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When alien invaders take over the Earth, only humans must survive and fight against them. Players can join into the fight into this Steam Early Access game, Earthfall.

Holospark released this PC game on April 26, and since then, players can join together in a casual first-person shooter environment, completing objectives and taking down aliens. But Earthfall includes some elements that players do not know much about.

In order to get a good understand of this game, let's break it down through plot, gameplay, and online co-ops and single player. 

What is this about? -- Aliens Against Humans

As mentioned before, the game introduces a fallen Earth, where humanity becomes the endangered species against the aliens. Four characters, Maya, Jonas, Roy, and Danny, undergo various missions in the Pacific Northwest to learn more about the missing resistance team, R&D.

The casual shooter game does not explain a lot of detail towards the storyline during gameplay. However, these four maps and corresponding missions connect into one big narrative. Players gradually discover the purpose of the mission through small dialogue from these characters in the beginning of mission. 

Grab your gun and shoot aliens down! 

Like the Left 4 Dead series, the game functions as casual first person shooter. Players use your mouse to aim and shoot while using their keyboards to perform various actions, like throwing grenades, using a medical boxes, and collecting weapons.

But what makes this game different are its building options. During missions, players can block aliens with barricades, use and mount turrets, and build their own weapons with a 3D printer. With this equipment, players can shoot down these aliens. If one of the player's teammates gets captured or taken down, that player needs to rely on their team to help them out.

Time for some teamwork -- Go team, Go!

Earthfall is essentially an online co-op game, where players can team up with other players to work through each map. By teaming up, players can execute missions and tasks easily as well as help each other, especially when an alien takes down another player. It may be difficult without any chat system within the game, but they can help out their teammates when their characters call out for trouble.

Although this game is essentially an online co-op game, it also features a single player mode with AI figures. Like other players, the AI can help you when you are attacked by aliens or when you are down. Playing solo is a nice mode to practice and get used to the controls if players are new to FPS or PC controls. Earthfall also offers controller support. 

To sum up -- Shoot, Survive, and Save the Earth

Since this game is only about six days old, some issues prevent it from reaching its full potential, such as the optimization for their 4K with Ultra HD settings and the controller’s responses within the game. Furthermore, the game solely pushes on playing with others than playing with the AI, making the game feel a bit unbalanced. 

But all in all, this FPS game offers a thrilling and exciting experience that it can be pushed even further. As time passes, Holospark will continue to fix these issues and push this game into perfection for everyone to enjoy.

Want to play Earthfall? Check it out on Steam, then leave a comment below to let us know what you think!

Injustice 2 Live Stream Coverage -- New Features and Characters for the DC Fighter Sat, 29 Apr 2017 16:49:06 -0400 Jerline Justo

DC All Access recently streamed an exclusive outlook at Injustice 2, leaving fans excited for its upcoming release on May 16.

In this live-stream event broadcast on YouTube, the hosts showcased the game by battling as some featured DC heroes and villains. Unlike Injustice: God Among Us, Injustice 2 will include an upgrading system that will increase specific characters' stats and additional unlockable moves. On top of that, players can find new gear to customize their heroes for style and gameplay.

Including these new features, this DC All Access event shared new updates and big reveals for Injustice 2. So here are the highlights on what happened.

Gotham's Devilish Prince of Crime Comes to the Battle

To start off the event, the Joker was announced as a playable character. Revealed in a trailer, he sported a new look. Instead of a clean cut suit, suspenders, and bow tie, this Joker comes with a long purple coat with a small red flower, as well as a “HA” written across his torso. 

When going against an enemy, The Joker uses different kinds of weapons, such as a gun, a knife, gas bombs, and a crowbar. Players can use his knife to cut his opponents down or his gun for longer range attacks. They can use his iron crowbar to beat enemies down and gas bombs to perform low attacks. As for his special move, The Joker throws his opponent into an electric chair in an emptied room, and after a couple of hits with the crowbar, the opponent gets electrified while the Joker finishes his attack off with dynamite.

An Exclusive Character For the Injustice 2 Mobile Game

Along with Xbox One and PS4, Injustice 2 will also be released on iOS and Andriod, which will include similar gameplay and upgrade systems to the console game. However, this mobile game features a new operation mode, where players can send DC characters into missions to retrieve new equipment and increase their stats.

Players can pre-register the game on Google Play or Apple Store before the released date on May 11. By pre-registering, they will receive an exclusive Cat-Woman character with the game.

The Details on Darkseid's Character

In addition to The Joker, Injustice 2 will include the infamous villain Darkseid. As seen in the trailer, Darkseid attacks by using laser beams, and he can hit his opponent from any open angle. 

For this live stream event, Tom Taylor, comic writer for Injustice 2, and Ed Boon, creative director at NetherRealm Studios, expanded a bit more about this character’s gameplay. They talked about how Darkseid is a character who maneuvers and controls his opponents to specific points of an area, trying to attack with more critical hits.

They also shared that if players pre-order the game, they will be able to play Darkseid on day one.


