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Text based games, a.k.a. interactive fiction, have been one of the many genres of gaming for a long time. In fact, they're one of the first! Since the '70's there have been many great games the genre, such as Zork, Colossal Cave Adventure and Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy

Even nowadays, people can still enjoy text-based games thanks to the power of the internet. There are even websites where people can make their own! But for the most part, even the most well-known games in the genre are free to play, and luckily, we've found a few (new and old) ones that you might like! Take a look and enjoy!

5. The Dreamhold

This is a good game for newcomers to IF games, as it features a guide that will give you tips when you're in difficult situations. It even has guides that help you learn how to play.

In The Dreamhold, you play as someone who woke up in some sort of cell. You cannot remember how you got there -- you can't even remember how to read certain books, which help you progress through the game. But once your character explores the areas outside the cell, you quickly realize that you are really in a Dreamhold, or a wizard's high house.

the story only gets crazier (and juicer) from there. 

PlayThe Dreamhold here.

4. Zork

You have likely heard of this one before. A classic RPG, Zork is a predecessor to games like Skyrim and Fallout 4. Yes, this little text-based adventure game is what inspired industry greats like Rand Miller to design games in the first place and give us some of the amazing worlds we have today. 

You start the game out in the middle of nowhere in front of a white house with a boarded up door and barred up windows. You must enter the house, and after that, you must explore the house. (Spoiler: It's not easy to get inside!)

Exploring will eventually find you many treasures that you can collect for a higher score, but as there is more to the house than at first glance, how many can you find without dying?

Play Zork here.

3. Nameless Quest

In this story, you start out in a tavern bustling with merriment -- like any good game that's influenced by D&D. Once your character leaves, he finally becomes too tired to go anywhere, so he lays down on the ground to sleep. But when he wakes up, there's an old man tugging at his sleeve, who tells you a few (strange and peculiar) things and runs off to leave you on your adventure -- which I'm not ever sure you asked for! 

Nonetheless, this is a fun, whimsical experience that can entertain you for awhile. 

Play Nameless Quest here.

Note: Keep hitting keys at the beginning to finish loading. It might seem buggy, but it's not. It's just taking you on an adventure to prepare you for the trials ahead. 

2. Spider And Web

In this game, you play as a spy who is infiltrating a facility to obtain a mysterious item, a la' Mission Impossible. The dialogue is very simple, consisting of Yes, No, or no answer at all.

There's a lot of trial and error with this one. Sometimes, it's not really clear what you're supposed to do or where you're supposed to go. But that's the fun of it all, right?

But keep one thing in mind: Save often, especially toward the end as you can make a few critical errors that will end all game progress before your last save.

Play Spider And Web here.

1. Night House

This game is pretty creepy. You start as a young boy who wakes up in the middle of the night to use the bathroom, but he soon realizes his family isn't home -- but maybe something else is. 

This horror IF is a neat experience because unlike most IF adventures that support only one type of command input, Night House functions with multiple input variations. You can type everything out, but you can also use a side menu to control your actions. It really is an interesting take on an almost age-old way of playing IF games. 

Note: You will still occasionally have to type some things out, e.g. "Put batteries in flashlight." But you do have options, that's more than most IF games. 

Play Night House here.

Of course, there are plenty more text-based adventure games and RPGs out there. If you're looking for even more to play, check out websites like TextAdventures and GameShed, where highly active communities come together to make and share some truly great interactive fiction. 

What do you think of these games? Did you try playing them? Do you have more IF games to share? Let us know in the comments!

5 Kanye West-themed games you can play right now Mon, 22 Feb 2016 06:01:49 -0500 Justin Andress

Ever since Kanye West announced that he’d be gracing the video games industry with his vision, the industry has been abuzz with speculation as to what this video game might contain. The self-proclaimed messiah of hip hop has revealed that the game, initially titled The Only One, will be about his mother’s journey through Heaven. The trailer released alongside the game confirmed as much. The footage was all illuminated clouds and winged angels soaring through the sky.

Assuming you’re one of the folks out there who is actually waiting for Kanye West to demand the complete and total attention of our little corner of the pop culture Universe (yay…), The Only One’s tantalizingly vague release date (“Soon”) is only cause for frustration. Fortunately, the grand high Yeezus has been the subject of several video games that are perfect for filling your time until The Only One inevitably changes everything about video games forever until the end of time.

For those of you who couldn’t possibly give two farts about whatever that self-absorbed moron is cooking up (I mean, honestly, he thinks Cosby is innocent? Are you freaking kidding me?), there’s still good reason to explore the already established Kanye West video game territory.

Kim Kardashian: Hollywood

The most obvious way for you to get your Yeezy fix is the mobile superhit, Kim Kardashian: Hollywood. Characters take on the role of some vapid ingrate who’s just bound and determined to get famous (because having total strangers pay attention to you is all there is to life, right?). Along the way, you’ll be coached by Kim Kardashian, the only A-lister who’s famous for having no discernible talent. 

As you climb the ladder of success you’ll bump into all of Kim Kardashian’s most famous costars … except for Ray-J. Among those celebrities is (hoorah!) the voice of a generation, the lyrical genius himself: Kanye West.

