• Flash Review: Marvin Spectrum

    Another Flash Review, this time it's Marvin Spectrum... and it's done. Really quick and fun game. Play it on
  • Flash Review: Cactus McCoy

    Another Flash Review! This time I found a real good one, Cactus McCoy. Experience the saga of Cactus McCoy and all of it's western / cactus man themed madness. If you're into a inherently insane...
  • Flash Review: Helicopter

    Another Flash Review, this time it's Helicopter. Very simple, incredibly forward with the goal. Just get you helicopter to the end of the tunnel... click to win. Another game from
  • Flash Review: Ragdoll Achievement

    Another amazing Flash Review, and I'm not the only one saying that this time...except I am. This time the game is Ragdoll Achievement, a unashamed achievement quest with incredibly little to be...


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