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Hey there, Arena of Valor fans. New to the game and looking for a build for your first unlocked hero? A veteran but want some fresh ideas for equipment to purchase with your favorite marksman? Look no further. We've got some of the best builds this side of the internet.

Our first Arena of Valor Valhein build is a hybrid AP+AD build and is likely the one you're going to want to use most often. It's a build inspired by one done by reddit user reeveoson, except with some more defensive items to protect yourself with.

You're going to want to buy a Claves Sancti and your Gilded Greaves first for this Valhein build. The boots will give you movement speed, of course, along with some magic defense, making you more formidable against mages and magic using tanks/assassins. An alternative, though, would be Sonic Boots if the enemy team is more AD heavy, or War Boots if you're feeling cocky and want the extra attack speed. Claves Sancti is great for this build not just because it gives you the bonus damage, but also because it gives you increased crit and a passive that'll make you move faster when you crit. This bonus movement speed lets you mess some opponents up by making sure they can't escape your wrath.

Up next in this AoV Valhein build, you're going to want to build Rhea's Blessing, followed by Zweihander. The big bad Blessing is going to give you some AP, cooldown reduction, and a useful passive that gives you a shield when you lose enough health. This beefs up your defenses a little bit until you can get another defensive item. Not only that, but it gives you a nice piece of 25% life steal, making you even more difficult to take down. The Zweihander should be built after because, in addition to its AP, mana, movement speed, and attack speed increasing passive, it will give you bonus damage on your normal attacks based on your AP. If you build the Zweihander first, you'll miss out on the defensive bonuses provided by the Blessing as well as the AP it provides.

The last two items for your Valhein build will go in order depending on what you're facing. If your foes are stacking magic resist because of your build or a teammate's mage build, you'll want to go straight for Hecate's Diadem because of its bonus AP (which will benefit your Zweihander) and its magic pierce that will counteract any magic resist. If you're on the losing end of your AoV match, you're likely going to want to build the Ancestral Glory first; this will give you more HP and, essentially, a second life that will put you back in battle. That being said, you can swap Ancestral Glory out with a more armor-heavy item or magic resist-heavy item if the enemy team's comp calls for it.

This next AoV build, inspired by Reddit user reeveoson's own AP build again, is going to be one you'll be less likely to use frequently, but it's kind of a fun, late-game alternative to the more standard Valhein build.

First, you're going to want to build Apocalypse and Enchanted Kicks. Apocalypse will give you some cooldown reduction along with some much needed AP. Its normal attack-modifying passive will also give you some more damage to help with the laning phase and harassing your foes. The next item in this Valhein build is the magic pierce boots. If, for some reason, your foes are clearly not paying attention to building magic resist, you can swap these out with War Boots or the magic resist or armor boots if you're needing some more tankiness.

Second up, you're going to have to choose between Soaring Aura or Staff of Nuul first, then Zweihander, then whichever item you didn't build previously. The first two items will grant some much-needed AP and either magic pierce or a passive that reduces magic resist. Whichever you choose depends on whether you need more health with Soaring Aura or, if you're not running into much resistance, the increased cooldown reduction of Nuul. Zweihander, like in the hybrid Valhein build above, will give you bonus normal attack damage based on your AP as a passive. In addition to that, it gives you the attack speed-increasing passive, AP, increased mana, and even more movement speed.

Lastly, you will build your defense item. As you can tell, I'm a fan of Arena of Valor's Ancestral Glory; it's like League's Guardian Angel, but with a pretty low cooldown. However, this can be swapped out with an armor or magic resist item if you need it, or, if you're dominating, another AP item.


Well, that does it for our Valhein builds for Arena of Valor. Got any suggestions for other builds? Any pure AD builds? Any heroes you want to see builds for? Let us know in the comments.

5 Great Builds to Start with in Path of Exile's 2.6 Patch Fri, 10 Mar 2017 14:26:05 -0500 Craig Snyder

Path of Exile fans, how hyped have you been lately? If this game wasn't already the best ARPG around, how about six additional acts in a single new expansion? PoE is coming to Xbox One, too! Grinding Gear is doing some fantastic stuff lately that's really impressing and taking the community by surprise.

