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Apparently, the developers got tired of hiding separate easter eggs to all their games, so they decided to deal with this matter all at once. The very first pawn shop in Watch Dogs 2 - Papa B’s Pawn - has a huge selection of discs behind the counter.


If you come closer, you will see the titles of all the Ubisoft games there, such as Splinter Cell, Far Cry, Assassin’s Creed, and even Just Dance. Anyway, Ubisoft should not stop putting easter eggs inside their games because they are simply too much fun to look out for.


What is your favorite Watch Dogs 2 easter egg? If you haven’t seen the one you like the most, then share it in the comments below.

Jurassic Park

There are a number of unique vehicles in Watch Dogs 2. Now, if you got to Oakland, you will be able to find a unique Jeep behind the Lakeside Park at the enclosed parking area. This Jeep looks suspiciously similar to the Jeep from Jurassic Park.


However, instead of the familiar Jurassic Park logo you will see a DedSec one. Fortunately, the easter egg is there, but instead of the visual identity you should be looking for an audio -- just honk the horn and you will hear the dinosaur’s roar. That’s how you know that this Jeep is actually the Jurassic Park easter egg.

Short Circuit 2

Here is a movie easter egg for you, the one that has been a childhood favorite for so many of us -- Short Circuit 2. When you do one of the driving missions, titled “Johnny, Where R U?,” you’ll be given a task to find a missing robot.


As soon as you arrive at the robot’s location, you can hear a song about the Los Locos. This is a direct reference to the song from the Short Circuit 2 movie. If you’ve never seen it before, watch it below:



Going back to the “Haum Sweet Haum” mission. One of the objects that you need to hack is the building guarded by some weird-looking robots. Not that they are ultra-modern, on the contrary, they resemble the Daleks from Dr. Who.


However, the existence of the mysterious robots gets unveiled after a little bit of hacking. It turns out that the robots are named after the ghosts from the Pac-Man -- Pinky, Blinky, Inky and Clyde. When you learn their names, they actually start to resemble those pesky ghosts.

Diablo II

In the beginning of Watch Dogs 2 you can hear Sitara mentioning a “Secret Cow Level” over the radio. For the uninitiated ones -- the “Secret Cow Level” is a reference to Diablo II. It is a location that was renowned for a huge number of Hell Bovines (cows with polearms) that allowed for an easy level up.


You could also fight the Cow King as the boss of the “Secret Cow Level.” However, later on Blizzard changed the purpose of the location and it couldn’t be used for an easy grind anymore. Now, why would Sitara mention it in the Watch Dogs 2? This question still remains a mystery.

Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six: Siege

In the course of the game you will get the chance to prank an internet troll and streamer who happens to play Rainbow Six: Siege on his computer. Hack into his system and call 911 to provoke a false shooting scenario, thus making an emergency lady to call an entire SWAT to get the internet troll.


This is probably one of the coolest easter eggs in Watch Dogs 2. It’s fun to see how a game can turn into reality in just a glimpse of an eye for somebody who doesn’t respect others. This quest is both highly entertaining and satisfying.

Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon

This is a really easy easter egg to spot. You need to go to Gary’s Games & Glory shop and head down the corridor at the back that leads into the basement. Inside the basement you will find an arcade machine with Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon.


Actually, you could find the same easter egg in the first Watch Dogs, and it also was an arcade machine. Unfortunately, the machine is not active, so you won’t be able to play Blood Dragon. But you can always buy the game from Ubisoft and play it separately. It’s a great game!

Tom Clancy’s The Division

It’s a really tiny easter egg, but you can find it while doing the “Haum Sweet Haum” mission. You’ll be doing a lot of hacking in this quest, so you will come across HAUM systems computers. If you hack into one of them and check for installed software, you will see the icon for Tom Clancy’s The Division.


It was an obvious choice for developers to include this reference in Watch Dogs 2, as they did the same with The Division. That game is just as full of Ubisoft-related easter eggs as this one.

Assassin’s Creed

Apart from a huge poster of Assassin’s Creed hanging on the Ubisoft building in Watch Dogs 2, you can stumble upon a character at the Stanford University that works for Ubisoft. If you come closer and hack into his phone, you will hear an interesting conversation.


