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Although it seems like more of an issue with movies or music, piracy is a very real issue when it comes to video games. According to pirating video games tends to be much more of a challenge for pirates. However, this week on her blog, Phoenix, founder of notorious cracking group 3DM, claimed that pirating video games could soon become a thing of the past.

In the world of video game piracy there exists an ongoing war between the built up defenses of games set in place by software companies and the pirates who must bring down those firewalls - commonly known as cracking the game. 

During a recent attempt to crack Just Cause 3, a highly demanded game in piracy forums, 3DM's "cracking guy" Jun almost cracked himself. In her blog Phoenix writes:

“Recently, many people have asked about cracks for ‘Just Cause 3′, so here is a centralized answer to this question. The last stage is too difficult and Jun nearly gave up, but last Wednesday I encouraged him to continue. 

I still believe that this game can be compromised. But according to current trends in the development of encryption technology, in two years time I’m afraid there will be no free games to play in the world.

The problem that 3DM is having with Just Cause 3 is the anti-tamper technology set in place by Denuvo Software Solutions GmbH, an Austrian-based company responsible for the protection of the game. The system used by the company - appropriately named Denuvo - is a tweaked version of the secondary encryption system that held off attacks on Dragon Age: Inquisition for nearly a month and has stood strong on FIFA 16 since its September release.

While the system will likely end up cracked in the long run, Phoenix's statement stands: with the increase in protection, games may not be crackable in the future. As long as software like Denuvo is around, pirates' lives continue to get harder.

New Video Shows You How to Crack Open Your PS4 Fri, 15 Nov 2013 19:02:02 -0500 Corey Kirk

Being a geek and technology nerd comes with a certain desire to take things apart that seems to be natural among our kind. Techies always want to know what drives the machines they are using in their homes. This innate urge to deconstruct always seems to manifest itself in the day to day, but especially when new hardware hits store shelves.

To satisfy our lust for tinkering, the fine folks at iFixIt have made a video showing how to take apart the PlayStation 4. The video not only shows how to invade the inner workings of the console, but also gives the PS4 a rating on how well it can be repaired should any of the components fail. The PS4 scores surprisingly well on repairability, which should give some reassurance to those who have suffered from dead launch consoles.

From the video, I can tell that PS4 is a lot easier to take apart than the PS3. Should your PS4 get the dreaded malfunction lights, don’t be worried. Between the manufacturer’s warrantee, and the ease of which you can take the console apart yourself, you should be back to gaming in no time.

Click above to watch the video from iFixIt!