Although a few heroes, like Reverse-Flash and Supergirl, were not showcased, DC All Access presented other DC characters like Cyborg, Robin, and Scarecrow, giving fans a taste of their powers and finishing moves. Including The Joker, an exclusive Cat-Woman, and hands-on Darkseid gameplay, fans can only anticipate what other features or DC heroes could be included in Injustice 2's future. 

Injustice 2 will release on May 16 on PS4 and Xbox One. The mobile version of the game will release on May 11. 

For more information and new updates on Injustice 2, stay tuned on GameSkinny!

(Tip) Choosing Madden Defenses for Casual Gamers Part 2: Coverage Wed, 29 Oct 2014 20:28:25 -0400 Chris_Lemus

This year’s Madden expanded how players experience football when they do not have the ball. While Madden 15 makes the effort to educate gamers on the basics of playing against defenses, little is done about selecting the proper scheme when trying to stop the offense.

Like in part one, it is important to match these “toppings” to their appropriate “pastas.” You may like a certain type of pasta or ingredient, but it is not ideal for every trip to the restaurant.

The basic difference between the man and zone coverage is the pairing of defensive players to eligible offensive receivers. There are different type of zones, such as the flat zone, that help against a recent wave scramble quarterbacks in the NFL, but this guide only covers simple schemes.

Man coverage

This type of defense can exist by itself or in other coverages, but the concept is the same. This type of coverage assigns one defensive player to an offensive opponent, following them around until the play ends. Defensive players who are playing man coverage are not as concerned with anticipating the quarterback reading the field than they are with denying the receiver a pass.

Teams with fast secondaries to keep up with good receivers can successfully run this play. Another advantage to having the defense focus on applying pressure to their assigned offensive player is to run a more effective blitz. This type of play sends five or more defenders to tackle the quarterback.

If there are no deep secondaries playing zone, this type of defense is very fragile if the receiver beats the defensive player covering him if he suddenly changes directions before his opponent could react.

Pairs well with: 3-4, 4-3

Cover 2

Unlike a strict man coverage, every other defense throughout this guide focuses on zone coverage. This means that defensive players are assigned a portion of the field to defend. They focus on where the quarterback is looking instead of pressuring the receivers.

Zone coverage is a better option for teams with reliable defensive lineman to tackle the quarterback or slower secondary players, since other zones would pick up the faster recovers.

In relation to a Cover 2, the coverage features two deep secondary players defending one half of the field. The other defenders in front of them are either playing zone or man. With a bigger amount of players located closer to the ball, the offense will have a hard time executing short passes and even running plays.

With this coverage guarding plays near the line of scrimmage, and the middle section between the two deep secondaries a weak point, deep passes down the middle are a vulnerable spot for this defense.

Pairs well with: 3-4, 4-3

Cover 3

If the defense needs extra protection against the deep pass, the cover three adds a third secondary player in the backfield to defend a long distance areal assault.

In addition to defending the long ball, the Cover 3 also adds an extra eighth player in the box. This increase in personnel can be used to defend against a running play.

In most situations, Cover 3 has a distinct look. If the quarterback can read the three deep defenders before the play starts, he may make an adjustment (aka audible) to throw a shorter pass that can create a longer play.

Pairs well with: nickel, dime, quarter

Cover 4

Just like with the previous zone defenses, Cover 4 how many deep secondary players stand prepared against the long pass. One of the most familiar defensive plays to run with this coverage is prevent, typically selected when the offense runs a hail marry.

With a handful of secondary players far from the line of scrimmage, this coverage is vulnerable to run plays. It is unlikely, though, the offense will give the ball to their running back if they need to pass it downfield. Instead, short passes in front of the deep secondaries are used to create long plays.

Pairs well with: nickel, dime, quarter

Cover 6

This coverage breaks the rule about it’s number describing the amount of deep secondary defenders. Thus, it is a tricky coverage to read. Cover 6 is a mathematical combination of the Cover 2 and Cover 4, both of which are featured in this defense.

The elaborate description of this defense is that Cover 6 has one half of the field with two deep secondaries, while the other has just one. In Layman’s terms, one side has deeper coverage than the other. Ultimately, this type of coverage is intended for deeper passes, but leaves some room to cover shorter routes.

It is unlikely the offense will run the ball during this situation, but they could decide to turn a shorter route on the side with deeper coverage into an opportunity for a first down.

Zone Blitz

The zone blitz is typically ran when the defense wants to apply pressure on the quarterback, but is unsure of the play or whether the ball thrower will tuck it and run instead.

The blitz could come from anywhere, it just depends on where the run is likely to occur or where the weakest spot is on the field.

With an extra player leaving their intended assignment, the zone blitz opens an entire portion of the field open for the receiver to catch the ball if the quarterback is fast enough to find him.

Pairs well with: 3-4, 4-3

Now that each part of the defensive play calling process has been explained, the “dinner” can be properly enjoyed and experienced. Satisfy the hunger for victory, and win the night with defense.

MAGFest 2013 coverage Fri, 11 Jan 2013 19:24:19 -0500 ValNika

I'm a cosplayer and I vlog conventions/festivals/events that I go to... I hope you find some of what I did entertaining :P

MAGFest Vlog Coverage Thurs/Fri (On YouTube)

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Enjoy :)