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If you've made it past the headline, you're either in agreement with me already, or you're raging mad. But either way, you're still here, and that's a good thing! This is the perennial debate among Pokemon fans: which generation is best, which is worst. I'm here to reach out to fans of all generations to definitively say that the original Pokemon generation is not the best generation. Now, before you begin tearing me apart, I want to also state that gen 1 of Pokemon is still my favorite generation, despite its shortcomings. (I even dressed up as Pikachu for Halloween when I was little). So, allow me to throw my hat into the ring as I show you why gen 1 is no better than the other Pokemon generations.

Every Generation Has Its Trubbish

The most common argument you see in forums and discussion boards is that a certain generation is bad because of its less than stellar Pokemon. But the truth is that not every Pokemon design can be a home run. Gen 1 has Charizard, Mewtwo and Pikachu, three of the most iconic Pokemon of all time. And gen 1 also has Grimer and Muk, a lump of toxic waste angry lump of toxic waste. That sounds a lot like Trubbish, the Trash Bag Pokemon to me. What about Klefki, the Pokemon from gen 6 that is just a pair sentient keys? Well gen 1 has a sentient magnet, named Magnemite. Not much different.

The reality is that we need these "filler" Pokemon to make the great ones really stand out. Going on an adventure to catch all the Pokemon is so much more fun when you have to catch 151 Pokemon, instead of just the roughly 40 that really stand out as "cool." Finally catching a Tauros after countless attempts, and a never ending stream of Exeggcutes, in the Safari Zone make catching that Tauros extra satisfying.

The larger number of Pokemon positively contributes to the lore of the world too. Nobody expected a Pokemon god like Arceus, but his addition to the Pokemon universe adds whole new levels of depth. If every Pokemon was super strong, the sense of accomplishment from catching a legendary Pokemon would be greatly diminished.

We Were Children

Pokemon Yellow came out in 1998 and was my first Pokemon game. I was five years old. I was not old enough, or perceptive enough, to realize that Pidgey was just a pigeon (tough to make that connection right?) Yet Pidgey will forever be the first Pokemon I ever caught and remains among my favorites. The new Pokemon of today are just like the Pokemon we loved in generation 1. The only difference is that, as adults, we can more easily see through the marketing that captures the imaginations of children.

Gen 1: Not the Best in the Franchise.

Pokemon Red/Blue and Yellow will always be my comfort food. I know those games the best, but I also know they are not the best in the franchise. For example, the move Focus Energy and item Dire Hit are supposed to increase critical hit chance. Due to a bug, they actually decrease critical hit chance. That's a pretty major bug to miss, and a good argument against gen 1 being the best generation. But, Pokemon was still the best game of its kind for kids at the time. I mean, let's be honest. Digimon wasn't a huge hit, and even as a child, I was annoyed by the fact that every creature's name ended with the suffix -mon. 

If the first generation of Pokemon was perfect, the franchise wouldn't warrant any changes going forward, but even Nintendo recognized the faults of gen 1. Just because it was the best game at the time doesn't mean Nintendo and The Pokemon Company didn't want to improve and make a better game than what they made before. Gen 2 increased the polish of gen 1 games, and then when gen 3 came out, and I played Pokemon Ruby for the first time, I was blown away by how good it was. Pokemon had abilities and natures, and they had their own sprites in storage boxes, there were Pokemon contests, and secret bases, and 2v2 battles that took up countless hours of my childhood. Gen 3 isn't without its faults though. The infamous berry glitch prevented players from growing berries in their games without a patch.

Pokemon games have continued to improve on the base formula, and every new game is arguably the best to come out at the time. This doesn't mean the first games aren't good, they just don't hold up as well as we would like them too. It's why they got a remaster with Fire Red and Leaf Green.

So Which Generation is the Best?

I'm sorry that I'm not sorry, but the best generation is the one that means the most to you. Every generation has its faults. Every generation will be the best at something. What matters most is that we can recognize the faults of our favorite generations without attacking other generations. My love for generation 1 shouldn't take away from somebody else's love for generation 5.  At the end of the day, we are all Pokemon fans, and that alone should be enough to bring us together and rock out to the Pokemon theme song.

What's your favorite Pokemon generation and why? Let us know in the comments below, and do keep things civil. For more Pokemon content like this be sure to stick around GameSkinny!

GameSkinny's Favorite Pokemon of Each Type Tue, 12 Sep 2017 15:03:10 -0400 adelgirl


ThatGamersAsylum's Favorite Pokemon


Unlike some of the other Pokemon fans in this list, JTP Mentor ThatGamersAsylum has a strong preference for Steel and Dragon Pokemon. This is fairly obvious in his choices for these types, but it's also apparent in his choices for Ground, Bug, Psychic, Electric, Fighting, and Flying Pokemon -- all of which have Steel or Dragon as a second type.


Although he's not a big fan of Normal-type Pokemon, he did really enjoy using Staraptor in his first Generation 4 run. He's also the only community member who included multiple mega-evolutions in his roundup.

  • Grass: Venusaur
  • \n
  • Fire: Arcanine
  • \n
  • Water: Swampert
  • \n
  • Normal: Staraptor
  • \n
  • Electric: Magnezone
  • \n
  • Psychic: Mega Metagross
  • \n
  • Fighting: Mega Lucario
  • \n
  • Rock: Lycanroc
  • \n
  • Ground: Mega Garchomp
  • \n
  • Flying: Skarmory
  • \n
  • Bug: Mega Scizor
  • \n
  • Poison: Toxapex
  • \n
  • Dark: Mega Tyranitar
  • \n
  • Ghost: Decidueye
  • \n
  • Ice: Alolan Ninetales
  • \n
  • Steel: Mega Aggron
  • \n
  • Dragon: Dragonite
  • \n
  • Fairy: Gardevoir
  • \n



That wraps up our collection of beloved Pokemon by type! What do you think of our favorites? Want to share some of your favorite Pokemon with us? Let us know down in the comments -- we'd love to see them!


ActionJ4ck's Favorite Pokemon


Senior Mentor and guide writer extraordinaire ActionJ4ck compiled a list that consists mostly of Generation 3 and 4 Pokemon, with no Gen 1 Pokemon in sight. You might be thinking that Venusaur is a Generation 1 Pokemon -- but the form he's chosen here is actually Mega Venusaur, which wasn't introduced until Generation 6. 


All in all, this Pokemon fan has a nice spread of pocket companions that, for the most part, don't overlap in types.

  • Grass: Mega Venusaur
  • \n
  • Fire: Infernape
  • \n
  • Water: Swampert
  • \n
  • Normal: Ambipom
  • \n
  • Electric: Galvantula
  • \n
  • Psychic: Metagross
  • \n
  • Fighting: Scrafty
  • \n
  • Rock: Lycanroc
  • \n
  • Ground: Flygon
  • \n
  • Flying: Braviary
  • \n
  • Bug: Heracross
  • \n
  • Poison: Alolan Muk
  • \n
  • Dark: Absol
  • \n
  • Ghost: Sableye
  • \n
  • Ice: Mamoswine 
  • \n
  • Steel: Mamoswine 
  • \n
  • Dragon: Haxorus
  • \n
  • Fairy: Togekiss
  • \n

Wizard of Warsaw's Favorite Pokemon


This JTP veteran and Senior Mentor made some very interesting choices for his list. While most people choose final evolutions as their favorites in these type categories, Wizard of Warsaw opted for the basic forms of their Grass and Fire choices, Chikorita and Fennekin. 


It's also pretty cool that Shuckle is his choice for the best Bug-type Pokemon. Like most Pokemon that don't evolve, Shuckle never seems to get much attention -- so it's nice to see this turtle-looking fellow get a spot as someone's favorite Bug Pokemon.

  • Grass: Chikorita
  • \n
  • Fire: Fennekin
  • \n
  • Water: Feraligatr
  • \n
  • Normal: Bewear
  • \n
  • Electric: Alolan Raichu
  • \n
  • Psychic: Espeon
  • \n
  • Fighting: Heracross
  • \n
  • Rock: Tyranitar
  • \n
  • Ground: Camerupt
  • \n
  • Flying: Talonflame
  • \n
  • Bug: Shuckle
  • \n
  • Poison: Toxapex
  • \n
  • Dark: Hydreigon
  • \n
  • Ghost: Aegislash
  • \n
  • Ice: Walrein
  • \n
  • Steel: Kartana
  • \n
  • Dragon: Salamence
  • \n
  • Fairy: Togekiss
  • \n

Greyson's Favorite Pokemon


GameSkinny JTP veteran and Senior Mentor Greyson Ditzler had a tough time picking his favorite Water-type Pokemon for this list. And if you take a look at his choices, you'll see that he managed to sneak a second Water Pokemon into his choice for the best Ground Pokemon.


Interestingly, Greyson chose the half-evolved Graveler as his favorite Rock type, rather than the fully evolved Golem. Perhaps this is because in earlier Pokemon games, when Geodude and his evolved form were still pretty powerful, there was no way to get a Golem without trading it to another person to trigger its evolution.


Other than that, this Pokemon fan seems to have a wide range of Pokemon and generations across his favorite types. 

  • Grass: Roserade
  • \n
  • Fire: Turtonator
  • \n
  • Water: Staryu
  • \n
  • Normal: Snorlax
  • \n
  • Electric: Galvantula
  • \n
  • Psychic: Gardevoir
  • \n
  • Fighting: Heracross
  • \n
  • Rock: Graveler
  • \n
  • Ground: Swampert
  • \n
  • Flying: Braviary
  • \n
  • Bug: Vivillon
  • \n
  • Poison: Muk
  • \n
  • Dark: Krookodile
  • \n
  • Ghost: Spiritomb
  • \n
  • Ice: Crabominable
  • \n
  • Steel: Metagross
  • \n
  • Dragon: Goodra
  • \n
  • Fairy: Mimikyu
  • \n

Auverin's Favorite Pokemon


As a seasoned Pokemon fan, our Senior Editor here at GameSkinny had a number of old-school Pokemon on her list -- accompanied by a few newer faces in the series. 


Auverin only gets to sink her teeth into Pokemon games every few generations, so there are some pretty wide generational gaps in her favorites list. It's pretty obvious that she's played some of the older games, and picked the series back up around the time that Pokemon X and Y came out. A lot of these picks also come from her love of the anime series, rather than her experiences with these Pokemon in-game.

  • Grass: Oddish
  • \n
  • Fire: Blaziken
  • \n
  • Water: Lapras
  • \n
  • Normal: Jigglypuff
  • \n
  • Electric: Jolteon
  • \n
  • Psychic: Mew
  • \n
  • Fighting: Lucario
  • \n
  • Rock: Mega Aerodactyl
  • \n
  • Ground: Dugtrio
  • \n
  • Flying: Lugia
  • \n
  • Bug: Butterfree
  • \n
  • Poison: Victreebel
  • \n
  • Dark: Umbreon
  • \n
  • Ghost: Gengar
  • \n
  • Ice: Articuno
  • \n
  • Steel: Steelix
  • \n
  • Dragon: Dragonair
  • \n
  • Fairy: Xerneas
  • \n

Zantallion's Favorite Pokemon


Veteran JTPer and Senior Mentor Zantallion has a pretty interesting lineup here. In case you're wondering why he's chosen Vibrava instead of Flygon as his favorite Dragon Pokemon, he says it's because middle stage Pokemon don't get the love they really deserve -- and because Vibrava's design is really cool, especially the wings. 


As you might be able to tell from this lineup, Zantallion really loves Generation 5 Pokemon.

  • Grass: Decidueye
  • \n
  • Fire: Ho-Oh
  • \n
  • Water: Samurott
  • \n
  • Normal: Bewear
  • \n
  • Electric: Galvantula
  • \n
  • Psychic: Deoxsys
  • \n
  • Fighting: Buzzwole
  • \n
  • Rock: Nihilego
  • \n
  • Ground: Torterra
  • \n
  • Flying: Sigilyph 
  • \n
  • Bug: Araquanid
  • \n
  • Poison: Scolipede
  • \n
  • Dark: Mandibuzz
  • \n
  • Ghost: Trevenant
  • \n
  • Ice: Cryogonal
  • \n
  • Steel: Durant
  • \n
  • Dragon: Vibrava
  • \n
  • Fairy: Cutiefly
  • \n

Adelgirl's Favorite Pokemon


Above is my personal list of favorite Pokemon. I love dragon type Pokemon, and tried to put as many cross-type dragons as I could into my list. The others are various Pokemon that I have relied on during playthroughs of multiple games in the main series and really enjoyed -- like my choice of Talonflame for my Fire Pokemon.


Some types I'm not a fan of, but I still have very specific Pokemon that I like -- like the Bug-type Pokemon, Scolipede.

  • Grass: Decidueye
  • \n
  • Fire: Talonflame
  • \n
  • Water: Empoleon
  • \n
  • Normal: Exploud
  • \n
  • Electric: Luxray
  • \n
  • Psychic: Gardevoir
  • \n
  • Fighting: Kommo-o
  • \n
  • Rock: Rockruff
  • \n
  • Ground: Flygon
  • \n
  • Flying: Altaria
  • \n
  • Bug: Scolipede
  • \n
  • Poison: Mareanie
  • \n
  • Dark: Hydreigon
  • \n
  • Ghost: Palossand
  • \n
  • Ice: Walrein
  • \n
  • Steel: Jirachi
  • \n
  • Dragon: Mega Charizard X
  • \n
  • Fairy: Mimikyu
  • \n

Recently, the Pokemon community has been flocking to an image generator that lets you create a chart of your favorite Pokemon, organized by type. People have been sharing their charts all over Twitter, Reddit, and community forums, and igniting conversations about their favorite Pokemon. 


This easy-to-use generator allows you to scroll through a dropdown menu that contains all Pokemon of a certain type, pick which one you want to include, and then generate an image based on all your choices. These grid-style images are easy to share online, which has made the generator go sort of viral in various Pokemon-related communities.


To join in on the fun, we've asked some of our GameSkinny writers and community members to create their own type charts, and we've curated them here so you can get a taste of what our favorite Pokemon are here at GS. Let's dive in!

Slime Rancher - Get Jiggy With It! Thu, 16 Mar 2017 12:00:02 -0400 Kimberly Cooper

When you think of a 'cute' game many people are quick to think of something with pesky pups or curious kittens. You know, the typical game of give Fido or Mittens a couple of pats and maybe a cookie or two. End of story. It'll cause you to smile for a few seconds (if you're maybe five or just really love pixel pets) and then you're going to wonder if you can get any money for it if you sell it. Games are usually interesting if you can beat up something or fry your brain with a puzzle. But have you ever considered Slime Ranching?

I know what you're thinking. Slimes? Sounds gross and messy. Try looking up videos on Slime Rancher sometime you will find yourself smiling so much that you'll be afraid you'll get a cramp in your smile bones (that's totally a thing, shush). Let's talk about Monomi Park's Slime Rancher a currently Early Access game that has enough in it to allow me to review it as though it was fully released already.

You Can Never Have Too Many Slimes (Graphics)

Once you start up Slime Rancher you'll immediately notice the crisp, refreshing cartoon-y graphics. It's incredibly colorful and just looking at it makes me smile. The colors aren't too overbearing and they fit the game rather nicely. The designs of the slime are also simplistic, but unique and it's easy to tell which slimes are which. As of version 5.0, there are technically about 19 different slime types with one type being an extra large version of any other type. There's really no real background story or missions, you just go out and suck up joyful slimes into your vac-pac and go about your way.

Some of the slimes have different requirements to be able to care for them properly. Flying slimes like the Phosphorous slimes usually require the player to install high walls and eventually a net to prevent them flying out of their enclosures. Oh, they also die when the sun's out so you'll have to either provide them with shade or move them into a location that lacks sunlight. My favorite (not really) slime are the boom slimes who like to blow themselves up about every fifteen seconds which results in an injured rancher and a stunned slime. For such a simple design the slimes have an incredibly high cute factor and they almost put puppies and kittens to shame. If you're worried that the game might be too cute for you, don't worry.

Slimetastic Ranching (Gameplay)

From there you have to build enclosures for your slimes, but it's not that simple. You have to make sure not to mix more than two types of slimes or they'll end up becoming a nasty tarr slime that'll ruin all your hard work. Putting two slimes into one enclosure will usually result in a hybrid of the two (ex. pink slime + tabby slime = pink tabby slime). Oh before I forget there technically isn't a breeding mechanic for the slimes in the game. So I bet you're wondering 'well, how do I get hybrid slimes then?' I've got news for you buddy! You can make hybrid slimes by allowing your slimes to eat another slimes plorts. What's a plort? Oh, it's just a slime's poop. Yup, you've just encountered a game where you make cute creatures each other's poop and you also make profit from their poop. The more fancy and exclusive the poop, the more money you'll get from the exchange.

