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Founder's packs are now available for purchase for NCSoft's Blade & Soul. This Korean MMORPG set to be released in North America in early 2016.

In Blade & Soul, gamers will embark on a journey to avenge their fallen master and fellow students, and to protect the world from the forces of the Dark Realm.

[Source: Wikia.com]

Combining martial arts and mythology, this revenge-driven game allows gamers to choose from four races and seven classes for unique character customization.

In the three founder's packs that are now available for purchase, gamers will have access to exclusive content and membership benefits. Gamers will not, however, be required to purchase a founder's pack in order to play Blade & Soul when it is released in 2016.

The three founder's packs that are available are:

  • The Initiate Pack
  • The Disciple Pack
  • The Master Pack  

The Initiate Pack 

Will retail for $24.99 and includes access to all closed beta tests this fall, a three-day head start, two character titles, 20,800 premium points, and access to level two benefits. Buyers of this pack will receive the character titles of "Founder" and "Pursuer of the Wind." 

The Disciple Pack

Can be purchased for $74.99 and includes access to all closed beta tests this fall, a three-day head start, three character titles, and 34,300 premium points, plus immediate access to level three benefits. In addition, gamers will receive a 30-day premium membership, one name reservation slot, one basic booster pack, one character alteration voucher, two extra character slots, and 2,400 NCoin. Character titles included in this pack are "Founder", "Pursuer of the Wind", and "Defender of the Ancestors".

The Master Pack

Priced at $124.99 and includes access to all closed beta tests this fall, a three-day head start, four character titles, and 48,800 premium points, plus immediate access to level four benefits. In addition, gamers will receive a 90-day premium membership, two name reservation slots, one extended booster pack, two character alteration vouchers, five extra character slots, and 7,200 NCoin. This pack also contains a unique head accessory, a unique weapon skin, and unique costumes. Character titles included in this pack are "Founder", "Pursuer of the Wind", "Defender of the Ancestors", and "Master of the Golden Path".

For each of the packs, gamers will have the opportunity to be invited to two technical alpha tests. 

Blade & Soul's founder's packs will only be available for purchase through the Blade & Soul online order page here. Founder's packs may be purchased using a credit card or PayPal. 

For those who cannot wait until the official release date for the game, the three-day head start seems like a good deal. Plus, if you get the Initiator Pack, you get the core benefits without spending too much money.

What do you think of the new founder's packs? Share your opinion in the comments!

RIFT Closing Doors in South Korea https://www.gameskinny.com/ndpt1/rift-closing-doors-in-south-korea https://www.gameskinny.com/ndpt1/rift-closing-doors-in-south-korea Wed, 27 Mar 2013 10:06:23 -0400 Ashley Shankle

RIFT has had a great deal of trouble finding its footing in Asia -- something I stated back in December, as the game's Taiwanese and Korean servers took the plunge into free to play territory. The shift to the title's mostly free to play model did not help: RIFT is closing its doors in South Korea for good April 25.

Publisher CJ E&M attempted several promotions through last year attempting to draw new players in and keep the active playerbase subscribed. This unfortunately did not pan out, as other more popular titles in the region released at roughly the same time. Blade & Soul being one of the big ones.

Meanwhile, it seems RIFT is doing fairly well in North America. The title reached its two-year anniversary five days ago, and more content is reportedly in the works.

It's not uncommon to see a title do well in one region and not so great in another. Many Korean-developed MMORPGs suffer the same fate when released in the West, especially those that retain a subscription. Aion is one example of a title that, for all intents and purposes, generally failed in the West under a subscription -- but pulled in huge player numbers once it went free to play. It's a shame RIFT couldn't do the same in the reverse situation.

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NCSoft will be making use of Unreal Engine 4 in their next two MMORPGs, thanks to a deal with Epic Games. The budget for the unnamed titles is over $92 million each. Could Aion 2 or Lineage 3 be on the horizon?

Two of the bigger MMO titles under NCSoft, Lineage 2 and Blade & Soul, were both developed using older Unreal Engine builds. Aion, another one of the company's main titles, runs on the Cry Engine.

NCSoft will be keeping these two Unreal Engine 4 titles under wraps until Lineage Eternal, the developer's Lineage ARPG title, is released.