

Mission: Lotus Towers

Collectible 47: Hamsa

 This mission's first collectible is found during the “Go To The Security Station” objective. When you head inside the room with the large television screen on the wall to the left, go inside the room underneath the screen and you'll find the Hamsa collectible on the wall at the back of the room.


Collectible 48: Taylor's Insignia

 After jumping down from the vent during the “Breach The Air Vent” objective, kill the enemies in the room and then head to the lockers on the left side of the room to find the Taylor's Insignia collectible.

Taylor's Insignia

Collectible 49: Hookah

When you go up the concrete ramp and jump up into the open room where a firefight is taking place during the “Go To Taylor's Holding Cell” objective, head to the left and run up the blue stairs. At the end of the hallway on a desk is sitting the Hookah collectible. Hopefully you can find some time in between all that shooting and grenade dodging to have a nice relaxing smoke break.


Collectible 50: Wall Hung Carpet

During the “Go To Tower Two” objective, while running through the long tunnel with the open ceiling, jump up the large gray crate and turn to the right and walk up the broken pieces of concrete. Turn around and go across the area with the broken floor. Slightly ahead and to the left you can find the Wall Hung Carpet collectible.

Wall Hung Carpet

Collectible 51: Decorative Lantern

This collectible is located during the “Hack The Terminal, Go To The Mobile Shop” objective. While you are inside a burning building, run up the ramp of broken concrete to the left and then immediately turn left to find the Decorative Lantern sitting on the floor next to a large crate.

Decorative Lantern

Collectible 52: Melted Robot Part

During the “Bring Down The VTOL Leviathan” objective, while inside a room looking out at an aircraft lifting off, turn to the right and run into a destroyed room. Inside this room you'll find the Melted Robot Part on the ground in front of a computer console.

Melted Robot Part

Mission: Life

Collectible 53: Promo Poster

The final set of Black Ops 3 collectibles can be found during the “Go To The Coalescence Building Plaza” objective. When you're on the street with the VTOLs and the fleeing civilians, go to the Zurich Coffee House building behind you to find the Promo Poster on the outside wall.

 Promo Poster

Collectible 54: Prototype Robot Part

 While performing the “Hack The Terminal” objective, go to the left of the broken terminal and find the Prototype Robot Part collectible sitting in front of a monitor.

Prototype Robot Part

Collectible 55: Fulgurite

This one will test your parkour skills: when walking through the very bright area with the broken buildings, jump up a pile of rocks on the right side of one building, then turn around (while still standing on the rocks) and jump up onto the ledge facing you. Don't go forward onto the balcony, but instead jump up again immediately to get on the roof. Turn left and go forward and then jump up again on the tiny ridge of broken cement. Go forward to the edge of the building to find the Fulgurite collectible.


Collectible 56: Raven Feather

Woo-hoo, we're finally almost done! While in one of the final areas where the “Purging” message is displayed on the screen after Taylor yells at you to “fight it,” go through the door and head towards the desk at the end of the room. Sitting on the desk next to a mug is Black Ops 3 collectible #56 – the Raven Feather! Pick it up and enjoy nabbing the Curator achievement!

Raven Feather

Halo 5 skull locations guide Fri, 30 Oct 2015 04:25:44 -0400 Ty Arthur

Halo 5: Guardians has been out for a whole two days now, so that means you've beaten it at least three times since picking it up at your local game store's midnight release party, right? Bet you haven't found all 13 skulls hidden throughout the campaign though, and that's where we come in - to help you nab the Gravedigger, Gravelord and My Rules achievements.

It wouldn't be a Halo game without a bunch of hidden collectibles, and this entry is no different. Why you'd want to collect the skulls of fallen warriors (or just where exactly your Spartan warrior is keeping them...) is another question, but we'll leave that one for the arm chair philosophers. Despite the achievement names, there's no digging required – just grab each skull as you go along during the mission. Each skull offers the ability to alter the game slightly, with most of them actually making Halo 5 much harder for those who like a real challenge.

With the exception of the skull found in the Glassed mission, keep in mind all of these skulls can be acquired while running through the game on easy mode if you run into trouble. Here's how to quickly grab all 13 of them, broken down by which mission each skull is found in.

Mission: Osiris

Finding the IWHBYD skull

What does the IWHBYD skull do? With this skull activated you'll get different dialog during combat.

