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Ever since ARK: Survival Evolved has hit Steam Early Access, it's been a wildly glitchy game, much to the disappointment of players everywhere. While some are to be inevitably expected from a majority of games as complex as ARK: SE, others are just plain frustrating and need a fix from the devs. 

Here are five of the most common bugs the ARK: SE community is tired of complaining about. 

1. Start-up screen crashes 

Possibly the most common complaint out there, ARK is continuously crashing for a majority of players upon start-up. They heat up their PCs for some good dino-lovin' fun, only to have it freeze and go down before the game can begin. Some have hypothesized the Windows 10 system being incompatible with the game as the cause of the crash. 

2. In-game screen crashes

As if start-up crashes weren't terrible enough, the game also crashs for many people running it at high resolution. Now, the solution to this might be fairly simple. Oftentimes, running a game at high resolution can fry your system if it's not tough enough to withstand it, especially for those playing on laptops. If an over-heating system is not the case, it's most likely one of the game's perpetual curses. 

3. Glitching through walls and objects

An endless array of gamers have complained that vicious dinos and tames have been drifting through walls in the game. This isn't just annoying, it disrupts the playability of the game and is extremely frustrating for most as it compromises their tames. Players also report falling through worlds and glitching through other objects in the game. There has been minimal response to fix this mainly graphical issue and it appears to be embossed in the game itself. 

4. Frustrating building system

Less of a bug than a runny part of the infrastructure, the building system in ARK is less than perfect. Building anything at all seems to be a major hassle for gamers who are used to a smoother crafting system. Individually plotting and constructing with very little sense of insight is both time-consuming and annoying. While there has been high demand from the Steam community to implement improvements on the building menu and make it more potent, the developers have yet to make an update. 

5. Inventory lag

With repeated overuse of the inventory, a large number of players experience a lag when opening and using the inventory. Some claim this is due to the processing of the CPU and GPU of your respectable rig, while most say it's due to server congestion at times. Apart from that, the inventory can be managed with patience.

With developers juggling a variety of bugs and complaints from players all across the world, some of these are probably inevitable for the complexity of the game.

What are some of the worst ARK bugs you've encountered? Leave us a comment below! 

3 Things Bayonetta 3 Should Fix with the Series https://www.gameskinny.com/r9vft/3-things-bayonetta-3-should-fix-with-the-series https://www.gameskinny.com/r9vft/3-things-bayonetta-3-should-fix-with-the-series Mon, 22 Jan 2018 15:02:00 -0500 Sarah Elliman

A release date has not yet be announced for the highly anticipated Bayonetta 3, but fans are already excited for another installment for the highly acclaimed series. Although many reviewers and players alike heaped praise on the various installments of the series, Bayonetta has had its issues. Though they are small gripes, if fixed, the developers (Platinum Games) could score a massive hit. The series is already well-loved, and these improvements could take it to superstar status.


Although Bayonetta was created to be over-the-top and preposterous, in both the first and second installments, the writing could appear very juvenile, with humor attempts that fell flat and a story that was mediocre at best. Bayonetta has always been focused on providing good action, and that shouldn’t be taken away from the game. Bayonetta was never meant to be a deep story, or to really have a story at all, but that doesn’t mean some effort shouldn’t be put in.

The first Bayonetta game, for example, relied too much upon the amnesia trope. Yes, it is a brilliant way to introduce the world in a quick manner; however, there are better ways to introduce a story. A fight between light and dark is a story as old as time, and when you draw a lot from Dante’s Inferno, there are a lot of places you can go. Introducing these elements doesn’t have to be shoved down your throat. Furthermore, the trope was used a second time -- not for Bayonetta, but for Loki in the second installment. There comes a point where, even in a game that doesn’t rely on story, developers need to change up the formula.

If you’re thinking that it doesn’t matter anymore, considering this is the third installment, then think again. Since it is being ported to the Switch, and since they want to draw in as many people to the game as possible, they need to make it accessible to new players as well as please old fans of the franchise. Therefore, the game will introduce a lot of the core story again (perhaps not as in depth, but it is likely to crop up). This is the perfect opportunity to bring more subtlety and depth to the series’ writing without going overboard.

Furthermore, some of the jokes and innuendos were sometimes just not funny at all. Style of humor is a personal preference, and not everybody is going to find the same things funny, but it can break the pacing and style of the game if something is particularly not funny. This is not saying that innuendos are juvenile in and of themselves, but there is a stylish way to present the humor of Bayonetta in a mysterious manner without jeopardizing the style of the game.

Nothing drastic needs to be done -- as stated before, Bayonetta wasn’t made to be a hard-hitting game with a deep emotional impact -- but there are subtle things that can bring it in line with its style and direction.   


Anyone who is a fan of Bayonetta may remember the issues that were present with the PS3 port. How could they not? There were so many issues with loading, frame rates, and grainy graphics when compared to its Xbox 360 counterpart. Considering that Bayonetta 3 will be launching purely on the Switch, this may not be an issue; it’s a lot less effort to code a game when you don’t have to consider the different nuances of each system the game is being released on.

However, we say this, but even these days we’re so used to receiving rushed and buggy games, where developers simply wanted to get the game out there and count the cash. The disaster that was Assassin’s Creed: Unity will probably always go down in history as one of the buggiest games at launch, full of untextured environments and faces, broken quests, clipping, and so much more. It’s not insane to assume that a game can be released with minimum effort. Mass Effect: Andromeda is a perfect example of one from last year. It was highly anticipated, and it looked as though BioWare was spending their time on the game, but what came out was below subpar.

Nintendo has been on quite a roll with the Switch and the titles that have been released on it, but there is always a chance that those standards can slip, especially when the pressure is on. Ensuring the game has minimum bugs won’t just mean a success for Platinum Games and Bayonetta, but Nintendo by association as well.


The pacing of Bayonetta 2 seemed to be an issue for many people -- not majorly, but it did make the game feel more disjointed. Furthermore, it seemed to play down the magnanimity and sheer awe of the set pieces and enemies because there was no build up. As a Kotaku reviewer for Bayonetta 2 described the experience, "if you constantly have orgasms, they’re not fun anymore," and this is the issue with Bayonetta.

Bayonetta has a lot of grand themes and religious imagery throughout, and because of the nature of this imagery, it means you can go all out on your interpretation of it. Therefore, you would presume there is a lot of material, and that is certainly the case with Bayonetta. The problem is that it feels like the studio is just trying to prove what they do.

When you play an action game, you want to feel a sense of progression and a buildup, an anticipation that the scariest and craziest-looking boss is coming up. Bayonetta has all of this, but it runs throughout the course of the whole game; there is no sense of progression in that sense. There is no subconscious feeling that you’re working towards something. Without that, you begin to lose that sense of wonder, and the adrenaline that makes you fight and game harder is gone.


Overall, Bayonetta has always been a fantastic series that has delivered perfectly timed action that keeps on giving. These small things would send Bayonetta into gaming stardom, but the series is well-loved, and I have no doubt that the future for Bayonetta is bright. 

How do you feel about Bayonetta 3? Did you have any gripes with the series? Let us know in the comments below! 

Elite Dangerous on Consoles: What We Don't Want https://www.gameskinny.com/jewfp/elite-dangerous-on-consoles-what-we-dont-want https://www.gameskinny.com/jewfp/elite-dangerous-on-consoles-what-we-dont-want Sat, 20 May 2017 13:24:16 -0400 ReverendShmitty


Elite Dangerous, as an already successful title that has run on both PC and Xbox One since 2014, should be more than ready for its jump to the PlayStation 4. Frontier Developments has handled plenty of issues that have cropped up and kept the game thriving. The studio hasn't set a release date yet for the PS4 port, which hopefully means the team is taking their time to ensure everything runs smoothly.


