Building  Tagged Articles RSS Feed | Building  RSS Feed on en Launch Media Network Conan Exiles Beginner's Guide: Tips and Tricks for Surviving in the Exiled Lands Tue, 07 Feb 2017 14:45:05 -0500 Sergey_3847

Conan Exiles offers various multiplayer options on different servers for you to try out. Each server may have its own rules and requires an individual approach when it comes to survival. However, there are certain basic elements that can be applied at any stage of the game.

This guide will give you some of the most important tips on how to survive in Conan Exiles no matter which type of server you have chosen to play on. After you create your character, you will be thrown into the deserted world of the game. From there on, it’s up to you how exactly you want to move forward.

But here are a few tricks that you may find useful on your journey.

Satiating Thirst and Hunger

Conan Exiles Beginner's Guide

You wouldn't believe how often people die from thirst in this game. So, if you want to live long in Conan Exiles, don’t forget to pay attention to the food and water indicators in the upper left corner of your screen.

Getting water requires you to simply approach any water source and press “E,” when you’re close enough. Food, on the other hand, is a bit trickier. You will find plenty of insects and other miniscule beings, but they are not that efficient for satiating hunger. Your best bet are eggs that can be snatched from the big nests lying around -- just make sure that their parents aren’t hiding nearby.

You will also encounter many wild animals on your way, such as rabbits, turtles, ostriches. If you manage to kill them, you will be able to cook them on a camp fire. Cooking meat is important -- it will stay fresh longer.

Beware: raw meat can turn into a rotten meat, which will give you food poisoning.

Crafting and Building

Conan Exiles Beginner's Guide

You will need to craft yourself some clothes that will protect your body, and other useful tools that will come in handy when you decide to build your first base.

Start by collecting branches, stones and plant fibers that can be seen everywhere on the ground. Just with the help of these simple components you can craft your first pickaxe and a hatchet. These primitive weapons can help you kill animals and take off their hides.

When you reach level 5, you will be able to craft a hunting bow -- an extremely useful weapon in the harsh environments of the exiled lands.

Stones and wooden branches are not only used for crafting tools, but also for building your first base -- so again, gather them as much as you can. You will need over a hundred stones and about as much wood to be able to build your foundation, walls, ceiling, and doors.

Later in the game you will be able to use iron and steel, and craft advanced tools and weapons. For this you will need either to learn blacksmithing or tame a thrall with the corresponding skill. As for building, you’ll need to make a furnace and a blacksmith's bench.

How to Tame Thralls

Conan Exiles Beginner's Guide

There are plenty of NPCs, or “thralls,” in Conan Exiles, and they all have different skills that can be used for your own benefit. But first you need to tame them and force them to serve you by putting them in the Wheel of Pain.

The process of taming thralls is as follows:
  • Build the Wheel of Pain at your base
  • Craft a truncheon and use it to knock out an NPC
  • Craft fiber bindings and use them to bind the unconscious NPC
  • Bring the NPC to your base and put it in the Wheel of Pain
  • Put some food in the NPC’s inventory, something that is easy to make -- gruel, for example.
    • But in truth, they eat anything you give them, so it really doesn’t matter that much.
  • The Wheel of Pain will be activated and the will of your thrall will be broken.

Some thralls are easier to tame than others, but the hardest ones are usually warriors or archers that can help you fight enemies. However, this doesn’t mean that peaceful NPCs are useless. On the contrary, a blacksmith can be extremely useful for crafting you some new weapons, or a tanner can provide you with new clothes.

These types of thralls are exceptionally useful, as they build things faster than your character. So let them work, while you go hunting and killing.

Worshipping Gods and Summoning Avatars

Conan Exiles Beginner's Guide

Currently, you can worship three gods in Conan Exiles (four, technically, but Crom is agnostic and gives you no powers).

The god of your choice will let you build their altar right away. But in order to craft shrines of the rest of the gods, you must find their corresponding priests. Gods can be worshipped by committing sacrificial acts.

  • The first god is Yog, who grants you special weapons and armor, if you will eat human flesh in his name.
    • You can find his priest, Nunu The Cannibal, in the southern part of the map.
    • You will need to build an altar for him, called “The Pit of Yog.”
  • The second god is Mitra, who grants you an ability to craft holy weapons, armor and a symbol of Phoenix.
    • Mitra is the god of right and justice and he can be worshipped with the help of Jamila, the Pirate Queen.
    • Jamila can be located in the eastern part of the map.
  • The final god is Set, who gives you powers against poison and an ability to turn snakes into arrows.
    • Set’s priest is Mek-kamoses, and he resides in the northern part of the map.
    • If you want Set’s powers, you need to sacrifice humans on his altar.