The person of interest is being accused for leaking information about the upcoming Assassin’s Creed game. He is also reminded about the incident with the Assassin’s Creed: Unity leak. This is a really cool easter egg, and it looks like Ubisoft decided to break the fourth wall a little bit harder this time around.


Another side quest in Watch Dogs 2, titled “Infected Bytes,” requires you to track down phones that are infected with the Zombi2 virus. This is a reference to the Wii U game by Ubisoft -- ZombiU. And, it is a possible hint on the upcoming sequel of this exclusive horror game that has been eventually ported to Xbox One and PS4.


In order to locate the source of the Zombi2 malware you need to hack into the infected phones. As a result, you will find the source of the virus near the underpass in a street alley.


Another theory suggests that it could also be the reference to an old Italian Horror movie -- Zombi 2 (1979). It was a low budget horror flick that quickly gained the status of a cult classic among the fans of the genre. If you’ve never heard about the movie, then check out the trailer.


Watch Dogs (Aiden Pearce)

The protagonist of the first Watch Dogs returns in the sequel, but only in a small cameo that is a part of the “Shadows” side mission. This quest requires you to help Aiden Pearce who arrives at San Francisco to deal with the members of Bratva.


You will learn about the meeting of Auntie Shu Boys and Bratva from one of the informants in the city. Then, you need to find a secret place of meeting, which turns out to be a bunker under the highway. You need to get inside and hack your way into the system.


Aiden Pearce seems to be in a trouble and you need to locate his cell in order to help him get out of there. The mission is really short, but it’s worth for that sweet cameo and an achievement.


Ubisoft is renowned for hiding lots of easter eggs in their games. They have a huge catalog, so unsurprisingly, their favorite type of easter eggs are the ones that reference their own games. Watch Dogs 2 is packed with such references and we are here to reveal the best of them for you.


However, it would be unfair not to include a few other easter eggs that reference universally praised games and movies, so there are a few of those that you will enjoy seeing here as well. We’re not going to reveal them just yet, so let’s begin with the obvious ones.

Why Aren't More of Ubisoft's Games "Packed to the Gills" with Women? Wed, 30 Jul 2014 14:30:32 -0400 Simon Costelloe

The name Ubisoft can often leave a bad taste in many a gamer’s mouth due to certain policies and stances, such as their clunky PC game client Uplay which imposes strict DRM rules that prevented many gamers from even playing the Watch_Dogs single-player campaign once it was released. Others are opposed to how the publisher went about striking the videos of YouTubers such as “Alchestbreach” who found that Ubisoft did not want him playing Far Cry 3 and advertising it to his hundreds of thousands of subscribers.

While all of this may be true, one thing I believe they deserve credit for is their ability to create interesting, flawed and complex characters… most of the time anyway.

Some of Ubisoft’s star games contain awesome examples of enigmatic (and terrifying) characters

Characters like the delightfully insane Vaas from Far Cry 3 or the cool Jordy Chin from Watch_Dogs. This is something I hope they continue, but I am troubled by the fact that oftentimes women in their AAA game franchises are  under-utilized, or only used as plot devices until they are either killed off or betray the main character in some way in order to motivate him to complete his story.

Ubisoft has recently been hit with criticisms about their inclusion of female characters

This outcry from from the unstoppable army of 'the Internet,' lead to Far Cry 4 director Alex Hutchinson saying that his game is “packed to the gills with women.” And just the other day Ubisoft treated us to a very beautiful cinematic trailer for the upcoming Assassin’s Creed Unity and within this trailer we were introduced to the (presumably) Templar “Elise.” I can’t help but feel that her creation was a bit of an afterthought - that she may only exist as a love interest to Arno and that she will not be a fully fleshed out and interesting character.

Many of you will no doubt also know about the upcoming story-centric DLC for Watch Dogs focused on T-Bone who is the hairier, more homeless version of Aiden Pearce. When I first heard about this it didn't bother me... but I then played Watch Dogs and met Clara Lille.

Why, oh why can we not play as her?

I will avoid spoiling the game in any way but let me say that you will come to find out that that Clara has many layers to her and that she has done a lot of bad things in order to survive. Playing as this conflicted character tickles my gaming taste buds so much more than playing as T-Bone who simply wants revenge and to blow things up. Playing as Clara would also possibly fulfill the promise of E3 2011. Since Clara is not a physical threat, and presumably has no training in heavy weaponry like the one-man army Aiden Pearce, she would have to rely more on stealth and hacking and could only carry a pistol or a sub-machine gun.