So with any luck -- and a lot of hard work on their part -- the PS4 version of Elite: Dangerous won't have any of the hiccups on this list when it comes out.


Downed or Overloaded Servers


Without exception, any online game will have its servers go down at some point or another. Updates, reworks, patches, DLC, holiday events, severe weather, and DDoS attacks can all cause a server to go down.


But sometimes servers go down for more ridiculous things, such as high number of players. A new game launch, in particular, can bring a server to its knees under the weight of a sudden influx of players.


Elite Dangerous has been around for years though, so by now the developers should know what to expect in terms of playerbase numbers and how much strain the servers need to be ready to handle. So we're hoping that when launch day rolls around for the PS4, those servers are already primed for the onslaught of new adventurers and won't collapse under the added pressure.


We'd much rather get to actually play the game on launch day, rather than ruefully watching Elite: Dangerous streams and wishing we could. 


Broken Updates


With a long beta period, a testing period for the Xbox One, and a slew of updates to refine and add content to an already massive game, Elite Dangerous has had -- and will continue to have -- a lot of updates. These days updates are as common as pressing the start button, so you have to expect them.


Unfortunately, Elite Dangerous also has an issue of updates breaking parts of the game and creating new problems. Missing money, disappearing cargo, and an inability to access markets are all issues that have plagued the game from time to time.


They were eventually fixed, as any devoted developer will do, but some extra testing and polishing before the game's PS4 release would be highly appreciated.


(Extreme) Graphic Degradation


We know full well that it's nigh impossible to not have some sort of graphics degradation when porting from PC to console. Despite the fact that consoles are more powerful and PC-like than ever before, they still aren't quite as powerful as their desktop cousins. At least not yet.


Back in the days of the Elite Dangerous beta, some users experienced a significant drop in graphical quality, namely in lighting and shading, just after updating. With the jump to a new console and architecture, such an issue could once again arise -- and we don't want to see it fly under the radar without getting fixed. 


Incompatibility Issues


The above image in an animation issue only encountered after equipping a new paint job for a ship. Why? Because the cosmetic change is apparently incompatible with some other aspect of the game.


It's a minor grievance since the game is still fully functional and playable. But when such a glaring issue is caused by something so incredibly minor as a skin, there's no telling how many more issues can crop up. Trivial or not, in a game with thousands of active players, customization options, and interactive places and things, the little things need to be impeccably polished.


Graphic Glitches


For its incredible size, Elite Dangerous really is a great looking game. Ships are incredibly detailed, planets are beautiful, and the character creation is outstanding.


But when you can explore the vastness of space and jump from galaxy to galaxy, you're bound to come across something not so pretty eventually. And for some players, this comes not in the form of being killed or robbed, but of severe graphical glitches.


Planets failing to load properly and complete lack of textures have been reported numerous times and are definitely something best left in the past.


Frontier Developments' Elite: Dangerous, a space adventure, trading, and combat simulation game, premiered on PC in December 2014 -- then moved onto the Xbox One less than a year later. Now, over 1.4 million sold copies later, the game is planned to release on the PlayStation 4 sometime this year.


Unfortunately, games of a massive scale like this are bound to have issues somewhere along the way, and the console port on Xbox One is no exception. So before Elite Dangerous makes the leap to Sony's flagship, we're hoping these five issues get left behind.

Bugs, Patches, and Missing Content: Will Sniper Ghost Warrior 3 Ever Be Complete? https://www.gameskinny.com/thx15/bugs-patches-and-missing-content-will-sniper-ghost-warrior-3-ever-be-complete https://www.gameskinny.com/thx15/bugs-patches-and-missing-content-will-sniper-ghost-warrior-3-ever-be-complete Mon, 08 May 2017 12:00:02 -0400 Jerline Justo

When people hear Sniper Ghost Warrior 3, there's an audible sigh. Since its released, people’s view toward Sniper Ghost Warrior 3 remains as mixed as ever.

Despite the immersive sniper experience, the game suffers from technical issues, making it difficult to play. On top of that, developer CI Games have been hard at work finishing development on a multiplayer mode for the game -- one many gamers expected at launch. However, the dev recently announced that the new update will be available later in Q3 2017 -- not sooner. The company said in a statement:

Throughout our development of Sniper Ghost Warrior 3, we have had two [sic] focus [on]: The first is to provide the best possible single-player experience in our most ambitious game in the Sniper Ghost Warrior series to date. This has always been our goal and we are extremely proud of all the work we have done, and that we share with you. The second emphasis from us is to provide regular content updates post launch, focusing on content that enhances the gaming experience.”

As the developers attempt to save the game with patches and a multiplayer update, people have started to wonder if this game will ever be complete. Some remain hopeful that it will eventually be fixed, reaching its full potential, but Sniper: Ghost Warrior 3 will be forgotten by the time more patches and fixes come down. Why? Other games would have arrested players' collective mind share. 

Too Many Bugs Makes This Game a Lost Cause

Gamers from Reddit and Steam have commented on common bug issues from the game. Long load times and un-lootable soldiers make the top of the list, but players are also having trouble leaving vehicles as well as saving. To add to these comments, GameSpot critic Richard Wakeling shares in his review:

 “...the plethora of nagging glitches and technical problems are a persistent nuisance that make Sniper Ghost Warrior 3 difficult to recommend.”

When walking into a game, players expect it to (mostly) flow smoothly in, for it to feature quality gameplay and increase immersion. However, these bugs distract players from the gameplay, making it more difficult to play.

Even with a fix, many players can only remember the bug issues they experience, leaving players feeling disgruntled -- and causing Sniper Ghost Warrior 3' reputation to suffer. 

Only Shooting and Scoping Out Enemies

For some people, they find the game enjoyable because of the immersive gameplay, where players sneak through levels toward their target, mark enemies with robot droids, and shoot enemies one by one -- just like a real and methodical sniper. Although gameplay gives players a sense of satisfaction when killing a target, the game becomes too repetitive too quickly, relying on overwrought and overused mechanics.

Sniper Ghost Warrior 3 only offers gameplay variety when going after the game's most wanted criminals, where players can employ various tactics in order to bag their kill. Because of that, variety is relegated to a single area of the game -- until the multiplayer element of SGW3 finally releases. 

Where Does This Leave CI Games?

CI games still has not said much since last April, but in the statement, they explained their plans for adding content to SGW3:

"Before we release any more content for the game, we have dedicated staff working diligently to further optimize Sniper Ghost Warrior 3 to ensure fewer issues with framerate and loading times. Only once we feel that proper headway has been made on the system performance, will we begin adding extras such as the much-requested multiplayer component."

Giving this statement does reassure the public about their progress of the game by acknowledging the issues and trying their best to fix them. It gives people a sense of hope that game will reach its full potential.

However, other anticipated first person shooters, like Call of Duty: WWII, would be released, and the gaming community won't be talking about Sniper Ghost Warrior 3. So the question comes down to this -- how long will fans wait for the game to come and be finished?

Sniper: Ghost Warrior's ES-25 Suppressor and Bipod Missing Due to Bug https://www.gameskinny.com/sljlo/sniper-ghost-warriors-es-25-suppressor-and-bipod-missing-due-to-bug https://www.gameskinny.com/sljlo/sniper-ghost-warriors-es-25-suppressor-and-bipod-missing-due-to-bug Sat, 06 May 2017 14:57:53 -0400 ReverendShmitty

Sniper: Ghost Warrior 3, the latest installment in CI Games' tactical first-person-shooter series, has been out for nearly two weeks and fans have swarmed the internet searching for the various weapons and attachments available.

With 14 primary weapons, 10 secondary weapons, and 10 sidearms, the game has a whopping 34 weapons at the player's disposal. And while some are awarded just by playing through the SGW 3's main story line, others must be found in hard-to-find weapon crates or by completing side missions.