I was surprised to see that that was how the game worked, but it was something different. Not to mention that the slime's plorts don't look like traditional poop, they're just colorful little crystals that typically match the slime they came from. Hybrid slimes usually have both types of plorts (that pink tabby slime mentioned earlier will produce both pink and tabby plorts). To get a slime to produce plorts you'll have to feed them, if you feed them their favorite food you'll get more plorts from them and have a happier slime a result. Some slimes love a specific type of fruit, vegetable and others like a particular type of chicken (they're called chickadoos and chickadees in Slime Rancher). You can also have your own little chicken breeding operation going on so that your slimes can truly have fast-food every day.

For an early access game there's quite a few upgrades that can be made to your ranch and your slime's enclosures already. I'd honestly expect even more content to come when the game is fully completed.

The Verdict

Slime Rancher is a very relaxing and charming game that is sure to put any player's mind at ease. It is also a nice change from shoot-em up games and other games that are super serious forcing the player to stay tense and focused at all times for hours at a time. I will mention yet again that this game is currently in early-access, but has plenty of content to keep you busy for a good amount of time. With it already loaded with this much content I can only imagine how much will be in the final update of the game once it's released.

It's also a very original concept and is user-friendly to all ages, young and old. If you have a craving for disaster, just add more than two types of slimes to one enclosure and watch all your hard work go into flames. Not to mention that you're free to discard unwanted slimes into the ocean and they'll give a little happy noise, optimistic to the very end.

I've rated it 8 out of 10 stars due to its lack of story and lack of any set goals. However, the game still be enjoyed as much as any story-rich game without those features.

You can purchase Slime Rancher on Steam and Humble Bundle for $19.99 for the PC and on the Microsoft website for the Xbox One.

Postknight NPC Gift-Giving Guide Thu, 23 Feb 2017 04:48:37 -0500 Tobbpitt

Trying to make nice with one of the handful of befriendable girls in Postknight? The whole gifting system is easy to overlook if you're just into the game to give monsters a good whomping but if you're really getting into it then it's time to start giving the NPCs gifts.

Giving an NPC a gift is as easy as tapping on them directly then tapping the 'Gift' button, but that's the only easy part about figuring out the gift system. You unlock a few NPCs in Pompon Village, but it takes some progress to unlock the others. Specifically:

  • Fleur - Complete Creek Trail V
  • Magnolia - Complete Timber Path V
  • Dahlia - Obtain Postknight Rank B and reach Caldemount
  • Camellia - Reach Caldemount
  • Senna - Reach Griffondell
  • Asteria - Reach Valley of Gold

But that's not all there is to know about these lovely helpful ladies! Each one has her own specific likes and dislikes that you have to abide to in order to get her to reach 5 hearts. For example, Camellia loves salads while Dahlia hates them. On the flip side, Dahlia really likes yellow daffodils but Camellia hates them.

When you give an NPC a gift they like you will gain hearts but if you give them something they dislike you will lose hearts instead. You want to make sure you give them things they like to avoid having to make up for hearts lost when giving a bad gift. In addition, you will lose a heart if you skip talking to a girl for a day.

This guide is pretty simple but should get the job done for now. I've listed out the items I've given each girl as well as whether she loved, liked, or hated it. I did not log the amount of heart progress given with each gift, though. Sorry!


Fleur is an apprentice alchemist and can be found in Pompon Village at all points in the story. According to the official Postknight Facebook Fleur loves apples and spicy food, and her favorite color is green.

Loves: Apple juice, curry rice, leaf handkerchief, green orchid, herb almanac

Likes: Coffee, green orchid, grilled salmon, hair comb, honey, lavender, leaf handkerchief, milk, mushroom soup, pancakes, peach tea, pink carnation, polka dot ribbon, salad, yellow daffodil

Dislikes: Beer, feather pendant, red rose, roast beef

Her event items are Spring Bloom, Witch Ensemble, and Winter Herb.


Magnolia is the first NPC you can start befriending and she stays in Pompon Village throughout the story. She loves strolling through the village's fields and home-cooked food (in particular soup), and her favorite color is white.

Loves: Mushroom soup, honey, white lily, polka dot ribbon, caspid honey

Likes: Apple juice, beer, butterfly bracelet, hair comb, lavender, leaf handkerchief, milk, pancakes, peach tea, pink carnation, red rose, roast beef, salad, yellow daffodil

Dislikes: Coffee, green orchid, grilled salmon, hoop earrings

Her event items are Sweet Delight, Pumpkin Ensemble, and Wintertide Sweater.


Dahlia is a thrill-seeker with a taste for beer, and leaves Shello Bay once you reach Caldemount and become a Rank B Postknight. Unsurprisingly she loves beer and beef, and her favorite color is red.

Loves: Beer, hoop earrings, milk, red rose, ameranne wine, roast beef

Likes: Coffee, curry rice, feather pendant, grilled salmon, honey, leaf handkerchief, mushroom soup, pancakes, peach tea, rose handkerchief

Dislikes: Lavender, milk, polka dot ribbon, salad

Her event items are Classic Desire, Pumpkin Ensemble, and Festive Ale.


Camellia is certainly the most regal of the girls in Postknight and can be found in Caldemount, where she will remain throughout the story. She loves high quality teas and healthy meals, and her favorite color is pink.

Loves: Butterfly bracelet, hoop earrings, peach tea, pink carnation, salad, quivtol tea

Likes: Beer, coffee, feather pendant, green orchid, grilled salmon, honey, hoop earrings, milk, pancakes, polka dot ribbon, red rose, roast beef

Dislikes: Curry rice, leaf handkerchief, yellow daffodil, apple juice

Her event items are Blushing Allure, Witch Ensemble, and Snow Cookies.


Senna can't get enough of being outside or taking care of animals and she can be found out in Griffondell through the entirety of the story. She loves animal produce and delicious rare seafood dishes. Her favorite color is yellow.

Loves: Feather pendant, grilled salmon, mysterious eggs milk, yellow daffodil

Likes: Apple juice, beer, butterfly bracelet, coffee, curry rice, green orchid, honey, hoop earrings, lavender, leaf handkerchief, mushroom soup, polka dot ribbon, red rose, roast beef, salad

Dislikes: Hair comb, pancakes, peach tea, pink carnation

Her event items are Summer Charm, Witch Ensemble, and Wintertide Scarf.


The last girl you can start building a relationship with, Asteria is obsessed with gadgeteering. She loves sugary foods as well as caffeine, and her favorite color is blue.

Loves: Coffee, hair comb, lavender, pancakes, titamium ore

Likes: Apple juice, beer, curry rice, grilled salmon, hoop earrings, milk, peach tea, roast beef

Dislikes: Butterfly bracelet, honey, mushroom soup, white lily

Her event items are Bright Devolution, Pumpkin Ensemble, and Clockwork Toy.

Images taken from the official Postknight Facebook.

Top 10 Most Underrated Pokémon From Generation 2 Sun, 05 Feb 2017 11:09:50 -0500 Angelina Bonilla


Gold and Silver gave us a lot of interesting Pokémon from a design perspective, taking Gen 1's ordinary Pokémon and making them in many ways extraordinary.


It’s hard to imagine the Pokémon world without these additions, but it’s always important that while admiring greats like Umbreon, Skarmory or Typhlosion, that you take a second to remember the slightly odder additions to the Pokémon roster -- especially as their numbers grow beyond anything any of us could have ever anticipated.

What was your favorite Generation 2 Pokemon? Who did you think was underrated? Tell us in the comments below!


1. Mantine


Prior to Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire, Mantine had one of the highest special defense stats of any water type Pokémon in the game, only equal to that of Kyogre (a legendary Pokémon). Yet alas, times change and with the addition of new Pokémon, Mantine gets thrown by the wayside. 


Not all is lost for the majestic mantaray though; in Generation 7, it saw a boost to its already plentiful stats, giving it more HP and more speed, which means we may see a resurgence of Mantines in the future.


That said, Mantine boasts a diabolically high special defense of 140. With its excellent typing, the only thing that can really stop it is electric types, which can be taken care of as long as Mantine has a Substitute out. Mantine does what it does best when it has the moveset to back it up, which means having Toxic, Substitute or even Protect can help this special defense wall protect itself from other threats. It also has access to not only Scald but Air Slash thanks to its Water/Flying typing, which gives it a chance to slowly whittle down its competition while hiding behind its walls.


Mantine is a majestic creature which hasn’t been used to its utmost potential, and one can only hope it’s soon seen for the star that it is, especially with the boosts in stats.

Image Source: Here


2. Stantler


Stantler appears to be another example of a Johto Pokémon that should have been part Psychic, but was once again relegated to being a Normal type. It’s a frail Pokémon and is a pain to level, but it has an insane amount of move coverage thanks to its passable special attack and attack stats, which gives it a certain amount of versatility.


Stantler is used as a wall breaker more often than not, and moves like Double Edge and Sucker Punch fall right in its area of expertise. This can also be replaced with moves like Signal Beam or Energy Ball, which provides some unique type coverage. While not a Pokémon that can devastate another team by any means, Stantler can be an unexpected wild card if put in the hands of a competent trainer.


 Image Source: Here


3. Lanturn


Of all the Pokémon introduced in the Johto region, Lanturn was always one of the more interesting ones. It looked as though it was one part beluga whale and one part angler fish, which was a cool design by itself. The fact that it was Water/Electric -- a typing we hadn’t seen up until this point -- made it even better. Unfortunately, it still fell to the wayside because despite these innovations, in later generations it became outclassed by other Pokémon despite having a strong start.


That’s not to say Lanturn is useless in battle -- far from it. Thanks to its unique type combination, Volt Absorb ability, and its diverse move pool, Lanturn is quite an asset indeed. It can be played as an attacker or in a support role, and can learn Scald, which provides a nasty burn to its foes.

With its type coverage you could put an Electric move like Volt Switch (or even Thunderbolt if you want to be risky) to decimate its foes. In more supportive roles it can also provide paralysis in the form of Thunder Wave which unless healed, can cripple an opponent. Lanturn is a Pokémon that just hasn’t seen the love it deserves despite its versatility.


 Image Source: Here


4. Ursaring


This bear doesn’t play with fire, but it does play with devastating attacks. Ursaring is one of those Pokémon that’s harder to find, but once you find one, it'll be a strong asset to your team. Its boasts the same type coverage as many Normal types but this one has the stats to back it up, being a high physical attacker and having decently high HP.


With its ability Quick Feet, Ursaring can make up for its lackluster speed and utterly destroy walls with its sizable attack power and Façade. In addition, it can learn Crunch to deal with those pesky Ghost-types that are immune to it. Then there are moves like Close Combat, Yawn, Earthquake and countless others that make it arguably one of the most diverse wall breakers in moveset alone. You’ll find no better bear for your buck than Ursaring.


 Image Source: Here


5. Bellossom


Another day, another Oddish evolution that’s sadly forgotten by Pokémon fans everywhere. It’s a creative design at least, putting some pep in the step of the Pokémon Gloom by giving it a Sun Stone; plus its stats are decent, so you could use it on a single player run.


Bellosom is another Grass-type with the capabilities of being a sufficient wall breaker, but unfortunately gets outclassed in every way by nearly every other Grass type. It’s best to play with Bellosom on a Sunny Day team in order to blast through those walls with its powerful Solar Beam. Balancing this out with a Fire Hidden Power, as well as a move like Toxic can give this tiny flora dancer just what she needs to succeed.


 Image Source: Here


6. Granbull


A purple Bulldog isn’t the strangest design that Game Freak has ever created, but their decision to call it the “The Fairy” Pokémon was. This isn’t what you’d think of when you think of a Fairy, yet Granbull has become one of the physical powerhouses of the Fairy type that can use “Play Rough” to its fullest potential. Despite this, not too many people will give it a chance.


It can go with a defensive or an offensive move set and it has access to great moves like Fire Punch and Close Combat for type coverage. Not only that but it’s a bulky attacker, meaning that even if it gets hit with a potentially devastating move, Granbull may not go down in one hit; especially if you fill its strong jaws with Leftovers or a Choice Band. Granbull is a great out of the box choice for a Fairy type and it's worth giving it a chance.


 Image Source: Here


7. Noctowl


Noctowl, poor Noctowl. Out of all of the first route bird Pokémon, Noctowl is the most disappointing. It’s a bulky Flying-type with more special defense and special attack stats than one might expect from a Pokémon of its type. It's got a moveset to match. It learns moves like Hypnosis and Psychic that fill up spots normally reserved for Wing Attack or similar in Flying types. Sadly, it doesn’t have the typing to back it up.


Sure, there’s Xatu later on, which fills the role of a Flying/Psychic, but what about poor Noctowl? It just gets left behind in the dust. That’s not to say Noctowl can’t be useful in battle despite all of this, though. It has access to moves like Night Shade and Psychic, which most flying types don’t have. Having Noctowl on your team is all about adjusting what role you’d normally think a Pokémon like that may play and playing to its strengths.


 Image Source: Here


8. Miltank


Miltank is a bulky, self-healing form of Tauros that demolished inexperienced trainers back when Gold and Silver first came out. The amount of HP and defense it had made it a dangerous threat for first time trainers, which has made it become one of the most hated Pokémon in the series.


That said, when on your team, Miltank is a monster and is an excellent ally to have. Just let her have her signature move Milk Drink, with a Body Slam and Toxic, that’ll stall out almost any trainer for quite a while. 

Sure she doesn’t have much in the way of Special Defense, but if you build a team around that or prepare for that beforehand with status ailments from Toxic, Body Slam or even Thunder Wave, Miltank is a welcome addition to any team.

Image Source: Here


9. Quagsire


Quagsire has the exact same problems that Meganium has, except instead of being a starter and barely used anymore, it’s an early route Pokémon and is actually used a fair amount. It just doesn’t have the same loving fan base the Meganium line has because it’s less of a fondly remembered Pokémon and more of a dopey looking goober.


That said, unlike the rest of the Pokémon on this list, Quagsire is in OU tier. Why? Because of the hidden ability Unaware, which means that no matter how much an opponent uses Swords Dance or other moves of its kind that buff stats, Quagsire won’t be affected by it. Couple this with Rest, Scald and Toxic and you have an effective staller on your hands.

While it’s still fairly underappreciated, it’s nice to see it gaining some attention in recent years for the durable fighter that it is.




Image Source: Here


10. Meganium


If you ask someone who their least favorite starter is, there’s a strong chance that it’ll be Chikorita. Unlike other third-stage evolutions for the starter Pokémon, Meganium looks the most… friendly. It doesn’t look like a fighter, it looks like a friend. While Pokémon are meant to be friends, most people want their starter to be a powerhouse to take them through til the end, and to them, Meganium doesn’t fit that bill.


If only they knew the power that resided within this pure Grass starter. With full access to both Light Screen and Reflect -- as well as Synthesis -- Meganium becomes a tanky monster. Having trouble with the Whitney fight? Send out your Bayleef and tank through those Rollouts like they’re nothing. While its typing doesn’t help it in the case of weaknesses, if you can work around it, you have a solid Pokémon on your team that can take you to the end of your journey. 

Image Source: Here


The Johto Region -- or Generation 2 as some like to call it -- had quite a bit to live up to after the first Pokémon games. Following the popularity of Gen 1, Game Freak tried to make lightning strike with this second group of Pokémon, and in many ways they did. The games became more balanced and there were 100 new Pokémon added to the roster, most of which are still fan favorites to this day.


However, with that many Pokémon being added, quite a few fell by the wayside, not even receiving a Mega Evolution or an Alolan Form. This doesn’t mean they’re bad Pokémon, but like the Kanto and Hoenn lists, this is just to give some appreciation to Pokémon who are just less loved.


 Image Source: Here

Tattletail Review - Five Nights At Furbies Thu, 26 Jan 2017 07:00:02 -0500 SirBrodacious

The game is $5 and an indie-game, so I didn’t have too high of expectations going in, in fact I was pretty impressed when I launched the game! The game looks great and while the 80s look isn’t original, it fits the theming nicely.

It’s when I took my first step that I realized this was going to be a “fun” experience. By that I mean making fun of it in my video was genuinely quite fun, but the gameplay was rather terrible. The first thing I noticed was that your character sounds like he’s walking around wearing heavy duty combat boots, which, though hilarious, destroys any amount of immersion I could have had sneaking around. This may have been fine if the game wasn’t a horror game, but it is a horror game and if you aren’t immersed in a horror game, well it isn’t going to be scary.

You see, the main mechanic is noise based stealth. Shaking your flashlight (which charges it), sprinting, or neglecting your Tattletail’s needs all cause noise. Of course, when sprinting is just as loud as “silent” walking, I found myself laughing more at the mechanic’s absurdity than being horrified by it.


The main gameplay to Tattletail involves three mechanics; hiding from Mama, who is the game’s antagonist, keeping Tattletail’s needs filled, and completing fetch quests. Every single one of them get’s tiresome very quickly.