When you reach the highest level of worshipping gods, you will be able to summon the gods’ avatars -- giant creatures that have an immense destructive power. But this element of game comes much later in your adventures.

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5 Down-Low Awesome Strategy and Builder Games on Steam Fri, 18 Nov 2016 03:58:11 -0500 Damien Smith


And there you have it. Five strategy and builder games that have so far remained on the down-low. From strategic spying to a zombie genre hybrid, a Power Rangers-inspired game to a modern day Dungeon Keeper, there is a little bit of something for everyone.


What are your thoughts on the list? Are there any down-low strategy or builder games that you think should be on the list? Let me know in the comments below.


Dungeons II


Developer: Realmforge Studios


Publisher: Kalypso Media Digital


Platforms: PC, Mac, Linux and Steam OS


The Dungeons series is pretty much the Dungeon Keeper of modern gaming. You take on the role of the Dungeon Lord as you attempt to take over the world above. You will need to build dungeons and hire monstrous beings to help you wage your war against the heroes of virtue trying to smite you.


With a full single player campaign, varying multiplayer modes and tonnes of dark humour and references from fantasy books, TV shows and movies, there is a tonne of fun to be had with Dungeons II. Sometimes, it is so good being bad.


Get Dungeons II on Steam.


Chroma Squad


Developer: Behold Studios


Publisher: In-House


Platforms: PC, Mac, Linux and SteamOS


Have you ever wanted to play a Power Rangers game with RPG and strategy elements to it? Well, now you can with Chroma Squad. You take on the role of five stunt actors who quit their job to start their own Power Rangers-inspired TV show.


You will need to hire actors, upgrade your gear, do marketing, craft weapons, customs and giant mechs out of cardboard. With wonderful pixel art, a chiptune soundtrack and tactical combat with a twist, there is little not to like about Chroma Squad. 


Get Chroma Squad on Steam.




Developer: Madruga Works


Publisher: In-House


Platforms: PC and Mac


Planetbase is a strategy title with a bit of a difference. You must guide a group of planet settlers trying to establish an outpost on a remote planet. You take on the role of the base architect and manager, where you will have to tell the colonists where to build structures needed to survive.


To survive you will need to get workers to collect energy, extract water, mine metal, grow crops, manufacture robots, and build a self-sufficient base. Just remember: disaster can strike at any time in the form of sandstorms, meteors and solar flares. The fate of the colony is in your hands!


Get Planetbase on Steam.


Dead Age


Developer: Silent Dreams


Publisher: Headup Games


Platforms: PC, Mac, Linux and SteamOS


Dead Age is a real mixture of various genres. You have RPG, strategy, survival and rogue-like all in one. You take on the role of a number of survivors as they attempt to survive a zombie apocalypse. You will have to scavenge for supplies, tend to the wounded and protect your camp from groups of infected and hostile survivors.


The game features permadeath, meaning once a character dies it is permanent for that playthrough. The combat features a classic Final Fantasy turn-based system. With a total of six different endings, there is a tonne of replayability to be found too. Overall, Dead Age takes a different approach to the zombie genre and brings an addicting and fun experience. 


Get Dead Age on Steam.






Developer: Warm Lamp Games


Publisher: Alawar Entertainment


Platforms: PC, Mac, Linux and Steam OS


In Beholder you take on the role of a State-installed manager of an apartment building. However, being the manager is but a cover of your real mission. Your real job is to spy on the tenants and report any illegal activities they may be performing.


The problem is, your actions will always have consequences. Consequences that you may not be prepared to deal with. With multiple endings, great replayability and good gameplay, Beholder is an interesting and fun title that came out of nowhere.


Get Beholder on Steam




In the modern age of gaming that we are living in, the rate at which video games are released is far higher now than it ever was before. With so many games releasing every single day, many go relatively unnoticed and seemingly appear out of nowhere.


Today we are going to take a look at five strategy and builder games on Steam that have remained on the down-low since their release. Let's give them the love they have always deserved.

Fallout 4 Far Harbor gets new workshop items Mon, 23 May 2016 12:17:36 -0400 Lisa Filmer

Fallout 4’s new DLC, “Far Harbor”, doesn’t just come with a new map expansion to play. It also has some interesting items added to build within your settlements.

One of the new items is the outhouse. Yes, you can now build your own private bathroom in your settlements. There are several selections to choose from; including the outhouse, an outhouse seat, and doors. You can even sit down on the seat and wait for a number of hours like you can when seated anywhere else, just in case you need that extra private time.

