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Exodus. are the quiet men of the competition. Their path to the final day has arguably been the easiest of the semi-finalists, with their undefeated run seeing them dispatch Jihadasquad, Exiled Ones, Transmission Lost and Late Night Alliance to the losers bracket.

It wasn't until they held against THE R0NIN that they showed their mettle, pulling off a 2-1 victory against a side who had defeated some impressive teams already.

Their tournament history is short but solid, their debut run in last year's Alliance Tournament seeing them reach the semi-final before losing to last year's surprise winners, Verge of Collapse.

They were unfavoured in their previous rounds; against Late Night Alliance, they masterfully faced down an enemy who, on paper, arrived in the arena with a strong counter to their chosen fleet composition. They went on to deliver a clinical performance in the deciding match against fellow semi-finalists THE R0NIN.

Exodus.'s business-like approach and low profile is an asset. Far less is known about them and even though their opponents are the fearsome HYDRA RELOADED, who will have undoubtedly done their homework, only a fool would write Exodus. off entirely.


The clear tournament favourites ran rampant through the early stages of the competition, demolishing opponents without breaking a sweat or losing a ship. They've shown that they are supremely skilled, ruthlessly efficient and tactically canny. They are running like a finely-tuned machine.

As commentator Bacchanalian stated after watching them in action, “If other teams aren't afraid of HYDRA RELOADED, they should be.”

They've also got something to prove, with the ghost of the previous year's controversial banning to put to rest.

A degree of “metagaming” is tolerated by CCP Games and so spying, ransoming, and other extra-curricular behaviours do occur – it is part of the staple of EVE Online, after all. However, the manner in which HYDRA RELOADED took the title of Alliance Tournament IX in 2011 gave CCP pause with regard to how far such behaviours should go. The degree of collusion between the two finalist teams (HYDRA RELOADED and Outbreak.) made a mockery of the competition and the subsequent year CCP went to great – and controversial - lengths to prevent similar damage from occurring. The title holders and their “B team,” Outbreak., were found to be in breach of the rules and were not permitted to compete.

Now they seek to regain their title and redeem their name and few it seems can stand in their way. That said, their Best-of-3 clash against Pandemic Legion saw them lose their some very expensive unique prize ships, their powerful flagship and their undefeated record. As Arnold Schwarzenegger said in his seemingly unwinnable confrontation with the Predator, “If it bleeds, you can kill eet.”

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ATXI Final Four: Pandemic Legion & THE R0NIN Sun, 04 Aug 2013 09:01:00 -0400 Mat Westhorpe

Pandemic Legion

Pandemic Legion is the most decorated tournament competitor still in existence, having won three consecutive Alliance Tournaments (VI, VII and VIII) during 2009 and 2010. Prior to that, they were semi-finalists in Alliance Tournament V and losing finalists in Alliance Tournament IV.

In their impressive tournament history, their worst performance was better than most teams' best – having been eliminated on the penultimate day of Alliance Tournament IX in 2011 by perennial champion-slayers DarkSide. Last year's Alliance Tournament X saw their title hopes stopped by the seemingly unstoppable Vargur-based setup of HUN Reloaded, who were subsequently beaten in the final – to the surprise of many – by Verge of Collapse.

Pandemic Legion's performance this year has been impressive, but somehow less convincing than their obvious nemesis, HYDRA RELOADED. It is perhaps part of their charm that they seem somehow more cavalier, more fallible, than their mechanically successful opposites.

In a sci-fi showdown mash-up, Pandemic Legion are perhaps the charismatic but flawed Captain Kirk to HYDRA RELOADED's more measured, steely Captain Picard.

In any case, if any team has the capability to stop HYDRA RELOADED, it is probably Pandemic Legion, but saying that is to dismiss the other competitors. Last year's competition showed us that the unstoppable can be stopped and favourites can be beaten by unknowns.

First Pandemic Legion have to face THE R0NIN, who have already collected some impressive scalps.


Despite being the underdogs based on previous tournament performances (their best showing was in Alliance Tournament VIII when they made it to the final 16), THE R0NIN have proven their worth this tournament, surging through a tough field by putting to the sword (okay, katana) strong contenders such as Rote Kapelle, Curatores Veritatis Alliance and YOUR VOTES DON'T COUNT.

Their Day 4 performance against the formidable Rote Kapelle gives good measure of what The R0NIN are capable of. They were fearless, attempting to seize the initiative straight away with a bold early strike. They rode their luck and adapted well to challenges on the fly as the pace and direction of the match shifted. They were merciless in the execution of their strategy and showed that the little guy can still hit hard.

THE R0NIN are worthy of everyone's respect. Failure to do so will end badly.


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And on the 6th Day... Champions Will Rise: ATXI Finals Sun, 04 Aug 2013 08:59:22 -0400 Mat Westhorpe

EVE Online is a game of extremes. In very few respects does anything involving EVE Online take the middle ground and the eSports extravaganza which is the eleventh Alliance Tournament has been no different.

Over the last three weekends, the show that has been laid on by CCP Games has been impressive, from the smooth and professional presentation of the competition on the TwitchTV livestream to the spectacle itself.

Having watching the Alliance Tournament evolve as a spectator event over the years, the current format and the delivery of the action does an excellent job of demystifying EVE's internet spaceship combat for the casual viewer whilst presenting the details for the more weathered eye.

It is no small challenge creating a watchable eSports event from a game engine set in vast open areas of three-dimensional space where the action can take place across a few hundred metres or over 100 kilometres - sometimes at the same time. Across all three axis.

Despite that, fans of science fiction, eSports and MMOs can all find something to love about the Alliance Tournament. Granted, it's not for everyone – like any sport, the viewer has to invest a bit of time to get to grips with the eccentricities and minutiae of the format, rules, and strategies; but while you do there are stunning starscapes to admire, blistering weapons exchanges to enjoy, and exploding spaceships to cheer at.

A Cast of Thousands

But beyond the sheen of the presentation and the cloud of statistics, mechanics and tactics, it is worth noting the impressive achievements of the competitors. Each of 64 teams comprising upwards of 12 players has spent months attempting to perfect every detail of their attempt to win the title. Behind the actual competitors is an alliance of hundreds of players who fund the competition efforts and provide the materials - much the same was as a Formula 1 team has pit crews - the sponsors and industrial corporations backing them.

This underlines the key fact that, although the tournament might be considered the antithesis of EVE Online's emergent sandbox status, it is very much woven into the dynamic fabric, with each teams tournament assets being entirely sourced from the single-shard economy of New Eden.

In the competition, the matches themselves require intricate preparation and planning, and are delicately poised games of the most complicated version of Rock, Paper, Scissors conceivable, relying entirely on the cohesion, communication, and reactions of those involved.

The efforts and the explosions have been genuinely epic, with edge-of-the-seat moments, daring smash and grabs, risky manoeuvres, tragic injustices, and absolute demolitions.

Now, on the final day, there are only four teams left. This year's champions somewhere among them.

The semi-final matches will be Best of Threes, seeing the two undefeated teams, Exodus. and HYDRA RELOADED face off for a final place, whilst the strongest survivors of the losers bracket, Pandemic Legion and THE R0NIN lock horns.

What follows is a brief overview of the final four and the journey each team has taken:

  • Pandemic Legion and THE R0NIN
  • Exodus. and HYDRA RELOADED
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And Then There Were Four: Alliance Tournament XI Day Five in Pictures (Part Two) Sat, 03 Aug 2013 14:13:07 -0400 Mat Westhorpe

The first half of the day saw some of the best matches and the most expensive losses in tournament history, with thousands of dollars-worth of internet spaceships gone forever.

Numbers further whittled, the remaining few teams now begin to enter into the Best of Three section of the tournament, with further mind-games and skullduggery adding to the pressure-pot environment. THE R0NIN and Exodus. continue their face-off, with Exodus. carrying a one-match advantage. Tournament favourites HYDRA RELOADED and three-times champions Pandemic Legion also duke it out for the right to avoid running the gauntlet of the losers bracket.

Meanwhile the remaining teams, noses now bloodied, scrap for survival in the hellish pit of ghosts and demons which is the losers bracket. Winners of each match shown in bold in the title. 

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(Match 2 of 3)
The R0nin (0) vs. Exodus (1) 


(Match 2 of 3)
HYDRA RELOADED (1) vs Pandemic Legion (0)


(Match 3 of 3)
The R0nin (1) vs. Exodus (1) 



(Match 3 of 3)
HYDRA RELOADED (1) vs Pandemic Legion (1)



DarkSide. vs. Verge of Chaos


Agony Empire vs. Ministry of Inappropriate Footwork


DarkSide. vs THE R0NIN


Agony Empire vs. Pandemic Legion

Burning ISK: Alliance Tournament XI Day Five in Pictures (Part One) Sat, 03 Aug 2013 11:25:36 -0400 Mat Westhorpe

The penultimate day of EVE Online's 11th Alliance Tournament is underway, here are screencaps of the action as it happens:


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Winners in bold.

SCUM. vs Curatores Veritatis Alliance  



YOUR VOTES DON'T COUNT vs. Verge of Collapse


HUN Reloaded vs. Agony Empire


Darkness of Despair vs. Ministry of Inappropriate Footwork


Curatores Veritatis Alliance vs. DarkSide.


Verge of Collapse vs. The Initiative


Agony Empire vs. Rote Kapelle


Ministry of Inappropriate Footwork vs. Late Night Alliance


(Match 1 of 3)
THE R0NIN vs. Exodus. 


(Match 1 of 3)
HYDRA RELOADED vs. Pandemic Legion (1 of 3)

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Those Who Are About to Explode, We Salute You: Faffywaffy (DarkSide.) Sat, 03 Aug 2013 09:14:12 -0400 Mat Westhorpe

Ships Flown this Tournament: Dominix battleship x2, Tengu strategic cruiser
Survival Percentage: 66%
BattleClinic Rank: #57
Previous Tournament Experience: Alliance Tournament X, IX

Alliance: Darkside.
Alliance Form: 

  • 2012 (ATX) - Quarterfinalists (knocked out by Pandemic Legion)
  • 2011 (ATIX) - Semifinalists (knocked out by Outbreak.)
  • 2010 (ATVIII) - Semifinalists (knocked out by Pandemic Legion)


Faffywaffy is a utility pilot who has performed a number of roles for the Darkside. tournament squad since he joined member corporation Fremen Sietch in 2010. He is also the mastermind behind some of the strategies that have secured Darkside.'s status as strong contenders.