Another bright spot is that they're doing pretty well with balance as they progress through patches lately. That being said, many changes have come with recent patches 2.4, 2.5, and 2.6. In this post, let me introduce you to five of the best builds that you can get started with right now in patch 2.6.

Norse's Earthquake Slayer

This build is one of the best in the game right now at putting out incredible damage on a low budget. A lot of players have been turning away from Earthquake due to the nerfs to it in the last patch, but it wasn't put into the ground (no pun intended). This build is still viable and some will even tell you that it's the top build to start with as a new player in 2.6.

Norse's forum guide is simple and straightforward, laying out the gear, links, and passives you'll need to run this build at the optimal level. He's spent a lot of time fine-tuning this build, so I highly recommend you follow his guide as closely as possible.

Norse also shows off this build's ability to breeze through Uber Atziri and gives some great advice along the way. If Earthquake is the way you want to go, this is the guy to listen to.

Pohx's Blight Occultist

If you don't believe in Blight builds, just know that Pohx recently reached level 100 in a hardcore league running this. That being said, running it in softcore means you'll be able to be a little less cautious and spec more heavily into offense (which is always more fun). This build provides a well-rounded mix of AoE clearing, overall damage, and survivability.

In his guide, Pohx lays out a day-by-day rundown of how the build is progressing. It's a great series to watch before trying out this build, as you'll be able to see exactly what you're getting yourself into.

If there's any downside to this build, it wasn't built with The Shaper in mind.

Yoji's Flameblast Elementalist

The first thing that stands out about this build is how well the guide for it is laid out on YouTube.

Yoji does a fantastic job of explaining everything you'd want to know about how and why to play this guild in just five minutes of video.

As stated in the video, Elementalists were nerfed, but (just like Earthquake) you shouldn't think it's unplayable. This guide proves it's far from that. Although designed for 2.4, this build plays perfectly fine on 2.6 and it's really easy to get started with as a novice player. Flameblast builds are extremely popular in this patch and I'd rank this as one of the top two builds of this kind.

Varcarian's Warchief Totem Chieftain

While it is a build that I recommend for starting players, to really cap off this build you will need a pair of Facebreakers. What I see a lot of people doing, until they get their hands on those, is speccing into some of the weapon nodes in their tree. Then, when you finally get your Facebreakers, you can free up those points and put them elsewhere for a smooth transition and nice boost elsewhere.

Vacarian himself hasn't made any YouTube videos showing off his thoughts and input on the build, but you can find many others giving their spin on it. This build is capable of doing all content in the game comfortably, and when played correctly you can pull off a deathless Shaper.

Lifting's Blade Vortex Occultist

Blade Vortex's radius was increased in 2.6 and that inspired a lot of people to give it a second look. Lifting's build focuses on scaling up physical, chaos, and poison damage rather than worrying about critical strikes and damage. Doing so allows the build to feel a lot stronger earlier because you don't have to rely on the inconsistency that crit-based builds experience.

The build is fairly cheap and Lifting lays out the gems, gear, and overall thought process behind it in the video above. It was designed entirely around the ability to effectively farm currency, so if you're a big grinder then this is a build you want to try out.

If you've got any questions or would like to share some advice or other builds for 2.6, drop a comment below. Always remember that the number one reason Path of Exile is so much fun is because of the freedom and choices that it provides the player! Try as many builds as you can and put your own spin on them for the truest PoE experience.

15 Awesome Builds from PewDiePie's Tuber Simulator Fri, 14 Oct 2016 01:19:57 -0400 ChocolateCat42


You made it to the final slide. Ryan McCoy's (Tuber name AceDoesYouTube) Bro Fist is well-earned.


Whittling builds down to a top 15 was tough-- I don't know how PewDiePie is going to choose! Best of luck to all entrants!


