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Bit Heroes has become my go-to browser-based distraction throughout the day. With its crazy familiars and over the top gear, it's a great 5-minute distraction between emails and phones calls. I wrote up a beginner's guide a few weeks back and since then, some folks have asked for more content.

So, here it is -- in the form of the 5-minute lesson, which will cover PvP, GvG, and running the Gauntlet. Let's dig in!

Sweep the Leg, Johnny

The PvP in Bit Heroes is pretty straight forward -- you select your team (you + 2 familiars) and duke it out against other teams to win points for awesome rewards. You earn rewards in two categories -- Rank and Points. 

You have 10 tickets to use for PvP and you can use up to 5 tickets per encounter. By using more tickets, you increase the amount of experience, gold, and loot gained for your encounter. But it also means that you have fewer rounds of PvP. 

I generally max out at 5 tickets because it increases experience and gold by 400%, as well as provides a 5x loot drop. The downside is that I can only do two PvP encounters before waiting on refill timers.

Rep Your Guild

A new addition to the game, Guild versus Guild (GvG) works a lot like PvP except that your team is made up of members of your guild instead of familiars. In this case, you earn rewards in two areas -- Guild rewards and Player rewards. The guild rewards are spent by the guild leader to improve the guild, as well as unlock cosmetics for the guild hall. Player rewards are given to you, the player.

Like PvP, you can spend up to 5 badges per guild encounter, increasing the experience, loot, and gold drops with the more badges spent. Like in PvP, I tend to spend 5 badges for maximum returns, but can only do two GvG encounters. 

Throwing Down the Gauntlet

The Gauntlet is my favorite of the three side games because of the diversity of the characters you will fight. Again, there is a five max bet system in place, but the Gauntlet is different because it lets you choose a difficulty that goes up to level 29. Gauntlet is also wave-based, with you taking on increasingly more difficult enemies for 10 waves.

I'm currently level 36, with a skill spread of 56-43-61(attack/health/speed), as well as a Bor'lan and Yeti FamiliarI can easily do difficulty-10 runs on full auto.

Now, where I normally do the others at the max stack of 5, I generally play Gauntlet at 2 tokens to gauge if I can move up a level of difficulty first. The higher you go in difficulty, the better loot that drops. However, you get nothing for dying, so it's a good idea to test the waters first.

Hopefully, this 5-minute guide helped you to better understand the other fun games aside from the main questing. If you have any questions, please ask them in the comments section below. Make sure to check out our other Bit Heroes Guides here.

5-Minute Lessons: The Best Familiars in Bit Heroes' Early-Game Fri, 16 Jun 2017 16:50:08 -0400 Justin Michael

Browser-based and mobile games are a great way to break up those dull moments during the day. And, in fact, I love that there are more minimal-interaction games on the market -- games that only need a few bits of input before whisking us away on a 5-minute adventure. Bit Heroes is one of those games for me -- a browser-based/mobile dungeon crawler that's free-to-play. 

Since I know time is precious, I present to you the 5-minute lesson on Familiars -- creatures that fight alongside you in Bit Heroes. So, let's dig deeper into the importance of familiars and how you can best use them to help you progress through the game. 

Familiars and You

Familiars come in all shapes, sizes, and levels of rarity. Now, there is no easy way to get the exact Familiar you want as they only choose to present you with the opportunity to recruit them based on a number of factors, such as day, level of dungeon difficulty, and rarity level.

The optimal days to go Familiar grinding is on Mondays, Thursdays, and Saturdays, with Thursday yielding the highest chance booster of 50%.

You're going to spend a lot of time grinding the dungeons in the first zone -- dungeon 2 and 3 mainly -- because you're going to need to recruit a Bob, a Shrump, and a Mer'lan, as well as find the fusion scroll to make Bor'lan.

Bob and Shrump can most commonly be encountered in the second dungeon of Zone 1 and Mer'lan is in the third dungeon, which is also where you'll find the Bor'lan fusion scroll drop. But what is fusion?