His sage, sometimes snarling presence can be found on the official forums where he is not shy about sharing his opinion or offering criticism. He has also offered his tactical nous and fitting knowledge for a price, selling his services as a fitting and tactics advisor to the highest bidder during the New Eden Open.

Last year he shared some fascinating post-tournament "tricks" which he claims to have invented and which were subsequently analysed and used by tournament winners, Verge of Collapse, during Alliance Tournament X.

In a post giving an interesting insight into the use of multiple warfare links and implants, he discusses the idea of tearing out and replacing implants mid-battle for tactical advantage.

"This particular trick has already been "outed", and in fact even "stolen" by Verge of Collapse (kudos on carefully examining our fits), but I don't think everyone was paying attention. Also, there are several variations of the trick, which even people who have seen my Cyclone may find new."

Of course, other tournament savants have contested this claim as the pride and egos of EVE's finest were brought to bear in ongoing forum feuds which no doubt provide some behind-the-scenes motivation during the tournament.

Clearly every inch the EVE player, Faffywaffy's cunning and eye for an advantage is only matched by his thirst for a fight. Can he lead tournament finals weekend regulars Darkside. beyond the semifinals for the first time?

Other ATXI pilots featured on GameSkinny:

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The Untouchables: Alliance Tournament XI Day 4 in Pictures (Part Three) Thu, 01 Aug 2013 12:22:31 -0400 Mat Westhorpe

In EVE Online's Alliance Tournament XI, 64 teams of 12 ships clash in 10-minute rounds of screaming hot laser death and blistering explosions as gigantic spaceships are ripped apart.

If it were a real event, the death toll would be in the thousands. Fortunately it's only pixels, so there's no need to panic and every reason to enjoy the carnage and fireworks.

The double elimination format means that it takes two losses for a team to be knocked out of the competition. By the end of the fourth day, the undignified scrap that is the losers bracket is something that only a few teams will have managed to avoid. In parts one and two of our #ATXI Day 4 coverage, we saw many of the bitter struggles for survival in this competitive pit of the damned.

Meanwhile, in the rarefied atmosphere of the winners bracket, the more clinical, deadly and consistent juggernauts emerge, casting their opponents into the pit of the defeated in their seemingly unstoppable march to the final.

At this stage, only eight teams can still claim to be undefeated. By the end of the day they will number only 4.

The final four matches of Day 4 (#105 to #108) follow, with winners emboldened in the title.


Match #105: THE R0NIN vs. Rote Kapelle

Everyone sat up and took notice when Rote Kapelle defeated defending champions, Verge of Collapse, on Day 3. It was the moment they truly became identified as title contenders. The R0nin had faced their own challenges, defeating some impressive teams, but nothing to match the scalp of the title-holders. In any case, both teams had a lot to fight for and everything to prove.

As the match begins, The R0nin's high speed fleet dives down into the belly of the Rote Kapelle fleet as they scatter like a shoal of fish disrupted by a diving bird. The R0nin's lightning strike pays off and they quickly take first blood as an Enyo assault frigate tackles Rote Kapelle's vital but weak Exequror cruiser.

The battle erupts at an explosive pace, with both sides fully committed. Rote Kapelle recover from the early strike by destroying the Dominix Navy Issue battleship of Charakterowitch, taking the points lead. Meanwhile, Rote Kapelle's Armageddon battleship flown by Bob Shaftoes barely clings to life as the pendulum threatens to swing back once more. When he finally explodes (above) the fight becomes desperate for Rote Kapelle and their subsequent valiant efforts amount to naught as they are consigned to the losers bracket. The R0nin are the ones to keep their undefeated claim.


Match #106: Late Night Alliance vs. Exodus.

Of the eight remaining undefeated alliances, it is perhaps Late Night Alliance and Exodus. who are the lowest profile. Both relatively new alliances, they have yet to make their mark on EVE's history books to the same extent as many teams with which they find themselves sharing the undefeated accolade. This could be seen as an advantage, as underdogs are often underestimated. Silent is the wolf before the rising of the moon. 

The match begins with Late Night Alliance clustered together whilst a more elaborate spread from Exodus. sees their starting formation spread across the arena. First blood to Exodus. as Late Night Alliance's frigate support is decimated by long range sniping shots from sentry drones.

As the range closes and the battleships - including both teams' expensive but powerful flagships - engage, Sturm Gewehr's Armageddon battleship becomes the primary target in the still full-strength Exodus. fleet. whilst TeaEarlGray HOT's Vindicator battleship suffers on the Late Night Alliance side. It is TeaEarlGray HOT's vessel that falls first, followed by the flagship Bhaalgorn piloted by Bahamut420 and a landslide victory for Exodus. is secured.


Match #107: DarkSide. vs. HYDRA RELOADED

Tournament favourites HYDRA RELOADED showed the respect they had for their opponents but leaving nothing to chance in their fleet composition. Not only did they field their Dominix flagship, flown by featured pilot HaartSp and undoubtedly fitted with extremely powerful equipment only allowed on flagships. More excitingly, they had three rare Malice frigates - overpowered limited edition ships awarded as prizes for HYDRA RELOADED's victory two years ago at Alliance Tournament IX. Darkside. faced an uphill battle.

As the battle joined, Darkside. roll the dice and attempted to target the HYDRA RELOADED Oneiros logistics cruiser in an attempt to render other, intimidatingly tough ships easier to kill. Here, Max911's Tengu strategic cruiser opens fire as the first of the Darkside. frigates fall to the HYDRA RELOADED assault. 

The gamble fails and HYDRA RELOADED run rampant, systematically destroying every Darkside. ship and retaining their record of not only being undefeated in the tournament, but not having even lost a single ship. Darkside. are a competent and respected team who were made to look ordinary by a stunning HYDRA RELOADED performance. The question of the tournament is clearly no longer: 'who is going to win?', but 'can anyone stop HYDRA RELOADED?'


Match #108: The Initiative. vs. Pandemic Legion

The Initiative.'s tournament path to this point had arguably been less than emphatic, with each match having been close and hard-fought. Their opponents, Pandemic Legion, had convincingly despatched of their opponents without a loss so far and, as favourites to win the match, would clearly be expecting to continue that run of form. 

Not to be outdone by HYDRA RELOADED, three-times Alliance Tournament champions Pandemic Legion also chose to bring the bling, fielding three Utus - limited edition prize ships from their most recent championship win in 2010 (ATVIII). Each of these exceptionally valuable ships are estimated to be worth over 30bn ISK of in-game currency (which equates to roughly 5 years of subscription time or $1,200).

Pandemic Legion start confidently, committing everything to the fight and piling damage onto The Initiative.'s Oneiros logistics cruiser. Meanwhile, The Initiative. manage to successfully apply target dampening electronic warfare to Blast x's Oneiros whilst focusing fire on the Pandemic Legion Utu flown by fmercury. In a heart-pounding few seconds which sees commentator Apathetic Brent so full of Schadenfreude-fuelled glee, he seemed anything but apathetic, the Utu's armour is stripped away and The Initiative. gives alliance tournament viewers the most expensive explosion of the tournament so far. Pandemic Legion still won quite convincingly, but at the same time, they lost.  The Initiative. enter the losers bracket - and the tournament history books - with pride.


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Thinning the Herd: Alliance Tournament XI Day 4 in Pictures (Part One) Tue, 30 Jul 2013 15:17:37 -0400 Mat Westhorpe

At the start of Day 4 of EVE Online's Alliance Tournament, nearly half of the starting 64 teams had already been eliminated. By the end of the day, only 16 would remain.

In the double elimination format, each team can afford one loss before being eliminated. However, to do so means descending into the so-called losers bracket, through which almost all teams will pass, but the earlier the fall, the more matches must be survived for a shot at the championship title.

Of the matches in the first half of the day, only the first two were between still undefeated teams. For Red vs Blue, The Initiative, Agony Empire and Pandemic Legion, the prize was to avoid the meat grinder that is the losers bracket. For all the other teams, it was a desperate fight for tournament survival.


Match #87: Red vs Blue vs. The Initiative.

The battle is joined between two of the few teams still undefeated in Alliance Tournament XI. Both Red vs Blue and The Initiative. start many of their heavy ships at the centre of the arena, so a slugging match immediately begins between The Initiative.'s Vindicator and Megathron Navy Issue battleships and the Red vs Blue Hyperion battleships. Teams relying on Hyperions had thus far not fared well in the competition. Could Red vs Blue change this?

Despite losing some supporting frigates, Red vs Blue take the points lead as their Hyperion strike force successfully downs BoaCon's Megathron Navy Issue. Perhaps the Hyperion curse has been lifted as they proceed to blast chunks out of the armour of Morvin's Vindicator, but then Red vs Blue's Professor Clio explodes in his Oneiros logistics cruiser, leaving the Red vs Blue fleet dangerously exposed without means of repair. 

The loss of logistics support makes easy pickings of Red vs Blue's fragile frigate support and The Initiative. are able to -ahem- regain the initiative. Suddenly, the new dawn for Hyperion battleships proved to be false as they became the helpless tracking disrupted victims of an almost full The Initiative. fleet. A last ditch Red vs Blue attempt to down Garphos Trectes' Oneiros wouldn't have garnered enough points even if it had been successful. Red vs Blue drop to the losers bracket.


Match #88: Agony Empire vs. Pandemic Legion

Lucas Quaan's Gnosis battlecruiser unleashes a volley of missiles in support of the distant skirmish as the battle to avoid the losers bracket begins between Agony Empire and Pandemic Legion

Despite heated exchanges and shifting electronic warfare targets, long minutes pass without a loss as both sides put on an impressive tactical display. Then Oli Geist's Oneiros logistics cruiser explodes, leaving Agony Empire facing a painful second half.

A cascade of exploding spaceships follows as Pandemic Legion spread their brand of violence across the arena. Here we see the most impressive of the explosions, as ElvisLives's Hyperion doesn't. Shamis Orzoz flies the Proteus strategic cruiser in the foreground as Dancul1001's Vindicator battleship is bathed in the explosion.


Match #89: SCUM. vs. R.E.V.O.L.U.T.I.O.N

SCUM. (red icons), clearly spoiling for a scrap, start with the majority of their fleet as close to the enemy as possible and waste no time charging down the more cautious R.E.V.O.L.U.T.I.O.N in order to pin them down for the oncoming Typhoon battleship missile barrages.

The resulting close-range dogfight is punctuated by missile explosions from the distant Typhoons as more ordnance streaks across the battlefield and losses are suffered on both sides.

