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Daymare 1998 is chock full of key cards, computer unlock codes, and puzzles. One of those puzzles is a little more difficult than the rest, requiring agent Liev to adjust coolant levels to proper temperatures in order to access the Pollux virus, fight the first mini-boss, and leave the Aegis level.

Thankfully, cooling things down is easy with the guide below. 

Aegis Temperature Puzzle Solution

When you enter the room with the PL-X 731 temperature control computer, don't be distracted by the zombie on the left by the desk; another zombie will immediately assault you from the right.

After taking care of the two Zeds, run up the stairs and go past the locked door to access the coolant computer.

 Temperature Start Point

Your goal is to go from the start point in the image above to the end point in the image below so that Chamber 1 is full, Chamber 4 is at two bars, and Chambers 2 and 3 completely empty.

To get there, you need this temperature combination:

  • Chamber 1: -15 degrees
  • Chamber 2: 20 degrees
  • Chamber 3: -5 degrees
  • Chamber 4: 0 degrees

Here's where things get difficult: you can only empty or fill one bar at a time, and the reserve tank only has enough space to hold one bar's worth of coolant, so you have to remove and add coolant strategically to make this work.

To skip all the frustrating guesswork, here is the fastest, easiest method to get to the correct temperatures:

  • Empty Chamber 3
  • Fill Chamber 1
  • Empty Chamber 2
  • Fill Chamber 1
  • Empty Chamber 2
  • Fill Chamber 1
  • Empty Chamber 2
  • Fill Chamber 1
  • Empty Chamber 2
  • Fill Chamber 4
  • Empty Chamber 3

After completing that pattern, you should end up with this solution:

 Temperature End Point Puzzle Solution

Unlike with the Aegis power puzzle, you don't have to flip any switches or do anything extra at the end. The mini-game automatically ends and you are popped back out into the main gameplay loop.

Afterwards, it's time to fight the game's first mini-boss, so make sure you've got your ammo combined into clips and ready to go before leaving the room.

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Daymare 1998 Aegis Power Puzzle Guide Tue, 17 Sep 2019 09:00:01 -0400 Ty Arthur

Retro horror game Daymare 1998 started life as an unofficial Resident Evil 2 remake — before the real remake squashed those plans  so you've got to put your old-school survival horror goggles on to figure out some of the game's puzzles, including the Aegis Power puzzle. 

If you're having trouble with the power switch puzzle in the Aegis level, we've got you covered in the guide below. Once you know the proper pattern, it's simple to bypass the electricity issue and restore power to the facility.

Aegis Power Switches Solution

 The correct power switch order

While the trainee note on the swivel chair and the power status screen on the computer terminal next to the switch panel give a basic overview of how the puzzle is supposed to work, they don't give you the full answer. There's a bit of trial and error involved.

If you want to skip all that and just move onto the next portion of the level, then flip these switches from red to blue on:

  • Cargo Area
  • Submarine Shaft
  • Lab Area
  • Control Room
  • Reception Hall
  • Server Room
  • Security Room

When those switches are all blue, the Helipad Access, Decont. Area, Offices Area, and Canteen/Dorm lights should still be red. You'll know you've got the pattern correct when all of the white dots in the middle are lit up from top to bottom.

Here's the part that's vexing some players, though: you then need to press "D" to move away from the power lights to the switch, and press "F" to actually pull the switch and reset the power.

Most of the game's other interfaces don't work this way, so make sure to go through that extra step or the power won't come back on.

After the power comes on, you'll immediately be attacked by a zombie from the left side (from the staircase where you entered the room), so make sure your ammo is loaded before completing the puzzle.

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Daymare 1998: Aegis Greek Password Puzzle Solution Tue, 17 Sep 2019 09:00:01 -0400 Ty Arthur

There's classic challenging survival horror puzzles, and then there are brain teasers that are just flat out unfair or poorly designed, and the Daymare 1998 Greek Password puzzle falls into that latter category.

Don't feel too bad if you're stumped by this one -- the game really doesn't go out of its way to offer clues as to how to answer the phrases (and hopefully that will be dealt with after launch in a patch).

Below we explain exactly how to input the proper Greek passwords into the founder's office hidden desk terminal at the end of the Aegis level.

For all three of the phrases, don't forget to scroll over to the big Enter key (the one with the 90 degree turning arrow, of course) after each Greek letter combination is entered and hit F to actually input the password.

Greek Password 1

Phrase: "Cast a light unto the darkness and there shall be no storm from which he cannot save you."

  • Answer: ΧΑΣΤΟΡ

It's easy to accidentally answer this one wrong since there are two O symbols on the keyboard, one with a line through it and one without -- you want the one without the line to proceed.

Greek Password 2

Phrase: "No matter the injury it will never end his journey."

  • Answer: ΠΟΛΛΥΞ

This one is even more annoying because there are two different N symbols and three different E symbols on the keyboard.

Here you are specifically looking for the flat topped N at the top-right corner of the keyboard and the three-tiered E symbol at the bottom-left near the Z.

Greek Password 3

Phrase: Long and perilous was the journey of the Argonauts to enter into its possession.


Yeah, this one's the most obnoxious of all. The first letter is the one that looks like a lower case "r," followed by the O with no line, the upside down V, the triangle, the normal E, the normal N, and the O with a line through it. From there the letters should be easy to select before inputting the password.

Make sure your ammo clips are full before entering the password, because a zombie will frequently get up from the floor near the computer after completing this puzzle -- even if you cleared the room first.

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