Building a Better Familiar

Fusion is exactly what it sounds like -- you grab some glue and duct tape and combine Familiars to make better ones. Familiars stats are scaled on your character's stats. When familiars are fused they gain 5% extra stat scale as well as a passive ability. The fusion familiars that we're focusing on are

Familiars stats are scaled on your character's stats. When familiars are fused, they gain 5% extra stat scale, as well as a passive ability. The fusion familiars that we're focusing on are Bor'lan and Shrampz -- with Bor'lan being the easier fusion to obtain.

These 2 fusion familiars are the current meta and will help easily carry you through to the third zone of the game. 

Now, in order to perform Shrampz's fusion, you're going to have to get a Grampz familiar, which you can find in the second zone's second dungeon. My advice to you would be to grind until you can get Bor'lan before you try to go Zone 2 to grind for Grampz.

Beyond Zone 3

There are some players that I've spoken with that have told me they even used Shrampz as their tank into Zone 4, so this is worth the grinding you're going to have to do. Chances are if you're reading this, you're going to spend some time grinding Zone 1 and aren't likely too worried about the later zones.  

Hopefully, this 5-minute guide helps you to get together the best team you can. If you have any questions, please ask them in the comments section below. Make sure to check out our other Bit Heroes Guides here

Bit Heroes: When to Use Skeleton Keys Thu, 15 Jun 2017 13:48:42 -0400 Tobbpitt

What's a Bit Heroes player to do once they get a Skeleton Key? Well, not really anything -- especially if you're new to the game. Hold onto that key you get after the tutorial, because you're going to need it later on.

Skeleton Keys are the only way for you to open the ever-rare red chests scattered throughout each zone, but you want to use some discretion in using them. It is possible to find them on your adventures, but they are incredibly rare -- and you're going to come across several more red chests than you are the keys you need to open them.

Making the most of the game as a free-to-player means being frugal with your Gems as well as your Skeleton Keys. So you don't want to use your Skeleton Keys until the time is right, and buying them with Gems is a waste of money. Pick them up as you progress through each zone, but hold onto them. 

When to Use your Skeleton Keys

This is the big question: When is it right to finally whip out a key and see what's inside a red chest?

If you haven't noticed yet, the equipment you find in each zone is progressively better than the last. An epic piece dropped in the first zone will be about as powerful as a rare piece dropped in zone two. With this in mind, you need to hold onto your Skeleton Keys for as long as possible.

You will ideally hold onto your Skeleton Keys until you are in zone 3 or finally able to raid. This way you get the best possible piece of equipment from the red chest, rather than something that will be obsolete come the next zone.

There is an exception to this soft rule: If you are completely unable to progress further and happen to come across a red chest, you might want to use a Skeleton Key for a prime piece of gear to keep you going. But if you don't have this issue, don't worry about it. Hold onto those keys.

That's it for this topic! If you're newish to Bit Heroes and want to up your game, check out our Bit Heroes helpful tips and tricks guide for a little extra help getting started.

Bit Heroes Guide: Helpful Tips and Tricks for New Players Mon, 15 May 2017 16:50:52 -0400 Justin Michael

Bit Heroes is one of those games that has a little something for everybody. Whether you're looking for some retro dungeon crawling, PvP action, collectible pets, or a guild to play with, there is a lot going on in the game -- so much so that it can be a tad overwhelming for new players.

But that's why you're here! In this guide, we're going to provide you with some hints and tips to help you have the best experience you can in Bit Heroes. Enough jabber, let's dig into some basics!

  • Note: I generally play on Android but, for the purposes of the guide series, I'll be playing in the Kongregate browser on a new character. 

Beginner's Tips and Tricks for Bit Heroes

Use the Post-tutorial Setup 

I'm going to assume that you're already familiar with the basics of the game as presented by the tutorial missions, but let's look at a few settings that might not have been mentioned -- like the Video Ads setting. Turning this on will give you the option to watch a short video ad up to 10 times a day. 

Doing so will grant you extra energy to go on quests, tickets for PvP, or materials for upgrading your equipment. This is a great way to start stocking up for equipment upgrades later.

Make Use of Auto Mode

Auto Mode is a great way to grind dungeons for items and materials at the beginning of the game, and doesn't require much hands-on involvement from you. Just make sure to keep an eye on your health so you don't accidentally wipe the dungeon.

I'd also recommend checking the Decline Dupes, Decline Merchants, and Decline Treasures boxes in the Settings tab.