Another item that is new in Fallout 4’s “Far Harbor” DLC, is the barn. The addition of the barn allows more creativity when building your settlements. You can create your barn as you wish, with different prefabs, doors, stairs, floors, and roofs. There is also a concrete floor foundation, for that uneven ground you wish to place it on.

There are a lot more additional items for settlements in Fallout 4’s “Far Harbor” DLC -- including fish racks, tanner hides, lobster cages, crates, signs, buoys, and a grill.

Of course, the main reason to get “Far Harbor” for most people is the massive map expansion, but it is nice to know that there are a few new workshop items worth looking at as well. So, don’t forget the outhouse next time you are building in your settlement!

Fallout 4: The Bad Among the "Oh So Good!" Wed, 09 Mar 2016 02:49:46 -0500 VirtuousRob

While there is so much that makes Fallout 4 a fascinating experience, there are a few things that tend to be downright annoying. While it shouldn't discourage you from playing this game, let us delve into some of the situations you as an intrepid player could -- and probably will -- face.  

Disappearing Allies

Let's be honest here, a good majority of Fallout 4's player base probably loses track of their follower. And yeah, that's not really any fault of the game itself.  However, there seems to be many occurrences where you've not even had the ally following you, just sitting in a settlement, and suddenly they're no longer anywhere to be seen in said settlement.

It's not only your followers that can get lost;  I've personally had normal settlers end up randomly standing on top of buildings with no way to easily get them down or, you know, shove them off.  While this is funny and somewhat astounding the first couple of times, it does start to get irritating when Dogmeat won't stay off the roof.  However, sometimes the player can use the workbench in the settlement to build a staircase up to the trapped NPC and hope they walk down on their own.  This isn't always a bad thing of course;  maybe you simply didn't like that NPC.

Glitchy Corpses

This is one glitch that seems prevalent in many of Bethesda's games: corpses (or other inanimate objects) that glitch through a floor, wall, desk, or even another corpse. And when that happens, there's usually a loud clatter noise, which is quite distracting as you attempt to sneak up on that next soon-to-be corpse.

Glitchy Objects

Somewhat similar to corpses that glitch through mass, many objects will do the same thing.  Say you're trying to place your collection of Trifold Flags neatly on a shelf in your formidable fortress.  You will get it set up, but after returning from your adventures a few times you may notice they fell through all the shelving and scattered themselves among the floor.  That's if your loot didn't just fall through the floor completely.  

Personally I think something like this would be easily remedied with a similar system as Bethesda has for placing magazines on a rack or bobble-heads on their own little stand.  A shelving inventory system.  Weapon decor would be pretty cool too, am I right?  Pretty please, Bethesda?

Settlement Construction

The settlement building system is a new, well-made feature specific to Fallout 4.  It's great -- really!  Though there are times when you're trying to get that wall or cabinet just right and for some reason it likes to think it's colliding with something and can't be placed.  Or maybe you're having trouble placing your Power Armor Station flat on the ground, and for some reason it always appears to be floating.  This feature is definitely amazing but also leaves the more meticulous players wishing for a bit more.

Surviving the Commonwealth is bound to inspire laughter, or the occasional jump-scare.  Maybe the minor inconveniences add to that!  If you've not already spent some time exploring this game world, you definitely should!

Build and manage your own factories in Factorio Mon, 07 Mar 2016 10:57:30 -0500 QuintLyn

You've crash landed on an unknown planet, and are all alone without any equipment or shelter. What you do have are a whole lot of raw resources at your disposal and all the time in the world -- provided the hordes of roach-like creatures don't kill you first. 

Factorio, a base-building strategy game created by indie developer Wube Software, is a fairly deep game, offering players a wide range of building and automation options. Explore the area, find resources, build simple structures, do research, develop electricity and automation, and build more elaborate structures. You can do it all. Just don't forget about setting up your defenses, or it will all be for nothing.

Plenty to do... 

Like many resource building games, Factorio is not heavy on narrative. That simply isn't the game's focus. However, that doesn't mean you won't still spend hours at a time in the game, as it offers plenty of options on how to play. 

In it's current state, Factorio offers four campaigns that also function as tutorials, three custom scenarios (with the option to create your own), a map generator (also known as Free Play), and co-op multiplayer. I'd highly recommend playing the campaigns before jumping into the other modes as they will give you a much-needed handle on the production process.

As with most world building games, you're going to start out small...chopping down trees, mining coal, and various ores, crafting weapons and tools, and putting the foundation in place for your impressive factories. While doing the small things, you'll expend some of your resources on research to be able to build larger structures and automate the production of smaller things. Start off with steam-run machines and move up to generating your own electricity. Build radar dishes to help you find out what's out there -- it could be other people.