Now let’s talk about the stealth. Have you ever played Slender: The Eight Pages?


The gist of the game is that you’ve got a creature following you around that can teleport to random locations, and if you look at him, you die. In the game you must collect eight pages, with Slender Man, the creature chasing you, getting faster and generally more aggressive as you go. This is basically exactly how Mama behaves, except Mama is significantly less threatening.

For a starter, Mama does not move unless she can see hear you and looking at her only kills your flashlight. Another thing that irritates me is that she doesn’t get any more aggressive or dangerous after the second night. The only time you get a challenge is in day 4, during which you are forced to search for candles that are hidden in vases. I personally only found it mildly challenging, and that is because the game doesn’t tell you where the flipping candles are, so I spent about 15 minutes wandering until I randomly found an intractable vase.

Through the game, I only died only twice, once in what appears to be a bug, as when I looked through my footage I found no indication that Mama was nearby, but I’m fine with one weird death. The thing is, I only died once more, and that was because I intentionally ran straight at Mama to kill myself, and I had to do this twice as the first time failed and she just teleported away. Very scary.

 The second main mechanic is that you must take care of your Tattletail, feeding it, brushing it, and charging it. The thing is, this makes for a tense situation only once or twice as the game rarely sets up a proper scenario to make full use of this mechanic. Most of time, it simply bored and annoyed me as I had to go and fill up all the bars before doing anything. While doing this, I was under no threat at all, meaning it was simply a chore I had to do before I could maybe have some fun.

Now for the giant festering elephant in the room, the one that everyone somehow manages to ignore; fetch quests. The entire game, save for three small missions on day 2, is comprised of nothing but fetch quests. The only variety is three “survive this long” missions that all happen consecutively on day 2, and that’s it. The first task in the game is a fetch quest, open your Christmas present early, and the final task is a fetch quest, find the candles. The only variety in these little tasks is that the location of the items becomes more vague toward the end. Now, theoretically this could be a strong core mechanic, however, because Mama is about as intelligent and threatening as a bag of chips, I’m more likely to tell die of sheer boredom.

Performance and Graphics

The game performs adequately, I was able to run a solid 60FPS throughout and the game never crashed. This is a Unity Engine game, and I have the suspicion that the developer used the default movement script, as movement feels a little stiff, but besides that the game didn’t perform poorly. The game also looks pretty good, though I’m not a fan of the bloom used on the final day, as it appeared very blurry. The lighting effects however were quite nice and the furbies weren’t poorly animated.


The sound wasn’t half bad in this game, with a few exceptions. From what I can gather, the Tattletails imitate the look and sound of Furbies very well. The sounds Mama makes also are done quite well, and they would be terrifying if she was any threat at all.

Of course, some sounds are so poorly done it’s frankly quite hilarious. The character’s footsteps sound like that of a soldier marching on concrete, despite you supposedly being a child generally walking around on carpet. It’s even more ridiculous when you are in garage or the bathroom, as it sounds like you’re in a flipping amphitheater. Again, I laughed more at the sound than I was spooked by it.


Tattletail’s only $5 on the Steam store, which isn’t much. The problem is Five Nights at Freddy’s is also only $5 and while I’m not a big fan of that game either, it pulls off the “scary animatronic want to kill you” theme much more effectively and provides significantly more challenge. You could also get Slender: The Eight Pages for FREE and have effectively the same gameplay with better sound quality, or Slender: The Arrival (by the same dev) for $10 (but while I haven’t played it, it has a pretty positive rating.

Tattletail get’s a big meh.

Top 7 Pokemon Generations Fri, 20 Jan 2017 07:00:01 -0500 Unclepulky

It's 2017, and that means Pokemon has been around for 21 years. In that time, we've gotten dozens of games, 801 individual Pokemon, over 950 anime episodes, and an uncountable amount of merchandise.

One of the ways fans have broken down the series is by labeling different eras of the series as "Generations." Pokemon Red, Blue, and Yellow, along with their spinoffs, are Gen 1, Pokemon Gold, Silver, and Crystal, and all of their spinoffs are Gen 2, etc.

I've been playing Pokemon for as long as I can remember, and I'm proud to say that I've played nearly every official Pokemon game ever made. As such, I've decided to rank my Top 7 Pokemon Generations, meaning I'll be ranking them from my least favorite to my favorite.

Just a few things to note before getting to the list itself: Despite my hefty experience with most of the spin off games, this list will only be taking into account the main series RPGs, on account of Pokemon Sun and Moon having just recently come out, meaning they haven't had time to grow a list of spinoffs. Also, I will not be taking any remakes into account.

7. Generation 6 (Pokemon X and Y)

I do not hate any main series Pokemon games. In my eyes, they all have something that makes them worthwhile, be it their story, their presentation, or just the Pokemon they introduced.

That said, Gen 6 is both my least favorite generation of Pokemon, and the first of three generations which I view as far inferior to the other four.

The biggest mechanic Pokemon X and Y introduced to the series was mega evolution. Through the use of mega stones, previously fully evolved Pokemon could now go one step beyond. While some viewed these new mega forms as unoriginal and game breaking, others became quite fond of them, myself included.

Pokemon X and Y were the first main series games to be in 3D, and for being the first of their kind, they look quite good, a few areas in particular looking truly stunning. Also, despite this being the developer's first attempt at 3D, the game plays very fluently.

And sadly, that's where the good ends with these games.

Not counting mega evolutions, a mere 71 Pokemon were introduced in this generation. This would be alright if the Pokemon were all amazing, but there are only a handful that I have strong feelings toward.

The story of these games is also, in my opinion, the worst in the series. It's poorly paced, cliche, and most damaging of all, flat out boring.

Ultimately, while I don't like X and Y too much, I do have an appreciation for them, being the games where I truly got involved with competitive play.

6. Generation 4 (Pokemon Diamond, Pearl, and Platinum)

Looking at these games as games, they're the worst. However, as Pokemon games, Diamond, Pearl, and Platinum are great.

The thing that really kills these games is the general speed of everything. Getting anywhere takes forever, battles seem endless with long animations and slowly decreasing health bars, and the pacing of the story is painfully slow.

As far as presentation goes, while the graphics are technically better than all of the generations which came before them, I find Diamond, Pearl, and Platinum to be rather ugly games.

The only positive to these games on a technical level is the soundtrack, which is quite memorable.

Now, a good soundtrack alone wouldn't be enough to put this generation over Generation 6. However, where this game fails as a game, it more than makes up for it in aspects which are specifically Pokemon related.

The gym leaders, elite four, and champion are all likeable, especially the champion, Cynthia, the post game is massive compared to most other games in the series, and, best of all, the Pokemon introduced in this generation rock.

106 Pokemon were introduced in these games, including an abundance of evolutions and baby forms for older Pokemon, and, in stark contrast to Generation 6, there are very few that I don't like.

Pokemon Diamond, Pearl, and Platinum almost made me give up on a series I held dear. Thankfully, their immediate successor more than redeemed the series in my eyes.

More on that later.

5. Generation 1 (Pokemon Red, Blue, and Yellow)

The best of the "Weak Trio" as I call these bottom three generations, the original Pokemon games were fun to play in 1998, and they're fun to play in 2017. Fun...but not without flaws.

Yes, these games are horribly outdated. But be it out of nostalgia or just their natural charm, I find the poor visuals, chip tune music, and glitches to all just be part of the experience.

All of those things that I complimented Generation 4 on? Generation 1 is better in every area.

The members of the Kanto elite four and the Kanto gym leaders are ingrained in the minds of all Pokemon fans, and, of course, these games introduced the original 151 Pokemon.

This roster is far from flawless. But for every bland, unoriginal design, there's a really cool Pokemon to make up for it. Again, possibly because of nostalgia,  the Gen 1 lineup is still one of my favorites.

The story is much simpler than the ones in future games, and frankly, with two exceptions, its better than all of the overly complex stories. You're just a kid out to catch them all, become the Pokemon League champion, and who occasionally meddles in the plans of Team Rocket, essentially a bunch of mobsters.

However, the true star of this story is your rival. I didn't mention the rivals in the previous entries because they're so bland they're not worth mentioning, but your rival in these games is the best the series has ever produced.

The one. The only. The man we all named either Gary or Assface...


Pokemon Red, Blue, and Yellow served as an excellent template for future games. However, in terms of pure quality, they would be surpassed multiple times over the course of two decades.

4. Generation 5 (Pokemon Black and White and Black and White 2)

Ladies and gentlemen, the games that reinvigorated love for the franchise!

When I was a kid, the first two generations were already out, and I played the games from them all the time. For gens 3 and 4, I got the games as soon as they came out. However, when Pokemon Black and White were released, I had no intention of getting them. I'd even stopped watching the anime at this point.

Thankfully, on my first birthday following the release of the Gen 5 games, my brother got me the best gift he's ever gotten me: A copy of Pokemon White.

I started the game with low expectations, and as such, was blown away. Because despite what some fans of the series will tell you, Black and White are absolutely fantastic.

Generation 5 introduced 156 Pokemon, the most introduced in any generation. They aren't all my favorites, but they're certainly a very creative bunch.

The graphics were a huge step up from generation 4, with a very appealing art style to boot. Your rivals, Cheren and Bianca, while friendly, were the best rivals we'd gotten since generation 2.

The elite four and gym leaders weren't the most memorable, but more than making up for that is the story of Pokemon Black and White. N is a fascinating character, and the debate over Pokemon rights serves as both a good theme in its own right, while also serving as a satire of real-world complaints launched at the series.

Taking place two years after the first games, Black 2 and White 2 don't have quite as strong a narrative as their predecessors, but the stellar post-game serves as an adequate substitute.

Generation 5 made me fall in love with the series all over again, and as it stands now, it's right in the middle as far as my favorites go.

 3. Generation 2 (Pokemon Gold, Silver, and Crystal)

 Pokemon Gold is the Pokemon game I have the most nostalgia for. It was the first game in the series I played, it was the first game in the series I completed, and it was the first game where I got a Pokemon to level 100, that being my Typhlosion.

However, even taking nostalgia out of the equation, these games are still objectively some of the best made in the franchise.

Pushing the Game Boy Color to its limits, these games had, in my eyes, the most appealing visuals up until Generation 5. The soundtrack is also one of the best in the series, and actually, the top three generations have the top three soundtracks.

While I don't want to talk about the remakes of these games, HeartGold and SoulSilver, I will quickly mention that they absolutely butchered the soundtrack of the original games.

These games introduced 100 new Pokemon, and it's definitely one of the best rosters we've ever seen. Along with plenty of other fan favorites, this generation also introduced my favorite Pokemon of all time, Umbreon.

All of the flaws from Generation 1 were ironed out in these games, leaving the gameplay to be as smooth as butter.

The story of these games is nothing compared to Generation 5, and especially the next entry on the list, but for a GBC game, it's good enough.

Plus, while the main plot was nothing special, the character development of Silver was done expertly. He's no Blue, but his character development from a jerk who only cares about himself to someone who takes care of his Pokemon well is great to see.

Lastly, we have the two things everyone remembers about this generation.

Whereas other games only allow you to travel through one region, here, once you've completed the Pokemon League in Johto, you get the privilege of going back to Kanto and fighting all of the gym leaders from Generation 1.

And then, there's the final battle. While the battles with Blue and Ghetsis are filled with greatness, they really can't compete with getting to battle Red, the player character from Generation 1.


Let's be honest though: As kids, we all thought this was Ash.

2. Generation 7 (Pokemon Sun and Moon)

The newest additions to the series are, without question, the most finely crafted games in the main series of Pokemon RPGs. However, my own personal bias has allowed one generation to rank above them on this list, and by the process of elimination, you already know what number one is.

Before we get to that though, we must discuss some of the things that make Sun and Moon so brilliant.

These games are by far the most cinematic Pokemon games we've ever seen. With a heavy emphasis on what's actually an interesting story, a villain who's essentially Ragyo Kiryuin from "Kill la Kill", and the magnificent bunch of bumblers known as Team Skull, Sun and Moon possess the best narrative in any Pokemon game.

While Generation 6 brought the franchise into 3D, Generation 7 perfected it! The visuals are absolutely gorgeous, and, for the first time, the player is not confined to a grid of any sort, able to move around with complete freedom.

As said in the previous entry, the top three generations have the top three soundtracks. However, the order is not the same, as Generation 7 has, bar none. the best OST in the series.

Whereas other games have only had a few standout characters, Generation 7 has introduced a plethora of likeable and interesting characters. I love Lillie and her family, I love the Trial Captains, more on them in a moment, I love Team Skull, and I love your rival, Hau.

Hau: The video game character my girlfriend thinks is more attractive than me.

Sun and Moon changed a lot about the series. Gone were tedious, move-slot wasting HMs, and in their place is Poke Ride. Gym Leaders are gone too, having been replaced by Trial Captain, each with their own unique trial and Totem Pokemon.

Generation 7 has so far introduced 80 Pokemon. While this is a small amount, unlike Generation 6, all of these Pokemon are great! And, rather than adding more Mega Evolutions, these games introduced all new Alola Forms for an assortment of Kanto Pokemon, essentially making them all new Pokemon.

Sun and Moon are brilliant games, and by the end of Generation 7, it may be the best. For now though, that title still belongs to...

1. Generation 3 (Pokemon Ruby, Sapphire, and Emerald)

 I've never played Pokemon Sapphire...but Pokemon Ruby and Pokemon Emerald were my childhood.

Between the two games, I put in literally over 2000 hours. I may have played Pokemon Blue, Pokemon Yellow, and Pokemon Gold before these games, but they were the ones that made me a lifelong Pokemon fan.

I'll fully admit that on a technical level, these games aren't the best in most areas. The soundtrack, while very memorable and enjoyable, is still outclassed by Generation 7's soundtrack, and I know that some people don't care for the OST's focus on the use of trumpets and french horns.

These games aren't the best looking, and they weren't even the best looking when they came out.

So, even with all of my nostalgic bias, how can I justify putting Generation 3 at the top?

 Well, first off, I believe these games to be the most fun to play and replay. Even after over a dozen playthroughs, I'm not even close to being tired of them.

Helping this is that this game's opening goes by very quickly. Contrast that with Gen 7's prologue which, while well crafted, still takes up the better part of two hours.

The Gym Leaders are all great, especially your father, Norman, who I believe to be the best Gym Leader in any Pokemon game, and likewise, I believe this generation to have the best elite four of them all.

Generation 3 also has both the best bunch of starters in the franchise, and debatably the best group of Pokemon as a whole.

As for the story, it's absolutely ludicrous, focusing on two groups of Eco-terrorists, one out to expand Earth's land mass, and the other out to expand the ocean. It's like something you'd find in a Saturday morning cartoon, and I love it!

While Ruby and Sapphire's were lacking, Emerald has far and away the best post-game in the franchise, with its expansive Battle Frontier.

If I were making this list purely objectively, Gen 2 would be at the top, Gen 7 would still be in 2nd, and Gen 3 would be in 3rd.

However, this list is subjective, so Generation 3 takes home the crown.

Do you agree with my list? What's your favorite generation of Pokemon? Who's your favorite Pokemon? Let me know in the comments!

8 Pokemon That Look Kind of Edible Sun, 04 Dec 2016 17:29:34 -0500 Unclepulky

Unless you're a competitive player, your opinion on whether or not you like a pokemon most likely comes down to what you think of its design. While some pokemon look cool or are absolutely adorable, others are panned for ugly or unoriginal designs.

However, something most people likely don't think of when rating a Pokemon is: "How edible does this pokemon look?"

Pokemon may be our friends, but sometimes, they really do look tasty. For one reason or another, we just really want to eat them. So here we'll be looking at eight of the most edible looking pokemon. And, for the sake of simplicity, these will be ordered by Pokedex number.

#079.Slowpoke- The Dopey Pokemon


The sole representative of Gen 1 on this list, Slowpoke is one of the few Pokemon we actually know to be tasty.

In Pokemon Gold, Silver and Crystal, a major part of the game is stopping the newly revamped Team Rocket from cutting off the tails of Slowpokes. And the reason they're doing this isn't because they're sadists, but because the rarity and deliciousness of slowpoke tails fetch a high price. 

Five generations later, Game Freak has given us even more information about this delicacy. Here is Slowpoke's entry in the Pokemon Moon Pokedex: "Alolan home cooking involves drying slowpoke tails and then simmering them into a salty stew."

#420. Cherubi: The Cherry Pokemon

Despite the fact that they've existed since the first Pokemon games, some players seem to hate the fact that the newer games also include Pokemon based on real world objects.

However, this Gen 4 Pokemon is a cherry. And cherries are delicious. Thus, your argument is invalid.

As for its Pokedex entries, I am not exaggerating at all when I say that literally all of them either bring up how it's tasty, how it's filled with nutrients or both. Considering real cherries are basically just small, red balls of sugar, then the fact that this Pokemon is both delicious and nutritious makes it more appealing than the real fruit.