Look Out for Video Chests

Grab video chests whenever you see them, as you're guaranteed at least 1 rare item per chest. These items can be recycled for rare materials that you can put toward upgrades or fusions back in town. 

Play at the Right Times

Each day of the week has different daily bonuses for you to take advantage of. So you'll want to spend extra time playing on certain days, depending on what you need to get out of the game at any point in time.

The table below breaks down the different bonuses you get depending on the day:

Day Bonuses
Monday +25% Exp, +25% Familiar Chance
Tuesday +25% Exp, +25% Item Find
Wednesday +50% Exp
Thursday +50% Familiar Chance
Friday +50% Item Find
Saturday +30% Exp, +30% Item Find, +30% Familiar Chance
Sunday +100% PvP Exp, +100% PvP Item Find


By using this chart you can figure out the best days to try and gain new familiars, find items, or power level through PvP. 

Know When and How to Earn Familiars

Familiars are a hot topic, but you don't have much control over when and how they appear. Basically, every fight you get into you have a small chance to impress a monster you're fighting and will get the option to recruit it into your group.

Depending on that monster's level of rarity, you'll have varying success rates and costs for turning it into a familiar. Here's how it breaks down: 

Rarity Capture Chance Persuade Chance Gold Cost Gem Cost
 Common 4% 40% 1,000 Gold 200 Gems
Rare 2.5% 20% 2,000 Gold 400 Gems
Epic 1.5% 15% 4,000 Gold 800 Gems
Legendary 1.5% 10% 8,000 Gold 1,600 Gems


Remember: your chance to capture familiars is greater on Monday, Thursday, and Saturdays. So if you're trying to grind for a particular familiar, those are the best days to do it.

  • Note: I also want to point out that if you go the gems route, you'll always have a 100% persuasion rate -- so save up those gems unless you don't mind spending money.

As far as which familiars are the best to start the game with, Batty and BooBoo (the starting tutorial familiars) aren't that bad for the first zone. But if you manage to capture a Tubbo and a Mer'lan, you'll be in great shape through Zone 2. Ultimately, though, you're going to want to shoot for fusion familiars like Bor'lan and Shrampz

Choose the Right Stats and Weapons

This is where people tend to divide into different camps. After polling the community a few separate times, the general consensus is that the best stat spread is 1-0-1 in strength, health, and speed. With high strength and speed, you'll easily get off 3 - 4x as many attacks per cycle compared to the enemies you're fighting, and generally you'll be able to kill them before they can even hit you. 

I generally put my player on the back line of the team and prefer to use weapons with higher speed (like the Destiny Bow), as well as trinkets that boost my speed. Starting with a spear is a viable option as well -- especially if you get the Impaler, as it has fairly good damage stats for a Zone 1 weapon. 

Putting points into heath was generally not recommended by the other players I spoke with until the later levels of the game, as there are a number of armor pieces that confer good heath buffs, and "tank" characters are generally not needed unless you're planning to do lots of raiding.

Make Friends to Start Grinding Early, Then Do Heroic Runs

The best way to grind out dungeons is to make friends with other players -- particularly those with a higher level than you -- and take them as companions into dungeons. The other (easier) option is to join a guild, as you can add guildmates to your team without having to add them to your friends list. Being in a guild also earns you honor points, which can be spent on items in the guild shop and so free up your gold for other uses. 

With two level 20+ characters on your team, you can easily grind through the first zone to power level. Once you get your level up, the best way to grind is to do heroic runs. You'll get more of everything in terms of bonuses, and it's the best way to get those familiars to notice you.

Once you have a few good familiars like a Booty (fusion of BooBoo & Batty), Shrump, or Tubbo, you'll be able to start running the Gauntlet. Gauntlet is a great way of earning large sums of EXP and has a number of different levels of difficulty for you to play through -- so you can experiment to find the best auto-grind settings for you. 


Hopefully, these tips and hints will give you the extra edge you need to start playing Bit Heroes. There is quite a bit of grinding and luck involved in this game, but it is a pretty fun game to play. And if you find an active guild, there are some good conversations to be had. 

If you have any tips you'd like to share, please add them in the comments below. And remember to check GameSkinny often for the latest gaming news, guides, and reviews!