Depending on the mode you're playing in -- and the map -- you'll be spending quite a bit of time carefully balancing your activity between building your factories and other structures and building up defenses against the nasties running around out there.

You will also be given different objectives depending on what mode you are in. Each campaign will offer a variety of objectives, partially as a portion of the tutorial. The map generator will drop you into a free-play mode after allowing you to customize your settings. Once in, it will ask you to build a rocket to explore space.

Factorio Space Travel

A lot to learn...

Even with the tutorial-type campaign mode, there's still a lot you'll have to figure out on your own. There are quite a few recipes (or blueprints) available in the game. Some are available right away. Others you'll need to research; investing not only time but resources.

Luckily, there's already a well-edited wiki that will help you right along with a lot of that. Since there's a lot to remember in the game, you'll likely want to keep it on hand.

Defensive combat...

Combat in Factorio is a more defensive than offensive endeavor; and in some modes it can be made almost inconsequential based on your map creation preferences. While you will build defenses around and within your factory to protect it, you'll still need to keep yourself armed as well, especially if you intend to explore a lot. You'll be able to build better personal weapons and armor as you go along to help out with that.

Being smart about it...

The really cool thing about Factorio is that you don't only have to rely on weapons in order to defend yourself against biters, spitters, and worms. If you're creative enough, you can come up with solutions using your factory assets to create additional defenses.

The community has already come up with brilliant defense management concepts, and I can only imagine things will get more creative as the game is expanded upon -- both by the devs and the modding community.

Speaking of mods...

Yes, there is room in the game for mods. You'll even find a tab dedicated to it when you launch the game. The game only comes with the "Base Mod" at purchase (at least for right now), but I expect we'll be seeing plenty more as the community grows and the developers continue to update the game.

A pretty detailed pixel game...

Graphically speaking, Factorio delivers nicely -- especially for a game with a pixel art style. Every item is nicely detailed and you'll have no problem telling even the most similar sprites apart. This is good because you're going to have so much going on after a while that you'll need to be able to see everything well. With any luck, you'll have a massive factory with lots of parts to keep track well as protect from invading critters.

A beautiful soundtrack...

Upon first playing the game, I'd highly suggest taking a listen to the soundtrack. It is gorgeous. You may want to do a little adjusting on the audio before going in, however... especially if playing the campaign modes. The alert sounds can be a bit much and really mask the music. 

It's not a small soundtrack either. The music is actually available separately on Steam and there are 26 pieces on the album. That's a pretty solid selection for any game.

factorio farm

Is it worth the price? 

Ah, the real question... It always comes down to money. At $20, Factorio is not the cheapest indie game you'll ever come across. But then, it's not cheaply designed. A lot of thought went into the production of this game and it shows.

The game has a variety of options that allow players to adjust it to fit their personal playstyle and, with updates and mods, will likely introduce even more in the future. Because it is a building game, players will likely find themselves spending hours in it. (Don't worry, you can save as you go along.) Replayability wise... well, with the options of free-play, the map creator and a (slightly limited for now) co-op mode, there's a lot of room for replayability. All that considered, $20 is not all that hefty of a price tag. 

In fact, the only real complaint anyone might be able to have about the game is the amount of time they're going to find themselves putting into it. There's a lot to learn and it does take a while to get things done; especially starting out.

Because of the time and patience required, as well as the lack of narrative, you likely will find yourself needing something else to do while playing. After a while, I just set one of my favorite shows to run in the background and watched it while playing. After that, time flew by and it was hours before it even hit me how much time I'd spent in the game.

So, yes, it is fair to say that the game is worth the price. Between what is already in the game and all the possible things that can be added with mods and updates, anyone who loves building and strategy games will more than get their money out of Factorio for a long time to come. 

Planetside 2 Fan Recreates Iconic Building Fri, 11 Oct 2013 14:24:38 -0400 Corey Kirk

Planetside 2 is one of those games you can’t help but enjoy. It is pretty much the only first person shooter which allows for literally thousands of players on the battlefield at one time. Because of its epic scale, it has drawn a very robust and dedicated following.

The dedication runs deep, with people getting tattoos, making nerdy cakes, and even living the high life in Las Vegas to attend the annual SOE Live event. While those are some awesome ways to show support, some fans have taken the passion they feel for Planetside 2 and have brought it into their other games. Cue awesome picture:

User silverbullet1989 on Imgur has created this replica of a Terran Republic outpost in Minecraft. This awesome creation is stunningly detailed. The outside looks fantastic and the inside is even more impressive since it is an exact copy of the real thing.  He even has a working gravity lift "thanks to the elevator mod." Click here to see more!

Well done silverbullet1989. Well done.