#493. Arceus: The Alpha Pokemon


Yes, I want to eat God.

Blasphemy, I know, but hear me out. First, Arceus is based on a goat. I'm not sure if you've ever had goat meat, but when prepared well, it can work well in a lot of dishes, especially gyros.

I sadly don't have any Pokedex entries talking about how tasty this Pokemon is, but what I do have is an old idiom: "You are what you eat."

That's right. I want to eat God so I can gain his power and use it for the most important purpose of all. I will make a miracle happen: I WILL FORCE GAME FREAK TO MAKE AN OFFICIAL POKEMON MMO!                                     

#550. Basculin: The Hostile Pokemon 

In real life, bass, the fish Basculin is obviously based on, don't have much flavor on their own -- but they can be seasoned to great effect.

Other than the possibility of making a good meal out of it, part of the reason Basculin appears on this list is because it's one of the few Pokemon I genuinely don't like. As such, I'd have little to no trouble chopping off its head and then removing its bones and cleaning it.

For the two of you out there who call Basculin your favorite Pokemon, I apologize for that mental image.

Oh, and once again, I have my lovely friend the Pokedex to turn to. Several entries, including the ones from Black and White 2, Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire refer to Basculin as "Remarkably Tasty."

#580. Ducklett: The Water Bird Pokemon

Now, I could have easily included Psyduck on this list, but I like that little guy too much to ever eat him. So sorry Ducklett, nothing against you, but that leaves you as my main ingredient for roast duck with oyster dressing.

Honestly, my taste for duck is really all that places Ducklett here. Its Pokedex entry doesn't make it out to be tasty, I have nothing against it personally and eating it wouldn't give me God like power. 

I just...really like duck.

Sorry, Bro.

 #584. Vanilluxe: The Snowstorm Pokemon

Completely unintentionally, this list ended up comprised of 50% Gen 5 Pokemon and 50% Pokemon from other generations. As such, Vanilluxe isn't even the last Gen 5 Pokemon to appear on this list. 

It is, however, perhaps the Pokemon I want to eat the most. 

Vanilluxe is a Pokemon a lot of people point to as an example of "how stupid" modern Pokemon designs are, but, while it's not one of my favorites, I'm rather fond of it. 

You may think the reason I want to eat it so much is because it's based on an ice cream cone -- but that's not it at all. In fact, the reason I want to eat Vanilluxe is because it's based off a dessert very similar to an ice cream cone: The 99 Flake, which is basically a vanilla ice cream cone with a Cadbury flake inside.

Tis very delectable.

#604. Elektross: The EleFish                                                                


Though unappealing to some based purely on the idea of eating it, when used correctly, eel can be used to make some spectacular food. And, since Elektross is the closest thing we have to an eel in the world of Pokemon, it warrants a spot on the list.

Like with Ducklett, I don't have much else to go on besides the real life animal is resembles. As such, I'll just round out this Elektross entry with a real life recommendation for those who've never eaten eel.

The dish I speak of is Unadon. Literally translating to English as "Eel Bowl," Unadon consists of a large bowl of steamed white rice topped with strips of grilled eel. 

It's nothing fancy, but I believe it to be a good introduction to the ingredient.

#684. Swirlix: The Cotton Candy Pokemon



Closing out the list, we have one of the cutest and silliest Pokemon to hail from the Kalos Region.

Personally, I find cotton candy just a bit disgusting, but there's no denying that this thing is straight up cotton candy with eyeballs. I've even seen little kids playing Pokemon X and Y on a train asking their parents if Swirlix tasted like real cotton candy.

And now, one last time, lets look at the place where dreams go to die: The Pokedex.

So far, all of Swirlix's entries have described it as being sweet and sticky. I guarantee you. If Swirlix was real, and you put one in front of a toddler, that Swirlix wouldn't survive for a minute.

So there you have it, eight pokemon that we'd love to get a little taste of. And can you blame us? They all look so darn delectable!

Which Pokemon do you think looks the most edible? Are there any Pokemon from Alola you feel deserve a spot on this list? Let us know in the Comments! 





5 Great Alola Pokemon to Have on Your Sun and Moon Adventure Thu, 01 Dec 2016 16:33:29 -0500 Unclepulky

Having now spent over 50 hours playing Pokemon Sun and Moon, I can say that they are some of, if not the, best Pokemon games of all time.

And, of course, it wouldn't be able to be held in that regard if the Pokemon introduced in the games weren't top notch. Not counting Alolan Forms of Kanto Pokemon, 79 new Pokemon were introduced. And, from regular Pokemon, to Alolan Forms, to Ultra Beasts, there are very few Alolan Pokemon that I don't like.

However, some stand above the rest. The following are five of the best Pokemon to take with you on your adventure through Alola.

5. Salazzle


 Salazzle, the Toxic Lizard Pokemon, is a poison/fire type, and is the evolved form of Salandit. More specifically, it's the evolved form of a female Salandit.

Yes, Salazzle is an exlcusively female Pokemon, meaning you have to catch a female Salandit and raise it up to level 33. Salandit only having a 12.5% chance of being a girl.

However, once you have one, you'll find that it is incredibly powerful. A strong special attacker, it can deal out a lot of damage with STAB moves like flamethrower and venoshock. It can also poison enemies with toxic, and lower the opponent's stats with venom drench. Plus, with its unique typing, Salazzle has eight resistances, which is twice as many as the amount of weaknesses it has.

4. Kommo-O

Kommo-O, the Scaly Pokemon, is the evolved form of Hakamo-O. It is Alola's resident pseudo-legendary, meaning that, while it's a late game addition to your team, its cool design, unique dragon/fighting typing, and outstanding 600 BST will quickly make you fall in love.

Kommo-O's stats are very balanced across the board. There are no "bad" stats to speak of, and with nearly identical physical attack and special attack, it can be raised to serve either purpose on your team. Also, Kommo-O's evolutionary line has the exclusive move, Clanging Scales, a powerful new dragon-type move.

If you'd like to catch this rare Pokemon, we have a guide for how to do so here: How to Find and Catch Kommo-O in Pokemon Sun and Moon.

3. Incineroar/ Decidueye/ Primarina

It makes me ecstatic to be able to say that all three of Alola's starter Pokemon, Litten, Popplio, and my personal favorite, Rowlet, are all outstanding Pokemon.

Incineroar, the Heel Pokemon, is a fire/dark type, which evolves from Torracat at level 34. With a not too shabby BST of 530, Incineroar is a bulky physical attacker. It has six resistances, and one immunity, as opposed to only four weaknesses. Plus, it has an exclusive dark-type move known as Darkest Lariat.

Primarina may seem to be the least popular of the starters on the Internet, but there's really no reason for that except for personal taste, as Primarina, the Soloist Pokemon, is an extraordinary Water/Fairy type. 

Evolving from Brionne at level 34, Primarina has the same BST as Incineroar, but its stats are distributed very differently. Its attack, defense, and speed stats are all very low, but they're more than made up for by its blistering 126 SpA, and 116 SpD. Primarina also has the exclusive move, Sparkling Aria, which can heal its own burns, as well as the burns of any allies.

Possibly the best thing about Primarina is its typing. While it isn't the only Water/Fairy, it still only has three weaknesses, as opposed to its six resistances and an immunity.

Lastly, we have one of my favorite starter Pokemon of all time, the Grass/Ghost type, the Arrow Quill Pokemon, Decidueye.

Evolving from the Grass/Flying type Dartrix at level 34, Decidueye has the same BST as the other two starters. In my opinion though, it has the best stat distribution. With similar attack and SpA stats, it can serve as a powerful mixed attacker, and even though both of those stats are 100 or over, Decidueye still has 100 SpD.

Like all ghost types, Decidueye has an immunity to fighting and normal type attacks. Other than that, it has four resistances and five weaknesses. While that may not sound too great, remember that no moves are 4X effective against Decidueye.

Finally, we have Decidueye's exclusive move, Spirit Shackle. In addition to being a hard hitting ghost-type move, it also makes it so the opponent can't run away, if it's wild, or switch out, if you're battling a trainer.

Regarldess of which starter you choose, you won't be disappointed, as Incineroar, Primarina, and Decidueye are all forces to be reckoned with.

2. Mimikyu


By FAR, the cutest Pokemon to be introduced in Pokemon Sun and Moon.

Mimikyu, the Disguise Pokemon, is a Ghost/Fairy type. This adorable little thing can be caught in the Thrifty Megamart after the sixth island trial is completed.

Its BST is only 476, but it isn't weak at all. With a base speed of 96, it's faster than most Alola Pokemon, and it also has solid Attack and SpD.

However, the main reason Mimikyu is so great in battle is because of its typing and its ability. As a Ghost/Fairy, it's resistant to bug-type moves, immune to Dragon, Fighting, and Normal attacks, and is only weak to ghost and steel attacks. 

If you don't know its backstory, Mimikyu wants to be loved so badly that it hides itself in a costume resembling the most popular Pokemon of them all, Pikachu. And guess what? The costume is functional as well, as, thanks its ability Disguise, the first hit Mimikyu takes in any battle results in no damage.

 1. Bewear

My favorite Pokemon from Sun and Moon, one of my top 5 favorite Pokemon overall, and the number one Pokemon I want to hug: BEWEAR!

Evolving from Stufful at level 27, Bewear, the Strong Arm Pokemon, is a Normal/Fighting type. Starting with its abilities, one is very good, while the other should be avoided at all cost. With Fluffy, damage from contact moves is halved, while fire-type moves become super effective. A fair trade I'd say.

Klutz on the other hand makes it so it can't use held items. Yeah, no one wants that.

As for its stats, Bewear has a BST of 500. While not the best all around, with 120 base HP and 125 Attack, Bewear is a super strong, super bulky physical attacker. As for its typing, it's decent overall. It's immune to ghost-type moves, resistant to three other types, and none of the four types which it's weak too are 4X effective against it.

Overall, if you need a Pokemon to deal out physical damage and soak up hits, there are few better choices to be found in Alola.

What are some of your favorite Pokemon from Sun and Moon?And which do you feel are the best? If you have beaten the game, which would you recommend to others? Let me know in the comments!




10 Cute Pokemon Usually Not Included in Cute Lists Thu, 03 Nov 2016 02:00:01 -0400 Rena Pongchai [Kazurenai]

Whenever the words "Most Cutest Pokemon" come up, what normally springs to your mind? Pikachu? Eevee? Victini? All the Eeveelutions?

Well what about the less loved but equally cute Pokemon in the (game) world? They deserve some recognition too! So I set out on a mission to collect 10 different Pokemon from various generations that need to take a step into the spotlight. After looking through countless cute lists, I used my Pokemon expertise to round up a few that I felt were rarely or completely omitted altogether. Then by process of elimination (i.e, using this user-ranked Top 10+ list) I chose the ones ranked below #100 (who knew Chikorita was actually ranked #18?) thus finally, settling on my final 10.

So in order of their Pokedex entries, let us get started...

Sandshrew (Generation I) - #218

Ranked #218 on the site, this adorable little digger has never been anything special as it's appearance was outshone by Pikachu and it's type out-bested by others in speed and defence. Thankfully in the new Pokemon Sun & Moon, it has been revealed that Sandshrew is getting an Alolan form so let's hope the little guy will finally get the popularity it deserves.

Wooper (Generation II) - #102

Wooper isn't a Pokemon that is often remembered. Being an (armless) representation of an axolotl, Mudkip definitely takes the medal for that, leaving this poor thing forgotten and lonely. However it usually is seen on the internet being used on memes and other thing with its goofy little face, so being ranked #102 is not bad, especially since he makes up for it by evolving into a powerful Pokemon.

Spoink (Generation III) - #137

Spoink. Even it's name is cute and really just... describes this Pokemon well. Spoink's design is really unique, being a pig that bounces on its tail(?) like coils. It's also known for it's depressing pokedex description that it's heart will stop if it doesn't keep on bouncing. A sad life for a cute Pokemon that's only ranked #132 on the list. I personally love it, at least until it evolves to Grumpig -- but hey, at least it doesn't need to bounce 24/7 to survive anymore.

Spheal (Generation III) - #100

Spheal, the little roly poly seal version of... Seel. I instantly fell in love with this little thing when I encountered it in the Shoal Caves in Pokemon Sapphire & Ruby. It has all the qualities of a "cute" Pokemon: big beady eyes, goofy green and super huggable-looking. Spheal wasn't originally going to be in the list, but shockingly, it is only ranked #100 meaning there are 99 other Pokemon that will usually beat him and make it on Top 10 lists. Being personally one of my favourite cute Pokemon, I demand more love for Spheal!

Buizel (Generation IV) - #120

It is a sea otter with a lifebuoy around its neck. A sea creature, that can swim, is wearing a device that helps you swim. What?! And it evolves into Floatzel -- and abandons the lifebuoy for a life vest instead. WHAT?! How adorable is that? Buizel is usually one of the first wild water Pokemon that the player encounters on their travels and often makes a strong and durable companion if needed. So why is it only ranked #120 when it is one of the most unique (fashion-wise) and ironic Pokemon there is?

Stunky (Generation IV) - #301

Stunky was the last Pokemon I decided to add onto the list, because, like many people, I also forgot all about him! Makes sense because he usually appears mid-game and with a 4x weakness to fighting type moves, it's understandable why the little dude often fails to make it to the team. But looking at its design, it is pretty adorable with its big butt-like cheeks and with the large number of mouse/dog/cat-looking Pokemon, having a skunk creature is pretty unique. Definitely doesn't deserve its #301 rank!

Sewaddle (Generation V) - #237

I am not even sure what kind of bug Sewaddle is supposed to be, but its face resembles an adorable baby chick with fangs to me, with a leafy collar around its neck giving it a sort of dracula vibe. Well I'm sold, but Sewaddle is only ranked #237 -- probably because it is one of the starter bug-types you encounter in Pokemon Black & White, which are often forgotten or stored in the PC early in game once it evolves. It's okay Sewaddle, at least you made it in this list!

Litleo (Generation VI) - #127

Litleo was one of the first Pokemon to be revealed when Pokemon Black & White was still being announced -- and many people loved it. It evolves in two different forms of Pyroar depending on it's gender and really represented the lion family in Pokemon. So why is it only ranked #127? I have been wracking my brain and the only conclusion that I can come to is that... there were too many great Pokemon in Pokemon X & Y. Despite it's potential, the little lion-cub was unable to capture the heart of many trainers long enough to become memorable. Its design definitely is unique and looks like it should be apart of its own Lion King rendition.

Swirlix (Generation VI) - #294

Going back to cute qualities, Swirlix has cute beady eyes, a dopey face and a huggable physique. But the best part is... It is known as the "Cotton Candy Pokemon." COTTON CANDY. Can this sweet puffball get any more 'sweet'? It is the epitome of a Fairy type Pokemon. Yet it is only, again shockingly, ranked #294. I think Pokemon fans have a prejudice against Pokemon made out of food and the hate needs to stop! (But wait, does that mean they eat Swirlix in the Pokemon Universe?! That's too traumatising to think about...)

Pumpkaboo (Generation VI) - #291

Pumpakaboo, the first (and probably, only) Halloween themed Pokemon to be created. I didn't find anything particular cute about Pumpkaboo at first... UNTIL I noticed its adorable face on the brown top half of its body. What first looked like a pumpkin with a witch's hat, now resembles a fluffy black cat stuffed in... Mickey Mouse pants? Point is, it is adorable and yet again, ranked disappointingly low at #291. Well hopefully it gets more love and is remembered every Halloween. And speaking of which, there should be more seasonal themed Pokemon (anyone still remember Delibird?)

Hopefully bringing these Pokemon into the spotlight will help them gain more love for them and bring more attention to the unloved cute Pokemon that exist and for the many to come.

Do you have a favourite Pokemon that deserves more love?

Don't Forget World of Final Fantasy in Your Hype for XV Tue, 25 Oct 2016 08:32:43 -0400 Pablo Seara

Many of us are counting the days to Final Fantasy XV's world wide release, trying not to get too hyped and failing miserably. But do not worry! We will get World of Final Fantasy in the meantime -- which is probably the best Final Fantasy spin-off Square Enix has created in years.

Do not get disappointed by its looks: World of Final Fantasy is a respectful entry in the Final Fantasy universe, worthy of our time and praise. Here you will find some of the reasons why this game is a must-play for JRPG lovers, specially FF fans.

Traditional, yet innovative combat system

The gameplay is a return to the series' roots, very similar to the active time battle system seen in most of the Final Fantasy main games, looking to please both old and new fans. How? By adding new systems very reminiscent of another great JRPG franchise: Pokémon.

World of Final Fantasy is full of monsters called Mirages, creatures you can catch with devices known as Prismariums if you meet certain requirements. Players can use them later in combat as allies, level them up and make them learn new abilities in their own skill tree.