The rendition is so awesome and so totally not a flimsy cash grab that ETOnline called Kanye and his son North West's game avatars, “Virtually Unrecognizeble.” Even better, the game features in-app purchases, a topic about which Kanye has very strong opinions.

The Kanye West Torture Chamber 

Next on our list is a gruesome little distraction called The Kanye West Torture Chamber, which plays exactly how it sounds. Those people who haven’t grown tired of Kanye West’s incessant yammering or those who are currently downloading Kim Kardashian: Hollywood (shame on you) may just want to skip ahead to the next game.

For everyone with a reasonably strong stomach, however, The Kanye West Torture Chamber is loads of bloody fun. It’s essentially a one-note gag in which players pick one of six varieties of brutal assassination to inflict on the Grammy magnet. All the while, the pompous dummy shouts extra hate-able things like, “‘Kanye West’ backward spells God!” and “I invented the hula hoop!” while he’s being destroyed by an MTV Music Award. Or getting his “hair cut.” Or having his mouth sewn shut. That one’s my favorite.

Kanye vs. Pole

It’s a little bit difficult to tell whether or not Kanye vs. Pole is an ode to the lyrical genius or if it’s a slight at his expense. It’s fairly harmless, either way (which is a boon or a let down depending on what you showed up for). And it’s definitely not pornographic, you dirty-minded fool. Yeezy doesn’t get down like that.

KVP is an endless walker in which Kanye West, backed by an extra jiggly K-Kar, must walk an endless gauntlet of paparazzi and signs for some reason on their way to a restaurant that will never arrive. Quick work with the arrow keys is required to keep the most gifted artist in the history of art from bumping his head twice. It can be kind of fun watching little welts form on Kanye’s head, but unless you’re an endless runner person the fun is a bit short-lived.

Endless runner people will find this free jaunt a nice, silly distraction for longer than you’ll be openly willing to admit. 

Kanye Quest 3030

Kanye Quest 3030 is an extremely unauthorized video game that sees Yeezus using his sheer awesomeness to travel forward in time where he’s forced to fight an army of clones of hip-hop stars we know and love. Beware the 2Pac clone!

Described by its developers as, “A game about Kanye West, hip-hop, life, The BasedGod and the future,” Kanye West 3030 is essentially a top-down 2D role-playing game that lets players get some small glimmer of the miracle that being Kanye must be. Using a series of complicated disses and mystical powers, Kanye West will vie for freedom or artistry or some such thing.

If you’re a fan of the old Chrono Trigger games (aka, if you like to read and not kill stuff), then this might be worth your time and effort. Either way, you’ll be giving some love to an indie developer which is never a bad thing, right?

Journey of Jesus: The Calling

The Journey of Jesus: The Calling is a thinly veiled allegory that’s absolutely and totally based on Kanye West. Okay, so its protagonist might not wear sneaks and he might be a bit shaggy (and white), but the plot of the game is obviously an allusion to the trials and tribulations of our Aural Lord and Musical Savior, His Majesty the Yeez.

Anyone can hop on Facebook right now and play as Kanye West as he gathers followers and performs the miracles that we all love him for. Sure, they’ll call Kanye another name (“Jesus”) and he doesn’t actually play any music, but the correlations are there, people. Are you brave enough to walk the same path that the voice of a generation walked?

In Closing

Cards on the table, most Kanye West games are BS. They may distract you for about ten minutes while you chuckle at the bizarre highs and lows of which humanity is capable. In that way, they’re a little like Kanye West’s Twitter feed. Although, if we’re being honest, his Twitter feed is much more entertaining.

Depending on the level of gore you’re looking for, there’s something in this list to keep you occupied for the length of a small work break, at the very least. Maybe The Only One will turn out to be an improvement on the Kanye-themed games that came before it … but I wouldn’t count on it.

]]> is Pretty F'ing Fun, Heading to Steam Greenlight Sun, 03 May 2015 15:40:52 -0400 Ashley Shankle

Have you ever played Osmos? Yes, no, maybe so?

In Osmos, you play as a cell absorbing smaller cells while avoiding the larger ones. It's pretty fun and relaxing. I never would have thought I'd want a multiplayer version of the Osmos formula, but here I am on my 20th+ run in today. is essentially an Osmos clone, but uglier and more dynamic than its inspiration. You need to eat to get big, and the big cells need to eat to stay big -- which sounds very boring. Fortunately, it's not boring. It's absolutely engrossing.


I cannot tell you the anxiety that comes from getting fairly large and having to try to avoid some of the gargantuans other players worth themselves up to. I also cannot tell you just how good it feels to be that gargantuan and know you're instilling fear in your lesser cells. But I can tell you it's fun, and it's worth your time to give a shot. has been floating around the internet for about a week now and is in much better shape than it was just last week. The persistent slowdowns seen in the first few versions of the game are nonexistent. There are now some minor cosmetic options based on the name you pick and leaderboards to know who to hunt or who to stay away from.