To the amusement of the commentators Bacchanalian (@RickSpies) and CCP_Rise, SCUM.'s confidence in their victory is underlined by their use of a snowball launcher to hurl snowballs at jennifer 1's Ishtar as it is slowly destroyed. Indi man orbits in a Wolf assault frigate as SCUM. ends the R.E.V.O.L.U.T.I.O.N. 


Match #90: Circle-Of-Two vs. Curatores Veritatis Alliance

Both fleets keeping their distance at the end of the first minute, but with Circle-of-Two taking the more aggressive footing, Aquarelliste's Tempest Fleet Issue battleship comes under fire as he leads the charge.

Circle-of-Two's charge is quickly blunted with the destruction of two of their battleships and Zuquar Bonaparte's Tempest Fleet Issue is ravaged by missile fire as he faces the same fate. Curatores Veritatis Alliance had lost their logistics cruiser and a frigate by this point, but the destruction of the third Tempest would effectively thwart any chance of further reprisal. A Tormentor frigate orbits in the foreground.

The match resulted in a strong display from Curatores Veritatis Alliance, whose performance surprised and impressed many, including CCP Fozzie. EVE's oldest alliance survives to fight again in the losers bracket, whilst Circle-of-Two rolls home.


Match #91: Nulli Secunda vs. Exiled Ones

Due to some unspecified pre-match issues, under tournament rules Jakub Trokowski of Exiled Ones was required to start in the centre of the arena in his Bhaalgorn battleship, whilst the remainder of his team began some 30 kilometres away. Already at a disadvantage, Exiled Ones faced a challenging rendezvous with the exposed battleship to protect it. Challenging became impossible as Jakub Trokowski inexplicably chose to charge alone toward the massed enemy fleet, where he was unsurprisingly intercepted and destroyed. Shenanigans were suspected.

Despite the early advantage and the gift of a 20 point lead, Nulli Secunda struggled to capitalise on their good fortune for several minutes then, at the turn of the half-way timer, everything fell into place and the Exiled Ones fleet collapsed like a house of cards. A Nulli Secunda Vexor cruiser intercepts the remaining Exiled Ones Bhaalgorn battleship.

The match ended with a flawless victory for Nulli Secunda, with all 11 of their ships surviving whilst the Exiled Ones were destroyed and are exiled from the competition.


Match #92: Clockwork Pineapple vs. Choke Point

An early collision of fleets at the centre of the field see the action erupt instantly and in less than a minute Choke Point seizes the early advantage by destroying Puskarich's Oneiros logistics cruiser and Cinamite's Thorax cruiser. Clockwork Pineapple immediately draw the points almost level as Devils Fighter in a Choke Point Sleipnir command battlecruiser explodes. Above: danile666's Kronos marauder battleship takes fire.

Further exchanges see ships traded and the points tally remains close. Dylan Reem in the surviving Choke Point Sleipnir command ship is locked in a close-range tussle with Teantis' Kronos battleship as Kassi's Claymore command ship passes by the under fire Kronos of danile666.

danile666's Kronos finally explodes amidst a swarm of frigates, turning the tide and seeing what was a closely fought match finally go in favour of Clockwork Pineapple.


Match #93: HUN Reloaded vs. End of Life

In yet another space potato fight, both teams field trios of Dominix battleships, with apparent attempts to out-tinker each other with complex capacitor transferring and sustained defence management on the cards.

The early loss of tinymouse's Guardian logistics cruiser seriously jeopardises End of Life's chances of maintaining any kind of tinker-tank, but a flurry of exchanges sees the points remain close for the first half of the match, despite the clear HUN Reloaded advantage. Above: a Warrior II drone streaks past an End of Life Dominix.

As the battle of the capacitor management draws to a close, it is HUN Reloaded that emerges triumphant, which is unsurprising given the Satanic pentagram they managed to create in the midst of battle.


Match #94: Shadow Cartel vs. M.I.F

The ever-popular Dominix battleship was the focus of Shadow Cartel's fleet setup, whilst M.I.F had opted for a very tough-to-crack trio of linked Rattlesnake battleships supported by featured pilot BSL in a Vulture command ship. M.I.F's damage output wouldn't be hugely impressive, but Shadow Cartel would need to work hard to break down their shields.

Choosing to attack early proves costly for Shadow Cartel, with the loss of a single Maulus frigate leaving them at a points disadvantage which they would need to correct. M.I.F would clearly be content to simply dig in and hold on to the lead.

As M.I.F continue to pick off targets of opportunity from their huddle, the distant Dominixes attempt to probe for a weakness as more and more of their support fleet falls. M.I.F continued to frustrate their opponents and secured a place in the next round.


Match #95: Confederation of xXPIZZAXx vs. The Obsidian Front

Two of The Obsidian Front's three Proteus strategic cruisers stand by to engage in the tense opening seconds of the match. Both teams came tooled up for a high-damage brawl, but treat each other with caution as a result, with distant shots and electronic warfare exchanged for long minutes, each fleet watches for a mistake to be made by the other.

The feints and probes continue, with bait ships teasing and drone flights swarming. Tension mounts and there are only 3 minutes remaining on the clock when finally The Obsidian Front manages to ensnare the Confederation of xXPIZZAXx Vexor cruiser of Andrus Ansio and destroy it.

With the battle now fully joined, Ben OB looks to pound down ant1212's Proteus with his Megathron's blaster cannons as the Confederation of xXPIZZAXx and Obsidian Front support fleets tear into each other. Ships explode on either side, but The Obsidian Front comfortably hold their lead until the timer runs out.


Match #96: Sadistica Alliance vs. The Kadeshi

The Kadeshi team starbursts across their side of the arena as they deploy their swarms of drones. Sadistica Alliance, looking to apply focused damaged to a single target, are forced to commit to the pursuit. Tackling frigates dart across the battlefield and each team pins their chosen targets down and start applying damage. Islador's Kronos is the Sadistica Alliance ship which suffers the drone swarm's attentions and c0iler's Sleipnir command ship comes under heavy fire for The Kadeshi.  

It becomes a race against time to be the first to down the high damage vessel of the enemy and it is c0iler's Sleipnir that explodes, the flaming doughnut rings of wreckage spiraling out from the burning wreckage. Advantage Sadistica Alliance.

Moments later, the advantage is lost as islador's Kronos also explodes bringing the points spread back to one. but more consistent pressure from Sadistica Alliance sees The Kadeshi pay a heavy price as they lose their logistics cruiser and several frigates without reply. A few consolation kills are too little to prevent them from leaving the competition as Sadistica Alliance move on in the losers bracket.


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Are You Not Amused?: Alliance Tournament XI Day Three in Pictures (Part Two) Sun, 28 Jul 2013 12:26:45 -0400 Mat Westhorpe

For some competitors, the third day of EVE Online's Alliance Tournament XI competition was about consolidating their position in the winners bracket, ensuring a shorter less arduous route to the final. Losing at this stage would mean a fall from grace into the longer, tougher path the to the laurels of victory via the loser's bracket.

But for those who had already suffered a defeat, they faced a desperate fight for survival, the next loss being their last.

Behind the scenes, team captains and tacticians plot and scheme to out-think and out fight their opponents. There may also be skullduggery; with spying, the buying and selling of information, and even performance-related bribes all possible in the murky metagame of EVE Online.

In part one of our day three coverage, we have already seen the last of 10 alliance teams. This second part gives an overview of the remaining six matches from the loser's bracket and six of the eight as-yet undefeated teams as they go head to head.

Match #75: Urine Alliance vs. Shadow Cartel

Accidental tournament mascot, the Dominix battleship, featured heavily in this match, with no less than 7 making an appearance after neither team chose to ban it.

The battle quickly swung in Shadow Cartel's favour as they swept Urine Alliance's supporting assault frigates and cruisers from the field, but not without losses. 

When Urine Alliance's Oneiros logistics cruiser fell in the second minute of the match, they had been facing an uphill struggle, and gave a good account of themselves despite the inevitable loss as they leave the competition an Shadow Cartel holds onto their position in the loser's bracket.


Match #76: SOLAR FLEET vs. M.I.F

The Russian alliance team M.I.F (including GameSkinny featured pilot, BSL) fielded only 6 ships in an out-and-out "tinkertank" fleet which, if run well, would be tough to break. However, SOLAR FLEET had brought a fleet full of heavy-hitting ships which they'd chosen to place in the centre of the field with every intention of getting up close and personal to delvier high damage. 

The tense match passed with few losses as SOLAR FLEET pounded on M.I.F, destroying their Osprey cruiser for 10 points but making little headway thereafter. Meanwhile M.I.F had managed to snatch a points advantage by destroying Iroha Lee's Oneiros logistics cruiser, creating a nervy problem for SOLAR FLEET who now needed to kill something but could not afford to lose anything else.

Despite having significantly less damage output than their opponents, M.I.F played a canny game and forced SOLAR FLEET to overcommit and suffer further losses, giving M.I.F a cautiously fought victory.


Match #77: Heretic Initiative vs. Confederation of xXPIZZAXx

So confident of victory were Confederation of xXPIZZAXx that they chose to spend 3 of their points and one vital ship position on a non-combat Noctis salvage ship (flown by Anzsi), whose design and purpose is solely to recover useable material from wreckages. Despite this disadvantage and the loss of their Bhaalgorn battleship, they tore through Heretic Initiative's fleet in a few short minutes.

With the battle all but over, the entire Confederation of xXPIZZAXx fleet toyed with the last Heretic Initiative pilot, MrWhitei God, like a cat would play with a captive mouse. This was a deliberate ploy to allow Anzsi's Noctis time to loot all the wrecks. If the enemy were completely destroyed, the match would be declared over and the opportunity for salvage would be lost. 

Content they'd had their fill of battlefield goodies, MrWhitei God's Deimos is finally put to the sword in the distance as Anzsi nonchalantly continues to rifle through the pockets of fallen enemies.


Match #79: The Obsidian Front vs. Drunk 'n' Disorderly

Drunk 'n' Disorderly's loss of Braincandy's Vindicator battleship in under a minute puts The Obsidian Front into a strong early lead, making Drunk 'n' Disorderly's decision to bring a non-combat Iteron hauler to loot the field look a little optimistic. The second Vindicator buckles quickly too, with only an Obsidian Front Thorax cruiser taken in reply.

With little ability to inflict damage remaining, Drunk 'n' Disorderly are quickly routed, leaving only a smartbombing Damnation command ship flown by Lexx Jonian and N. Jarin's comically outgunned Iteron hauler.