Mirages come in three different sizes: S, M and L. Lann and Reyn, our twin protagonists, can change their height and style from chibi to Kingdom Heart-ish. They can use them in conjunction with Mirages to build towers, stacking them in formations of three to combine properties, magics, and skills... but also weaknesses.

The additions to the classic turn-based combat makes World of Final Fantasy a modern JRPG, while maintaining the strength and identity of its legacy.

Fanservice: Lots of FF Characters and Localizations

World of Final Fantasy serves as celebration of Final Fantasy's 30th anniversary. And what is the greatest way to celebrate this incredible event? To add lots and lots of characters from the previous games.

The game includes a wider cast than Dissidia: Final Fantasy. We will meet Cloud, Squall, Tidus, Vivi, Lightning, Tifa, Yuna... Many of the characters we know and love, with a little twist: they will appear in a chibi form, blending with the style of World of Final Fantasy.

We will also be able to visit familiar places like Midgar or Balamb Garden, where we will spend a great time dealing with the main story, side quests, farming, capturing Mirages, and more!

Tetsuya Nomura and Yasuhisa Izumisawa

The art style of World of Final Fantasy is both its strength and weakness. Some won't like its chibi style, but others will be captivated by it. It is a new look for the franchise, different from everything we have seen before.

The one responsible for this peculiar look is Yasuhisa Izumisawa, who worked on the Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles series. He is a very talented artist who is working with none other than Tetsuya Nomura. Tetsuya Nomura is in charge of the Kindgom Hearts franchise design, which is very obvious in World of Final Fantasy and its aesthetic.

Both Nomura and Izumisawa have worked together to bring this stylish game to life with unique visuals and original designs, differentiating itself from other spin-offs.

Available on PS Vita!

An AAA game for PS Vita in 2016? Hell yes! All PS Vita owners (including myself) will be able to enjoy this game for Sony's handheld system.

What is the latest great turn-based Final Fantasy portable game? Probably Final Fantasy IV remake for Nintendo DS, back in 2007! It has been too many years without a proper FF to play on handheld, something many of us have missed.

Sadly, the PlayStation 4 version of the game has been brought down to Vita's level in terms graphics, so that the two ports aren't too different from each other. This makes the portable version my biggest recommendation.

World of Final Fantasy is one of the best spin-offs Final Fantasy has to offer. Its gameplay, founded in Final Fantasy's core, is both modern and respectful. It also packs an absolutely adorable art style, some pretty funny writing and lots of fanservice, all of which merges into a game that can only be described as a letter of sheer love to every fan who has stood by Square for the past twenty-nine years.

World of Final Fantasy is already available in North America and will be released on October 28th in Europe.

Top 10 Most Ridiculous Looking Pokémon Thu, 29 Sep 2016 09:26:58 -0400 Damien Smith


So there you have it! My top 10 most ridiculous Pokémon from Generations I to VI. From pissed off pinecones to demon ice creams to Mario's introduction into the Pokémon universe, we covered some strange creatures. I can only begin to imagine some of the creations that Generation VII is going to hold.


What are your thoughts of the list? What Pokémon do you think look ridiculous? Let me know in the comments below!


1. Trubbish

Generation V

Here we are -- the number 1 most ridiculous Pokémon of them all. It's the one and only Trubbish. Its name, type, and appearance pretty much does all the mocking of this Pokémon for me. I guess when this particular pocket monster was being created, someone'd had a very bad day when it came to taking out the trash.


2. Probopass

Generation IV

There is but one Pokémon that is more ridiculous looking than the vaguely humanoid Probopass. It is a dual-type Steel/Rock Pokémon that attacks with its multiple noses. If Mario was ever to be turned into the Pokémon, I guess this is what he would look like.

3. Gulpin
Generation III

Gulpin is a poison type Pokémon capable of eating anything up to its own size. It has a black diamond marking on its back and a feature-like adornment on its head. This Pokémon is one step away from being the Pokémon frog prince in desperation for a kiss.


4. Vanillish

Generation V

This is the only Ice Pokémon to be featured on this list. First introduced in Generation V, Vanillish is... well.... a big ice cream cone with a scoop of ice cream on it.


Might I add that it looks like a demonic ice cream with murderous intent? You might find something like this at a killer clown convention.


5. Bronzor

Generation: IV

We are half way through the list and really starting to enter the bizarre land. Bronzor is dual-type Steel/Psychic Pokémon. It was first discovered in an ancient tomb, with objects found in them resembling it. To me, it looks like a Pokémon that has the same face as a pug -- like it ran into a wall really fast and ended up with a squashed face.


6. Pineco

Generation II

This tree-hanging bomb is a bug type Pokémon that was introduced in Generation II. It hangs in trees waiting for flying insect prey. It drops down from the tree if shaken while eating and explodes.


What is there to say? It looks like a pissed-off pinecone that was disturbed during dinner.


7. Sudowoodo

Generation II

Its appearance is somewhat deceiving. At first glance. you would think Sudowoodo is a grass type Pokémon, but it is actually a rock type. The front of this Pokémon definitely looks like it's had too many others scratching their rear ends on it. Not to mention the two branches on its head. Their use must be for children to hold on to during piggyback rides.


8. Luvdisc

Generation III

Luvdisc is a water type Pokémon that was introduced in the third generation. It has a relatively flat body in the shape of a heart. Loving couples that saw the Pokémon in the water gave it its name. I can only imagine that it's creator really loves fish -- and I mean really, really loves fish.


9. Klefki

Generation VI

We're moving from Generation I straight up to Generation VI. Klefki is a duel-type Steel/Fairy Pokémon. What can I say? It is a Pokémon that is a keyring with varying keys on it. I guess inspiration came from the thought of keys mysteriously going missing due to fairies taking them. Blend the two together and presto -- you have Klefki.




10. Porygon

Generation I

The only Pokémon from Generation I that you'll find on this list. Porygon is a creature created entirely out of programming code. It is perhaps the most unique looking of Generation I's roster, yet the most ridiculous. To me, it looks like a 3D modelled bird that its creator forgot to render.


Pokémon has long been a series that is renown for its strange, magical, and at times ridiculous creatures. Silly Pokémon designs have existed since Generation I. As generations pass and the roster increases, there are Pokémon that reach all levels of ridiculous.


Today we are going to take a look at the top 10 most ridiculous looking Pokémon from generations I to VI. If you think the pineapple with eggs for faces, Exeggutor, looks bad, you haven't seen anything yet.

Top 10 Most Underrated Generation One Pokémon Thu, 08 Sep 2016 11:59:57 -0400 Angelina Bonilla


There you have it, the most underrated Pokémon from the Kanto region, whether it's because of the physical/special split, the lack of further evolution or mega evolution, or just paling in comparison to other Pokémon. Even with all that said, these Pokémon are still beloved by some players because Kanto was the first region people came across, and even if they're sometimes forgotten, these ten Kanto Pokémon will never be truly gone from people’s hearts.


What do you think about these Underrated Pokémon? Were there any we should have had on the list? What's your personal experience with the Kanto Region's Pokémon? Tell us all in the comments below.


 Image Source: Here


1. Golem


In Kanto there are 4 Pokémon that evolve by Trade: Alakazam Gengar, Machamp and Golem. 3 of the 4 of these are used all the time, and are praised as amazing Pokémon. Golem, on the other hand, well…Golem is just sort of there. When looking for the artwork for this list, you'd be hard pressed to find a picture of Golem that's not some realistic interpretation or a Mega Evolution, which is something this Pokémon desperately needs. Anything to boost him up just a little further, or make it at least on par with other Ground/Rock types like Rhyperior.


That's not to say Golem is a bad Pokémon; it has plenty of physical defense and decent health, which makes it able to tank with moves like Suckerpunch or Toxic at its disposal, but with its attack stat it's far more suited for an all-out attacker with moves like Stone Edge and Earthquake. It's also one of the most reliable Stealth Rock Pokémon in the game to lead off with. The one sad thing about Golem is that oftentimes, people who send him out, do it for one reason and that's to explode. Yes, its ridiculous self-destruct has destroyed many an opponent, and that's what it's meant to do, but it is a little tragic to see a Pokemon's only purpose is to blow itself up after it stopped being useful in battle.


 Image Source: Here


2. Vileplume


What would a list like this be without Vileplume? An unsettling little Pokémon based on the group of carrion flowers, which smell like rotting flesh. Vileplume wasn't as much unpopular for a while as much as it was unloved. Not a lot of people wanted to use Vileplume and again, with all sorts of Grass types out there now, people just see it falling short of what the other grass types have to offer.


However, what Vileplume does have over its more flowery contemporaries is its bulk, and with Effect Spore as its ability it makes it a force to be reckoned with. Combine that with moves like Giga Drain, Sludge Bomb and Sleep Powder, and Vileplume is able to wait out its competition for a little while.


Or, if you want to go full offensive, use the same Giga Drain and Sludge Bomb with an added Hidden Power Fire or Ground to pack a punch. There's other ways of playing with Vileplume thanks to its fairly diverse movepool. It's a fun little Pokémon that can take plenty of hits, and while it's not as beloved as others, this red eyed Pokémon deserves to be on any list.


 Image Source: Here


3. Wigglytuff


Wigglytuff is a tragic case of its pre-evolution being far more popular than its evolution. It's very similar to Raichu in that sense, because Jigglypuff and Pikachu are part of what could be seen as the "Mascot" Pokémon for the entire franchise, while Raichu and Wigglytuff just get left in the dust. At least Raichu gets an Alolan form, but Wigglytuff was just given a Fairy secondary typing, with an expanded movepool, and that was it.


That's not to say that Wigglytuff doesn't have the right stuff to be used in battle of course. Wigglytuff has a huge moveset thanks to its normal typing, and with its massive HP stat it has a chance to set up some moves before it’s eventually taken down thanks to its low defense stats. Still, Wigglytuff is one of those Pokémon you can try a couple of different things with to see what works for you as a trainer. While it may not be the most popular puff, it's known to have the stuff to be tough.


Image Source: Here (Artist Unknown)


4. Dewgong


Poor Dewgong, it's one of the Water/Ice Pokémon that just couldn't be up to snuff compared to the likes of Lapras. You get a Lapras for free and it's everything Dewgong is and so much more. Not only that, but it doesn't fare well compared to even other defensive water types. But it does try, it really does. The biggest problem is the primary typing, which is Ice, and while it is on the bulkier side, any sort of entry hazard can spell disaster for Dewgong, especially Stealth Rock.


Dewgong has access to abilities like Thick Fat, which can make it a decent special defensive Pokémon with moves like Surf, Perish Song, Stockpile and Toxic. It makes Dewgong able to be used on most defensive teams as long as they can make up for the weaknesses it has. Overall, Dewgong is a cool Pokémon and even if it's surpassed by others, it’s still worth giving a try.


Image Source: Here


5. Dodrio


You can get a Pidgey or a Spearow relatively early on in your journey, which means by the time you run into a Doduo you'll already have a fairly strong flying type that you've journeyed with and have no reason to pick a new one up. That and with access to Mega Pidgeot and Starraptor, to most people there seems to be almost no reason to pick up a Dodrio. If you don't however, you'll be missing out on one of the oddest, yet most formidable normal/flying types in the game.


Let's check out this road runner's stats.


Dodrio has high attack and high speed with a plethora of moves at its disposal, which allows it to use them to their maximum effectiveness. It outspeeds many Pokémon and can shatter through some of the toughest of walls, as long as they don't have a resistance to normal or flying type moves. This is where Dodrio falls short, because as soon as it strikes it's a sitting duck for any other move that can be thrown at it, and with its abysmal defenses and HP, it'll fall in battle quickly. This is why the main mode of attack for Dodrio is to go all in and make sure there are no entry hazards waiting for it on the other side.


Image Source: Here


6. Victreebel


Who remembers this screaming monster from the anime who always decided to snack on James' head whenever he had the chance? Everyone? Okay, now which of you actually used it on your team? If you answered that you didn't use Victreebel on your team, you're hardly alone; Victreebel isn't the most popular pick for a grass type, especially not now, when you have access to the entire world of Pokémon at your fingertips and you can pick countless other Pokémon.


However, Victreebel did have its uses and it still does in its own, odd, terrifying sort of way. It's a dandy Pokémon to have on a Sun-based team, as in a Pokémon using Sunny Day and then the battle continues with that weather effect. It helps Victreebel make up for it's not so great speed and helps strengthen moves it has like Weather Ball. It's also a dangerous Sludge Bomb thrower and in that sunny weather, well, its solar Beam is terrifying to behold. With the right team, Victreebel can be a monster; it's just a matter of putting it on a sun team, since otherwise it doesn't function very well outside of it.


Image Source: Here


7. Mr. Mime


Mr. Mime is one of those Pokémon you remember seeing all the time in the Pokémon anime, but never really wanting to use yourself. This is one of those cases of Pokémon fans not wanting to use a Pokémon because of their appearance. Why?


People don't like clowns.


There's a reason you'll find quite a number of horror films with a clown as the main villain, or as antagonistic in some way. Coulrophobia is alive and well in society today and that's part of the reason why Mr. Mime is here. The fact I could find far more scary Mr. Mime artwork than I could the not so scary is telling of how the fandom feels about it.


Interestingly enough, just like many of its psychic brethren, Mr. Mime isn't too shabby in battle. It's a wall breaker, just like many of the other psychic types but it has access to moves like Healing Wish and with its speed, if worse comes to worst, it can sacrifice itself to fully heal another member on its team. Not only that but he can also set up barrier moves like Reflect and Light Screen, giving its team support. While it doesn't excel at that as much as it does at wall breaking, it's still a Pokémon with a diverse move pool that's worth giving a chance.


Image Source: Here


8. Tauros


When it comes to Pokémon suffering because of the physical/special split back in the Sinnoh games, there isn't a better example of how the mighty have fallen than Tauros. If you played Pokémon back in the days of Red, Blue and Yellow, you'll remember how much of a monster Tauros was. It was an incredibly powerful Pokémon that broke almost any walls it came across, just like an actual bull. Now, it just seems that they put this poor bull out to pasture.


Gone are the days it could break any wall, and now it's stuck ramming into Pokémon it would have stampeded over in the past. Not that it's changed all that much. Tauros has the same diverse movepool it had back in the first games, and it's only grown in recent years. Sheer Force has also helped Tauros maintain its status as a dangerous bull to lock horns with. Even if its glory days seem long gone, Tauros can still hold its own.


Image Source: Here


9. Nidoqueen and Nidoking


When it comes to the king and queen of Kanto, one needs to look no further than Nidoking and Nidoqueen. Both of these Pokémon are incredibly similar, the difference being that Nidoqueen has more defensive stat distribution and Nidoking is stronger offensively. That, and their movepools are slightly differentiated by a few moves.


Nonetheless, these two were incredibly popular back during Pokémon’s initial release, but have fallen out of use in recent years. While they're still fairly unique in their typing people have found other powerhouses to use, causing these two to fall by the wayside. Still, they both have amazing movepools and with the advent of the dream world ability Sheer Force back in Unova, it's given this battle couple a resurgence in usage in recent years. While they're both still outclassed by a few different Pokémon, these two are still solid members on any team.


As long as the other team doesn't spam earthquake.


Image Source: Here


10. Flareon


On the grand scale of the evolution of the Pokémon Eevee, Flareon has been, and always will be the weakest of the group. While all of Eevee's evolutions are incredibly popular, Flareon gets a lot less love, mostly due to its mediocre move pool for a physical based fire type Pokémon, and because it's on the slower side compared to other Pokémon that can utilize Flare Blitz.


GameFreak has been slowly giving it more moves over the year making it far more usable in battle than it used to be, but the damage has already been done. Luckily, Flareon is still part of the illustrious group of Eeveelutions, so it'll  that's at least a happier ending for one of these unloved Pokémon.


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The Kanto region was the first region of the Pokémon world introduced to us all the way back in the 90s and it's stayed with us for around that long. It's still one of the most beloved regions for many, but with that title come many downfalls. Next to the Unova region, Kanto introduced us to the largest number of Pokémon and with that, comes a number of monsters that fall to the wayside compared to others.


It's not because they're bad, but they just pale in comparison to some of the other Pokémon from their region. The ones that'll be included are ones who either haven't been given a Mega Evolution or Alola form, have suffered a blow because of the changes the game has made over time or are just not remembered by the Pokémon trainers at large. This doesn't mean they're bad Pokémon, just less loved than the rest of the bunch.

Let's take a look back, just as we did in Hoenn, to check out the most underrated Pokémon from the Kanto Region. 