Boingin's channel focuses on the latest internet music sensation, including Slippy and the Blow-Up Dolls. Rumor has it their drummer deflated under pressure. No wonder Boingin looks so surprised!


BadSanta was so focused on whether or not he could, he didn't question if he should. Despite an entire trilogy and a newer film explaining why this is a bad idea, BadSanta went and built a miniature Jurassic Park. Let's hope that camouflage of plants keeps the Tuber safe when those eggs hatch!


Shirogue's channel highlights the age-old rivalry between cats and dogs. Slippy remains impartial as he works on a documentary following the leader from each force. Personally, I say the cats win this round-- their fort looks far more comfortable.


Considering October is practically synonymous with Halloween, I found TalkToHand's Tuber UseCodeSUCC's build to be thematically appropriate. Something wicked this way comes, if our skimpy summoner has anything to say out of that large tome.


Alipunn-kun continues the more professional aspirations with this studio. Just look at that production team! With Maya and Edgar heading the film crew and Slippy in charge of review, Alipunn-kun must put out some quality content. It's too bad he doesn't have better cohosts. One is super stiff on camera, and the other is just lifeless.


Rockyyoyo2 shows us a more classy design, with this open-office inspired layout. Do you think Maya and Edgar are there as advisers, or looking for a new Tuber to live with...? Don't tell PewDiePie!


Not everyone came for the contest. Poor BigCowLover wanted everyone to know that he had been captured by an evil goldfish and was being forced to make videos. Just look at the giant electric fence keeping him inside! They could at least give him a mattress for that bed. Goodness knows we internet citizens have bad enough backs from sitting at our computers all day.


This indoor garden paradise was submitted by BoredCrysis. The perfect mix of relaxing and entertaining, I could spend hours in this room. Do you think he'll stream the egg hatching? I had better subscribe to his channel just in case...


Tomrusz's build features an impressively constructed cardboard fort. the perfect defense against anything...except, it would seem, cats. Then again, why keep them out?


Zagiri (aka zagiri100x) seems to have found his core message: animal sports! He has a great view of the game, with two referees and some feathered spectators to keep him company. Maya and Edgar's teams look ready to face off-- be sure to check out Zagiri's Tuber channel to see who wins.


Don't expect an invitation to RadhidhaihiaThariq's Tuber Thariqq's studio anytime soon. This exclusive set is a clubhouse quite specifically for ducks. Maya and Edgar are VIPs in the Bro Army, so they get a pug pass. This time.


What's a duck's favorite game?


Billiards, obviously.


...I'll see myself out, Thariqq...


Aladdin Andig takes inspiration from late night talk shows everywhere for his room. Host desk, guest chairs, band slot, and a green screen for skits make up his personal Tuber studio. Don't even think about stealing his guitars-- security is watching.


Here, we find that AregusTV has discovered the secret to internet success: cat videos. Who wouldn't be smiling like the pictured Tuber in a studio full of the internet's cutest superstars?


Tmoxz is next, with this awesome aquatic set up. This looks like something the boys from Tanked would drool over. Just think of the water bill for this room! I especially enjoy the columns of stacked cylinder tanks in each corner and the fist arcade games for downtime when Tmoxz takes a break from streaming on Tuber.


Our first build comes from Tuber thechosentwo (aka sek10ng). Thechosentwo makes excellent use of stackable items, giving his room the appearance of a three-layer studio apartment. The first layer is a garden outside space, the second layer is his streaming office, and the topmost layer is a gaming room.


PewDiePie's Tuber Simulator has only been out for a short while, and already we're seeing some great builds. Players will eventually enjoy a feature that allows them to view the builds of top players. In the meantime, PewDiePie himself has decided to host a contest in his forums on to find the current best build, offering a prize of verification. With 300+ pages of responses, he has quite the task cut out for him. 


Instead of sending you on a hunt, I waded through pages of poop jokes, bro fists, and inside jokes to bring you 15 of the best builds submitted. Without further ado, and in no particular order, enjoy these awesome builds.

