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On November 19th, 2015, developer Team Ninja announced that the latest installment in the Dead or Alive Xtreme series is receiving a release in Japan only and that the western release has been canceled. It was announced on the game's Facebook page in response to a commenter asking about the western release, "We do not bring DOAX3 to the west and won't have any plan change in the future. Thank you for asking."

The developer of the game has not announced an official reason for cancelation, but some commentators have assumed that it may be due to fear of sexism. Since the announcement, the official Facebook page where the developers made the statement has been taken down. Some outlets and commenters seem to have other quotes from the page, but we can no longer know for sure.

The Dead or Alive series have always been controversial due to the design and depiction of the female characters, but Dead or Alive Xtreme Beach Volleyball (2003) brought this to the next level.  It is often criticized for laying a thin veneer of respectability and legitimate gameplay over simply watching lusty, scantily-clad women with large, bouncing breasts jog, roll around in the sand, scoot across tree trunks, and other suggestive activities.

It comes as no surprise that the latest installment has had its western release canceled and commentators assuming that it is due to fear of sexism. Over recent years, there has been much controversy over the portrayal of female characters in video games. Many games often have in the past used female character design as a way of gaining publicity and getting people talking about the game.

It would seem that the announcement from the publisher has caused numerous companies to step forward looking for the rights to distribute the game. Since the controversy, developer HuniePot, creators of adult hybrid tile matching puzzle date sim, Huniepop has offered publisher Koei Tecmo one million dollars to gain the right to distribute Dead or Alive Extreme 3 in the west. 

This offer was then followed up by Instacodez, who offered an extra two million dollars for rights to distribute the game within Europe. Despite it no longer having a Western release, the game appears to have much interest due to offers made by these companies for the rights to distribution of the game.

We may see a release of this game in the west and Europe but for now it is only going have a release in Japan on February 26th, 2016. It is going to be interesting to see if Koei Tecmo indeed do accept an offer from these companies or whether they will leave the game as a Japan-only release.

Image Sources: I Play PS Visa

The 15 strangest pieces of game merchandise you can buy on Amazon (NSFW) Sun, 23 Aug 2015 08:26:01 -0400 Rob Thubron


1. Dead or Alive ‘Hugging’ pillowcase


Oh… dear.  


Yes, this really is a ‘hugging’ pillow case featuring a naked Kasumi (I think) from Dead or Alive. Seeing as this ‘pillowcase’ is an unusual 5-feet in length and referred to as a ‘hugging’ case shows how little effort has gone into hiding the fact it’s essentially a humping toy for human Jack Russells. The listing recommends the item for Christmas - a perfect gift for Grandpa - and for hotels, as if they didn’t have to deal with enough filthy bedding. It’s also patterned on both sides, meaning it can be used twice before needing a wash… ugh. 


Buy this item here.


Would you buy any of these weird items? What others have you come across? Let us know in the comments!


2. Tetris interactive dress


If you’re so naive as to think that a Tetris dress would be weird enough on its own, then get a load of this interactive Tetris dress. Yes, the blocks on this garment really are able to detach and reattach, meaning any ladies who wear this on a night out can expect to be grabbed incessantly by seedy men who claim they “just want to get the long, thin one in the right hole.”


 Buy it here.


3. Mana and health potion earrings


Nothing says “I’m a dedicated follower of fashion and still know that some dice have more than six sides” quite like these fantastic health and mana potion earrings. Frankly, no RPG player worth their rocksalt should be without these, even if they’re just used as ornaments. If you do have pierced ears and decide to hit the town sporting a pair, then be prepared for gasps of awe from fellow Diablo fans - alongside looks of confusion from everyone else. 


Buy this item here


4. Street Fighter Sexy Chun Li Fabric Wall Scroll Poster


Here we have a wall scroll poster of Chun Li as you’ve never seen her before. Or at least parts of her you’ve never seen before - unless you’re a fan of hentai. We all know that everyone’s favorite cosplay character has some pretty meaty thighs in the game, but Jesus! they’re bigger than her entire upper torso in this picture. And really, she must feel like she’s being cut in two when fighting in that kind of attire. 


Buy this here.


5. Watch Dogs Lanyard


Now, this is pretty weird. If you check in the comments you’ll find one woman complaining that she bought it for her nephew, but it wasn’t exactly what he wanted; not really surprised by that. As lanyards go, I’m sure this is highly functional and does the job well, but I’ll reiterate: it’s just a bit… weird. If, however, you buy the PC version of this item, remember that it won’t work at all until Ubisoft put out an update a month later. 


You can buy this item here.