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Pokemon: top 5 Originals Mon, 20 Jun 2016 15:54:28 -0400 John Robson

Pokemon is a franchise that has evolved, if you'll excuse the pun, into one of the greatest selling franchises in video game history. There have been frequent upgrades to the series, including additional poke balls, TMs, HMs, as well as the introduction of double and triple battles. All of this is fantastic for the general progression of the franchise, but I might have left something obvious out. Yes, that's correct, there have also been hundreds of Pokemon additions. For some this is fantastic, but for others, well...

This article will attempt to list the top five Pokemon from the original games, with a detailed explanation of why they're chosen. The list has absolutely nothing to do with cuteness -- I'm boring like that -- but has everything to do with power, statistics, the diversity of its attack types and its type strengths and weaknesses. Remember, all types and attacks are based on generation 1.

5) Gengar

(The shadow Pokemon, Gengar)

Types: Ghost and Poison

Gengar seemingly appreciates appearing mischievous and spooky, but in Pokemon terms, it's a real handful. Gengar notably has several statistical weaknesses; these are, HP, attack, and defense -- since Gengar is a ghost type, it need not worry about normal and fighting types, but should definitely worry about other physical attacks. Its special defense is easily above average allowing it to survive against quite a number of attacks. Its greatest statistics are its very high special attack and high speed, basically allowing Gengar a smash-and-grab fighting style that also leaves itself fairly vulnerable to attacks.

Type strengths and weaknesses wise, Gengar is weak to ghost, psychic and ground. The ghostly monster is resistant to grass and very resistant to bug and poison. Gengar is completely unaffected by normal and fighting attacks.

Gengar is capable of learning some unusual attacks for its type. The mischievous shadowy minion can learn the following: psychic, ghost, electricity, grass, fire and ice. Its greatest attack combination is hypnosis and dream eater, as the latter attack on a sleeping Pokemon restores Gengar's HP.

4) Starmie

(The starfish Pokemon, Starmie)

Types: Water and Psychic

Starmie is a remarkable Pokemon in a myriad of different ways. Boasting higher-than-average special defensive stats and solid defense, it's capable of taking a beating. While perhaps not the greatest at physical attacks, its special attacks are powerful indeed and combined with its high speed, they're its most threatening attributes. Perhaps Starmie's greatest weakness is its low HP, but that's not a problem, as you'll soon learn.

Type weaknesses and strengths wise, this Pokemon is tremendously fortunate to have very few weaknesses. Its weaknesses relating to its water type are, electricity and grass; its weaknesses relating to its secondary type are, ghost and bug. Because this Pokemon has no types which are considered double weaknesses to a single type, that means its defenses are more than adequate. Resistance-wise, Starmie is tough against, water, psychic, fire, ice, and fighting.

Where Starmie particularly shines (yes, pun intended) are its moves - those that are learned and can be learned. This star-shaped creature can learn practically anything and that makes it extremely useful for taking on a surprising number of Pokemon without needing to switch to a different type. Starmie is capable of learning psychic and water abilities, obviously, but is also capable of learning ghost, bug, ice, rock and even grass and lightning. While Starmie isn't capable of learning all assorted moves of those types, having one with ice beam, thunderbolt, psychic and surf will give opponents the jitters. Starmie is also capable of learning the coveted "recover", an ability which restores 50% HP.

All of the above makes Starmie a real contender for the number one spot.

3) Nidoking

(The King Lizard Pokemon, Nidoking)

Types: Poison and Ground

Nidoking is an imposing sight to behold. Boasting higher than average statistics in defense and special defense, he can take a beating. Nidoking shines particularly in speed, HP and special attack making him formidable at attacking powerfully quickly. Add this to his physical attack, which is his strongest attribute and he's a real powerhouse.

Type strengths and weaknesses wise, Nidoking is more fortunate than unfortunate. Because he is a poison type, he need only worry about psychic and ground attacks. For his secondary type, ground, he only needs to worry about ice and water. Resistance-wise, Nidoking is tough and can easily resist bug, rock, and fighting types. He's very resistant (25% damage received) to poison and completely immune to electricity.

Like Starmie, Nidoking is particularly successful due to its moves. Boasting an impressive array of different types, Nidoking is almost a jack-of-all-trades when it comes to moves. Nidoking can learn the following types: poison, ground, fire, ice, electricity, fighting, bug, water and rock. If Nidoking has earthquake, rockslide, and two unusual types, like thunderbolt and ice beam, he can be formidable against many different types.

2) Dragonite

(The dragon Pokemon, Dragonite)

Types: Dragon and Flying

While it perhaps looks similar to another dragon from another media form, Dragonite is definitely something else here. Dragonite boasts some of the most impressive statistics in the original game and features above average speed, solid HP, and even more solid defense. Dragonite's special attack and special defense are particularly high, making it equally dangerous as it is defensive. But the dragon's most prominent stat is its attack, which is very high indeed and capable of ruining a Pokemon's day quite easily.

Type weaknesses and strengths wise, Dragonite is only weak to dragon and rock but is unfortunately very weak (4x damage received) to ice. Resistance-wise, Dragonite is tough against fire, water, bug and fighting and very resistant to grass. Dragonite is completely invulnerable to ground.

Dragonite is capable of learning a large amount of different types of attacks. Dragonite can learn the following: fire, dragon, flying, electricity, ice and psychic. Like the previously discussed Pokemon, Dragonite is devastating with a powerful physical attack like hyper beam and a couple of special attacks like thunderbolt and ice beam.

1) Blastoise

(The shellfish Pokemon, Blastoise)

Type: Water

Who wouldn't find a creature with two cannons protruding out of its shell intimidating? Blastoise's statistics for HP and speed are solid, meaning more-than-above-average. Its attack and special attack are higher still, allowing it to deal damage. Blastoise's greatest asset is its defensive prowess, with defense and special defense all nicely high, allowing it to withstand some serious punishment. This Pokemon is a well-rounded, tough competitor.

Type weaknesses and strengths wise, Blastoise is only vulnerable to grass and electricity. The shellfish Pokemon is resistant to fire, water and ice. The lack of weaknesses and amount of strengths this Pokemon has really sets it apart from most others.

Blastoise isn't capable of learning as many types of attacks as some of the preceding Pokemon in this list, but can still learn a fair few. Our shell fish friend can learn water, fighting, ice, rock, and ground, allowing it some diversity and the ability to surprise unaware opponents. A Blastoise combined with attacks like surf, ice beam, earthquake and rock slide will be a force to be reckoned with.

There you have it. Blastoise is the winner because of its solid-to-high attributes, limited vulnerabilities and the good array of attack types it can learn.

Am I right? Am I wrong? What are your top 5? Leave your answers in the comments.

Top 12 Greatest Cats of Video Games Sun, 05 Jun 2016 08:06:34 -0400 Anthony Pelone


And so ends this list. Yes, that is a cat cuddled up with a copy of Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood. That's Fukurashi, the cat of Masahiro Sakurai (Kirby, Super Smash Bros.) and whose hilarious adventures are cataloged in these two Twitter albums. In case you're hopping mad your favorite gaming kitty didn't show up, I'd highly recommend checking them out to soothe your soul.


Did your favorite feline miss the cut? Let us know in the comments below!


12. Crono's Cat (Chrono Trigger)

Imagine a sunbaked morning, with your head buried beneath the warm covers as your fur baby is curled up within your arms. Granted, Crono's Cat chooses to rest beside a nearby waste bucket, but he still represents the ideal cat: a loving companion who'll never leave your side. Just look at how he follows Crono around the house!


Crono's Cat is hardly seen throughout the game, yet its role is potentially the biggest of the game's cast. It influences Chrono Trigger's default ending, and winning a certain game at the Millennial Fair will win you more cat food...which attracts more cats. If the mischief of various cats throughout the game are any indication, looks like those sunbaked mornings are about to get a lot more lively for Crono.


11. Meowth (Pokémon)

Meowth, that's right! Several cat-inspired Pokémon have debuted throughout the years, but none are nearly as iconic as Meowth. Just look at his resume: he's the Team Rocket poster child, is one of the few talking Pokémon, had his own GameCube tech demo (Meowth's Party, where he rocked out with a groovin' guitar), is a PokéBall summon in Smash Bros., the list goes on. Granted, half of those come from the anime, but it's helped propelled him into stardom, regardless.

Meowth's signature attack, Pay Day, comes quite in handy for Pokémon Trainers in need for cash. In what are probably the funds its gathered from its nightly prowls, Meowth showers the opponent with coins, some of which go to the player's wallet. Whoever said cats can't make money?


10. Toro and Kuro (Sony)

These two cats aren't from a specific game, but they operate as Sony mascots for their gaming platforms. Toro Inoue, the white one, tries his best to act like a human, while Kuro, the black one, is his bully of a rival rival with something of a perverted streak. Their follies aside, taking just one look at their faces will give you the warm fuzzies

These mascots mainly function as such in Japan, but we've seen them several times in the Western sphere. Pictured above is their playable appearance in Street Fighter x Tekken; not a game loved by many, but their theme song is just too cute. 


9. Nago the Cat (Kirby's Dream Land 3)

Yes, that is a cat! His one and only Kirby appearance lies in Kirby's Dream Land 3 for the SNES, where he's one of many animal buddies that aid the puffball's quest. Some get a bit creative with how they accompany Kirby; in Nago's case, he rolls him along like a ball.


Animal buddies can channel Kirby's Copy Abilities to concoct devastating attacks, and Nago is no exception. So, what can he do? Well, in the case of Spark, he paws Kirby with enough static electricity that it is dangerous to the touch. Then there's Clean, where Kirby turns into a cloth and Nago slides on him to plow into enemies. And, my personal favorite: Stone, where he picks up Stone Kirby and repeatedly slams him into the ground with earthquake-level force. It's great. 


8. Judd (Splatoon)

Everyone can't get enough of the kids and squids of Splatoon, but us cat lovers know who the real star is: the referee, Judd. The corpulent kitty oversees the Inklings' Turf Wars, raising and dropping flags in stupefied awe to whoever, respectively, won or lost. But when he's not busy judging, you'll find him in Inkopolis Plaza doing what every cat does best: napping.


In this world of aquatic-human hybrids, it's refreshing to see a full-blooded mammal within Splatoon's colorful cast. But why is that the case? The answer may lie in the Sunken Sea Scrolls, which imply a past that'd make any cat owner's heart break...


7. Katz (Tales of Symphonia)


This one might be cheating, although we never learn what exactly Katz are. In any case, they're a pot-bellied cat-like race who occupy nearly every town in the world of Tales of Symphonia, offering treasure hunting services and mini-game fun. There's even a hidden Katz Village in the far corners of Sylvarant, serving as a cozy little hamlet full of goods.

Racism is quite the heavy theme in Tales of Symphonia, as citizens of both Sylvarant and Tethe'alla fall prey to anti-Half-Elf propaganda. Thankfully, it would appear Symphonia's world is populated with cat lovers, as they embrace the mysterious nature of Katz with open arms. Just look at how touched they are when they help rebuild Luin! 


6. Cat Goomba (Super Mario 3D World)

I'm sorry, I know Cat Toad is the cutest of Super Mario 3D World's catfolk, but in my heart I know Cat Goomba is the greatest of them all. They're not just cute; their newfound jumping prowess is so fearsome that even Luigi is too panicked to fight back! 


...But that's just Luigi; actually, if he musters up the courage to fight back, he'll discover they're still defeated in one stomp. But they still try hard with their new feline persona, and that melts my heart enough to make me want one of my own. Seriously, why haven't they made a Cat Goomba plushie yet? 


5. Jibanyan (Yo-Kai Watch)


Paws of Fury! Jibanyan, the mascot of Level 5's Yo-Kai Watch series, is one of the first ghostly Yo-Kai you'll come across. A fire-breathing, two-tailed kitty, Jibanyan was once a cat named Rudy in a past life, until he was fatally run over by a truck. But a kitty's grudge runs deep; even now, he tries to challenge the truck that killed him, but fails every time. Why exactly does he go to such lengths? I'd tell you, but I'm getting chocked up just thinking about it...


Yo-Kai Watch has been gradually gaining momentum since it launched in Western territories last year, but apparent reports of its slowing down in Japan have dispelled any notions of Jibanyan taking down Pikachu. Whatever the case, I just can't get enough of his dancing animation while charging his Soultimate. It's so purrfectly adorable. 


4. Tangy (Animal Crossing)

Is there any cat in all of Animal Crossing more fascinating than Tangy? As much as I remain amused by Rover's stalking train hopping, all it takes is one look at Tangy's head to start asking questions. What's with all pores? The leaf sprouting between her ears? Was she actually born as a half-cat, half-orange hybrid, or was it plastic surgery gone horribly, horribly wrong?


I realize I'm asking this in a series where villagers can be robot frogs and mummy dogs, but those have logical answers: Ribbot was just built that way, and Lucky might've had a terrible accident. We get no such answer from Tangy, but in any case, she might want to watch out: villagers with the "lazy" personality are known to get pretty hungry, reeOWR.


3. King Tom (Ni no Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch)


That's Your Meowjesty, to you! Reigning over the province of Ding Dong Dell, this third-person-speaking cat was a great wizard in his heyday, but you wouldn't know it when we first meet him. Indeed, he's one of the many Other World residents who's fallen under Shadar's Brokenhearted spell, and so we first encounter him lounging about lazily in his throne room. Typical for a housecat, but not so much for a king. It's not until Oliver and Drippy cure his broken heart that he repays his debt by handing Oliver his old wand, setting his first real step as a full-fledged wizard.


By the way, they say every Other World denizen has a soulmate in the Real World, like two sides of the same coin. Could Oliver know King Tom's counterpart back in Motorville? Possible, but as seen above, Ding Dong Dell has something of a rat problem, so it's best not to linger on that...or is it?


2. The Cat Who Swims on the Ground (EarthBound Beginnings)


Ninten meets a number of enigmatic figures in the mystical Magicant, be it evil tree stumps, a legendary bard, a forgotten man...and yes, swimming cats. You can spot a couple swimming in the enchanted realm's waters, but it's The Cat Who Swims on the Ground that captivates us. Just how did it master the art of swimming through Magicant's cloudy landscape, and is it as blissful as it looks?


Even more impressive is how it can swim with only one paw above the ground, and so it engages Ninten in a guessing game: what does it have in the paw below? Rumors say it'll only give a prize to a girl, though. 


1. Palicoes (Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate)

The Felynes of Monster Hunter have never been afraid to hunt down meownsters, but their role as Palicoes in last year's Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate touched our hearts. Palicoes accompany the player right from the beginning, and can be customized with a wide variety of weapons and costumes. There's nothing quite as cathartic as being accompanied by a talking, fighting cat while on the prowl.

Oh, did I mention the existence of Sunset Isle, a Palico paradise where Felynes can engage in mini-games? Best of all: they can equip armor borrowed from famous video game characters via DLC. I mean, let's face it: who doesn't love dressing up their cats?


Last year, we had not one, but two Top 10 dog lists here at GameSkinny. To balance things out, here's a list featuring gaming's very best of what's really the greatest animal out there: cats, the stars of YouTube videos and meme images all across the internet.


And you can forget posers like Big the Cat or Bubsy the Bobcat; we're going to discuss the true feline stars of gaming. Who ranks among the greatest of gaming cats? The cutest? The fuzziest? The weirdest? Join us to see which cantankerous kitties made the cut.

Neko Atsume all cats list part 2 - Letters "N" through "Z" Mon, 04 Jan 2016 06:23:59 -0500 Tobbpitt

It's time for part two of my complete Neko Atsume all cats guide list! This time we're tackling letters "N" through "Z", with the first being the endearing Patches and the last being the somewhat grumpy Xerxes IX.

If you want to peruse cats with names that begin with letters "A" through "M", be sure to wander over to the first part of my cat guide list. It's identical to this one, I promise.

As with part 1, each cat's details like personality, power level, and appearance are listed here along with the items they like most. This part also has the same notes pre-list, which you should read before moving forward.

Note 1: Items that have multiple colors or patterns like "Bucket (Red)" are listed here as "red bucket". Items where there are multiple colors a cat likes such as Bucket (Red), Bucket (Blue), and Bucket (Yellow) are listed here together like "red, blue and yellow bucket" to save space. 

Note 2: The food each rare cat requires isn't mentioned here. If you want more detailed info on rare cats, take a look at my rare cats guide. I also have listed detailed memento information if you're interested in more information on your cats' tokens of affection.


Appearance: Orange patches
Personality: Jealous
Power level: 80
Memento: Colored candles
Preferred items

Glass vase, scratching log, goldfish bowl, earthenware pot, cat condo complex, beach umbrella, bureau with pot, ball of yarn, temari ball, cardboard house, bunny kick toy, large hot mat, space heater, pile of leaves, kotatsu, luxurious hammock, paper umbrella, cat metropolis, giant cushion, large cooling mat, burger cushion, ball of yarn, purple pillow, brown, pink, and beige cushions, 


Appearance: Tan & orange
Personality: Capricious
Power level: 45
Memento: Bendy straw
Preferred items

Peaches will visit for pretty much any item! She just does not stay long.