Unsurprisingly, neither survive the remaining five minutes, giving The Obsidian Front a convincing victory and a stay of execution in the loser's bracket. Drunk 'n' Disorderly are left to ride the beer moped home.


Match #79: Sadistica Alliance vs. No Holes Barred


Long minutes passed with blows being exchanged and weaknesses being probed before it became a race to kill the opposing logistics cruiser, with Sadistica Alliance's assault the more successful, seeing the No Holes Barred Oneiros and a Heron frigate fall approaching the 5 minute mark. But a minute later Chale'aan's Oneiros also fell, bringing the points close again.


No Holes Barred left any chance of a comeback too late as Sadistica Alliance mercilessly worked their way through the opposing fleet. Here we see the Sadistica Kronos marauder battleships pounding a No Holes Barred Vigilant faction cruiser into scrap.

A convincing win for Sadistica Alliance sends No Holes Barred back to their wormhole.


Match #80: The Kadeshi vs. W-Space


The Kadeshi unexpectedly found themselves in the losers bracket after a defeat to Drunk 'n' Disorderly, but found their feet in their next match. W-Space, still smarting from their loss to The Initiative., have just dropped down into the losers bracket. The two alliances meet to determine who survives and who goes home.


 As the commentators assessed the match to come, the versatile Gnosis battlecruiser was identified as a good indicator of the strategy planned. The cameraman obligingly zoomed in on the fitted array of heavy neutron blasters, suggesting W-Space was planning a close-range smash-and-grab.


Things didn't go quite to plan as The Kadeshi successfully countered W-Space's strategy, quickly eliminating W-Space's strike force and comfortably mopping up the remainder of their fleet whilst only suffering two Vexor cruiser losses. 




The Your Votes Don't Count versus THE R0NIN match started with both sides clearly intending to slug it out at close range, the majority of ships present congregated around the centre marker of the arena. This would be a match unlikely to go the distance.

Early advantage THE R0NIN, as the destruction of Ryu Chaos' Vindicator battleship and the vital logistics support of dei'ro's Oneiros cruiser saw Your Votes Don't Count on the ropes. Here we see Btweeduizend's Vindicator suffering a similar fate.

Despite a late showing from Your Votes Don't Count which saw several ships in THE R0NIN's support fleet destroyed, there was no way back for Your Votes Don't Count and THE R0NIN roam on. 


Match #82: Verge of Collapse vs. Rote Kapelle


This match included two of our featured pilots, Verge of Collapse's WarGod and Rote Kapelle's Ripard Teg, and was always set to be tie of the round. Verge of Collapse are the current champions, but Rote Kapelle is a formidable organisation. The huge respect each team had for the other was evident as an incredibly cagey game of cat-and-mouse began with 5 minutes of fleet manoeuvers as the two sides jockeyed for a positional advantage, hoping to force a mistake from the other side.


 It was at the turn of the 5 minute mark that the deadlock was shattered by the explosive destruction of the Verge of CollapseTyphoon Fleet Issue battleship flown by taylor04. Gasps across the internet abound as the reality that the tournament title holders could now be facing an early defeat sunk in. 


The really was no way back for Verge of Collapse and their fleet quickly collapsed after the Typhoon loss, managing only one consolation kill in reply. In a turn of events few could have predicted, Verge of Collapse would now drop down into the losers bracket, making that path to the final even less inviting for everyone else. Rote Kapelle move on up.


Match #83: Late Night Alliance vs. Test Alliance Please Ignore

Test Alliance Please Ignore favour three Hyperion battleships whilst Late Night Alliance bring a trio of the sinister-looking Bhaalgorn faction battleships, the bridge section of one visible above.


The parasitic capacitor-draining effects of the Bhaalgorns cripple Test Alliance Please Ignore's ability to deal significant damage and their Hyperion strike force is left foundering as they are picked apart. Here, featured pilot Taco Rice is powerless in his Hyperion as a Bhaalgorn watches his inevitable demise.


Test Alliance Please Ignore are consigned to the losers bracket as Late Night Alliance progress into the last 8 undefeated teams. 


Match #84: Transmission Lost vs. Exodus. 


 The match between Transmission Lost and Exodus. proves to be a slow-burning confrontation as both teams bring highly defensive Dominix battleship setups which will be hard to penetrate due to the intricate nature of the chain-linked resource-sharing "tinker tank" strategies both sides employ.


 As expected, significant time passes as each team probes the other for chinks in the armour or gaps in the chain. Eventually, it is Transmission Lost who are caught napping as Bloemkoolsaus' vital Basilisk logistics cruiser takes a series of unsurvivable volleys and their defenses start to unravel.


Still solidly defended and tasting blood, Exodus. move in for the kill and eviscerate Transmission Lost's fleet without taking any losses. Vytone's Dominix battleship takes some missile fire, but with an army of repair drones already circling, there is little fear.


Match #85: DarkSide. vs. Darkness of Despair


With darkness a shared theme in the names of these two alliances, it is perhaps unsurprising that they also share a similar taste in strategy as both teams field very similar Dominix battleship focused fleets. The single point advantage held by Darkness of Despair is as a result of Darkside. only spending 99 of the 100 points available, the remainder contributing to the opposition's score. This meant that the onus would be on Darkside. to attack, lest they lose on a point technicality.


The majority of the match passed with both teams maintaining their distance. Darkness of Despair were clearly content to hold their one point lead, leaving Darkside. to make their move. Which they were leaving very late...


Then, with seconds to go Darkside. struck out like a predator pack hunting a herd and picking on the weakest, slowest prey. A daring smash-and-grab kill saw Dirty Koyote's 2-point Punisher frigate explode without time for reply. Darkside.'s patience and precision took the match by a single point. 

Match #86: Ministry of Inappropriate Footwork vs. HYDRA RELOADED


Tournament favourites HYDRA RELOADED had already demolished two opponents without losing a single ship. Ministry of Inappropriate Footwork had made a good account of themselves in their previous two matches, but were the clear underdogs here. Here, the tactical view shows HYDRA RELOADED (in blue), including featured pilot HaartSp in a Myrmidon battlecruiser, confidently spread their formation as they execute their strategy.


 Six minutes later and the last Ministry of Inappropriate Footwork Proteus strategic cruiser, flown by Sly Jr, explodes as HYDRA RELOADED frigates circle the fallen pilot's pod.


HYDRA RELOADED didn't even seem to break a sweat in their third flawless victory. After seeing the supremely competent display, tournament commentator Bacchanalian issues a chilling warning to the other competitors to bring the day to a close:

"If you aren't afraid of HYDRA RELOADED, you should be."


All the EVE Alliance Tournament XI Viewing Resources You Need (Popcorn and Beer Not Included)
Fights, Camera, Salmon: Alliance Tournament XI Day Three in Pictures (Part One) Sun, 28 Jul 2013 09:10:54 -0400 Mat Westhorpe

Day 3 of EVE Online's eSports extravaganza, Alliance Tournament XI, saw the presentation quality of the the Twitch-streamed 6-hour marathon sparkle with class.

The studio team were looking particularly suave, with perennial tournament presenter (and EVE's lead designer), Kristoffer 'CCP Soundwave' Touborg, eschewing his usual hobo-chic and opting to shave and wear a shirt and tie.

The Danish anchor was joined by a rotating team of pundits and commentators including former players-turned-devs CCP Fozzie, CCP Rise and CCP Dolan as well as returning player-expert Shadoo and newcomers to the tournament team, Apathetic Brent and Bacchanalian, who both showed impressive knowledge and character on their debut appearances.

The studio itself is stylishly austere which, after last year's distracting green-screen background, was an understandible choice.

L-R: CCP Fozzie, Apathetic Brent, CCP Rise (header shot features L-R: CCP Dolan, Bacchanalian, Shadoo, CCP Soundwave)

The in-studio discussion was supported by some very slick infographics attempting to explain some of the complex technical aspects of the tournament presentation and EVE's combat mechanics.


The Carnival of Explosions

Of course, it was the matches themselves that told the important stories.

Last weekend saw the first 16 contenders of the initial 64 eliminated from the competition. Yesterday, the double elimination format saw another 16 alliance teams sent to the wrecker's yard with 6 more losing their first match and left clinging on by their tractor beams.

In as few words as possible, here's how it went down (winners emboldened in title).


 Match #65: SCUM. vs. Sleeper Social Club

The studio graphical presentations introduce the  team line-ups.

Staring defeat in the face, Sleeper Social Club target-paint and fire on 1BoroBoy1's Sleipnir command ship in a last ditch attempt to claw back some desperately needed points, but it wasn't enough and SCUM. send their opponents out of the competition.

The post-match graphics show the ISK value of every destroyed ship, with surviving combatants mysteriously "classified" to protect possible super-secret loadouts and winning strategies.


Match #66: R.E.V.O.L.U.T.I.O.N vs. The Fourth District

The pre-match line-up.

This closely fought match saw early success for The Fourth District's electronic warfare strategy, but the tenacious R.E.V.O.L.U.T.I.O.N fought their way back to a one-point lead. The closing minutes were taut and delicately balanced, but with seconds to go Sillandra Kachira's Oneiros logistics cruiser exploded, putting the result beyond doubt.

The R.E.V.O.L.U.T.I.O.N continues to gather pace.


Match #67: Outbreak. vs. Circle-Of-Two

Before each match, starting fleet compositions are influenced by the banning system, which allows each team to prevent the use of two ship types. Here we see Outbreak. had vetoed the capacitor-draining Bhaalgorn battleship and the range-reducing Celestis cruiser and Circle-of-Two denied the field to the ubiquitous Dominix battleship and the popular Oneiros logistics cruiser. 

The stalemate which saw no losses for either side for the first third of the match is finally broken as Circle-of-Two successfully penetrate Outbreak.'s chain-linked "tinkertank" defence setup by destroying the pivotal Tengu strategic cruiser of Aldamir Anarion. After that, the tide swiftly turns in Circle-of-Two's favour.

A post-match camparison of two key players in the match sees discussion of the ill-fated Outbreak. Tengu pilot Aldamir Anarion and Circle-of-Two's first casualty, Armageddon battleship specialist Sebastien Saintfrusquin.


Match #68: Perihelion Alliance vs. Curatores Veritatis Alliance

The organisationally-challenged Perihelion Alliance misunderstood the tournament deadline rules and ended up a little light on eligible pilots as a result.