The ES-25 is awarded to the player after finishing the side mission "Loose Ends," and stats-wise, it is perhaps the best rifle in the game. However, despite the in-game model showing a suppressor and bipod for the weapon, no one has been able to find either one of them. Weapons guides are devoid of information on the ES-25 silencer and bipod, and forums are full of players are all confused.

Fortunately, it seems CI Games is aware of the issue and plan to address the bug with a fix in the next patch.

In the Sniper: Ghost Warrior 3 Steam forums, a player by the moniker Psycho Dad said he found a file that when edited, gave him the attachments in question. SnipedYa, a private account apparently run by CI Games, asked him not to share how he did it, as they are already on it:

Currently, there's no word on when the patch will drop, but at least we have confirmation the team is aware of the issue and have a fix in mind. In the meantime, you might want to pick a rifle that's a tad quieter, at least if you plan to follow the "Ghost" part of Sniper: Ghost Warrior 3.

Stay tuned to Gameskinny for more news and guides on Sniper: Ghost Warrior 3.

Dawn Of War III Troubleshooting Errors and Bug Fixes https://www.gameskinny.com/0kyb4/dawn-of-war-iii-troubleshooting-errors-and-bug-fixes https://www.gameskinny.com/0kyb4/dawn-of-war-iii-troubleshooting-errors-and-bug-fixes Sat, 29 Apr 2017 16:17:56 -0400 Ty Arthur

We've had a relative glut of AAreal-time me strategy games lately, but all that changes now that Relic has returned for a third main entry in the Warhammer 40,000 Dawn Of War series (see our full review here).

But surprise, surprise, there's more than a few Dawn Of War III bugs, crashes, and errors to deal with on release day. That's just life for PC gamers -- so much for the master race!

Below we cover workarounds and fixes for a variety of multiplayer connection and single player crashing problems most frequently reported by players.

Steam Hotfix

Several of the most pressing issues were already resolved in a Day-One hotfix, but unfortunately, the fix doesn't seem to apply itself properly unless you completely shut down and then restart the Steam client.

This was causing more than a little grief for those who leave Steam running 24/7. Shutting down and restarting Steam also fixes issues where you can't connect to a new game after being booted.

Basic DoW III Troubleshooting

Before attempting anything else, there's the basic Steam troubleshooting to get out of the way.

Right-click the Warhammer 40,000 Dawn Of War III entry in your Steam library and select "Properties." Head to the "Local Files" tab and then click "Verify Integrity Of Game Files."

In most cases, if you can't load at all or are constantly crashing, this process will fix your issue, although you will have to go the pain of un- and re-installing.

 Verifying File Integrity

Multiplayer Connection Problems in Dawn of War III

If you are getting frequently booted from matches or can't connect to a lobby at all to find a multiplayer match, Relic issued these firewall tips on a workaround until a new patch arrives:

  • Make sure your firewall or antivirus program isn’t blocking RelicDoW3.exe
  • Make sure the IP address is whitelisted
  • Make sure the TCP ports 443, 27017-27030 and 50000-50010 are open

Fixing Crashes

It's always frustrating to make it through massively long campaign missions just to crash and have to start over -- and that's been happening for a number of players already, with two main problems currently prevalent.

Fatal Error

There's some sort of unidentified issue causing a crash right at the end of certain missions as you are finishing up the last objective, and it occurs most on the third Eldar mission and fifth Ork mission.

Just as you are on the cusp of victory, you'll get a box displaying the message "Fatal Scar Error - Execution Paused," followed by a freeze or crash. There's no permanent fix for this -- yet -- other than to restart the mission.

Doing this from the in-game prompt seems to always result in the same crash again, however. To increase your chances of getting to the victory screen, you have to entirely exit back to the main menu screen and then select the mission again. Just restarting the mission won't do it, as whatever problem in the code that's causing the error will still be running.

Video Card Selection

Of course you should make sure you are updated to the latest driver for your graphics card, but that doesn't seem to be a big driving force of crashes at the moment.

An unexpected issue can be the cause of your crash or slow performance for dual video card users. Apparently, there's a bug causing the wrong card to be utilized, which might be giving you graphical glitches, lag, or system freezes.

To fix this issue, pull up your video card control panel and select the option to force the file named RelicDOW3.exe to use your main, dedicated GPU.

Forward To Victory For The Emperor

Those are all the major bugs we've come across so far -- let us know if you're experiencing any others and we'll look for a solution.

Now that you've got the game up and running, be sure to also check out our Dawn Of War III Eldar tips and strategies for both single player campaign missions and online multiplayer!

Street Fighter V's Freebie Beta Test is Basically A Free Demo https://www.gameskinny.com/ghr2p/street-fighter-vs-freebie-beta-test-is-basically-a-free-demo https://www.gameskinny.com/ghr2p/street-fighter-vs-freebie-beta-test-is-basically-a-free-demo Sun, 02 Apr 2017 09:00:01 -0400 GeorgieBoysAXE

I’m not going to mince words here: Street Fighter V was a huge letdown. More importantly, the iconic fighter is no longer the top dog of the fighting scene, either, with many hardcore fighting fans moving over to Mortal Kombat, King of Fighters, and Killer Instinct for their fill.

Luckily, Capcom is aware of the hot mess they have on their hands with the series' fifth entry, and they're staying on top of the damage control efforts with a new Beta version of the Capcom Fighting Network, which that facilitates the operation of SFV.

The effort may be too little too late, though, as Capcom is only now addressing the issues that have been plaguing the fighting game sequel for more than a year. Adding more salt to the wound, the developer is limiting Beta access to PC players only. PS4 owners are still stiffed with the junky build that Capcom sold them -- and that's without any news of an update to the console version in sight.

Now that’s not to say that the game as it is now is unplayable, but it’s definitely a bit rough -- and arguably still incomplete. A lot of the brawler’s flaws stem from the lackluster infrastructure of its network, which did nothing to monitor netcode stability (or player conduct for that matter) if you were even lucky enough to score a connection. That's not to mention the small degree of utility available for the few online competitive modes that Street Fighter V offered.

In my brief time playing around with the CFN Beta, I was able to appreciate the flexibility that Capcom presented as I was given full access to the all of the available characters and stages in SFV while customizing my profile preferences. The good vibes didn’t last, though, as the few matches I did get to play came with the baggage of excessive wait times for matchmaking during peak network hours on a Friday night.

Even after I optimized the game settings to run properly on my hardware, there were still some hints of hitbox clipping and lag that affected the overall quality of the bout, with the connection suddenly dying in between rounds.

With the climate of the Street Fighter V as it is now, Capcom is going to have to go all in with their CFN Beta -- and release it on the PlayStation Store as well. The fact that the Japanese brand has overlooked half of the player base is astonishing when you factor in just how many players are on the PS4.

What baffles me more is that one of the biggest selling points that Street Fighter V had going for it was the cross-platform play that it promised between PlayStation 4 and Windows, which would have significantly expanded the field test that Capcom’s attempting to conduct with the beta. On top of that, it would have also greatly increased the data they hope to collect out of the release.

The CFN Beta is supposed to go on until April 3, which honestly just isn’t enough time to mend any of the fences that the game needs to fix. I’m hedging bets, however, that Capcom will figure this out themselves much sooner than later, especially when they notice the gradually growing wave of negative steam reviews that keep stacking up on the Beta’s store page.

Personally, I hope the Beta sticks around longer and gets the maintenance it needs, then if Capcom can move it over to Sony’s marketplace, the goodwill of the series may have a chance to be fostered again for those who still care.

But only time will tell. 