Appearance: Black with odd eyes
Personality: Shy
Power level: 165
Memento: Toy mirror
Preferred items

Plastic bag, scratching log, cake box, cardboard house, large shopping box, clay pot, cowboy hat, earthenware pot, scratching board, cat pancake, yellow bucket, glass vase, black head space, burger cushion, chestnut cushion, goldfish bowl, lacquered bowl, pickling pot, scratching post, kotatsu, "I" and "U" tunnels, twisty rail, bureau with pot, green pillow, brown cushion, every cube, thick cooling pad, warm sock, nature tent, pyramid tent, colorful sock, head space, silk crepe pillow, cardboard cafe, cardboard choo-choo


Appearance: Gray and white tabby
Personality: Faint-hearted
Power level: 0
Memento: Silent bell
Preferred items

Pile of leaves, kotatsu, paper bag, clay pot, head space, fluffy cushion, pink and brown cushions, every cube, burger cushion, ping-pong ball, large shopping box, red and blue buckets, glass vase, pickling pot, cat pancake, tail-thing teaser, fish-stick tunnel, planter, goldfish bowl, earthenware pot, heating stove, small hot mat, wing-thing teaser, 3D tunnel, bureau with pot, cat metropolis, giant cushion, black head space, purple and yellow pillows, cardboard house, toy capsule, silk crepe cushion, chestnut cushion, basket case, two-tier cat tree, cat condo complex


Appearance: Striped torbie
Personality: Ditsy
Power level: 125
Memento: Bird feather
Preferred items

"I", "U", "T" tunnels, 3D tunnel, fish-stick tunnel, mouse kick toy, mister mouse, kotatsu, doughnut tunnel, green and pink cushions, tiramisu cube, cardboard truck, ball of yarn, cardboard choo-choo, snowy pillow, cardboard house, maple pillow, sakura pillow, pink hammock, woven hammock, beach umbrella, burger cushion, basket case, heating stove, bureau with pot, two-tier cat tree, sheep cushion, red, blue and yellow buckets, glass case, clay pot, planter, glass vase


Appearance: Orange and white tabby
Personality: Spacey
Power level: 90
Memento: Bird feather
Preferred items

"I", "U", "T" tunnels, 3D tunnel, fish-stick tunnel, mouse kick toy, mister mouse, kotatsu, doughnut tunnel, green and pink cushions, tiramisu cube, cardboard truck, ball of yarn, cardboard choo-choo, snowy pillow, cardboard house, maple pillow, sakura pillow, pink hammock, woven hammock, beach umbrella, burger cushion, basket case, heating stove, bureau with pot, two-tier cat tree, sheep cushion, red, blue and yellow buckets, glass case, clay pot, planter, glass vase

Ramses the Great (Rare)

Appearance: Sphinx
Personality: Riddler
Power level: 230
Memento: Elegant staff
Preferred items

Pyramid tent


Appearance: Grey tuxedo
Personality: Selfish
Power level: 140
Memento: Warped container
Preferred items

Red rubber ball, green cushion, bunny kick toy, green pillow, art deco cat condo, cardboard cafe, cardboard choo-choo, glass vase, pink bucket, green hammock, cat metropolis, two-tier cat tree, heating stove, cardboard house, kotatsu, blizzard tent, pom-pom sock

Saint Purrtrick (Rare)

Appearance: Ethereal
Personality: Awe-inspiring
Power level: 222
Memento: Mysterious stone
Preferred items

Kotatsu, silk crepe pillow

Sassy Fran (Rare)

Appearance: Waitress
Personality: Enthusiastic
Power level: 180
Memento: Coffee cup
Preferred items

Cardboard cafe

Senor Don Gato (Rare)

Appearance: Mustachioed
Personality: Scheming
Power level: 30
Memento: Feathered hat
Preferred items

 Mister mouse


Appearance: Solid grey
Personality: Peculiar
Power level: 50
Memento: Cicada skin
Preferred items

Space heater, twisty rail, yellow, red and blue rubber balls, pile of leaves, "U" tunnel, bureau with pot, kotatsu, heating stove, bunny kick toy, cowboy hat, earthenware pot, clay pot, scratching board, watermelon ball, ball of yarn, two-tier cat tree, cat metropolis, pickling pot, clay pot, goldfish bowl, doughnut tunnel, arabesque blanket, pyramid tent, ping-pong ball, stress reliever, small shopping box, large shopping box, cardboard house, toy capsule, sakura pillow, basket case, giant cushion, pink cushion, cat condo complex, are deco cat tree, cardboard choo-choo, cardboard cafe, fluffy cushion, 


Appearance: Solid black
Personality: Hot and cold
Power level: 140
Memento: Soft brush
Preferred items

Red rubber ball, tail-thing teaser, doughnut tunnel, carp tunnel, temari ball, stress reliever, small shopping box, cardboard choo-choo, silk crepe cushion, cardboard cafe, cardboard house, large shopping box, paper umbrella, two and three-tier cat trees, "I" and "T" tunnels, mister mouse, mouse kick toy, mister dragonfly, pickling pot, scratching board, paper bag, cat pancake, kotatsu, space heater, pile of leaves, small hot mat, tail-thing teaser, wild-thing teaser, wing-thing teaser, bunny kick toy, twisty rail, busy bee, butterfly swarm, carp tunnel, cat condo complex, cat metropolis, art deco cat tree, two and three-tier cat trees, beach umbrella, green pillow, sakura pillow, silk crepe pillow, navy-blue cube, sheep cushion, beige and green cushions, marble pad, warm sock, pom-pom sock, blizzard tent, arabesque blanket, pink hammock


Appearance: Solid white
Personality: Mellow
Power level: 80
Memento: Flowered collar
Preferred items

Snowball with visit for almost every item, except scratching items like scratching posts.


Appearance: Black with white mitts
Personality: Adventurous
Power level: 70
Memento: Small mittens
Preferred items

Wild-thing teaser, kotatsu, earthenware pot, blue bucket, blue, yellow and red rubber balls, small shopping box, watermelon ball, cardboard truck, cardboard choo-choo, large shopping box, bean bag, pyramid tent, cat condo complex, glass vase, scratching board, snow sled, cowboy hat, heating stove, "T", "I" and "U" tunnels, bureau with pot, cardboard cafe, sheep cusion, yellow hammock, thick cooling pad, cat metropolis, luxurious hammock, plastic bag, paper bag, 3D tunnel, 


Appearance: Black patches
Personality: Lonely
Power level: 40
Memento: Damaged spoon
Preferred items

Snow sled, glass vase, sheep cushion, stress reliever, "T" tunnel, pile of leaves, cardboard cafe, cardboard house, beach umbrella, goldfish bowl, art deco cat tree, cat condo complex, cat metropolis, large cooling pad, ping-pong ball, cowboy hat, cardboard choo-choo, kotatsu, bureau with pot, colorful sock, burger cushion, arabesque blanket, panel heater, space heater, cow tunnel, doughnut tunnel, twisty rail


Appearance: Gray tortoiseshell
Personality: Reserved
Power level: 35
Memento: Gift wrap ribbon
Preferred items

Green and pink cat macaroons, scratching post, cat pancake, ball of yarn, gift box, cat pancake, wood pail, plastic bag, scratching board, space heater, paper bag, busy bee, mister dragonfly, panel heater, zebra grass gadget, mister mouse, bureau with pot, wing-thing teaser, wild-thing teaser, two-tier cat tree, butterfly swarm, art deco cat tree, cat metropolis, pyramid tent, cat condo complex, nature tent, modern red tent, black head space, pom-pom sock, every cube, chestnut cushion, cardboard choo-choo, small shopping box, large shopping box, maple pillow, gift box, 


Appearance: Black and white
Personality: Joker
Power level: 75
Memento: Glow bracelet
Preferred items

Spots will visit to use the vast majority of items except some heaters and scratching furniture.


Appearance: Red tortoiseshell
Personality: Cautious
Power level: 80
Memento: Eyeglass lens
Preferred items

Kotatsu, twisty rail, pile of leaves, pink and green cat macaroons, glass vase, earthenware pot, panel heater, tail-thing teaser, 3D tunnel, temari ball, cardboard house, large shopping box, snow sled, panel heater, heating stove, "T", "U" and "I" tunnels, cardboard choo-choo, large cooling mat, tiramisu cube, basket case, orange cube, navy-blue cube, cat condo complex, chestnut cushion, sakura pillow, two-tier cat tree


Appearance: Turkish calico
Personality: Mischievous
Power level: 120
Memento: Shiny acorn
Preferred items

Scratching board, plastic bag, paper bag, planter, yellow, red and blue buckets, glass vase, pile of leaves, baseball, cake box, ball of yarn, goldfish bowl, cowboy hat, kotatsu, busy bee, soccer ball, large shopping box, planter, snow sled, panel heater, busy bee, mister mouse, "U" tunnel, cat metropolis, bureau with pot, twisty rail, mister dragonfly, pink hammock, wing-thing teaser, tail-thing teaser, cat condo complex, two-tier cat tree, cardboard house, cardboard truck, soccer ball, sakuramochi cushion, large cooling mat, cardboard choo-choo, burger cushion, 


Appearance: Calico tabby
Personality: Leisurely
Power level: 40
Memento: Random seeds
Preferred items

Cardboard house, small shopping box, yellow and beige cushions, two-tier cat tree, blue, yellow and red rubber balls, stress reliever, watermelon ball, gift box, green and purple pillows, basket case, wing-thing teaser, kotatsu, large hot mat, small hot mat, pile of leaves, panel heater, woven hammock, yellow hammock, bean bag, luxurious hammock, cat condo complex, fruit basket, pink cat macaroon, glass vase, paper bag, heating stove, butterfly swarm, arabesque blanket, cat metropolis, goldfish bowl, planter, warm sock, giant cushion, burger cushion, navy-blue cube, orange cube

Tubbs (Rare)

Appearance: Fluffy
Personality: Finicky feaster
Power level: 130
Memento: Fish jerky
Preferred items

Tubbs will come for any food aside from thrifty bits. He also likes the giant cushion.


Appearance: Black tabby
Personality: Crafty
Power level: 75
Memento: Worn postcard
Preferred items

Cardboard choo-choo, navy-blue cube, scratching board, green pillow, thick cooling pad, glass vase, cardboard cafe, green hammock, pink bucket, beach umbrella, green cushion, ping-pong ball, kotatsu, two-tier cat tree, cat condo complex, art deco cat tree, heating stove, panel heater,  cat pancake, toy capsule, blizzard tent, cardboard truck, bunny kick toy, cardboard truck, warm sock

Xerxes IX (Rare)

Appearance: Persian
Personality: Regal
Power level: 70
Memento: Pretty stones
Preferred items

Zanzibar cushion
Neko Atsume all cats list part 1 - Letters "A" through "M" Thu, 31 Dec 2015 04:21:42 -0500 Tobbpitt

Neko Atsume's adorable felines have kept players across the world hooked on the game. Their cute little faces, unique personalities, and penchant for lazily sitting around a stranger's house and yard are more than enough to get people to keep coming back.

There are a lot of cats in Neko Atsume -- nearly 50! And it can take a long time to get all of them to pay you a visit, not to mention give you a memento as a present.

This list aims to give you most of the information you need to draw each cat to your home and even includes each cat's information like appearance, personalities, and mementos. 

You are currently on the first part of the Neko Atsume all cats guide list, which covers cats with names beginning with letters "A" through "M". If you're looking for cats with names that start with "N" or above, check out the second part of my all cats guide list.

Note 1: Items that have multiple colors or patterns like "Bucket (Red)" are listed here as "red bucket". Items where there are multiple colors a cat likes such as Bucket (Red), Bucket (Blue), and Bucket (Yellow) are listed here together like "red, blue and yellow bucket" to save space.

Note 2: The food each rare cat requires isn't mentioned here. If you want more detailed info on rare cats, take a look at my rare cats guide. I also have listed detailed memento information if you're interested in more information on your cats' tokens of affection.


Appearance: Tortoiseshell
Personality: Wild at heart
Power level: 180
Memento: Teaser toy tip
Preferred items

Large shopping box, cardboard house, cake box, green cushion, cardboard choo-choo, woven and pink hammocks, two and three-tier cat trees, cat metropolis, cat condo complex, bureau with pot, "I, "T", "U" tunnel pieces, mouse and bunny kick toys, mister mouse and dragonfly, pile of leaves, planter, cowboy hat, scratching log, scratching post, heating stove, kotatsu

Billy the Kitten (Rare)

Appearance: Western wear
Personality: Nihilistic
Power level: 250
Memento: Lucky coin
Preferred items

Cowboy hat

Bob the Cat (Rare)

Appearance: Adventurer
Personality: Outdoorsy
Power level: 40
Memento: Antique compass
Preferred items

Cat metropolis


Appearance: Brown tabby
Personality: Insatiable
Power level: 140
Memento: Fish-stick board
Preferred items

Earthenware pot, fruit basket, purple, green, and yellow pillows, thick cooling pad, gift box, cardboard cafe, watermelon ball, small shopping box, sheep cusion, sakuramochi cushion, cat metropolis, beach umbrella, two-tier cat tree, cat condo complex, fish, bunny, and saury kick toys, pile of leaves, heating stove, kotatsu, pink and green cat macaroons, glass vase, cat pancake, goldfish bowl, butterfly swarm, arabeqsue blanket, burger cushion


Appearance: Brown & white tabby
Personality: Laid back
Power level: 30
Memento: Hourglass
Preferred items

Gift box, small shopping box, paper umbrella, glass vase, wood pail, twisty rail, basically any type of cushion, modern and nature tents, cardboard choo-choo, cardboard house, yellow rubber ball, dice cube, pom-pom sock, cat metropolis, two-tier cat tree, kotatsu, space heater, pile of leaves, cat pancake, cowboy hat, plastic bag, paper bag, arabesque blanket, bureau with pot


Appearance: Calico
Personality: Carefree
Power level: 50
Memento: Damp matchbox
Preferred items

Earthenware pot, goldfish bowl, cat pancake, cowboy hat, heating stove, kotatsu, lacquered bowl, cat metropolis, plastic bag, luxurious hammock, yellow, pink, and woven hammocks, arabesque blanket, pom-pom sock, ball of yarn, warm sock, tiramisu cube, navy blue cube, brown, purple, and green cushions, cardboard house, cardboard cafe

Chairman Meow (Rare)

Appearance: Camouflage
Personality: Boorish
Power level: 111
Memento: Dog tag
Preferred items

Earthenware pot


Appearance: Brown tuxedo
Personality: Indecisive
Power level: 45
Memento: Dice
Preferred items

This cat likes pretty much any item you could put out.

