Charity Auction  Tagged Articles RSS Feed | Charity Auction  RSS Feed on en Launch Media Network Custom PS4 "GayStation" Edition Being Auctioned For LGBT Charity Mon, 28 Jul 2014 10:53:12 -0400 Venisia Gonzalez

Big news coming out of the Stockholm Pride Festival right now! Thanks to a Swedish retailer there is auction going on for a custom rainbow PS4 to benefit a LGBT Charity Organization called RFSL. All proceeds being raised will directly benefit the Swedish Federation for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender Rights.

Swedish computer and video game retailer, Webhallen, has generously provided this custom PS4 being hailed as the "Sony GayStation" for auction as part of the Stockholm Pride Festival. Currently the highest bid is at 17,100 Swedish krona with 92 bids, which is equivalent to $2,508. The auction is being held on the Swedish site called, a site quite similar to the globally known Ebay.

Translation from the auction site:

"During Pride week 28/7 - 2/8 auctions we, in collaboration with RFSL, the world exclusive PlayStation 4 - Gaystation Edition!

The base unit is the motif painted in rainbow colors and adorned with a pixel-alloy heart. The package also includes four pieces. optional PlayStation 4 games. 100% of the proceeds will go to RFSL Newcomers, RFSL's work with asylum seekers, undocumented migrants and new arrivals LGBTQ people under RFSL Newcomers. The aid is administered by raising foundation RFSL.

For many young people, the game world will become a refuge to escape the taunts, or worse, in real life. On Webhallen we gamers in heart and mind, keen that as many as possible have the opportunity to feel welcome and enjoy the world's largest and fastest growing interest; TV & computer games."

Bidding for the PS4 "GayStation" will end on August 3rd.

If you happen to like this theme for your PS4 and aren't looking to shell out the big krona to attain it; there are decals available on Amazon to achieve the same look.

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White Xbox Raises $11,300 For Wounded Warrior Project Tue, 19 Nov 2013 19:14:40 -0500 MyNameIsProjekt

The Xbox One is set to release in a little over two days now and there are a lot of people (myself included) that are excited for the console's launch.  A few months ago, Microsoft announced that their employees that worked on the Xbox One would be getting their own special consoles.  These Xbox Ones are white instead of black and have the words "I MADE THIS" on the front of the consoles.

These white Xbox Ones are not being sold to the general public but there is a possibility that they will sometime in the future.  However, Microsoft has offered two of these consoles in auctions for charity and both have gone for a high price.

The first Xbox One that was to be auctioned was aimed towards the European market and raised money for GamesAid.  That particular Xbox One ended up raising $7,958 when the auction was finished.

However, the second white Xbox One was auctioned off in the United States with the proceeds benefiting the Wounded Warrior Project.  The console ended up selling for $11,300 which is very, very cool.

The Wounded Warrior Project was started in 2003 to help aid soldiers that have been severely injured in combat.  The program works to raise public awareness about the needs of injured veterans as well as provide them with other programs to meet their needs.  This is a program that is deserving of some extra assistance, so I am glad Microsoft donated the console to charity.

The console includes a white Xbox One controller and Kinect but Microsoft included some extra incentive as well.  The buyer of this Xbox One will also receive a year subscription to Xbox Live and will also receive all of Microsoft's first-party launch titles.
Those titles are Forza Motorsport 5, Dead Rising 3, Ryse: Son of Rome, Project Spark, Killer Instinct and Crimson Dragon!

What do you think of these white Xbox Ones compared to the standard black Xbox Ones that will be sold to the public?  Personally, I have only owned black Xbox products but this exclusive white Xbox Ones look pretty cool.  Looking forward to seeing when Microsoft decides to start selling Xbox Ones in both colors.

Bioware Holding Charity Auction Including Commander Shepherd's Voice Sat, 17 Aug 2013 21:34:43 -0400 Wokendreamer

The Easter Seals Drop Zone fundraiser is a pretty cool idea.  A bunch of people raise money for people with disabilities by dressing up in costume and rappelling down the side of a 28-story building.  It helps thousands of people every year, has a fun way of getting across its message, and even has a reasoning behind getting people dressed up as heroes in that they want to be able to help enough to be seen as heroes by fundraiser beneficiaries.

Enter Bioware...

Now Bioware is going an extra step further to help Easter Seals by hosting an online auction in order to raise even more money for the charitable fundraiser.  There will be a limited edition Dragon Age lore book, various collectors' edition Mass Effect art, comic books, games, and all sorts of other memorabilia available on Ebay for the inquiring charity-minded bidder.

Most exciting of the items up for grabs is the ability to bid on a personalized voice message greeting from Mark Meer, the voice of the male Commander Shepherd from Mass Effect.  Who wouldn't at least enjoy the geek cred of having that on their voicemail?

Bidding begins on August 19, don't miss it!