Dead Rising 4 Best Glitches and Exploits for Infinite PP / Scrap https://www.gameskinny.com/yi137/dead-rising-4-best-glitches-and-exploits-for-infinite-pp-scrap https://www.gameskinny.com/yi137/dead-rising-4-best-glitches-and-exploits-for-infinite-pp-scrap Tue, 13 Dec 2016 00:36:46 -0500 Ty Arthur

To become the best zombie killing machine possible, Frank will need to earn lots of PP (the Dead Rising equivalent of EXP) to unlock new skills and piles of Scrap to buy vehicles or equipment.

If you don't like doing things the old fashioned way and earning your level ups, there are methods of working smarter rather than harder and very quickly leveling (or becoming quite rich) by taking advantage of exploits.

Dead Rising 4 features a series of glitches or odd design choices that mostly cause problems - the Investigate The Rumors mission in particular seems to be bugged - but there are a few helpful exploits available by taking advantage of the game's checkpoint loading system, allowing you to earn large amounts of PP and scrap very quickly.

Below we cover the best methods currently available that hopefully won't be patched out anytime soon.

Need more help with Dead Rising 4 outside of bugs and glitches? Be sure to also check out:

Unlimited PP Glitch

In Case 3 of the main story campaign during the Tracking The Signal mission objective you will find a room where you can pick up an Exo suit. Grab the ice machine directly behind the Exo suit and combine them, then head out of the house through the garage to find a horde of zombies waiting to be frozen to bits.

Keep firing off the combo suit's freeze effect to very quickly earn an absurd hit streak, since you will hit large numbers of zombies with every charge attack. Your multiplier will rise exponentially very, very quickly, resulting in rapid level gain. Feel like gaining 10, 20, 30 levels in just a few minutes? Have at it and keep firing!

 Icing zombies to reach high levels quickly

Here's the catch though: you don't want to run out of zombies (thereby dropping your hit streak) or leave the area. Before you reach a new checkpoint, just simply go into the menu and re-load the last checkpoint... keeping your level but respawning all the zombies. Rinse and repeat with the Exo suit / ice machine combo to gain as many levels as you want.

There are several other areas with similar exploits available, like the church in West Ridge that also has an Exo suit and a vacuum power up that sends 10 - 20 zombies flying to their messy deaths with each hit.

Quick Scrap Gain Exploit

Go to an area with an ATM nearby, then reload your check point so that you see where you are spawning and don't leave that area or advance the plot so you keep respawning in that same location each time you load the checkpoint.

To make this work, find a checkpoint that is as close to an ATM as possible to save time. The idea here is to get as much Scrap as possible with as little effort spent as possible. Run up to the ATM and crack it open to get the Scrap, which will be a variable amount each time. With luck, you'll earn 3 - 5k Scrap each time.

Immediately afterwards, just reload the checkpoint again and repeat the process. You will will always keep the scrap you harvest, but the ATM will be loaded with scrap again when you load the check point - meaning you can quickly earn large amounts of Scrap without having to kill tons of zombies or search across the map for new ATMs.

It's the apocalypse, so it's not like the bank needs the money...

These are best Dead Rising 4 exploits and glitches we've found so far - let us know if you used them, and be sure to offer up any other helpful bugs you've discovered for faster leveling!

5 Funniest Glitches in Final Fantasy XV So Far https://www.gameskinny.com/j5v1k/5-funniest-glitches-in-final-fantasy-xv-so-far https://www.gameskinny.com/j5v1k/5-funniest-glitches-in-final-fantasy-xv-so-far Sat, 10 Dec 2016 14:34:49 -0500 Pablo Seara

Final Fantasy XV, as you probably know, is the biggest open world Square Enix have ever created. It takes lots of inspiration from Western Triple-A developers like Bethesda or Rockstar, and the result is a very good Final Fantasy game.

However, like most modern games, Final Fantasy XV has its share of glitches. Thankfully, most of these bugs are not game-breaking and instead imbue the game with hilarious and bizarre side effects that definitely make us laugh. So, here you will find the five funniest glitches we have seen in FF XV so far.

Lux Infinity & Beyond!

Playing the Judgment Disc Demo of Final Fantasy XV weeks before the game's actual release, this player was enjoying his time in the world of Final Fantasy XV, getting to know Leide, Hammerhead, Galdin, etc. Minding his own business, he finds a group of dangerous rhinos in the area and decides to fight them. Imagine his surprise when he suddenly teleports hundreds of feet above the ground!

This hilarious glitch only happens in the demo when you fight this particular group of rhinos, located south of Hammerhead. When the battle is over, Noctis appears in the sky high above and starts falling until he reaches the ground in a spectacular smash. 

However, it can get even worse.

The second time you try to defeat the animals, you get teleported and fall outside the limits of the demo! You are trapped and cannot get back. Thankfully (or not), this bug was patched in the main game.

Purple Sea, Purple Sea...

How is this even possible! What kind of phenomena can explain this? This is supposed to be water in Galdin Quay. However, it has turned purple! All of it! Needless to say, we do not think it is safe to swim or fish there... If you could even see fish in the first place.

Later, you will notice that this is not the only glitch involving neon purple. There seems to be a problem with this particular color in the game. Or maybe somebody just like purple. Who knows? 

Why Are You So Serious!

Noctis, are you alright? Much like Assasins' Creed Unity and The Sims, Final Fantasy XV also includes extremely glitched faces -- with both horrifying and hilarious results. In this case, Noctis turns partly invisible and shows us his radiant smile.

We find it really interesting that many games have these kinds of bugs. They are especially weird and funny during cutscenes, where they takeaway all the dramatism and seriousness of the moment. Not even a 10-year development cycle can fix these situations...

What if everybody in the game looked like this? Creepy ... 

The Human Centipede

Notice something wrong? Apparently, Noctis is ignoring the fact that there are four people merging behind him! Like a pair of Siamese twins, these four gentlemen are having a casual conversation -- just as each pair slowly becomes one bizarre, single person with two heads and several limbs!

These fine gentlemen could easily be from the world's of Bloodborne or Silent Hill, but instead, they've decided to bring a little horror to the world of Final Fantasy. However, they are harmless. You can approach and take a closer look with no fear of possible retaliation. They are friendly creatures ... for now. 

Dragon Ball XV

My personal favorite glitch so far, and one that I would love to trigger on purpose, is this awesome neon-purple hair Noctis is rocking! Suffice it to say this hairdo is one of the best in the Final Fantasy universe. It looks like he is becoming a Super Saiyan, which really wouldn't be a surprise if it were true. After all, he can teleport, briefly float in the air and kick serious ass. Sadly, I have checked and he is still not able to perform a kamehameha.

There is also another bug in the image. Prompto's eyes are shining! Maybe he does not want to be a character of Final Fantasy XV and prefers to being a member of Daft Punk instead. Or a futuristic zombie, who knows! 

And that is it for the most hilarious glitches in Final Fantasy XV. There will probably be more in the coming weeks when the player-base increases and they get to explore the vast world of Eos.

What do you think of these bugs? Have you find new ones? Let me know on the comment section below!

How to Fix Game Freezes in the Bioshock Collection https://www.gameskinny.com/gz1cz/how-to-fix-game-freezes-in-the-bioshock-collection https://www.gameskinny.com/gz1cz/how-to-fix-game-freezes-in-the-bioshock-collection Wed, 14 Sep 2016 05:23:41 -0400 Sean Handler

Many of you who are eagerly awaiting to return to the underwater city of Rapture and the sky-bound city of Columbia in Bioshock: The Collection for PS4 and Xbox 1 may want to be careful when you first venture out, as there is a possible bug -- at least in the remastered version of the first game. I recently picked up the remastered collection and upon playing through most of the first section of the game, I came across this very concerning glitch. 

There are two variations of the bug that have occurred thus far in my playthrough of the first Bioshock title. One is the game freezing up for a second or two. This was triggered by quickly browsing through the map and information tabs. Waiting for a few seconds and closing the map screen seemed to fix the bug for the time being, as I have yet to see it trigger again. 