However not all of Ubisoft’s games are testosterone fueled rampages

I have faith in Ubisoft. They can change, and I will wait patiently for their RPG based on the life of Aisha Tyler.

Some of their games feature women as the main protagonist, like Aveline in Assassin’s Creed: Liberation and Aurora in the beautiful Child of Light which I am currently playing on my PS Vita. Something to note here though is that these games appeal to a much smaller audience due to their platform or their alternative art style that would turn many gamers away.

Nevertheless I have faith in Ubisoft. They can change, and I will wait patiently for their RPG based on the life of Aisha Tyler.

What do you think? Does Ubisoft even need to change? Which characters would you like to play as in some of their flagship franchises?

5 Signs Aiden Pearce is Really Batman Wed, 09 Jul 2014 14:06:29 -0400 Chris_Lemus

Watch_Dogs, and it’s main character Aiden Pearce, was Ubisoft’s answer the 21st century fascination with surveillance and interconnectivity in a digital world. While the game seems futuristic, Pearce has a strong resemblance to a comic book hero who had his start in 1939. Here are the five signs Pearce is really just Batman.

1. Vigitantism Resulting from Family Deaths

Pearce’s past is revealed early in the game. After a hacking contract went sour, he was involved in a hit on his life resulting in the death of his niece. Because of her death, Pearce uses his skills to become a vigilante and seek revenge against those responsible while protecting his remaining family.

The storyline of family and justice is also the reason for Bruce Wayne creating and becoming Batman. A young Wayne witnessed the murder of his parents, and he uses the deaths as reason to take punishment into his own hands and fight crime so that no one else, including the few people close to him, are ever hurt.

2. Pearce and Batman Live in Caves

There are some pretty cool man caves available to Pearce. A handful of his hideouts are cargo containers accessible by remote control. Each container is furnished with a fold-out bed, small desk, multiple televisions, and a glass door closet.

For something resembling less of a bachelor pad and more of a party theatre for SuperBowl Sunday, Pearce and his small group of hackers eventually gain access to “The Bunker,” an underground facility located below a building only accessible by a cargo container lift. This property features various rooms, computers, processors, and nine giant screens each with the capability to hold 36 smaller monitors within it.

Batman had a slightly different taste, but very similar preferences.  His caves may not have been best suited to bring the boys over for poker since his Batcave is typically dark and damp from the various waterfalls and ravines, but he too invested in a large processor and monitor screens to protect the city like Pearce.

Besides, Batman would not like card games.  The joker cards make him antsy.

3. Gadgets and Stealth Are Their Best Tools

Pearce and Batman seem to have more gadgets than an uncle at the family reunion criticized for having a belt clip for his beeper, fanny pack for his wallet, and flip phone in his pocket that he still does not know how to use.

In Watch_Dogs, Chicago is at Pearce’s disposal through one button on his smartphone. He can disable communication devices on enemies to prevent backup from being called, or manipulate traffic patterns to disrupt a car chase. Chicago’s vigilante chooses to fight crime with the digital world as his weapon, and no one has to know who or what is activating the lethal traps.

Batman is all three Pep Boys in one suit: he has gadgets and tools for all problems. Multiple targets in the area? The throw of a Batarang takes them all out. Batman wants to fly like a bat but can’t because he doesn’t have the superhero ability to? Just shoot the Line Launcher. Someone needs to get in contact with him but cellular service is weak? Bat Signal.

4. They Don't Really Work Alone

A life of vigilantism is hard, and both characters had assistance. Even from his solo debut, Batman was featured on the cover swinging through the sky with Robin. When he was not fighting crime on the streets, Batman’s butler Alfred was patiently there for master Bruce’s every need.

The assistants Pearce had around him each had their separate roles as well. Jordi Chin was his side muscle, while Clara Lille and T-Bone Grady remained at The Bunker to help Pearce with his hacking needs.

5. Their Voice

If these two characters were placed in the same comic book against each other, one could only hope to see a battle over the last throat lozenge because their hero voices desperately needs one from hiding their identities and installing fear in their foes.

And Finally...

Whether it's the Windy City, or Gotham and Arkham City, the most impressive similarity about the vigilantes is that they are both included in recent critically accalimed games.