Conductor Whiskers (Rare)

Appearance: Railway uniform
Personality: Vigilant
Power level: 50
Memento: Hand-written ticket
Preferred items

Twisty rail, cardboard choo-choo


Appearance: White calico
Personality: Friendly
Power level: 195
Memento: White calico
Preferred items

Temari ball, small shopping box, purple pillow, snowy pillow, sakura pillow, maple pillow, silk crepe pillow, sakuramochi cushion, green cushion, pink hammock, woven hammock, luxurious hammock, sheep cushion, cow tunnel, doughnut tunnel, pink and green cat hammocks, cat pancake, navy-blue cube, orange cube, dice cube, cardboard choo-choo, art deco cat tree, cat condo complex, wild-thing teaser


Appearance: Orange tabby
Personality: Lady-killer
Power level: 150
Memento: Seashell earring
Preferred items

Scratching post, "U" tunnel, space heater, kotatsu, blue rubber ball, soccer ball, small shopping box, watermelon ball, brown and green cushions, thick cooling pad, snowy pillow, large shopping box, cardboard cafe, cardboard house, cowboy hat, two-tier cat tree, cat metropolis, art deco cat tree, cardboard choo-choo, silk crepe pillow, cool aluminum pad, thick cooling pad, yellow hammock, glass vase

Frosty (Rare)

Appearance: Straw coat
Personality: Sensitive
Power level: 5
Memento: Thaw-proof snowman
Preferred items

Bureau with pot, blizzard tent, any pillow, thick cooling pad


Appearance: Tuxedo
Personality: Diligent
Power level: 150
Memento: Raffle Ticket
Preferred items

Pink cat macaroon, lacquered bowl, soccer ball, cardboard truck, cardboard cafe, purple and green pillows, beige cushion, silk crepe pillow, snow sled, earthenware pot, scratching log, panel heater, lacquered bowl, cardboard choo-choo, black head space, head space, two-tier cat tree, art deco cat tree, kotatsu, small hot mat, zanzibar cushion, fish kick toy, cool aluminum pad


Appearance: Red with white mitts
Personality: Bashful
Power level: 60
Memento: Clean handkerchief
Preferred items

Plastic bag, pile of leaves, paper bag, pickling pot, fruit basket, snow sled, ball of yarn, orange cube, maple pillow, sakura pillow, yellow cushion, snowy pillow, large shopping box, cake box, cowboy hat, glass vase, lacquered bowl, wood pail, carp tunnel, mister dragonfly, carp tunnel, arabesque blanket, kotatsu, modern red tent, blizzard tent, nature tent, burger cushion, dice cube, sheep cushion, bureau with pot, fish-stick tunnel, cat condo complex, cat metropolis, "T" tunnel


Appearance: Tortoiseshell tabby
Personality: Sore loser
Power level: 155
Memento: Scuffed dime
Preferred items

Busy bee, wing-thing teaser, glass vase, clay pot, baseball, cardboard truck, snow sled, earthenware pot, kotatsu, butterfly swarm, art deco cat tree, three and two-tier cat trees, cat metropolis, yellow pillow, zanzibar cushion, soccer ball, cardboard cafe, cardboard choo-choo, brown and yellow cushions, cardboard house, bean bag, cat condo complex, bureau with pot, wild-thing teaser, space heater, large hot mat, panel heater, heating stove

Guy Furry (Rare)

Appearance: Apron
Personality: Artisan
Power level: 30
Memento: Custom Rolling Pin
Preferred items

Glass vase, heating stove

Joe DiMeowgio (Rare)

Appearance: Baseball jersey
Personality: Team player
Power level: 28
Memento: Signed baseball
Preferred items


Kathmandu (Rare)

Appearance: Hunting Coat
Personality: Refined
Power level: 150
Memento: Fine quality writing brush
Preferred items

Temari ball, lacquered bowl

Lady Meow-Meow (Rare)

Appearance: American shorthair
Personality: Diva
Power level: 100
Memento: Novelty sunglasses
Preferred items

Luxurious hammock


Appearance: Grey & white
Personality: Expensive tastes
Power level: 100
Memento: Dirty toy animal
Preferred items

Cat pancake, goldfish bowl, glass vase, kotatsu, twisty tail, panel heater, small hot mat, art deco cat tree, bureau with pot, carp tunnel, temari ball, cardboard cafe, snowy pillow, black head space, pink and green cat macaroons, earthenware pot, lacquered bowl, scratching log, zanzibar cushion, blizzard tent, basket case, baseball, cardboard house, silk crepe pillow, cardboard choo-choo, sakura pillow, head space, paper umbrella, bean bag, pom-pom sock


Appearance: White mackerel
Personality: Determined
Power level: 130
Memento: Child's wristband
Preferred items

Art deco cat tree, sakuramochi cushion, kotatsu, burger cushion, thick cooling pad, wing-thing teaser, wild-thing teaser, baseball, fish kick toy, cardboard cafe, cardboard house, cardboard choo-choo, heating stove, butterfly swarm, mister mouse, mouse kick toy, paper bag, small shopping box, red rubber ball, ping pong ball, ball of yarn, toy capsule, stress reliever, soccer ball, gift box, scratching post, cat metropolis, glass case, cardboard truck


Appearance: Pointed
Personality: Aloof
Power level: 170
Memento: Flower bookmark
Preferred items

"I" and "T" tunnels, 3D tunnel, panel heater, small hot mat, mouse kick toy, pickling pot, scratching log, scratching board, glass vase, kotatsu, scratching post, wing-thing teaser, purple and yellow pillows, cardboard choo-choo, cat condo, mister mouse, butterfly swarm, ping-pong ball, sakura pillow, snowy pillow, silk crepe pillow, maple pillow, bean bag, toy capsule, temari ball, marble pad, pink cushion, cat metropolis


Appearance: Mackerel tabby
Personality: Lazy
Power level: 160
Memento: Used hand warmer
Preferred items

Yellow, green, and purple pillows, cake box, panel heater, scratching board, kotatsu, fruit basket, blue rubber ball, small shopping box, marble pad, glass vase, earthenware pot, planter, large hot mad, heating stove, art deco cat tree, colorful sock, zanzibar cushion, yellow and pink cushions, cool aluminum pad, giant cushion, pom-pom sock, wood pail, cowboy hat

Mr. Meowgi (Rare)

Appearance: Ronin
Personality: Mentoring
Power level: 250
Memento: Odd wooden charm
Preferred items

Scratching log, sakura pillow

Ms. Fortune (Rare)

Appearance: Gold
Personality: Charismatic
Power level: 20
Memento: Gold coin
Preferred items

Cardboard house
The Cutest Video Game Couples (Part 1) Mon, 10 Aug 2015 20:05:56 -0400 Khadija Dukes

Aside from the graphics, the cool moves and gadgets, and the ability to play with friends, part of what makes video games so enthralling is the story. Especially when that story involves one or more romantic relationships. Here is a list of some of the most memorable and some of the cutest video game couples so far. 

1. Tidus and Yuna

Source: Playstation Bit

His first appearance: Final Fantasy X

Her first appearance: Final Fantasy X

Why they're cute: When thinking of Tidus and Yuna, Rose and Jack Dawson from Titanic quickly come to mind. This heart-breaking love story between these fated lovers ends with the revelation that Tidus is not "real." The fact that Yuna and Tidus only have a limited amount of time together makes this love story all the more special and endearing.  

2. Mario and Princess Peach

Source: Deviant Art

His first appearance: Donkey Kong

Her first appearance: Super Mario Bros.

Why they're cute: The perpetual damsel-in-distress, Princess Peach is always being rescued by Mario. His continued devotion to his lady is admirable and totally cute!

3. Luigi and Princess Daisy

Source: Know Your Meme

His first appearance: Mario Bros.

Her first appearance: Super Mario Land

Why they're cute: Similar to Princess Peach, Princess Daisy plays the damsel-in-distress. However, Daisy and Luigi's relationship is not based on Luigi saving Daisy. The friendship that grows between her and Luigi and his subsequent crush on her makes these two absolutely cute.

4. Diddy Kong and Dixie Kong

Source: Fan Pop

His first appearance: Donkey Kong Country

Her first appearance: Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy's Kong Quest

Why they're cute: Aside from the fact that these two are monkeys, which are super cute, Dixie is no damsel-in-distress and proves to be a reliable sidekick. This dynamic duo makes for a super cute couple!

5. Sora and Kairi

Source: Twisenblog

His first appearance: Kingdom Hearts

Her first appearance: Kingdom Hearts

Why they're cute:  Despite Riku, Kairi, and Sora getting along like the Three Musketeers, there is an undeniable chemistry between Sora and Kairi that goes beyond friendship. Sora gives up his heart to save Kairi, and any guy that would sacrifice himself to save a loved one is cute in my book. 

6. Riku and Kairi (In my dreams) 

Source: DeviantArt

His first appearance: Kingdom Hearts

Her first appearance: Kingdom Hearts

Why they're cute: Even though this couple only exists in my dreams, Riku and Kairi share a strong bond that makes it easy to picture them as a couple. The dark, mysterious side of Riku and his devotion to his friends is attractive and makes him more likeable. Although I love Sora and Kairi together, I still secretly root for Kairi and Riku to get together. 

7. Pac-Man and Ms. Pac-Man

Source: Crescent Review

His first appearance: Pac-Man

Her first appearance: Ms. Pac-Man

Why they're cute: When I think of video game couples, I automatically think of these two. These bright yellow balls are the epitome of cuteness and are the perfect model for video game couples. 

8. Ash and Misty

Source: Fan Pop

His first appearance: Pokémon Red and Blue

Her first appearance: Pokémon Red and Blue

Why they're cute: Even though Misty is stubborn and has a wicked temper, Ash can be rash and impulsive, making them the ideal couple. They're loyalty, playfulness, and unlikely, yet fierce friendship makes this two-some super sweet.

9. James and Jessie 

Source: Cosplay Island

His first appearance: Pokémon Yellow

Her first appearance: Pokémon Yellow

Why they're cute: Whether they succeed or fail, which they almost always fail, these two stick together. Friends till the end, Jessie and James are extremely loyal to one another and are hardly ever apart. Whether it is life or death, this pair is super adorable, and what other couple has their own theme song. Take it from me, a couple that "blasts off at the speed of light" together,  stays together. 

10. Sonic the Hedgehog and Amy Rose

Source: DeviantArt

His first appearance: Sonic the Hedgehog

Her first appearance: Sonic the Hedgehog CD 

Why they're cute: This girl is devoted to her man, even if her love is unrequited. Amy will do whatever it takes to win Sonic's heart and in her heart, she is Sonic's girlfriend, even if he doesn't know it yet. Besides, you know what they say, obsession is the sincerest form of flattery, or something like that. Amy doesn't let Sonic's objections stand in the way of love which is really cute, and creepy, but mostly cute.

11. Shadow the Hedgehog and Rouge the Bat

Source: DeviantArt

His first appearance: Sonic Adventure 2

Her first appearance: Sonic Adventure 2

Why they're cute: Sassy, smart, sultry Rouge is the perfect match for the edgy, determined, and fearless Shadow. Shadow always tries to keep his promises and vows to stay by his side. I can definitely say that Team Dark is also part of Team Cute.

12. Spyro and Cynder (The Legend of Spyro)

Source: Fan Pop

His first appearance: Spyro the Dragon

Her first appearance: The Legend of Spyro: A New Beginning 

Why they're cute: Although Cynder has needed rescuing a couple of times, she is definitely no damsel-in-distress. This tough, witty, spirited dragon will do anything to protect those she loves, including Spyro. These two may have gotton off on the wrong foot, but Spyro's curious, compassionate nature and Cynder's bold declaration of love make these two an unlikely, yet couple.

13. Link and Zelda

Source: Want Midna Back

His first appearance: The Legend of Zelda

Her first appearance: The Legend of Zelda

Why they're cute: Zelda frequently plays the damsel-in-distress and Link is more than happy to save her every, single time. Despite changes in character design and storylines, Link and Zelda's love remains constant. If that isn't cute, I don't know what is.

14. Cloud and Aerith 

Source: DeviantArt

His first appearance: Final Fantasy VII

Her first appearance: Final Fantasy VII

Why they're cute: This tragic love story is one of the most memorable. The shocking, untimely demise of Aerith puts an abrupt end to the burgeoning romance between her and Cloud. The bittersweet story of these star-crossed lovers is sure to be remembered in gaming history.

Who are your favorite cute video game couples? Who's your favorite star-crossed lover or cutesy pairing? Let me know in the comments below. 

Badland: Game of the Year Edition Arrives on Steam and PlayStation Wed, 27 May 2015 09:24:11 -0400 Anne-Marie Coyle

Popular mobile game Badland makes it way to PC and PlayStation platforms today. In this Limbo-meets-Lemmings offering, the player must guide creatures, known as Clones, to safety through stunning environments filled with puzzles and deadly traps.

Badland: Game of the Year Edition features 15 hours of single player content set over 100 levels, as well as co-op and local multiplayer for up to four players. Controls have been redesigned, from single button input to full four-way directional control over the games cuddly characters. The title also boasts enhanced visuals, supporting full HD graphics.

From now until June 2nd players receive a 15% discount on Steam. The PlayStation store is also offering a saving of 10% off the launch price or 20% for PS Plus members. Those that purchase it on PlayStation can also enjoy Cross-Buy and Cross-Save across Sony’s PS4, PS3, and PS Vita platforms.

Badland is the first release from indie developer Frogmind. It garnered high praise upon its original launch receiving multiple awards including Apple's 2013 iPad Game of the Year.

Top 5 Pokemon Games (Main Series and Spin-off) Sun, 12 Apr 2015 08:36:55 -0400 Featured Contributor

The Pokémon franchise has been up and running for the past 17 years, adding more and more to the series as the time has rolled on. First starting out with just two games, Pokémon now has twelve main series games, six remake games, and a number of spin-off games - as well as a manga, anime, and movie series. Nintendo and Game Freak have obviously made some great games - everyone can agree on that - but in the scope of everything, there are some stand outs as the best games in the whole franchise.

1. Pokémon X & Y

Generation VI titles are a lot of people's favorite games in the series, even though they were released barely two years ago. X & Y introduced a lot things that were missing in the series while improving on the standard formula.

The game's 3D graphics were a big jump from the previous pixelation, but it was definitely a good thing. Full 3D characters, Pokémon, and cities showed more change and advancement for the series.

The long-awaited character customization was a definite plus, as well. Finally, after 15 years, players could make their character in the game look like them! (Though, if someone was Black, they'd just have to settle with a light tan as their skin color.) They could finally change their hair color and style, their skin and eye color, and even their outfits on a day-to-day basis. The fashion of the French-inspired Kalos made it all the more difficult to save money for actual Pokémon adventuring and not for the high-priced clothes in Lumiose City's Boutique Couture.

Pokémon-Amie was also one of the most fun and cutest additions to the series as a whole. Who doesn't want to play games and feed macaroons to their Pokémon? Especially if that Pokémon is Mewtwo, or Lugia, or Giratina, or some other Legendary no one would even think to play with.

All the other additions to the series and game (Mega-Evolution, character videos, the different types of trading, super-training, Fairy Type, and finally an attractive Professor) increased the fun and enjoyment of the series. It's not that hard to see why a lot of people like this game the most out of the whole series.

2. Pokémon Gold & Silver (And Crystal)

The second generation of Pokémon is (in my opinion) the most fun and the longest generation of the series. The journey in this generation is also much longer and more fun than in any of the other games. The player has to beat the eight Johto Gyms and bring down the newly resurrected Team Rocket.

Once they've beaten the Elite Four and become the Pokémon League Champion, they can now go back to Kanto to fight the original eight Gym Leaders! And if the player was strong enough, they got to battle Red at the summit of Mt. Silver. No other game in the series has allowed the player to do that, and that makes every other games' post-game seem kind of lackluster.

Not only that, but Game Freak made some significant improvements to these games after Red & Blue. They added a night/day, day/week system (perfect for getting Espeon and Umbreon), an improved Happiness and Friendship system, dual types, brand new types (Steel and Dark), and the option of playing another gender (though this only came in Crystal). Finally, the girls had some representation in a Pokémon game - and every one since then.

3. Pokémon Colosseum

Colosseum wasn't the first spin-off Pokémon game, but it's definitely the first one to do something different compared to the main series. Colosseum was vastly different to what the games were in 2003 when it was released. It didn't follow the standard formula of the main series titles. 

For one thing, players weren't able to normally catch Pokémon. In the game's story, Team Snagem wishes to rule the world with Shadow Pokémon, Pokémon that have turned into soulless fighting machines. You play as Wes, a former member of Team Snagem who tries to reverse their plans. Instead of normally catching these Shadow Pokémon, the players have to battle trainers and essentially steal them from their trainers in battle!

The fact that the game and its story is fully fleshed out on the Nintendo GameCube, and not a handheld, is also what makes this game so different. There are other Pokémon spin-offs that aren't on handhelds (like Stadium and Snap), but their stories couldn't compare to Colosseum or its sequel XD: Gale of Darkness. It showed players what the series could look like on a completely different system, as well as a different way of going about the series' main point: catching Pokémon. 

4. Pokémon Black & White

Generation V was the generation that brought some shock to the Pokémon community, as well as the video game community in general, with its surprising story.

The story of Black & White was a shocker because of how different it was, as compared to the other games'. Before, there was simply a crime syndicate that wanted to take over their region or the world (or universe, as in Team Galatic's plans).

Team Plasma was focused on liberating Pokémon from trainers and the so-called cruel fighting they were forced into. It's a very PETA-like stance and mission, but it brought up a real ethical issue for the series. Was it moral/ethical to participate in Pokémon battling? That in itself is an issue in real life as much as it is in the games.

The game's story was the basis for the introduction of the new 151 Pokémon, as well as more improvements and new mechanics. The other, original Pokémon are kept tucked away until the player beats the main game. As said by othersBlack & White treats the player like Ash. It places them in a brand new region without the chance or the familiarity of the original 500-some Pokémon and lets them go free. 

5. Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Time and Explorers of Darkness 

The Mystery Dungeon series got a boost in recognition when it worked together with Pokémon to create one of the more interesting spin-offs in the franchise.

The Pokémon Mystery Dungeon series is different from the other spin-offs in how it completely focuses on Pokémon and only Pokémon. There are no trainers, no filling out the PokéDex, no battling the Elite Four. (At least in Colosseum and XD: Gale of Darkness they still retained some of the main points of the series.) These games follow the journeys of the Pokémon themselves, their individual characteristics and quirks, and whatever they do as they explore the randomized dungeons and world. 

The series' stories are also very interesting and entertaining. The fully fleshed-out journey is a joy to be immersed in and to follow. A story that seems to be typical of a Pokémon game gets darker and darker the further the player gets. The darker and more entertaining sides of the game emerge at the same time as a difficulty spike challenges the players more than before.

And that's the completed ranking of the top five Pokémon games.