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In the last article we evaluated Pit Lord - one of two unreleased Dota 2 heroes that were in the original Dota. Now it is time to have a look at the second one.


(Drumroll, please.)

Arc Warden


Arc Warden is an Agility hero, that is played mainly as a core.

During the last patches of Dota, Arc Warden was fairly unbalanced, and was considered by many to be overpowered! Therefore we will most likely see some changes, when it comes to Arc Wardens spells. Especially the ultimate spell, Tempest Double, which was the main cause of peoples dissatisfaction with the way this hero was balanced.


#1 Flux

Engulfs an enemy unit with swirling volatile energy, slowing its movement speed and dealing damage over time if it is alone. The effect is muted if there is a nearby enemy unit.

Flux is a fairly straight forward ability, you slow the target, target get's damaged over time (up to 360 damage when maxed), as long as the spell isn't muted. So it's great against solo offlane!

Extremely long slow, with decent damage, when ganking solo target, fairly useless during team fights.

The mindset behind this ability, is similar to Juggers ultimate in early game. You don't really want to cast it when someone else is near, as that will disable the ability. 

#2 Magnetic Field

Distorts space, generating a circular field that grants evasion and bonus attack speed to allied heroes and buildings within.

Not much to explain here, it's like a reverse working Riki Smoke Screen, without the silence. Instead of making enemies in the area miss attacks, it gives friendly targets 100% dodge.

Great for getting out of ganks, turning around fights, or even defending buildings, since the spell effects buildings as well.

This spell works great with Axe's Berserker's Call, and Legion's Duel!

#3 Spark Wraith

Summons a Spark Wraith that takes 3 seconds to fully materialize. It haunts the targeted area until an enemy comes within its range and then fuses itself to the player, dealing magical damage.

The idea behind this spell is similar to Techies bombs. You place them, and hope that someone might step there, or just throw them on your enemies during fights.

While Spark Wraith has higher damage than Techies bombs (150/200/250/300), and has a larger radius, they cannot be stacked in one spot and only last for 50 seconds.  So don't expect to cover your entire forest with these bad boys, and hope for easy kills.

Spark Wraith also has a tiny cool down of just 4 seconds, so you can use it to damage enemies during a fight, or prepare your fighting area, before the fight. A good example would be, placing Spark Wraiths near a tower, when you can see the lane being pushed.

#4 Tempes double

By vibrating at extreme speeds, Arc Warden is able to create a perfect electrical incarnation of himself, at the cost of his current health and mana. This incarnation can use any spells or items he has, and spawns with his health and mana after the cast.

This is the whole reason, Arc Warden was considered to be unbalanced or simply broken. While creating a perfect copy of yourself, isn't something new, and won't change the early game, when built with the right items, this spell becomes extremely powerful!

Get an early Dagon, and enjoy 800 damage burst with level 1 Dagon, or 1600 damage with level 5 Dagon.

Get Necronomicon and enjoy pushing down lanes with 4 little demons by your side.

Get Midas, and enjoy even more money and xp!

These are just few examples, there are many more combos!  However, without at least, mediocre micro skills, no matter how great of a combo you build, you won't be capable of doing much!


Once both Arc Warden and the Pit Lord are released, Dota 2 will have all 112 heroes of the original Dota. Which means it will be time for some completely new heroes! Which is surely more exciting than just waiting for old heroes to be rereleased!

By the way, don't expect the cool downs, damage, spell radius, duration, to be exactly the same as in the old Dota. In fact, with previous experience, some of these spells might be completely different! This article just explains what you should expect.

Leave a comment, of which of the heroes you want to see in game first, and why!

I personally can't wait for Abyssal Underlord, since I mostly play supports, and love setting up ganks with my team!

DotA 2 Reborn has been released! Wed, 09 Sep 2015 11:19:28 -0400 David Fisher

DotA fans and people interested in abandoning the perpetually unbalanced League of Peasants will be happy to hear that DotA 2 Reborn is officially no longer in beta! As of today, players will no longer be able to access the Source 1 version of DotA 2, and instead DotA 2 Reborn - a game running on Valve's new Source 2.0 engine - will take its place.

DotA 2 Reborn has been in beta since earlier this year in June, promising to bring a whole slew of new features to the game. Among the changes were overhauls to the game's UI systems, custom game support, as well as graphical and connection improvements.

Those who have already downloaded the Reborn Beta can start playing after downloading a 190 MB patch that was released earlier this morning. Those who have not downloaded Reborn - or DotA 2 in general - will have to download the entire client.

Compendium owners should also note that the weather effects have now been released in the Reborn client. These effects include: the autumn-themed 'Harvest', the sandstorm 'Sirocco', and the world decaying 'Pestilence'.

What's more: Arc Warden from the original Defense of the Ancients: All-Stars has now received a hero slot in the coding for DotA 2 Reborn. Does this mean we could expect to see the hero appearing in the game soon? Only time will tell.