The second version, however, is much nastier. This version of the game freeze occurred ironically enough... in the freezer level of Fontaine Fisheries, specifically at the Weapon Upgrade station pictured below:

The bug occurred for me right after I upgraded one of my weapons and attempting to exit the menu of various upgrade options. The game froze up completely when I tried to exit the menu and no amount of button pressing, ability selection, or weapon switching worked. The only fix for this variant of the bug is to shut down the game and restart it, and hope that you saved your progress -- because I forgot to do so and had to redo the entire Fontaine Fisheries area all over again, which is quite tedious. 

So far these two game-freezing bugs are only present on the PS4 version of the game as far as I am aware. If anyone who plays the game on Xbox 1 can confirm that the bug occurs on their end, please let me know and I'll add a note to this guide! 

EDIT: The freezing error has still been occurring for me during various parts of the game. The only correlation I can find is that it occurs in menus for various aspects of the game such as U-Invent stations, Power To The People stations (weapon upgrades), and the menu which shows the map, audio logs, etc. The freezing occurs for a couple of seconds at the most but can also cause the game to completely lock up and force a reset to get it working again. 

Obduction: Common Bugs and Fixes Guide - (Updated for Patch 1) https://www.gameskinny.com/kn7nm/obduction-common-bugs-and-fixes-guide-updated-for-patch-1 https://www.gameskinny.com/kn7nm/obduction-common-bugs-and-fixes-guide-updated-for-patch-1 Mon, 05 Sep 2016 11:32:39 -0400 ForTheTwo

Obduction, developer Cyan Worlds' long awaited followup to the genre and era-defining adventure games Myst and Riven, isn't without its share of headaches and frustrations. At their source, a number of glitches and bugs that render an otherwise sublime game experience less so. Collected here are some of the most common issues still facing players, and their solutions, as tested by the community and GameSkinny staff.

Loading, Saves, and Loading Times

If the game is stuck at the loading screen:

First, make sure Obduction has been patched to the most recent version [Patch 1 - September 2, 2016]. This bug has been widely reported, and has been fixed for most players. For players who are still experiencing long load times, the issue is likely not in the game's code.

In our testing, a quick check of the task manager showed that this problem is often caused by a slow hard drive. The game loads approximately 2 gigabytes of data before it is playable. On SSDs, loading was reported to take up to 30 seconds, on slower drives, loading a game can take minutes. Loading the task manager will reveal if the game is loading or stopped completely: ultimately, patience is the only solution for this variation.

If the problem persists, or you are unable to update your software, setting the game language to a non-English option, loading a save, switching back to English and reloading the save should solve the issue.

If the player character is stuck in place:

The game contains several different maps, and loading zones between them: the game locks you in place until the new area is fully loaded. While some loading zones are obvious: a portal between worlds, the screen dissolving as a teleporter activates, others are less so, like the path to the roots of "The Tree." The key is to look for a pink or purple circle in the upper right of the screen, which indicates the game is loading.

It is also possible for the player character to become 'caught' while moving, even inside an area of the map that has fully loaded. The way to unstick yourself is by using the game's ability to switch control schemes. If the camera is moveable, but the player is not, switch from "Free Roam" to 'Point-and-Click' to warp your character to a nearby patch of 'safe' terrain. You can change this option in the Controls tab from the Settings menu.

Blurry Text and Unreadable Notebooks

It wouldn't be a Cyan Worlds game without pages upon pages of juicy lore to dig into, or some scattered notes hinting at the solution to a nearby puzzle. Certain graphics settings create a variety of problems that make these difficult to parse at best, and at times, completely unreadable.

If black boxes are covering the page:

This problem occurs primarily with multi-page documents: large portions of the page are covered by large black rectangles, effectively removing crucial portions of the manuscript. The solution here is to adjust the game's resolution to the largest vertical resolution supported by your display. During our testing, the problem resolved itself at a resolution with at least 1050 pixels vertically. If playing at a lower resolution is necessary, running the game in borderless windowed mode may leave enough of the page intact to suffice.

If text is too blurry to read:

No bug here, but a setting titled Resolution Scale. In its normal application, this is used to improve graphics by rendering a game in a higher definition than is shown. This is kept low by default, as it is a resource-intensive process, but for some users it can make the difference between chicken-scratch and text so crisp it leaps off the screen.

Some users have reported changing texture quality or resolution provides a more permanent fix, but given the length of the material, cranking the resolution scaling up to maximum is a quick and effective fix. It may be worth changing that setting back to normal during puzzle solving and exploration: a lowered frame-rate and longing for a more powerful gaming rig is the most likely outcome.

If text is too small to read:

The setting to adjust here is 'Field of View.' Papers and books are read by holding the objects to the player's 'face,' This distance doesn't change, regardless of where the player is looking, so as the width of their vision increases, objects directly in front of them become smaller. Turn the FOV setting to its minimum while reading to bring text into view.

Photo Woes

Obduction's only inventory item is a point and click camera, which should be useful for taking screenshots of scenic vistas, alien landscapes, or puzzle hints. It is, as of this writing, completely unreliable. Photos saved to the hard drive are prone to corruption and can often vanish entirely, leaving only a thumbnail behind.

In-game, this leads to errors where certain photos cannot be shown at full size: in reality, the image is gone, irretrievably. To check on the status of your photos, head to C:\Users\[YourUsername]\AppData\Local\Obduction\Saved\SaveGames and check the folder of your most recent save.

Between the various save files in the game above, as few as 1/4 to as many as 1/2 of all photos were lost. They can be identified by the blank preview image, or by their filesize of 0 kb. No reliable fix has yet appeared for this problem: using another method to save screenshots is the only workaround.

  • Users who own the game through Steam can use the F12 button to use Steam's own screenshot tool.
  • The PrintScrn button on the keyboard will copy the current contents of your screen to the clipboard: pressing it again will overwrite the current image, so images must be manually pasted into another file or program.
  • Alternatively, use a third party screenshot application like ShareX.

Everything and Anything Else

Obduction is a big game, and the developers are a fantastic resource when nothing else seems to work. Patches for a number of outstanding issues have been released with remarkable frequency, and even these remaining problems are unlikely to plague users for much longer. Until that time comes, this old-school strategy will help keep you playing, and keep your progress intact.

Save Early, Save Often, and Make Copies

The easiest fix to a game-breaking bug is to have an untainted copy of your progress at hand. Obduction doesn't support on-demand saving, but you can copy any of your saves as often as you want. Above all else, our highest recommendation is using this option to make a backup copy of your save on a regular basis. 

Seeing a bug we haven't found? Have a fix we haven't tested? Drop a comment below! For more serious concerns, you can contact the developers directly at Cyan's own support site.

Fallout 4's 1.7 Update Helps Fix Your Vault-Tec Problems https://www.gameskinny.com/lt76m/fallout-4s-17-update-helps-fix-your-vault-tec-problems https://www.gameskinny.com/lt76m/fallout-4s-17-update-helps-fix-your-vault-tec-problems Thu, 04 Aug 2016 05:24:03 -0400 Glitchieetv

Bethesda has released update 1.7 for Fallout 4 on both PC and Xbox, with PS4 waiting in the wings. This patch aims to fix the pesky bugs riddling Vault-Tec Workshop to create a smoother gaming experience. Along with other adjustments, update 1.7 primarily addresses some gameplay problems introduced in the latest DLC.

One of the major fixes that comes with this update is the ability to scrap Vault Experiments, such as the exercise bike, and being able to build it again. Previously, if the experiment was scrapped it would be lost forever, forcing the player to reload. Now you can move the items around to your heart's content without worrying about accidentally scrapping it.

Additionally, the population management system will no longer say jobs are available if no one is able to do them, cleaning up the interface nicely. Other fixes include Overseer Barstow's audio cutting out, NPCs sitting correctly at the Vault Security Desk, and the interview dialogue options resetting.