If you get absolutely hooked on the thrill of the hunt like I did, make sure to wander over to Steam Greenlight and give your thumbs up. The developer is aiming for a free to play release with a skin editor, additional modes, and extra features.

Star Trek: Alien Domination Second Closed Beta Announced Thu, 08 Jan 2015 12:07:53 -0500 Game Oracle

GameSamba, developer of popular free-to-play video games, recently announced a forthcoming second closed beta of Star Trek: Alien Domination.

Set in an age after the events of Star Trek: Voyager, this online strategy video game puts gamers in the boots of a new Captain of a Federation or Klingon starship trapped in fluidic space. You can view a trailer for the game here. 

The first closed beta for Star Trek: Domination appears to have progressed as expected. Gamers playing the first draft of this free-to-play video game provided feedback on their experiences. GameSamba has in response made changes to the Officer System. We'll have to wait to see if the changes to the fun improves the gameplay as the developers and players hope. 

The second closed beta is now scheduled to start on January 15 at 6:00 p.m. The official Star Trek: Alien Domination website and forum have no information on signing up to play the second edition. We'll have to wait to hear more on this news. 

Best stay on the line if you plan on playing this popular free-to-play online strategy game. We'll give updates on any more news on playing the second closed beta of Star Trek: Alien Domination as they come in.  

Notch and Other Notables from Ludum Dare 28 Wed, 18 Dec 2013 11:52:43 -0500 Amanda Wallace

The Ludum Dare is a 48 hour game jam held three times a year -- once in April, August and December. The jam and its accompanying competition started in 2002, though it gained more notoriety in 2011 due to the participation of Notch, designer of Minecraft

In the week preceding the jam, participants vote on which theme they'd like to work with. This years theme was "You Only Get One," and won out over other options like "Bieber 4ever" and "No Kill." Particpants are divided into two groups "jam" and "compo." Compo developers work alone, have 48 hours and must produce all of the content in their game, while jam participants can work in groups, have a day more to work on their project and can create 

There were many different games made by developers with a variety of skills, and right now all of them are featured on the Ludum Dare site. For the next three weeks, contestants will vote on their favorite games to see who "wins." 

Here are some of the stand outs from this Ludum Dare 28. 

Note: Some of these games will require downloads of executable files and some of them will require Unity Web Player. I have yet to encounter any malicious files on the Ludum Dare site. 

You Only Get One Wish: Calciumtrice 

Admittedly, I have a soft spot for Twine games, but this is a game that is a combination of being rather lovely to look at and quite funny. For those unfamiliar with Twine, it's a text-based interactive fiction creator. 

There are ten possible endings (I went with bendy straw) and it was one of the better written Twine games in the compo. 

You can play it on the web here at the Ludum Dare website

System Control: conormn 

"System Control" was one of the first games to catch my eye. Not only is it incredibly polished, but it manages to play up the "you only get one" theme in a really smart way. In this game, you only get one test subject and you have to keep them alive by controlling their heart, lungs and digestion. 

I never managed to keep my test subject alive, but the game has a lot of polish for 48 hours and is quite a bit of fun. 

You can play the game at the Ludum Dare website here

You Only Get 1!: Danman9914

If you're a fan of the insanity of Japanese game shows, then this fun little game is just the right fit. You have to choose an object that will complete all three tasks, but in the spirit of the theme, you can only pick one object. 

What makes this game really fantastic is the way the developer really captured the Japanese game show spirit, and the announcers expressions are fantastic. 

You can play this game on the web at the Ludum Dare website

1-2-3-Ban : Draknek

This game is by Alan Hazelden, the creator of the Pax 10 chemistry puzzle game Sokobond. This jam game is a fantastic puzzler with a domino style match mechanic. 

It's a bit short, but it's so well done and simple that it makes you keep thinking through the puzzles until you have gotten all of them right. 

You can play this web game at the Ludum Dare website


"Cor" is a beautiful, sad gloomy game that absolutely captures a mood and holds onto it. It's experimental, but the mechanics really work with what the game is trying to capture. 

You can play the game on the Ludum Dare site, though you will need to download it. 

Smooth Operator: pjchardt

"Smooth Operator" is a 2D fighting game where you have three moves, but you can only use these moves once. With a mechanic that sort of reminds me of the school yard strategies of Rock, Paper, Scissors, you have to make sure you land your blow before your opponent does, or everyone dies. 

The game has some cartoon gore, but that is part of its pulpy charm. 

You can play the web version here, or download it on Mac, Linux or Windows at the Ludum Dare site. 

Alone/Awake: PaperBlurt 

 A fantastic, thoughtful piece of IF featuring animations, Alone/Awake is the type of experimental game that often thrives in a Ludum Dare environment. A seriously great game to check you. 

You can play it here at the Ludum Dare website

Last Minute Christmas Chopping: Notch

No Ludum Dare list would be complete without a nod to the Minecraft developer. "Last Minute Christmas Chopping" is a Christmas themed game about chopping down trees so that Santa can create presents in time to give them to all the little boys and girls. 

The game is mindlessly fun, and you can play it on the Ludum Dare website


What do you think? What are your favorite games from the Ludum Dare?