Where is the IWHBDY skull located? Following this debut mission's second major engagement, you'll head into a large building with two gray blockades on either side. Rather than going straight in, turn to the left and jump up the ledge. Run forward slightly and you'll see the IWHBYD skull waiting on an outcropping looking out over the valley below.

Halo 5 IWHBYD SkullThe IWBHYD Skull

Mission: Blue Team

Finding the Black Eye skull

What does The Black Eye skull do? Black Eye turns off your shield's automatic regeneration – those shields won't come back up until you melee an enemy to death!

Where is the Black Eye skull located? In the game's second mission, the Black Eye skull is a little more out of the way and requires some extra searching to locate. While in the large green reactor room you'll have to either jump up the pipes on the left side of the room or get onto the main central platform and jump up the crates to reach the upper level. Run past the sign that says “Keep Clear” and then break the red grating found on the floor with a melee strike. Check the corner of the room to find the skull resting on a small red pedestal across from the rack of guns.

Halo 5 Black Eye SkullThe Black Eye Skull

Mission: Glassed

Finding the Iron skull

What does the Iron skull do? You can no longer revive other teammates or be revived yourself, so if you're down, you're out!

Where is the Iron skull located? This one's a toughie, as you'll have to play the level on Legendary difficulty! When you come across the garage, jump inside the Scorpion tank and blow up the turrets to prevent them from interfering with you. Head up the ramp on the right and look into the sky to see a cargo ship being chased by a smaller Phaeton (pictured below). Use the Scorpion to shoot down the Phaeton (and don't forget to give a little lead time, as your ordinance takes time to fly through the air and reach its target). If you mess up and miss it, just restart the last checkpoint and try again.

Jump out of the Scorpion and get ready for a hike, as the Iron skull doesn't land where you'd think it would. Instead, just to make life more difficult, it randomly spawns in one of three locations that will all have to be checked:

  • Back down the ramp between two yellow canisters along the edge of the fence

  • On top of the garage where you found the Scorpion, look under the yellow canister after knocking it over

  • To the left of the ramp heading upwards is a rock overpass, look behind the gray containers

Halo 5 Iron SkullShooting Down The Phaeton

Mission: Unconfirmed

Finding the Blind skull

What does the Blind skull do? Blind removes all the HUD elements. If you don't like the large HUD that might be nice, but if you want to know anything about what's happening or what weapon you've got equipped...not so much.

Where is the Blind skull located? There's no skull in the fourth mission, but one is found in the fifth level, Unconfirmed, inside the mine. When you first enter the mine after a large battle, turn to the left and jump on the ledge. Turn around so you are facing the opposite direction and jump up to the pipes. Crouch down and move forward and then turn into the passageway on the left to find the Blind skull laying in the rocks.

Halo 5 Blind SkullThe Blind Skull

Mission: Evacuation

Finding the Thunderstorm skull

What does the Thunderstorm skull do? This skull makes the game much more difficult by upgrading all enemies to tougher versions!

Where is the Thunderstorm skull located? Much like with the Glassed mission, collecting this skull requires some odd leg work beforehand, as you have to blow up five orange traffic cones within the first two minutes of the level's start. Ignore all the enemies and simply speed through the areas to find the cones.

At the beginning of the level, get on the yellow Gungoose and head down the left path and then destroy the cone to the right of the large object hidden under a tarp. Proceed forward down the main road and keep to the left. Go over the jump and then look to your right before entering the main tunnel to find the second cone near the stairs. Head into the tunnel and look for a destroyed vehicle just before the exit. The third cone is hiding directly behind the vehicle. Exit the tunnel and head forward slightly to find the fourth cone on the right on the platform with the large yellow cylinder. Keep to the left path again to find the final cone next to the crashed aircraft.

After destroying the fifth cone, play through the remainder of the mission until you see the massive guardian in the sky sending out shockwaves. To the left of the walkway you'll find the top of the Thunderstorm skull popping out of the metal floor.

Halo 5 Thunderstorm SkullThe Thunderstorm Skull

Mission: Reunion

Finding the Grunt Birthday Party skull

What does the Grunt Birthday Party skull do? Like several Halo titles in the past, this skull gives you a fun surprise when you headshot those adorable little grunts!