Knowing they stood very little chance against the superior numbers of Curatores Veritatis Alliance, fielding only three Scorpion battleships, Perihelion Alliance clearly didn't come with a pitched battle in mind...

...flying to the edge of the arena, instead the crowd-pleasing Perihelion Alliance used the new micro-jump drives to propel their ships far beyond the "Edge of Glory", setting a new record. They may be out of the competition, but Kadra, IceGuerilla and Minuteman are now New Eden's answer to Armstrong, Aldrin and Collins:

"One small micro-jump for capsuleers, one giant leap for tournament kind." 


Match #69: Rainbow Dash Friends vs. Nulli Secunda

Two more alliances come under the scrutiny of the studio team. 

Rainbow Dash Friends throw everything (well, three Brutix Navy Issue battlecruisers, an Absolution command ship and a Hurricane Fleet Issue battlecruiser) at Andrew Curtin's Scimitar logistics cruiser, whose destruction triggers a cascade of exploding ships on both sides, leaving only three survivors at the end of the match - all in Nulli Secunda ships.

Nulli Secunda's last pilots standing (flying?): Canaris Roshaak and Rhodin Lazarith in Gila faction cruisers and Cale Sathnor in a Rattlesnake faction battleship. That says something about the Guristas pirate faction behind the reptile-themed Caldari hull conversions, dontchathink?


Match #70: Sicarius Draconis vs. Exiled Ones

Twenty-four more brave souls prepare for totalhelldeath. 

With first blood to Sicarius Draconis as they felled Forekk's Basilisk logistics cruiser, things were looking bleak for Exiled Ones, but it came down to a breathless race between the destruction of XardasGothic's Golem marauder battleship and Sicarius Draconis' expensive flagship Vindicator flown by Scrutt5. Whichever exploded first would swing the pendulum of damage output irreversibly in one direction.

The Golem clung to a sliver of structure as the Sicarius Draconis was obliterated and Exiled Ones marched to victory.


Match #71: Surely You're Joking vs. Clockwork Pineapple

Judging by the names, these are clearly two teams not lacking a sense of humour.

This was a tit-for-tat match which always saw Clockwork Pineapple in front on points, but a unlikely comeback was always within grasp for Surely You're Joking until  their Rattlesnake battleships went boom, taking the ability to deal any threatening amount of damage with them.

An honorable mention was well-earned by Surely You're Joking Harpy assault frigate pilot, Vinzent Nikcla. Vinzent, realising he was the last pilot alive on his team fled to the arena edge and came to a stop, luring the hilariously named Honus Arsebolt to inadvertently cross the Edge of Glory and explode  instantaneously due to the boundary violation. Clockwork Pineapple were still the victors by some margin, but this was a brilliantly defiant moment. It clearly pleased CCP Fozzie.


Match #72: Choke Point vs. RAZOR Alliance

A RAZOR Alliance Hyperion battleship leads the charge headlong into the belly of the Choke Point fleet, who are concentrating their firepower on the RAZOR Alliance flagship, an Armageddon battleship flown by sevyn nine.

A cagily fought battle sees few losses for the first half of match and the points remained close until the RAZOR Alliance flagship fell. Sevyn nine's Armageddon could not withstand the constant barrage of missile from the trio of Choke Point Typhoon battleships.

RAZOR Alliance fought a valiant rear-guard action for the remainder of the match, but with their flagship gone, they were hopelessly outgunned. A Choke Point Vengeance assault frigate looks on as mrpapageorgio's Hyperion battleship is finally ripped apart at the close of the match.


Match #73: HUN Reloaded vs. The G0dfathers

Both of these teams are well-respected tournament competitors, who were likely surprised to be facing elimination at this stage. Stakes were high and early exchanges between them saw HUN Reloaded's assault frigate wing decimated in exchange for Sergeant Brut's Hurricane Fleet Issue battlecruiser. A fair exchange?

The G0dfathers' strategy collapses as their damage output slows as more and more of their heavyhitting battlecruisers fall to HUN Reloaded's missile salvoes. Apparently, HUN Reloaded didn't need those tackling assault frigates and their tactic of target-painter supported missile barrages works effectively to obliterate opposition of all sizes.

The G0dfathers are sent to meet their makers, but HUN Reloaded have time to reload as they continue their fight for survival in the brutal losers bracket. 


Match #74: Angeli Mortis vs. End of Life

A ferocious exchange of fire surprisingly without loss punctuates the first third of the match as each fleet probes for weaknesses in defence, but both teams logistics pilots, each flying Oneiroses, manage to keep their teammates alive with vital remote repairing.

The deadlock is broken with the destruction of the Angeli Mortis Oneiros, subsequently followed by their supporting cruisers and frigates. General Vachot's Vindicator battleship is downed in reply - keeping the points close - but the surviving Angeli Mortis pilots know that, unless End of Life also lose their logistics cruiser, things won't end well for them. With the clock ticking down, they focus fire on tinymouse's Oneiros.

Angeli Mortis' efforts are in vain as with the help of supporting maintenance drones, tinymouse stubbornly refuses to die. Instead, it is Stardred's Typhoon Fleet Issue battleship that explodes as blackish person victoriously orbits the wreckage in his Tristan frigate. 

NEXT: Alliance Tournament XI Day Three in Pictures (Part Two)


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Unique Ship Prizes Showcased During EVE's Alliance Tournament XI Sat, 27 Jul 2013 14:08:43 -0400 Mat Westhorpe

As the exploding spaceship carnage continues into its second weekend, EVE Online's eSports tournament coverage on Twitch included details of the unique prizes which will be awarded to the winners.

The new ships will be provided in extremely limited numbers and therefore will be hugely valuable, not to mention rare. As with previous tournament prize ships, the merest sighting of one in day-to-day travel in New Eden is almost unheard of and to have the opportunity to claim one as a kill is the rarest of boasts.

This year's prizes are based around the Angel Cartel faction, the hugely powerful pirate NPC organisation who have provided other extremely popular ships like the devastating Machariel battleship and the infamous Dramiel frigate.

Excitingly, both of the new additions, the Chremoas (based on the Dramiel hull) and the Moracha (a variant of the previously unplayable Ixion cruiser model) are designed to operate as covert operations vessels, both being able to fit covert ops cloaks and covert cynosural field generators.

The Chremoas:

The Moracha:

All the EVE Alliance Tournament XI Viewing Resources You Need (Popcorn and Beer Not Included)
Those Who Are About to Explode, We Salute You: BSL (M.I.F) Sat, 27 Jul 2013 10:47:17 -0400 Mat Westhorpe

Ships Flown this Tournament: Sleipnir command ship (x2), Vulture command ship (x2), Damnation command ship 
Survival Percentage: 60%
BattleClinic Rank: #6,591 (down 5 from #6,586)
Previous Tournament Experience: New Eden Open (for The Expendables), Alliance Tournament IX (for Darkside.)

Alliance: M.I.F
Alliance Form: 

  • 2013 (ATXI) - Eliminated on Day 4 of 6 by Agony Empire


BSL is a man of mystery, from his apparent fondness of enigmatic three-letter acronyms to his eclectic tournament journey.

Some of this mystery could well be explained by BSL's Russian origin. His corporation (also called M.I.F) is based in the Siberian timezone (EVE Time +7 hours), so spare a thought for him and his corpmates as they fight through the night for their place in the Alliance Tournament.

BSL's affiliations have seen him cut his tournament teeth at Alliance Tournament IX, where he flew for Darkside. in the 2011 tournament alongside FaffyWaffy, whose corporation Fremen Sietch, BSL joined and competed again for Darkside. in Alliance Tournament X the following year.

Shortly after the ATX tournament, BSL left Fremen Sietch and rejoined fellow Russian Corvin 1 in M.I.F as the corporation struck out alone, leaving Darkside. and forming their own alliance, also called M.I.F.

BSL kept his competitive eye in during the off-season by participating in the New Eden Open as part The Expendables. Team captain and fellow ATXI competitor HaartSp is well aware of BSL's abilities, describing him as an Electronic Attack Frigate pilot who “easily wins [the] damp war solo versus four ships”.

So we shouldn't be surprised if we see him switch from his recent run of flying Sleipnir command ships into his comfort zone of something damper and greener - at least that might improve his survival chances. Perhaps it is because he is so well known that he seems to be a popular first choice target, with neither of his Sleipnirs having survived the first weekend engagements.

Remember BSL, if they can't reach you, they can't kill you.

NEXT: Faffywaffy (Darkside.)


Other ATXI pilots featured on GameSkinny:

[more to come]

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Those Who Are About to Explode, We Salute You: Taco Rice (Test Alliance Please Ignore) Sat, 27 Jul 2013 07:13:54 -0400 Mat Westhorpe

Ships Flown this Tournament: Catalyst destroyer, Maulus frigate, Hyperion battleship, Sleipnir command ship
Survival Rate: 25%
BattleClinic Rank: #61,272 (down 151 from #61,121)
Previous Tournament Experience: Alliance Tournament X , New Eden Open

Alliance: Test Alliance Please Ignore
Alliance Form:

  • 2013 (ATXI) - Eliminated on Day 4 by SCUM.
  • 2012 (ATX) – Eliminated at group stage.

Taco Rice

Test Alliance Please Ignore (TEST) is well known for a kind of deliberate aura of chaos and its huge numbers (they are the largest player alliance in EVE Online, with over 10,000 members). An observer of alliance behaviour might be forgiven for thinking that there is no logic to TEST behaviour and in many cases, you'd be right. The members seem to revel in creating anarchy.

Taco Rice is no exception, with his unpredictable logistics cruiser performances in last year's Alliance Tournament perhaps explaining why this year he has thus far been confined to low-points value frigates and cruisers.

In Alliance Tournament X, he received commentator plaudits for his competent logistics skills in one match, before proceeding to inexplicably fly straight out of the arena in the next. TEST still achieved a victory, but unsurprisingly rumours were abound of everything from bribery to a dog attack.

In any case, Test Alliance Please Ignore's uncharacteristically strong run has seen them surge into the winner's bracket and all eyes will be on the madcap antics of TEST's finest to see who has been drinking the insanity juice on match day.

In any case, Taco Rice and co. will be entertaining.