Overview for World of Warcraft PTR 6.1 Build 19480 and 19508 Sat, 24 Jan 2015 11:26:58 -0500 lilmissy4205

The builds for World of Warcraft: Warlords of Draenor Patch 6.1 seem to be rolling out almost weekly! Again, there is no major content currently from either Build 19480 or Build 19508. The biggest one includes an early draft of the new Blood Elf character models that will hopefully be coming with Patch 6.1.

Build 19480

It's very clear that many players are more comfortable in the safety of their own Garrisons as Warlords has progressed. With that mentality in mind, more improvements were made with Build 19480 just for them after Build 19445.

Gearing Up Followers and Ability Counter

The organization for Garrisons has greatly improved for many Warcraft players, thanks to Master Plan. And since they have been so popular, Blizzard Entertainment has taken a few of their utilities to improve the default UI in Garrisons.

The first is the Ability Counter that is found at the top of the Command Table UI window. Now, this is only visible when looking at Garrison Followers - just like with Master Plan. This will make it easier for those who are wanting to fill in certain ability gaps that they are missing for missions.

The second is how Followers gear up. Originally, it was a bit unclear just how players could gear up their Followers for high-item level Missions. And once you clicked the Enhancement onto a Follower, there was no second guessing. In Patch 6.1, a second window will appear asking players to confirm the changes they wish to make to their Followers.

Profession Missions

The Warcraft team wanted to give Profession-specific Followers more rewards, aside from an increase in Work Order production. They answered this need with special missions just for Professions. The rewards for success are Rush Orders for that Profession Building. Only Profession Missions will appear for each Level 3 Profession Building inside a player's Garrison.

More Rewards for Your Resources

Several players have already experienced the small aggravation of reaching cap for Garrison Resources, with very little to use them on. With Patch 6.1, the Invasion Sergeants (Crowler and Grimjaw) will be Quartermasters for Garrisons as well. In exchange for Garrison Resources, players will be able to purchase Scouting Missives (Assaults on Draenor Dailies), Rush Orders, Follower Training Guides, as well as the starting items from Warlords launch.

Minor Improvements

There were several other small improvements both inside and outside of Garrisons. Players will no longer have to spam Start Work Order. There is now a Death Recap after a player dies in-game. And there is a Flight Path ejection option to save from a quick logout to stop at the next Flight Path point.

Build 19508

Players can pick up the Tier and Raid Finder Set Bonus Gear from Flaskataur and test it against bosses from Blackrock Foundry this weekend! But that isn't all that Build 19508 has in store for Patch 6.1.

New Graphic Settings

Much like the improved Colorblind Mode Slider from an earlier build, players will have more control of their graphic settings in World of Warcraft. Depth Effect, Lighting Quality, and Outline Mode are now in the System Graphics Options.

More Bind to Account Items

Along with the Heirloom Tab from Build 19445, Garrison Missions may reward Shared Turbulent items. These items can be turned into ilvl630 gear on an alternate character. There are also several new Heirloom Neck items to be added to the collection.

Turn Down For...

The Jukebox can finally be completed on PTR. Those who complete the quest will be able to change the music inside their Garrisons. Several of these Music Rolls can be easily farmed while others may be a bit more difficult to discover. The NPC standing next to the completed B.O.O.M. Box will provide hints on where players can pick up more Music Rolls.

But First, Let Me Take A Selfie

The S.E.L.F.I.E. Camera is a 100% guarantee reward from the Garrison Mission: Field Photography. It will be a fun toy that players will be able to use to take selfie shots of their characters after completing the second Mission: Lens Some Hands.

The S.E.L.F.I.E. Camera was probably inspired by an intrepid Orc @LOKNAKSTAB (on Twitter). These selfies required the right camera distance and cropping with perfectly timed emotes. The many faces of #OrcSelfie will make a scary return once Twitter is integrated into Warcraft.

And More...

There were several other changes for Patch 6.1 on the PTR that have been datamined with each Build update. Special thanks to Wowhead for keeping everything up to date.