More general fixes include companions no longer stripping down when fast traveling, dog armors not equipping on Dogmeat, Sturges and Mama Murphy will continue to move about, and player animations showing properly. The Mods menu and Mods Detail menu UIs received some improvements, as well. Additionally, the Disable All Mods command now works when offline, and NPCs that are changed by a Mod have had their hairstyles and animations fixed.

Along with the fixes come some new things, such as being able to buy large shipments of Ceramic, Copper, Rubber, Steel and Wood from vendors. Jun and Marcy Long are no longer necessary to have at Sanctuary after completing its quest line. Grenades and Molotov cocktails can now be used with the Junk Mortar, created under Contraptions. There is even a new art type for Workshop Settlements as well as support for the coming Nuka-World DLC has been integrated.

What do you think of these changes? Let me know in the comments!

Telltale Release Update for Troubled Batman PC Port https://www.gameskinny.com/v3kww/telltale-release-update-for-troubled-batman-pc-port https://www.gameskinny.com/v3kww/telltale-release-update-for-troubled-batman-pc-port Thu, 04 Aug 2016 05:17:30 -0400 Anne-Marie Coyle

Forget The Joker, Hugo Strange, Two-Face or any of the others -- it seems Batman's real arch nemesis is in fact, the personal computer.

Episode One of Batman: The Telltale Series was released earlier this week to generally favorable reviews -- with the exception of PC players, many of whom have taken to Steam to voice their woes over yet another bad PC port of a game starring The Dark Knight.  

Numerous user reviews reveal the game suffers from poor performance issues with the main culprit being an awful frame rate. Other users have pointed out issues with controls, as well as audio that's out of sync with the cutscenes. 

Telltale has investigated the complaints and surmised that the issues result from running the game on integrated graphics cards rather than dedicated, or from using drivers that aren't up to date.  

According to the developer, the new patch: 

  • Automatically defaults the game to run on dedicated graphics card 
  • Adds graphics settings to enable selection of Higher Performance Textures or Higher Quality Textures 

This is the second wave of bad luck for Batman on PC. Rocksteady's Batman: Arkham Knight launched with a PC port so broken that it was pulled from Steam shelves. The game was reintroduced but the troubles continued, culminating in Valve offering up refunds to those affected by the botched launch. 

Whether the patch will fix the numerous performance issues in Batman: The Telltale Series remains to be seen. But for now it might not be a bad idea, if you have the option, to opt for the console version.  

Overwatch Patch fixes Sudden Death and Competitve Play https://www.gameskinny.com/z61f5/overwatch-patch-fixes-sudden-death-and-competitve-play https://www.gameskinny.com/z61f5/overwatch-patch-fixes-sudden-death-and-competitve-play Wed, 06 Jul 2016 14:51:57 -0400 Megan M. Campbell

Overwatch’s Competitive Play Mode was released last week and the PC version of the game has received a patch to adjust this mode. It fixes the issue of players wrongly being punished for disconnecting.

Every map except Hollywood has had its Sudden Death duration increased. Every map used to be set at one minute and forty five seconds, but now each map has a specific duration made especially for the map.

Some heroes of Overwatch have also seen some changes. The patch should allow Winston’s Ultimate melee attack to hit more consistently. Zarya’s alternate fire should now scale correctly with her damage boost modifier. Other changes have also been made to Reaper’s Shadow Step and Mercy’s Caduceus Staff.

Additional fixes have been made to incorrect information displayed during Competitive Play, preventing Overtime music from playing, and block of line of sight in the Nepal map.

The full list of changes can be found below:

Sudden Death Duration



  • Hanamura- 1:35
  • Temple of Anubis – 1:30
  • Volskaya Industries – 1:35




  • Dorado – 1:30
  • Route 66 – 1:35
  • Watchpoint – 1:35




  • King’s Row – 1:30
  • Numbani – 1:50
  • Hollywood – 1:45


Bug Fixes



  • fixed bug that prevented Overtime music from playing on Escort and Assault/Escort maps (if payload was nearing final checkpoint)
  • fixed bug where display settings weren’t always saved after restarting client
  • fixed issue that caused in-game UI to display incorrectly at 4k resolutions  
  • fixed bug where wrong player level would appear in Social menu


  • fixed issue with collision not blocking line of sight in certain areas of Nepal


  • fixed bug that caused Mercy’s Caduceus Staff beam to disconnect from target if player either quickly switched between healing and damage beams and/or was facing away from target at time of switch
  • fixed bugs that allowed Reaper to Shadow Step to unintended locations on certain maps
  • fixed bug that caused Winston’s melee attack during Primal Rage to hit targets in range inconsistently
  • fixed bug that caused Zarya’s alternate fire to scale incorrectly with her damage boost modifier


Competitive Play
  • fixed bug that caused “Top 500” icon to incorrectly display for certain players in various players throughout game UI
  • fixed bug that caused players’ Skill Rating to display “64” during placement matches
  • fixed issue where if you left and rejoined an in-progress Competitive match, the game would still track match as a loss in your placement match history and when determining the amount of Skill Rating you receive for completing a match even if your team won
  • Note: you must be present for conclusion of the match to be eligible for the win. If you leave the match and don’t rejoin before it’s over, it will count as a loss in both your placement match history and when calculating your Skill Rating placement
  • fixed issue where you would still receive a Competitive Play “leave” penalty even if you rejoined a match and completed it
  • Note: if you leave a single Competitive Play match more than 3 times, you will receive a Competitive Play “leave” penalty even if you complete the match  

Source Image[Header Image]

Community unhappy with current state of Overwatch's Competitive Mode https://www.gameskinny.com/k8q2a/community-unhappy-with-current-state-of-overwatchs-competitive-mode https://www.gameskinny.com/k8q2a/community-unhappy-with-current-state-of-overwatchs-competitive-mode Tue, 05 Jul 2016 09:55:12 -0400 Kevin Malkiewicz

*UPDATE 07/08/2016*

This update is a two parter.

Blizzard Community Manager, Lylirra, posted a response detailing their fix for leavers in competitive matchmaking. The post, that can be found here, outlined how the previous MMR was calculated both before and after a player left a match in progress.

The post also outlined other/further changes and fixes:

  • Looking to add a "time bank" system to Escort and Hybrid maps
  • Coin Flip being removed for Season 2
  • Sudden Death duration tweaks
  • Control map skill rating fix
  • Disconnect and reconnect issues fixed
  • Experimenting with Overtime changes

After the fix was deployed, players still complained about rating gains and losses which led to Lylirra making another post, which can be found here, stating that they are looking into the continuing issues to determine if another fix needs to be implemented.

*UPDATE 07/05/2016*

Game Director, Jeff Kaplan, commented on the recent problems with "leavers" in competitive matches. The post, which can be found here, states that there is a fix and update that will be released this week, and that more fixes are on the way. 


Overwatch has released its much-requested Competitive Mode on all platforms, but the reception from the community has been lukewarm. The Overwatch subreddit and official forum have been flooded with posts ranging from matchmaking concerns to personal rating problems.

Players have been experiencing random disconnects that leave them unable to rejoin the match, causing an almost guaranteed loss for their teams. Some players have reported being able to rejoin matches, but receiving a loss of rating regardless of match outcome. Even if the team was able to pull out a miraculous victory with one man down, the rating received is a fraction of what would have been earned with a full squad. Additionally, the team without a disconnect or rage quit is penalized with a reduced rating amount upon victory, yet still is credited with a full loss upon failure.

Disconnects and “Rage Quits” are only the tip of the iceberg. There are a host of other problems -- such as support characters earning less rating with wins and losing more rating with losses, the “Coin Flip” Sudden Death being a temporary fix for ties, and the majority of the player base being squeezed between 40 and 60 skill rating has made this first season of competitive play feeling like the beta test for future seasons.