6. World of Warcraft Tankard O'Terror


Even though its numbers have been dwindling over the last few years, World of Warcraft is still a pretty big deal. Here’s a scary fact for you: the cumulative number of hours clocked up by WoW players is nearly 6 million years - longer than humanity has been evolving as a species. Anyway, the game’s responsible for a slew of Azeroth-based merchandise, but this is one of the slightly weirder (and cooler) ones. A direct replica of an in-game item, this big, heavy stein is only for the most ardent of WoW fans, particularly as it costs $189! Still, there’s no better accessory to go with an imposing beard and a replica of Frostmourne.


Buy this here.


7. Pac-Man energy drinks


If you want develop mild heart palpitations and start sweating profusely, then perhaps you should consider purchasing the ‘Pac-Man Fruit and Power up Energy Set’. I consume about 4 cans of energy drinks a day, meaning I’m no stranger to the crushing addiction that comes with these caffeine-loaded treats.  There is a danger that using this product will turn you into a giant yellow ball with a mouth and cause you to emit “WAKA WAKA WAKA” noises.* 


*Legal disclaimer: energy drinks will (probably) not cause addiction, nor will this product actually turn you into Pac-Man, who is a fictional character.


Buy this here.


8. Vanessa from The King of Fighters statue


This statue of Vanessa from the King of the Fighters series is one of many similar recreations of female video game characters with their clothes falling off. Vanessa is known for her trademark white shirt and red tie, but here it’s been decided she’s better represented with her boobs half exposed. They never do this kind of thing for the male fighters, although I’m not sure how successful a statue of Balrog flashing his green monster would be.


Buy this item here.


9. Bayonetta PS4 decals


Bayonetta’s well known in her games for flashing a bit of flesh, but these decals are about as adult as it gets before the whole thing moves into ‘fan-drawn’ territory. Any parents who buy their kids console accessories without checking them first may want to be careful with this one, else they may find little Timmy spending a lot more time with his PS4 than usual. 


Buy this here.


10. Video gamer basket care package


While it’s admittedly a bit of a stretch putting this under video game merchandise, it still gets a place for being so weirdly stereotypical. You can imagine the person behind this collection is thinking:


“So you’re a gamer? Then you’ll definitely like this array of high-sugar, teeth-rotting, obesity-causing foodstuff.”


The only surprise is that they didn’t include some acne cream and a goth CD with it. It does come with a $10 Xbox gift card which, if it still works, may be put to better use by trading it for insulin. 


Buy it here.


11. Super Mario and Princess Toadstool cross stitch pamphlet


Finally, the worlds of video games and embroidery come crashing together with this pamphlet. It contains that rarest of things: cross stitch designs for Mario and Princess Peach. This is a bit of collector’s item from 1990, and would be a pretty unique piece for Mario aficionados. Plus, if you happen to be a fan of Nintendo’s plumber and also know your couching from your French Knots, then you’ve found the perfect item!


Buy this here.


12. Plants vs Zombies Peashooter slippers


I find that these manage to be both pretty weird and totally awesome, and I should know - I own a pair. No fan of Plants vs Zombies should be without these peashooter slippers; not only are they comfortable and keep your feet warm, but they are sure to act as a zombie deterrent once the inevitable undead apocalypse arrives. One word of warning from personal experience: never try to run very fast down stairs while wearing them.


 Buy this here.


13. Doom: The Board Game


Amazingly, someone had the very weird idea of taking an extremely linear, albeit awesome, title like Doom and turning it into a board game. And you know what? It’s actually really good! The game design is excellent and follows a lot of D&D staples such as movement values, AoE, and line of sight. It’s out of print now, and something of a collector’s piece.


Buy it here.


14. Sexy Super Mario Brothers Halloween costumes


Like almost every red-blooded male, I’ve often looked at Mario and Luigi and wondered what they would look like as sexy, moustachioed women. Now, thanks to these lawsuit-avoiding ‘Pretty Plumber Adult Costumes’, I get to find out. The moustache on the necklace is a particularly nice touch. A great buy for the those into the Mario fetish sub-culture.


Buy this here.


15. Sonic the Hedgehog headphones


Abandoning all concept of subtlety, wearing these Sonic the Hedgehog headphones really lets people know you’re a big fan of the Sega mascot - and not afraid to show it. Not sure what the sound quality is like with these, but I imagine running a marathon in them may not be the most comfortable experience. I would recommend this item for display purposes only.


Buy it here.


“There’s no such thing as too much merchandising.”


So goes the saying of anyone involving in the marketing side of the video games industry. If they can think it up, they’ll produce it, regardless of how bad, inappropriate, or just plain weird the concept. Plus, no matter what it is, chances are people will still buy it. And with good right! Why be the millionth person to own a t-shirt with Pikachu on it when you can have the little yellow Pokemon and his friends adorning your very own menstrual pad?


Okay, so that extreme example would be bought for more of a conversational piece than for practical use, one would hope.