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All the EVE Alliance Tournament XI Viewing Resources You Need (Popcorn and Beer Not Included)


Those Who Are About to Explode, We Salute You: WarGod (Verge of Collapse) Fri, 26 Jul 2013 19:35:05 -0400 Mat Westhorpe

Ships Flown this Tournament: Oneiros logistics cruiser x2, Guardian logistics cruiser, Etana prize ship
Survival Percentage: 50%
BattleClinic Rank: #38
Previous Tournament Experience: Alliance Tournament X Champion, Alliance Tournament VI Champion, Alliance Tournament V Runner-Up

Alliance: Verge of Collapse
Alliance Form:

  • 2012 (ATX) - CHAMPIONS


According to Battleclinic (a web-based aggregator of all EVE Online combat statistics) WarGod is the 38th most dangerous EVE pilot in the known universe. This is even more impressive since all he ever seems to fly is an Oneiros logistics cruiser – a ship traditionally fitted with absolutely no offensive ability at all.

It is apparent that WarGod is a world-class space priest, but there is far more to his story.

It seems that in the distant past he once flew for Pandemic Legion, playing a role in their early tournament runs and earning himself a silver medal for Alliance Tournament V in 2008, and a winner's medal in 2009's 6th tournament in the first of Pandemic Legion's victories.

But then he moved on. As Pandemic Legion went from strength to strength, WarGod went from alliance to alliance, seemingly without much luck, certainly in tournament terms.

He played a brief role flying an Armageddon battleship against HUN Reloaded in Triumvirate.'s short-lived ATVII campaign. Then he signed up with Against ALL Authorities, who had a respectable run in the 8th Alliance Tournament, but apparently did not make use of WarGod's services.

Alliance Tournament IX came and went. WarGod played no part. By then he was part of a corporation called V0LTA who did not make an appearance in 2011's tournament. Some might be forgiven for thinking that WarGod had lost the taste for tournaments. Who could blame him.

Then V0LTA founded a modest alliance called Verge of Collapse, which quietly turned up to Alliance Tournament X with little fanfare and proceeded to tear everyone else's faces off. No one expected it, which made the comeback all the more delicious.

In the eye of the storm, quietly working to keep his team-mates alive?

WarGod in his logistics cruiser.

NEXT: Taco Rice (Test Alliance Please Ignore)

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[more to come]

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Those Who Are About to Explode, We Salute You: Mangala Solaris (Red vs Blue) Fri, 26 Jul 2013 19:34:57 -0400 Mat Westhorpe mangala solaris, the man on he street. He's not one of those nullsec participants with billions of isk and out of touch. Mang is a bloke like you. Doing missions, and mining and just being your average space joe plumber.]]>

Ships Flown this Tournament: Sleipnir command ship
Survival Percentage: 100%
BattleClinic Rank: #1,501 (down from #1,492)
Previous Tournament Experience: Alliance Tournament X

Alliance: Red vs Blue
Alliance Form:

  • 2013 (ATXI) - Eliminated on Day 4 by HUN Reloaded
  • 2012 (ATX) - Eliminated from Group Stage by Pandemic Legion
  • 2011 (ATIX) – (As RvB – Red Federation) Eliminated from Round of 32 by SOLAR FLEET

Mangala Solaris

Mangala Solaris is the people's favourite, by virtue of the fact he is one of the people. Despite his protestations that he is “a terrible FC”, he still routinely leads a rag-tag bunch of Red vs Blue misfits on regular RvB Ganked roams across New Eden.

The institution of Red vs Blue is a kind of organised anarchy that needs someone as humble and grounded as Mangala. In a universe of super-organised mega-corporations led by megalomaniacal narcissists, the Red vs Blue ethos amounts to one concept: take nothing seriously.

As the Red and Blue elements fight an eternal friendly war against each other in New Eden, it is this refreshingly relaxed attitude that is the lifeblood of their combined “Purple” efforts and the platform which has supported Mangala's haphazard rise to the top.

Not only does he now lead a tournament team which is looking every bit the part, he's managed to stumble into a seat on the Council of Stellar Management.

Mangala is basically EVE Online's answer to Columbo, and it is only a matter of time before a seemingly on-the-ropes Red vs Blue team will be rallied by a “just one more thing...”

NEXT: WarGod (Verge of Collapse)

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[more to come]

All the EVE Alliance Tournament XI Viewing Resources You Need (Popcorn and Beer Not Included)
Those Who Are About to Explode, We Salute You: HaartSp (HYDRA RELOADED) Fri, 26 Jul 2013 19:34:45 -0400 Mat Westhorpe

Ships Flown this Tournament: Dominix battleship (x3), Myrmidon battlecruiser
Survival Percentage: 100%
BattleClinic Rank: #2,006 (up 2 from #2,008)
Previous Tournament Experience: Fanfest Tournament 2013 Winner, Syndicate Competitive League Winner (x2), New Eden Open, Alliance Tournament IX Champion, Fanfest Tournament 2012 Winner

Alliance Form:

  • 2012 (ATX) - Banned
  • 2011 (ATIX) - CHAMPIONS
  • 2010 (ATVIII) - Losing Finalists (lost to tournament champions, Pandemic Legion)


HaartSp's thirst for competition is unquestionable. A relative newcomer to the EVE tournament circuit, he has wasted no time catching up with the old guard, mainly by winning all the things.

The one blot on his copybook is perhaps that business with HYDRA RELOADED getting banned from last year's competition for colluding with their “B team”, Outbreak. Or as he puts it in his EVEgate bio, “Overqualified for AT X”. Certainly, in the dog-eat-dog (but only after emptying his pockets) universe of EVE Online, it can sometimes be tough to know where The Line is drawn. One man's travesty is another man's exemplary performance.

HaartSP's personal kick-back from the banning seems to have been to win everything else, having since formed his own team, The Expendables, to compete in the New Eden Open, before leading them to take two titles in the player-run Syndicate Competitive League as well as coming away from this year's Fanfest with a PvP champion's laurels.

Now, after the ignominy of being denied the opportunity to defend their title last year, HaartSp and his fellow former champions HYDRA RELOADED are back with plenty of reason to have bits between the teeth of their many angry heads.


NEXT: Mangala Solaris (Red vs Blue)

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[more to come]

All the EVE Alliance Tournament XI Viewing Resources You Need (Popcorn and Beer Not Included)
Those Who Are About to Explode, We Salute You: Ripard Teg (Rote Kapelle) Fri, 26 Jul 2013 19:34:31 -0400 Mat Westhorpe

Ships Flown this Tournament: Sleipnir command ship, Damnation command ship (x2), Brutix Navy Issue battlecruiser
Survival Percentage: 75%
BattleClinic Rank: #10,208 (up 32 from #10,240)
Previous Tournament Experience: Alliance Tournament X (2012)

Alliance: Rote Kapelle
Alliance Form:

  • 2012 (ATX) - Eliminated from Final 16 by eventual Tournament Champions Verge of Collapse
  • 2010 (ATVIII) - Eliminated from Final 16 by HYDRA RELOADED

Ripard Teg

Ripard Teg is a man of the people. He has long been a commentator on all things internet spaceships via one of EVE's most popular and successful blogs, Jester's Trek, where he has earned the nickname “Roboblogger” for his ability to belt-feed out verbose and insightful blogposts on a daily basis.

This year, he has also achieved his ambition to represent the EVE player population on the subscriber-elected 8th Council of Stellar Management and holds the position of Vice Chairman.

His knowledge and experience as a combat pilot are indicated by the depth of knowledge shown on his blog, where he's covered everything from PvP fundamentals to missioning and incursions. Some more hardcore players might see this as an indicator of 'carebear' tendencies (EVE's PvP purists tend to sneer at any connection to PvE), but Rote Kapelle are serious contenders and wouldn't jeopardise their title chances by including a sub-par pilot.

Whether Ripard Teg can keep his eye on the prize whilst fulfilling his duties as a spaceship politician and a cybernetic blogger from the future remains to be seen.


Other ATXI pilots featured on GameSkinny:

[more to come]

All the EVE Alliance Tournament XI Viewing Resources You Need (Popcorn and Beer Not Included)
Those Who Are About to Explode, We Salute You: Elise Randolph (Pandemic Legion) Fri, 26 Jul 2013 19:34:24 -0400 Mat Westhorpe

Ships Flown this Tournament: Eos command ship, Dominix battleship, Ishkur assault frigate, Vexor cruiser
Survival Percentage: 100%
BattleClinic Rank: #285
Previous Tournament Experience: Alliance Tournament X , New Eden Open, Alliance Tournaments IX, VIII, VII

Alliance: Pandemic Legion
Alliance Form:

  • 2012 (ATX) – Semi-finalists (eliminated by HUN Reloaded)
  • 2011 (ATIX) – Eliminated from Round of 16 by Darkside.
  • 2009 (ATVII) – CHAMPIONS
  • 2009 (ATVI) – CHAMPIONS
  • 2008 (ATV) – Semi-finalists (eliminated by Triumvirate.)
  • 2007 (ATIV) – Losing finalists (lost to tournament champions, HUN Reloaded)

Elise Randolph

Elise Randolph, an obsessive Taylor Swift fan, is a vocal and senior member of Pandemic Legion, a feared and respected organisation on both in the EVE tournament circuit and the wider universe of EVE. In the never-ending sovereignty war that takes place in New Eden's lawless space, Pandemic Legion has often played the role of king-makers with their unrivalled Titan and supercapital fleets.

The ability to bring this power to bear is something on which Elise Randolph is not prepared to compromise, with discussions during his tenure as a CSM player representative prompting him to state that he wouldn't tolerate the addition of a game mechanic that interfered with Pandemic Legion's null-sec supply lines. The idea was scotched.

Three-times champions, Pandemic Legion's tournament teams may have suffered a dip in form in recent years, and detractors might say that the loss of former Pandemic Legion tactical mastermind Raivi (now CCP Fozzie) was the point at which they lost their edge. But even if true, Elise Randolph is a vital part of a team of superstars which no competitor dare underestimate.

Elise's alternative tournament identity, KadaEl, was exposed by commentators CCP Fozzie and CCP Dolan during Pandemic's first Alliance Tournament XI match. Whatever guise he flies under, Elise's prowess as a combat pilot is evident, from an impressively high Battleclinic ranking to a 5-year career as a tournament veteran.

And if he fails to win again this year, at least he'll have plenty of bittersweet break-up songs to console him.

NEXT: Ripard Teg (Rote Kapelle)

Other ATXI pilots featured on GameSkinny:

[more to come]

All the EVE Alliance Tournament XI Viewing Resources You Need (Popcorn and Beer Not Included)
The Vanquished: Alliance Tournament XI Day Two in Pictures (Part Two) Tue, 23 Jul 2013 08:23:57 -0400 Mat Westhorpe

This is the second part of our snapshot of Day 2 of Alliance Tournament XI, EVE Online's premier eSports event, in which 64 teams compete over 3 weekends for the title of tournament champion and the prize of unique, powerful (and very expensive) ships.  