While Blizzard has addressed some of the issues in forum posts, they have stated that applying changes mid-season would result in inconsistent play. This leaves players with a flawed system for several months until this season ends and changes can be implemented.

The current status of Ranked play is not what Blizzard had in mind for its finished product. They have departed from the systems that were in place during beta which may mean that further iterations of Ranked play may be in store for Overwatch before everything is said and done.

What are your thoughts about the current status of Overwatch’s Competitive Mode? Leave any critiques or possible solutions you may have in the comments below.

Mighty No. 9 Delayed for Xbox 360 https://www.gameskinny.com/401gr/mighty-no-9-delayed-for-xbox-360 https://www.gameskinny.com/401gr/mighty-no-9-delayed-for-xbox-360 Tue, 21 Jun 2016 16:56:31 -0400 Megan M. Campbell

Mighty No. 9, the long-awaited title by Keiji Inafune, has been delayed yet again – but only one platform is affected.

In a blog post on the Official Mighty No. 9 website, developers revealed that a certification bug was found, which will delay its release for “several days” on the Xbox 360. This bug was found during the final round of testing for the publishing process. The Mighty No. 9 Team “has already re-submitted the build to Deep Silver (and to Microsoft), and [they] expect it to go gold within a few day if all goes according to plan.”

The Xbox 360 version of Mighty No. 9 was supposed to release today, June 21st, alongside the PS4, Xbox One, PS3, PC, and Wii U versions. The 3DS and PS Vita versions will be coming later. Xbox 360 players can still play the game today if they’re willing and able to play on PC.

The Development Team is currently supplying Steam codes for Xbox 360 players until the console’s version is ready for release. They also announced that the Mac/Linux Steam builds of the game are in final testing by Deep Silver and should be available in a few days.

Source Images[Header Image, Gameplay Screenshot, Second Gameplay Screenshot]

Homefront: The Revolution Getting Performance and Stability Patches https://www.gameskinny.com/2rgoj/homefront-the-revolution-getting-performance-and-stability-patches https://www.gameskinny.com/2rgoj/homefront-the-revolution-getting-performance-and-stability-patches Sun, 29 May 2016 08:08:08 -0400 Sonny Go

Upon its release on May 17, Homefront: The Revolution had a number of issues that needed addressing by Deep Silver's Dambuster Studios. Many of these problems have indeed been noticed by the developers, and they're now working to resolve them through some performance and stability patches, according to a post on Homefront: The Revolution's official forums by community manager Craig Turner.

One of these technical problems is a game-breaking bug caused by a "minor" patch that prevented some PlayStation 4 users from progressing further in the game. Dambuster Studios had those affected send their save files and other valuable information to help them with fixing said problem. A patch update to is now being worked on and is on its way.

There was also another issue with saving, in that checkpoint saves in the open world kept disrupting the flow of gameplay in exploration, acquiring missions, and completing missions. The developers have since reduced the frequency of these checkpoints, and removed duplicate checkpoints that happen in quick succession. The latter is likely what causes most of these save stalls.

And it's not just players on the PS4 that are having problems; Xbox One has issues with DLCs.

Content from The Revolutionary Spirit Pack and Liberty Pack can't be obtained by some Xbox One players, prompting the developers to work with Microsoft to resolve it. As of now, the DLCs should be unlocking correctly. Those who still can't access them are advised to delete and re-install the affected DLC items, then restart the game.

There are also other DLCs that aren't unlocking as they should, although it's due to a different issue. The Right Kind of School and Supply Line bonus DLCs from the Expansion Pass are reportedly the problematic ones here, and developers are now working on fixing this as well.

Aside from problems with the content, there are also problems with game performance and stability in general. What Dambuster mostly touched on was the crashes on the PS4 version of the game. However, many of the bugs involved are said to be cross platform, so whatever fixes come out from  PlayStation will apply to PC and Xbox One as well.

Other than that, the forum post states that the developers are working on performance improvements and other optimizations as well. Erratic frame rates had been reported on launch, as well as graphical glitches and even some peculiarities with the AI. Suffice to say, there's a significant number of things that Dambusters should be working on in Homefront: The Revolution.

Just For Laughs: 5 of the Best Angry Birds Glitches https://www.gameskinny.com/s09hr/just-for-laughs-5-of-the-best-angry-birds-glitches https://www.gameskinny.com/s09hr/just-for-laughs-5-of-the-best-angry-birds-glitches Sat, 28 May 2016 08:12:02 -0400 Stephanie Tang


That's it for now!


There are hundreds and hundreds of weird and wacky glitches that didn't make this list. Some of them have been fixed, some of them are still floating around - invincible pigs, invisible barriers, messed up scoreboard ratings... but those are nearly as funny or as fun.


Think we've missed something really crazy? Tell us what you think below!


Angry Birds Transformers: 666,666,666 Gems Glitch


This particular glitch didn't last very long, but it was highly profitable while it was still working! With it, you had enough gems to upgrade every single Bird (as seen above). 


What it boiled down to was unlocking Heatwave in Transformers - it would drop 666,666,666 gems... which you could use to your own benefit. It wasn't all good things though -- it'd keep bringing you more gems until you hit max count, and then it would try to go beyond that. Once that happened, you'd end up losing your data as well. 


Angry Birds 2: Unlimited Lives Cheat


This is not a new workaround to anyone who's played mobile games, so it comes as a surprise that Rovio allowed this one to go on for a fairly long time, until it finally got fixed in a recent update. 


While it wasn't exactly a glitch, it was mad useful for those of us who just didn't feel like paying or waiting around for ages until we finished regenerating our lives.


This particular cheat allows you to manipulate your date and time settings in order to fool the app into thinking more time has passed than it actually has, thereby spitting out the lives you need to keep on grinding. 


It's somewhat of a shame actually, since this fell into the gray-area zone of getting a hand up in the game with no third-party installations or shady hack sites needed -- both which inevitably rushed in to fill the void now that this workaround no longer works. 


Bad Piggies: Spring Lightning Glitch


While not exactly part of the Angry Birds franchise, the spin-off Bad Piggies is still considered part of the family, and not immune to its fair share of silliness.


This spring lightning glitch can be duplicated in a number of ways throughout various levels of the game, although who knew it could nab that many objectives along the way? 


Take at the video above to check out how your Bad Piggy will go flying in its loud metal clunk-machine like it's Goat Simulator on crack. 


(YouTube channel Superfly Gaming featured above has a number of other awesome Angry Birds videos worth checking out as well!)


Angry Birds Rio: Objective Multiplier Glitch


This particular glitch doesn't actually do anything to up your score, but it's pretty hilarious -- and a heck of a lot more explosive than the usual sort of minor glitches you get in most of the Angry Birds games. 


In this particular game (World 1, Stage 3), when played in the browser version on PC (it doesn't look like it can be replicated on either of the mobile versions), with a number of Red Angry Birds at your disposal, the mountain of crates and trapped Birds suddenly balloons to three times its original size. 


Check out the (rather adorable) demonstration in the above video to see how it works!


Angry Birds 2: Extra Cards Glitch


Several users on the Angry Birds Nest forums were able to replicate this glitch multiple times to their advantage (although fair warning, this may have been patched, and it doesn't work every single time). 


Using it, you can get between 3-25 extra cards (birds only, although it's been speculated whether or not you can get also gain extra spell cards at the start of the level). Using them can snag you extra rewards, higher scores, and extra unlockable achievements (e.g. one user got the GC achievement “Epic Fail” without wasting any lives).

How it works:

The bug happens when you rapidly click the “Back” button of your Android device (iOS devices don’t have a “Back” button) after closing the spell screen until you eventually pause the game. The bug can not only happen on regular levels, it can happen in the Arena as well.