Where is the Grunt Birthday Party skull located? Two skulls are found in this mission and both are quite simple to acquire. When you first see some Covenant milling about below you, turn around and run down the side path until you find an area with a bunch of weaponry and containers on a cliff. Walk up and punt the grunt holding the Grunt Birthday Party skull!

Halo 5 Grunt Birthday Party SkullThe Grunt Birthday Party Skull

Finding the Cloud skull

What does the Cloud skull do? This skull disables the motion sensor on your HUD so you won't be able to track the movements of allies and enemies.

Where is the Cloud skull located? The second skull is found at the end of the level after piloting a Phaeton, when you can see the guardian up in the sky in a large open area. Rather than crossing the bridge, turn to the right and head left up the hill to find the Cloud skull at the edge of the gray and blue platform.

Halo 5 Cloud SkullThe Cloud Skull

Mission: Swords of Sanghelios

Finding the Mythic skull

What does the Mythic skull do? This skull significantly increases enemy health to make every battle a longer slug fest.

Where is the Mythic skull located? Inside the ruins, head into the Hornet's Nest hallway by jumping over the crashed columns and walk outside where you see several ships battling in the sky. Instead of turning right and heading into the temple, turn around and jump up the outcropping of protruding rocks and climb all the way up the broken stone column. Jump from the tip of the column to the flat ledge and find the Mythic skull resting next to a rock.

Halo 5 Mythic SkullThe Mythic Skull

Mission: Enemy Lines

Finding the Catch skull

What does the Catch skull do? This skull makes enemies throw grenades far more often. Good luck dodging all of 'em!

Where is the Catch skull located? After getting onboard the Kraken near the end of the level, head down to find an area with two Banshees sitting side-by-side and green doors positioned to your left. Get in one of the banshees and fly above the green door to a ledge that can't be reached just by jumping. The Catch skull is on the ground at the end of the corridor.

Halo 5 Catch SkullThe Catch Skull

Mission: Battle of Sunaion

Finding the Cowbell skull

What does the Cowbell skull do? This skull makes explosions more potent and sends anything caught in the blast radius flying faster.

Where is the Cowbell skull located? Again found at the end of the mission, this one is cleverly hidden in an area that doesn't appear like it's meant to be walked on. Run up to the jagged ledge, look towards the guardian, and peek down. Look for an area with a twisted steel girder that's popping out and carefully jump down on the broken concrete to find the Cowbell skull.

Halo 5 Cowbell Skull The Cowbell Skull

Mission: Genesis

Finding the Tilt skull

What does the Tilt skull do? If an enemy has a specific resistance or weakness, this skull further amplifies them.

Where is the Tilt skull located? After wrapping up a battle with a warden and crossing a short bridge, turn to the right, but don't go up the path. Instead jump up the tiered rock outcropping and climb all the way to the top and then turn left to find the Tilt skull sitting at the end of the ledge.

Halo 5 Tilt SkullThe Tilt Skull

Mission: The Breaking

Finding the Famine skull

What does the Famine skull do? Making you improve your aim and ensure every shot counts, this skull causes enemies to drop less ammo!

Where is the Famine skull located? At the mission's mid-point when a warden spawns in the air of a circular area, run down the tunnel to the left to find the Famine skull resting comfortably on a small platform.

Halo 5 Famine SkullThe Famine Skull

Mission: Guardians

Finding the Tough Luck skull

What does the Tough Luck skull do? This skull sends all the Covenant into a berserk rage so they always swarm you and never flee a battle!

Where is the Tough Luck skull located? In the game's final mission near the gamma core, look for the crashed Pelican high up in the rocks on the right side. Jump up the ledge located near a blue forcefield just a bit before the Pelican. Head over to the vehicle and jump up and over it to find the Tough Luck skull nestled in some rocks below.

Halo 5 Tough Luck SkullThe Tough Luck Skull

Now that you've got them all, activate at least three skulls and pop into any mission on Heroic difficulty. If you manage to slog through to the end, the My Rules achievement will pop. Or, if you're having a hard time of it and want to be really cheap about it, just go to the Alliance or Before The Storm missions and get it without any danger, as there's no combat in those segments.

That's all the skulls you'll find in Halo 5. Stay tuned to GameSkinny for more guides.