Yesterday, in The Undefeated,  we took a look at the sixteen matches which saw the winners able to claim they are still unbeaten in their march to the final, whilst the losers - although not out of the competition - were relegated to the more arduous path.

But the final 16 matches of the first weekend undoubtedly had the highest stakes.

The double elimination format meant that every one of the teams competing in these matches had already suffered a defeat and a second loss would mean an early exit from the tournament.

Months of planning and the hopes of hundreds of supporters were all that stood between these plucky eSports pilots and the ignominy of becoming one of The Vanquished.

Here's an overview of how they fared. The winners of each match are emboldened in the match title.


Match #49: SCUM. vs. Of Sound Mind

1. Of Sound Mind pilot XavierVE's energy-sapping Bhaalgorn battleship finds itself getting a taste of its own vampiric medicine as it suffers the influences of capacitor destabilisation and tracking disruption from the SCUM. fleet. The golden streaks indicate that the SCUM. Dominix trio are linked in an energy-creating chain further enhancing their performance.

2. SCUM. show no mercy as Of Sound Mind's strategy begins to collapse. With their Bhaalgorn and Oneiros logistics cruiser already destroyed, the Of Sound Mind survivors find themselves desperately trying to even the score by bringing down the SCUM. Guardian logistics cruiser. Here, Rinas Rinah's Vengeance frigate has been all but immobilised and his armour is beginning to buckle as he watches smidster's Guardian's last moments.


Match #50: R.E.V.O.L.U.T.I.O.N vs. CAStabouts

3. Despite being outnumbered, R.E.V.O.L.U.T.I.O.N's 9-ship fleet quickly evened the odds by making short work of CAStabouts' setup. Here, surviving Kronos marauder battleship pilots Jackal Lord and Cyna Copper valiantly try to take down jennifer 1's Dominix battleship before their inevitable defeat. Sadly, they failed.


Match #51: Goonswarm Federation vs. Outbreak.

4. A ruthlessly efficient Outbreak. quickly targeted and destroyed the Goonswarm Federation Scimitar logistics cruiser flown by BlackSabbath, immediately putting them on the back foot. What followed was the systematic dismantling of Goonswarm Federation's fleet, along with their hopes of staying in the competition. In this shot, we see yet another Dominix battleship, this one piloted by the hilariously named Nasty Spanker.


Match #52: Wormhole Holders vs. Perihelion Alliance

A match with the lowest ratio of starting ships in the competition so far, Wormhole Holders' eight-ship fleet led by a trio of Vindicator battleships found itself suffering a loss to the 6-ship Perihelion Alliance setup featuring 3 Dominixes and a Navy Issue variant. Here we see Wormhole Holders attempting to effect a late change of fortunes by trying to down Suolia's Oneiros logistics cruiser.


Match #53: D3vil's Children vs. Rainbow Dash Friends

5. Just the combination of the names of these two teams evokes a poetic imagery befitting of EVE Online; the offspring of Satan playing with a My Little Pony.  In this shot, the battle is joined as a Rainbow Dash Friends Hurricane Fleet Issue battlecruiser piloted by chenshar bears down on besieged Vargur marauder battleship, seeing Warrrules' galleon-shaped vessel's shields stripped and his armour battered.

6. The loss of the Vargur and Augustus Richter's Sleipnir command ship effectively declawed D3vil's Childr3n. With the offensive threat reduced, Rainbow Dash Friends bring their weapons to bear on Jokelerie's Scimitar logistics cruiser. His demise would hasten the destruction of the remaining D3vil's Childr3n ships and leave Rainbow Dash Friends to gallop gaily to victory.


 Match #54: Babylon 5.. vs. Sicarius Draconis

7. Like many teams in this year's competition, Babylon 5.. favoured a triumvirate of Dominix battleships to lead them to victory, however Sicarius Draconis leveraged a Vindicator battleship focused fleet composition more in keeping with last year's tournament trends to effectively bake the populist space potatoes. 


Match #55: Moist. vs. Surely You're Joking

8. A surprise early strike from Surely You're Joking saw Moist.'s Basilisk logistics cruiser, piloted by Arnold Whatshisface, reduced to damp space dust, but a reply in kind soon saw drol tack's Scimitar violently removed from Surely You're Joking's active service. More exchanges didn't go so evenly for Moist. and they were soon left with only these three Scorpion Navy Issue battleships. However, the points were still close.

9. The match came down to a long-range missile-hurling battleship slug-fest between the three Moist. Scorpion Navy Issues and the two Surely You're Joking Raven Navy Issues. The next to fall would reduce damage output enough to render further kills unlikely. Unsurprisingly, with six supporting assault frigates (and a Vigil), it was Surely You're Joking who delivered the punchline.

10. Surely You're Joking clearly felt that the match was all but won and celebration was in order, as a quick ammo change saw one of the frigates start pelting the Moist. battleships with harmless but colourful fireworks. 


Match #56: Choke Point vs. JIHADASQUAD

11. In yet another clash of Dominix battleships, it was Choke Point's that saw its way to victory here. The real work already done and the majority of the enemy destroyed, Jar'ed dances around Crrrazy Ivan's Dominix in his Vengeance assault frigate, peppering the helpless battleship with rocket barrages.


Match #57: Noir. Mercenary Group vs. HUN Reloaded

12. At the cost of only 4 assault frigates, HUN Reloaded made short work of the entire Noir. Mercenary Group fleet. Here Darth Gabe's Basilisk logistics cruiser idly receives capacitor energy to support remote repair abilities it is unlikely to need as the rest of the HUN Reloaded fleet chase down the last remaining Noir. Mercenary Group ship, a Proteus, piloted by former internet spaceship politician, Alekseyev Karrde. 


Match #58: Quebec United Legions vs. Angeli Mortis

13. A devastating opening assault by Quebec United Legion saw the entire Angeli Mortis frigate and cruiser support fleet obliterated without reply. Marshalling the firepower of their surviving Scorpion Navy Issue missile platforms, Angeli Mortis begin a desperate comeback attempt by pounding Qc Sokar's Tornado battlecruiser...

14. ... Improbably, less than a minute later Angeli Mortis find themselves in the lead, as the points gained from downing the Tornado are boosted by TheCorrupted straying beyond the arena boundary and forfeiting his ship. Quebec United Legions now on the back foot having lost a significant portion of their ability to deal damage, but with three-quarters of the time still to play, the match remains on a knife-edge.

15. Despite Quebec United Legions' best efforts to recover, Angeli Mortis capitalise on their opponents' mistake and continue to target-paint and destroy hostile after hostile. In shot, Thomas Hornigolds' Manticore stealth bomber has become the focus of the reign of missiles.


Match #59: Kill It With Fire vs. Urine Alliance

16. A Urine Alliance Enyo assault frigate rains yellow death over Dev Aldard's Harpy assault frigate as Kill It With Fire's burning hopes of victory are slowly extinguished.


Match #60:  SOLAR FLEET vs. Darkspawn.

17. Despite the early loss of the crucial logistics cruiser, SOLAR FLEET put on an impressive display to defeat Darkspawn., whose Hurricane Fleet Issue battlecruisers can be seen here, BlakPhoenix's in the foreground under heavy fire. 


 Match #61: Heretic Initiative vs. WHY so SeriOUs

18. In yet another clash of the space potatoes, Heretic Initiative and WHY so SeriOUs both fielded fleet setups which included triple Dominix battleships supported by a logistics cruiser and a wing of frigates. Here we see the WHY so SeriOUs battleships in tight formation "cap-chaining" to support their "tinkertanks" (ie. micromanaging and sharing their ship's capacitor energy to better sustain other energy hungry systems).


Match #62: Mildly Sober vs. The Obsidian Front

19. The battle joined immediately between Mildly Sober and The Obsidian Front, with both teams opting to begin nose-to-nose at the very centre of the arena. Here we see a Mildly Sober Megathron battleship unleashing a devastating hybrid blaster salvo on Ynot Eyob's Brutix Navy Issue battlecruiser. A second Megathron, piloted by Zondor, takes fire from a distant Brutix Navy Issue whilst an Obsidian Front Vexor cruiser orbits the fray.


 20. Against the contrasting backdrop of a fiery nebula and an ice-clad planet, both fleets suffer losses. The Obsidian Front's cruiser wing, comprising Thoraxes (centre) and Vexors, supports the remaining Brutix Navy Issues and engage the lumbering Mildly SoberMegathron battleships.

21. Elsewhere, a dizzying dogfight takes place between the small and agile Enyo assault frigates of Mildly Sober (Norb DaBeaver's Enyo seen here taking fire from Proposition Joan) and the slower but hard-hitting Talwar destroyers of The Obsidian Front. However, the outcome of their clash is largely irrelevant as the final Mildly Sober Megathron falls, giving The Obsidian Front an insurmountable points lead. 


Match #63: Dead Terrorists vs. Sadistica Alliance

22. In a match which saw Dead Terrorists lose three Vexor cruisers before successfully downing Sadistica Alliance's Oneiros logistics cruiser, here we see islador's Ishkur assault frigate applying some propulsion jamming to Letelio Denmun's Oneiros as Sadistica Alliance attempts to reply in kind.

23. The tide turned, the pendulum swung and the Vindicator exploded. Unsurprisingly, as last ship standing, larf1986's battleship was unable to solo its way through the entire Sadistica Alliance fleet. Although he did give Kmita Eisenhorn's Dominix a bit of a scare before finally having the good grace to be a dead Dead Terrorist.


Match #64: Synthetic Sysyems vs. The Kadeshi

24. The opening clash between Synthetic Systems and The Kadeshi becomes sees Nanaki's Vindicator become the sole focus of The Kadeshi's combined firepower. As a Kadeshi Armageddon oversees the assault, the Vindicator's shields and armour are quickly stripped, as expected repair support from Ipex's Oneiros logistics cruiser is unavailable due to electronic countermeasures being effectively applied. 

25. Synthetic Systems have been dealt painful losses but are still in the fight, as Ipex's Oneiros valiantly stands against The Kadeshi's onslaught, drawing fire from other team members who might still be able to effect a comeback. however, Aton RA moves his Prophecy command battlecruiser into position to ensure this doesn't happen.