 (source: Angry Birds Nest users @mighty-red-1 and @josm)


With nearly two dozen games, spinoffs, and parodies, it's not hard to imagine that a franchise as big as Angry Birds is not going to be completely bug and glitch free. Toss in the fact that most of them are on multiple mobile and browser platforms, and you can bet some unintended wonkiness is bound to slip through the devs' fingers. 


The majority of these glitches are weird, silly, and occasionally off-the-wall frustrating, which mess with your bird-slinging strategies, and almost inevitably shut down on your play... but here and there you can find a few that'll actually work in your favor, or are just plain wacky enough to be worth the trouble.

Here are a few of the best!
Pathfinder Adventures: Fun fantasy adventure made unplayable by game breaking bugs https://www.gameskinny.com/vadd5/pathfinder-adventures-fun-fantasy-adventure-made-unplayable-by-game-breaking-bugs https://www.gameskinny.com/vadd5/pathfinder-adventures-fun-fantasy-adventure-made-unplayable-by-game-breaking-bugs Fri, 29 Apr 2016 09:44:47 -0400 Ty Arthur

There's something that needs to be explained right away about that “4” rating: I fully expect and sincerely hope this review will be outdated and completely wrong in a month.

Much like with the lackluster Siege Of Dragonspear, it's actually sort of painful to write this review.

I love Paizo (I was championing those once-underdogs of gaming in local hobby stores before anyone knew who they were). I regularly enjoy pen and paper Pathfinder, and I still play the Pathfinder Adventures card game regularly with my gaming group. On top of it all, I adore Obsidian Entertainment.

Put 'em all together though, and you've got a hot mess that wasn't ready to come out of the oven yet. This mobile edition of the card game was delayed repeatedly, and now I can clearly see why. Honestly I wish it had been significantly delayed again.

For those willing to give it a try anyway, you can grab Obsidian's rendition of the Pathfinder Adventure card game right here.

The Good

For those already familiar with the rules of the Pathfinder Adventures card game, picking up the mobile version is incredibly easy, as the ruleset has essentially been lifted wholesale and plopped into an electronic format. It will will be confusing if you haven't played before, though, even with the tutorial.

Pathfinder fans won't be disappointed by the characters or dialog. I DMed our group's weekly roleplaying sessions for several years, including back in '07 when we ran through the original version of Rise Of The Runelords, so there's a whole lotta nostalgia here in seeing classic characters like Orik Vancaskerkin or the Sandpoint Devil appearing on my tablet screen.

Beloved characters both benign and monstrous return

Pathfinder Adventures is also completely free to download, which is a plus, but only two characters, the tutorial, and a first adventure are included. You'll have to take part in those dreaded in-app purchases to buy new cards and scenarios, although you can save up gold and eventually get them at no cost if you are persistent.

The Bad

Obsidian has a fantastic track record with large-scale RPGs -- Pillars Of Eternity was easily among the best games of 2015 -- but clearly mobile design is not the developer's forte, at least not yet.

Get ready for a slew of technical issues from the moment you first tap that goblin icon to the first (of many) times the app crashes.

The insane load times speak of a system that needs to be overhauled and doesn't feel optimized for mobile gaming. Two lines of dialog? Load screen. Battle a monster? Load screen. Move location? Load screen.

 Get ready to see a whole lot of this. 

Then there's the near-constant graphical glitches and crashing. The background of each location would constantly disappear for me, and everything slows to an absolute crawl when trying to drag a card or roll the dice. Get ready for crashes during battles, crashes during tutorials, crashes during dialog.

Unlike any other Android game I play, Pathfinder Adventures for some reason doesn't fully take over the screen. If you don't tap or swipe, your screen will go dim as though you were idling and then enter power saver mode, which I've never seen before with a game app. Since the game crashes at the drop of a hat, the end result is that you absolutely can't put this down, even for a moment, as it will absolutely crash when you swipe to bring the screen back up.

The crashes are bad enough, but the game is also incredibly unresponsive, and that's a death blow for a title that requires a touch screen. After the tutorial you finally get to put together your own party, and it took me 2-3 minutes to correctly drag the elf rogue Merisiel from the top bar to the character slot at the bottom (you have to drag just exactly to the side slightly, then straight down).

Good luck selecting your characters...

Even though there's clearly a second character slot open, it absolutely wouldn't let me drag the cleric Kyra down there. I tried, for a good 15 frustrating minutes of cursing and swiping every which way. This sort of makes the game impossible, since it's quite unlikely you'll beat a scenario with only one character. You need a diverse party with different skill sets – Merisiel for Acrobatics rolls, Kyra for Divine checks, and so on – to close all the different lotions on your hunt for the boss.

Issues With Mobile Gaming

One design choice that's sort of baffling is how they kept essentially all the rules intact, rather than simplifying anything for mobile purposes. There are so, so, so many elements on the screen at one time, making the layout very congested.

If you haven't played the tabletop card game, you will absolutely be baffled by all the numbers and symbols everywhere. The screen is overly cluttered on my 11 inch tablet, so I absolutely shudder to think of anyone trying to play this on their phone.

 Clutter, clutter, and more clutter...

The nature of the game is also lost a bit in the translation from tabletop pastime with friends to mobile game, as there isn't an online multiplayer option. If passing a single controller between players isn't multiplayer on a console, then its sure as heck not multiplayer on a tablet either, and the whole point of Pathfinder Adventures is to have a team taking out locations in tandem.

As far as I'm concerned, the “play 'n pass” option is just a fancy way of saying “single player only.” Online multiplayer is coming down the line, but I'm not holding my breath based on the technical issues in the base game.

The Bottom Line

Unfortunately it seems like Pathfinder is just plain old cursed when it comes to electronic releases. A full single player PC or console game is unlikely due to the nature of the Open Game License, as the Pathfinder ruleset (derived from D&D 3.5) can't actually be used in a video game.

Despite TWO successful crowd funding campaigns, the MMO route was a nonstarter as Pathfinder Online crashed and burned before it even got off the ground (although word is a new developer will take over soon). Now here we are with Pathfinder Adventures, and the franchise is not off to a rousing start on the mobile front either.

While its essentially unplayable at the moment, my sincere hope is that Pathfinder Adventures will be an awesome experience on PC when the Steam release comes (and hopefully on Android/iPad when the kinks get worked out... someday).

Why Gandhi is a jerk in Civilization https://www.gameskinny.com/qxup8/why-gandhi-is-a-jerk-in-civilization https://www.gameskinny.com/qxup8/why-gandhi-is-a-jerk-in-civilization Sun, 10 Apr 2016 10:48:00 -0400 Sagger Khraishi

When it comes to Civ games, Gandhi's behavior can be a bit questionable. This isn't just in Civilization 5, but every Civilization game out there. Peace-loving Gandhi loves only one thing more than a cultural victory. Nukes.

There is a reason for that based in the first Civilization game. In the original game democracy lowered the aggression rating for world leaders by 2, and with Gandhi having the lowest score of 1, when he took the path of Democracy his aggression rating dropped to -1. In terms of the code, that -1 then jumped up to the highest possible aggression rating of 255.

Afterwards, it stayed as a long running joke / Easter egg in the series, with his nuclear tendencies being a solid 12 -- the highest rating for other non-player characters is an 8. So when it comes down to forming an alliance with him, you'll end up being the doting parent who spoils the child. If you don't meet every need Gandhi has, he will nuke you. If you are too much of a warmonger, he will attack you in the effort of peace. If you stop his efforts of spreading religion for his religious victory, he will nuke you.

Joking aside, Gandhi was historically known for things like the Salt March, his hatred of the British, and his life-long fight for the independence of India. While he is idolized for his behavior for his country, he still had a questionable past in relation to his family, adultery, Hitler, and non-Indian minorities. So maybe keeping the bug in game is somehow justifiable.