Bounty  Tagged Articles RSS Feed | Bounty  RSS Feed on en Launch Media Network Unique Mario 64 glitch warrants a $1,000 bounty for a how-to Wed, 05 Aug 2015 07:19:02 -0400 Courtney Gamache

There are many gamers out there who enjoy playing a game the right way, and then there are some who want to find every glitch they can; and glitch hunter Pannenkoek2012 is one of them.

Glitch Hunters and the Bounty

User Pannenkoek2012 represents a section of the gaming community that loves finding glitches in games, especially since many glitches are very useful on the growing-in-popularity speedruns. Speedruns are actually becoming so acclaimed, the speedrun festival Summer Games Done Quick just raised $1.2 million for charity.

When Pannenkoek2012 viewed a Twitch feed from DOTA_TeaBag playing Mario 64 he saw a miraculous glitch during Mario's run of the "Tick Tock Clock" world, which has lead Pannenkoek2012 to offer a bounty of $1,000 to someone if they can replicate the glitch in a video and post it to him.

While there may be multiple entries to this bounty reward, only the first person to prove how the glitch works will receive the money.

This glitch, which might have been done by accident involves Mario going upward in a zone where he would have been unable to perform a large jump. Whether the glitch was on purpose or not, Pannenkoek2012 wants to know how it's done and how to do it themselves.

"The submission should be a .m64 and .st file, which when played perform the glitch. To submit, you can zip up these files, upload to, and then send me the link in a comment or private message. The bounty will hold until the first person successfully submits a recreation of the glitch, at which point I will add the word [CLAIMED] to the end of this video’s title, and then no one else will be eligible for the prize." - Pannenkoek2012, YouTube

If you think you know how the glitch works and can replicate it, feel free to comment on Pannenkoek2012's YouTube video or message them personally.

Destiny's Taken King expansion tackles questing and bounty issues Fri, 10 Jul 2015 20:00:35 -0400 Ainyan

Despite being a day late this week, the Destiny Weekly Update is a must-see for all fans of Bungie’s popular FPS MMO. Continuing the trend of recent weekly updates, this week’s blurb contains information about the upcoming expansion, The Taken King. More specifically, this week’s blog entry focuses on questing, bounties, and the new log.

Quests Page Highlights:

  • We're increasing the number of Bounties players can carry

  • Both Quests and Bounty slots will be tracked in the HUD

  • Completed Bounties will be turned in from the Quests screen

  • Reputations will be moved from Inventory to the Quests page

- Deej, Destiny Community Manager

Enter Bungie’s newest plan to ameliorate bounty congestion. In The Taken King, multi-stage bounties such as the Exotic or Expansion bounties will act as quests, rather than bounties. They will be stored in a separate place in the UI where they can be tracked without taking up a bounty slot. Additionally, Bungie is once again increasing the number of bounty slots from 10 to 16, which should allow a Guardian to pick up most, if not all, of their daily bounties in one fell swoop.

If the increase in bounty slots and the moving of quests out of the bounty slots into their own section isn’t news enough, Bungie has also stated that “completed bounties will be turned in from the quests screen”. Although the wording is just a touch ambiguous, this particular bullet point seems to suggest that it will no longer be necessary to return to the Tower to turn in a completed bounty, but instead that completed bounties instead can be turned in directly from the UI, out in the field. If future updates also include the ability to pick up bounties from the Bungie Companion App, this will go far to ease one of the longest standing complaints about the game.

A common complaint almost from the first day of Destiny was that the bounty log felt too small for the amount of bounties being offered. At the start, the log held five bounties, while nearly three times that many were offered daily by the bounty vendor. In addition, special bounties such as the exotic bounties could tie up a bounty spot for days and even weeks.

Bungie increased the size of the bounty cap to 10 in response to player complaints, which alleviated some of the congestion - however, each new expansion included more bounties and more quests (bounty lines which tie up bounty slots for a lengthy period of time), but did not further increase the amount of bounty slots available. This congestion has been making it difficult to take up all of the bounties at once, especially when tied up in an exotic bounty or expansion quest. The news that Bungie is once again addressing the playerbase's concerns of lack of bounty space is quite welcome.

Although Bungie still has work to do to regain player trust and confidence after the Luke Smith and Taken King Price Point fiascos, their continued insistence on listening to player complaints and actively working with players to improve the game is certainly a step in the right direction. It will be interesting to see what next week’s Weekly Update has in store for players.

Bounty Rewards for ARK: Survival Evolved through Exploitation Discovery Sun, 28 Jun 2015 04:14:28 -0400 Courtney Gamache

The developers behind ARK: Survival Evolved are giving out $100 rewards for players who find exploitations in their Early Access game on Steam. 

To all the gamers out there looking to find exploits in games - it's your time to shine. Put aside your devil horns and adopt a halo, because ARK developers are giving out $100 bounty rewards for exploits that are proven to be genuine within the game. This reward system was announced June 24th, but since the first bounty has been given out, the hype is growing.

The first bounty went to player ZeroDay(++), who privately alerted the developers about an exploit that could make the game's server crash along with other severe repercussions. Once the exploit was proven to be legitimate, Studio Wildcard forwarded the money to the player's PayPal account.

Although a bounty has been paid, the developers are keen on letting the public know that the offer is still on the table. A few exploits that are popularly used in multiplayer games include speedhacks, aimbots, and possibly even a radar system. Full information about the bounty offer can be found on the Studio Wildcard Steam page.

ARK: Survival Evolved is now available for Early Access on Steam for $30. 

Become a GameSkinny Freelancer - 2 Ways to Join the Team Fri, 01 May 2015 03:43:17 -0400 Rachael Johnston

We here at GameSkinny dedicate ourselves to publishing news and information that gamers want to read. We are looking for writers who want to share their passion for games and their love of entertaining writing.

GameSkinny is a community platfrom. We invite everyone to write.

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  • Email us at
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It will not take weeks to get back to you and we try to respond to each pitch that we recieve!

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2. Earn Bounty

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Become a Permanent Freelancer

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New Batman: Arkham Origins Launch Trailer Released Wed, 23 Oct 2013 14:18:04 -0400 MyNameIsProjekt

With Batman: Arkham Origins set to release on October 25, 2013, a new trailer was released today that shows the crime lord, Black Mask, placing the bounty on the Dark Knight.  The $50 million dollar bounty that will bring eight of the world's deadliest assassins to Gotham City on Christmas Eve to kill Batman.

Batman: Arkham Origins is set five years before the events of Batman: Arkham Asylum and will take place during Batman's second year as a crime fighter.  The new trailer shows off the young Bruce Wayne as he sets off to find Black Mask and save Gotham City.

Showcased in the trailer are many of the game's villains including Deathstroke, Firefly, Bane, and Deadshot, as well as a few other villains that players will encounter in-game.  Which means players will have their hands full once they take over control of Batman.

Fans of the Dark Knight have plenty to look forward to when the game releases worldwide on October 25, 2013.  

As a fan of the Joker, I am looking forward to seeing what tricks the psychopath has planned for Batman; but I am also excited for what Deathstroke will bring to the city of Gotham.  Which villain are you looking forward to fighting against in Batman: Arkham Origins?  Let me know in the comments below!