26. Having successfully neutered Synthetic Systems, The Kadeshi go about the business of efficiently exploding all the ships. Here we see Kraschla's Hyperion battleship vapourised by an unremitting barrage of lasers and missiles.

27. The final moments of the weekend are heralded by what was quite possibly the most spectacular light show yet as Flickette's resilient Damnation battlecruiser resisted immediate incineration from a hail of hot laser death.


For further coverage and information on the competition, check out:

 All the EVE Alliance Tournament XI Viewing Resources You Need (Popcorn and Beer Not Included)

The Undefeated: Alliance Tournament XI Day Two in Pictures (Part One) Mon, 22 Jul 2013 11:38:03 -0400 Mat Westhorpe

The second day of EVE Online's Alliance Tournament XI saw a quarter of the competitors knocked out of the competition and only another quarter able to claim they remain undefeated.

The day also saw tactical trends continue from the previous day, with many fleets favouring the newly re-balanced space potato Gallente Dominix battleship. We saw more tactical use of the recently introduced micro-jump drive module which allows ships to instantly warp 100km (a risky prospect in a 250km wide arena).

Here are some more screen-captures exploring some of the highlights and trying to explain some of the basics of EVE's ship-to-ship combat. Whilst none of these competitors are out of the competition quite yet, the losers of each of these matches have been relegated to the longer, tougher path to the final.

The still undefeated teams are emboldened in the match titles. 

Match #33: Circle-Of-Two vs. YOUR VOTES DON'T COUNT

1. Despite the prevalence of the Dominix, the first of Your Votes Don't Count's trio of Navy Issue editions (seen here piloted by Ryu Chaos) has been stripped of shield and armour, it's structure is failing and it's about to explode. The flickering red beams of energy destabilizers and the space distorting effect of a speed-reducing stasis webifier can be seen surrounding the doomed battleship as Circle-of-Two's hulking Machariel faction battleship (in the foreground) prepares to deliver the killing blow.   

2. Although Circle-of-Two gained an early 27-6 advantage, Your Votes Don't Count made sure their shots did count and clawed their way back to a well-deserved victory. With most of the larger battleships on both sides destroyed, here we see t011phr33's Hawk assault frigate unleashing a hail of rockets at an enemy Celestis cruiser in the final minute of the match.


Match #34: Curatores Veritatis Alliance vs. The R0nin

3. Curatores Veritatis Alliance, the oldest active player alliance and roleplaying Amarr loyalists, mobilise their fleet to take on The R0nin. Here we see two Sacrilege heavy assault cruisers escorted by the smaller Talwar destroyers, the only non-Amarr ships on the CVA team (presumably piloted by expendable Minmatar slaves). 

4. A cautious match sees no losses to either side for the first half of the match, before the tide turns in Curatores Veritatis Alliance's favour in the closing minutes. Here we see a CVA Legion strategic cruiser evading lumbering The R0nin Kronos and Megathron battleships as Kufik's Ishkur assault frigate explodes in the distance. 

5. Despite seemingly being on the ropes after losing several ships, the surgical destruction of Curatores Veritatis Alliance's vital Oneiros logistics cruiser heralded an impressive comeback from The R0nin, who eventually emerged victorious. Here Rams' Megathron battleship receives support from armour repair drones as barrages of missiles streak in from all sides.


Match #35: Sleeper Social Club vs. Verge of Collapse 

6. Sleeper Social Club threw everything they had at the Oneiros logistics cruiser of reigning champions Verge of Collapse, but their ships fell so quickly, the focused fire delivered in this shot by a Sleipnir command battlecruiser and a Caracal missile cruiser weren't enough to prevent the rout, especially with flights of repair drones helping to mitigate incoming damage.


Match #36: Rote Kapelle vs. The Fourth District 

7. Demion Samanel, the last surviving pilot of The Fourth District team, desperately fights for survival in his Legion strategic cruiser against Bob Shatfoes' Armageddon battleship and almost the entire Rote Kapelle fleet (well, those who weren't looting the field). He didn't succeed. Participating Rote Kapelle pilot, prolific blogger and EVE politician, Ripard Teg has more to tell at Jester's Trek


Match #37: Late Night Alliance vs. Clockwork Pineapple 

8. The battle of the battleships was won by Late Night Alliance as their Vindicator duo out-fought Clockwork Pineapple's Armageddons despite the loss of LNA's entire support fleet. Here we see Gene Hawking's Damnation command battlecruiser ambushed by Bahamut420's energy draining Bhaalgorn battleship as grimreaper1980's Vindicator prepares to deliver another destructive volley. 


Match #38:  RAZOR Alliance vs. Test Alliance Please Ignore 

9. Above the planetary rings of a distant gas giant, a trio of Razor Alliance Scorpion battleships pound missile salvoes down upon a Test Alliance Please Ignore Kronos marauder battleship. Meanwhile, CCP Fozzie tries to figure out how to discreetly unknot his tangled fingers without CCP Dolan noticing his predicament.


Match #39: Transmission Lost vs. Nulli Secunda 

10. With each side fielding a trio of missile-spewing Scorpion Navy Issues, this match became an ordnance-trading slug-fest between the fearsome-looking battleships. Transmission Lost's addition of a Golem marauder battleship over Nulli Secunda's more mobile but less sturdy Caracal cruiser wing may ultimately have tipped the balance, but for the neutral, it was a spectacular battle nonetheless.


Match #40: Exiled Ones vs. Exodus. 

11. Having played a role in the destruction of the first Exiled Ones Vindicator battleship, Gaianae's Damnation command battlecruiser eyes Janikra's distant Vindicator as the Exodus. Dominix battleships prepare to unleash their drone swarm in pursuit of another enemy scalp.


Match #41: Shadow Cartel vs DarkSide.

12. An evenly balanced match between Shadow Cartel and DarkSide. saw each team field three Dominix battleships. The early support fleet clash saw DarkSide. emerge with the tactical advantage as they managed to despatch Palamon's Oneiros logistics cruiser in exchange for acceptable small ship losses, significantly reducing Shadow Cartel's ability to repair subsequent incoming damage. Here we see Bilaz of DarkSide.'s Malediction interceptor frigate target-painted (the red light effect) to make the small, rapid craft slightly easier to hit.


Match #42: Darkness of Despair vs. M.I.F

13. M.I.F pilot HAKXER in his Huginn combat recon cruiser, and a Sleipnir command battlecruiser, go evasive in the opening minutes of their match against Darkness of Despair as a swarm of Dominix-born drones approaches.

14. In the face of unavoidable defeat, the last surviving M.I.F pilot, Svaaarog, does the noble thing and flies his almost uncatchable high-speed Maulus frigate across the arena threshold known as "The Edge of Glory", where instant ship destruction is the expected result. His capsule can be seen floating outside the combat zone.


Match #43: Ministry of Inappropriate Footwork vs. The G0dfathers

15. Preparing to deliver his payload of torpedoes, Solid Shield's Manticore stealth bomber target-paints a distant Sabre destroyer piloted by Mirkonix of The G0dfathers.

16. The electromagnetic discharge of incoming EM missiles savages the shields of a Proteus belonging to Ministry of Inappropriate Footwork.


Match #44: HYDRA RELOADED vs. End of Life

17. The HYDRA RELOADED Punisher frigate of xo3e applies energy destabilisation to General Vachot's tackled Kronos marauder battleship in their one-sided victory over End of Life.

18. The end of End of Life sees their last ship standing, quadra Athonille's Damnation command ship battlecruiser, besieged by an undamaged and rampant HYDRA RELOADED fleet.

Match #45: No Holes Barred vs. Red vs Blue 

19. A first tournament sighting of the limited edition Jovian-designed Gnosis battlecruiser, of which Red vs Blue boldly fielded three in their match against No Holes Barred.  The  (presumably) wormhole-dwelling opponents managed to destroy two of the rare ships with their setup built around a trio of Brutix Navy Issues, but Red vs Blue emerged vicorious nonetheless.


Match #46: W-Space vs. The Initiative.

20. One of The Initiative.'s Armageddon battleships, piloted by Masterkon, takes an early pounding from W-Space's missiles as the gap between the two fleets is closed down.

21. The Armageddon traded for W-Space's entire frigate wing, Bel Isar orbits the beleaguered opposition in a Vengeance assault frigate as The Initiative. throws everything they have at RealDa's Tengu strategic cruiser, as it is suspected of playing a key logistical role in the W-Space setup.

22. The Tengu is finally vanquished, but the incessant missile barrages from the cap-transferring W-Space Scorpion Navy Issue battleships and supporting Golem marauder meant it was at the cost of another The Initiative. Armageddon battleship. Meanwhile, Bel Isar's Vengeance assault frigate is identified as a threat and comes under attack. The nailbiting conclusion to what ultimately became a victory to The Initiative. was so tense, it got commentator CCP Dolan out of his seat.


Match #47: Confederation of xXPIZZAXx vs. Agony Empire

23. ZamolxissMegathron Navy Issue battleship spars with Ugly Eric's Sleipnir command ship battlecruiser in a match between Confederation of xXPIZZAXx and Agony Empire which was slow to come to the boil but ultimately delivered Agony Empire comfortably through to the next round.


Match #48: Pandemic Legion vs. Drunk 'n' Disorderly

24. The initial clash between three-times Alliance Tournament champions Pandemic Legion and Drunk 'n' Disorderly saw the underdogs dealth a bloody nose as they were quickly stripped of their frigate support, at which point Drunk 'n' Disorderly made a sober and ordered tactical withdrawal to lick their wounds and consider their options.

25. With their entire fleet intact and a comfortable points advantage (especially after sniping Drunk 'n' Disorderly's inquisitive Algos destroyers), Pandemic Legion were content to hold a tight defensive position. After all, the onus was on the now under-strength opposition to make a move.

26. A bold but clumsy charge more characteristic of their name saw a Drunk 'n' Disorderly Dominix battleship, piloted by S810 Jr, charge into Pandemic Legion's defensive sphere. Surviving the initial onslaught, S810 Jr triggering his area-of-effect smartbomb in the desperate hope of destroying the enemy's small and vulnerable swarm of deployable drones.

27. Unfortunately for Drunk 'n' Disorderly, their brave last roll of the dice failed and Pandemic Legion obliterated their remining ships without breaking a sweat.


Next: The Vanquished: Alliance Tournament XI Day Two in Pictures (Part Two)


For more information on how to get involved in EVE Online's Alliance Tournament XI, read All the EVE Alliance Tournament XI Viewing Resources You Need (Popcorn and Beer Not Included).