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During their effort to make it into EVO, Mike Z announced that Skullgirls would be getting a DLC character named Squiggly. She's been known about and assumed to be the first DLC character for a while, but new information about her and her fighting style just recently got announced.

We gave the girl a skull, just in case you forgot which game this is.

Pictured above, Squiggly is described as "cute, but serious when need be." She has multiple stances she can use. I wonder if she plays anything like Gen from Street Fighter. I can't wait until she's released to see if I want to add her to my team.

In other Skullgirls news, the Japanese release has been given a trailer. You can view the trailer at Shoryuken. I'm pretty pumped up for the Japanese audience that will be able to experience the game, but I'm a little sad that it seems like there won't be any Japanese voices after all.

Image source: Union Fighter.

Skullgirls PC Port (Probably) Coming to a Desktop Near You Thu, 31 Jan 2013 07:11:04 -0500 Joseph Rowe

After the setback of being laid off from the original developer, and having to reform as Lab Zero Games under their new developer Autumn Games, the creators of Skullgirls are back at it, negotiating with Marvelous AQL to publish the PC port of this full bosomed fighter.

Skullgirls is a game that came out in April of last year for the PS3 and the 360. It enjoyed some success, although the hype has died down since release. Its committed tournament fanbase is enough for the developer to create patches for the game.

I played it for a while and really loved it; the graphics, the music, and the humor of the game are perfect, along with a pretty well balanced cast of fighters, which is the most important part of a fighting game.

If you're like me and are looking forward to the PC port, keep your eyes on GameSkinny for further news about its release, predicted to be in about 4 months. The team is taking some extra time with this "port", as it's actually a newer version of Skullgirls with more multiplayer content.