This list comprises examples of the most kitsch, kinky, cool, and so-weird-I-must-have-it pieces of video game merchandise around. And the best thing is, you can actually buy them from Amazon! A few of them I actually have... but not number one, honest *cough*.

New Dead or Alive Xtreme announced Tue, 18 Aug 2015 20:25:02 -0400 Samantha Wright

In an article from Famitsu, Dead or Alive Xtreme 3 was announced. There is currently no scheduled release date and no immediate plans for a version outside of Japan.

The game has been announced for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita. The Dead or Alive series is published by Koei Tecmo and developed by Team Ninja.

According to the translation conducted on Neogaf, the PS4 version is entitled "Fortune" and the Vita version is called "Venus." There is no indictation of whether or not the two versions have any differences besides the names.

Dead or Alive Xtreme is a spin-off series centered around the Dead or Alive fighting games. All the female characters from the original series go on vacation, or holiday, to an island to play volleyball, model, and partake in other mini-games.

Though fans are disappointed that the game has only been announced for Japan, with enough demand, the game can be released in the West as well. According to the interview with producer Yosuke Hayashi published with the official announcement of the game, Koei Tecmo will release an adjusted version Dead or Alive Xtreme 3 if fans request such a release enough.

Dead or Alive 5, the most recent release in the fighting game series, came out earlier this year.

Can we please stop rereleasing the same fighting game 3 times? Sat, 18 Jul 2015 19:28:02 -0400 KungFro

Fighting games are my bread and butter. They're where I get my virtual kicks and how I settle most arguments with my nerdier friends. As much as I love having a steady stream of new content to keep me on my toes, fighting games are guilty of perpetrating one of my biggest pet peeves: releasing 3 to 4 disc versions of the same outdated story arc.

Let's play Super Mega Ultra Random Fighter VII Deluxe Plus!

...or let's not. I don't know anybody who wants to shell out for the annual reskinning of a game they've already purchased before. While a reasonable amount of additional content and mechanical patchwork may be worth the extra money, I don't know, once, it eventually just becomes a serious nuisance.

For example, here is the launch trailer of Capcom's Ultra Street Fighter IV.

Shiny, huh? But does "shiny" warrant this being the fourth iteration of the Street Fighter IV lineup? Just how many adjectives could we have tacked on before the Roman numeral "IV" bled out? Well, the average fighting gamer sees Capcom as less than benelovent on the matter.

"I'm gonna wait for the Super Hyper Ultra Mega Supreme Championship Edition." (steve m)

"Better be like $9.99 cus I'm not paying $39-$60 for the 5th release of this!" (acanez85)

"I doubt I'll buy SFV when it first comes out since we know they will release 18.5 versions of it later." (ninjarai001)

These comments are simply some of the most intelligible. Some comments are just the word "milk" repeated anywhere up to 20 times. The sad part is my inability to blame them. Even being a lover of fighting games and more experienced than most "casuals," I gave up on SFIV. My heart and my wallet just weren't in it. 

But what about the new characters?!

Yeah, what about them? Every iteration of Street Fighter IV introduced one of my favorite characters into the series (Crimson Viper in SFIV, Juri in SSFIV, and Poison in USFIV). Does that mean I supported the longetivity of SFIV? You might've thought so, but you'd be wrong.

Prepare the eulogy and give it a rest already.

We've seen glimpses of Street Fighter V in action and it's shaping up beautifully. It being a PlayStation 4 exclusive heralds the series' ascension to full-blown, next-gen status. I can respect them needing to wait for a console with more horsepower to further their vision, thus stalling out the series for a bit. However, I strongly feel that Capcom could have focused solely on this new project without upsetting too many gamers.

Instead, the community stands shaken as many have no faith in Capcom to tame it's adjective-slinging ways. People are already opting out of purchasing SFV, thinking it better to wait for that game's assumable remaster – or its seventh; whichever costs less.

The Street Fighter series is not the only one at fault.

Dead or Alive 5 also sprouted several slightly updated iterations of the same game. Sure, new characters, costumes, and stages are fun; I just don't think they're enough of a reason to spend my money on one game, three times.

This trend of rereleasing games under monikers reminds me of the fact that Halo 5: Guardians includes the number "5" in its title, despite actually being the twelfth game in the Halo series. What Halo has managed, that these fighters haven't, is to consistently explore the depths of its story throughout its titles.

Can fighting games see successful rereleases?

Blazblue, one of my favorite series, has also rereleased its past two core titles: BlazBlue: Continuum Shift and BlazBlue: Chronophantasma. The former was rereleased twice, but in a way that I couldn't agree with more.

Continuum Shift was rereleased exclusively in arcades as Continuum Shift II, sporting a bunch of balance updates and cosmetic changes. This update was later made available for the game's console versions for free. Almost two years later, a second revision called BlazBlue: Continuum Shift Extend was rereleased on disc.

BB:CSE was a massive revamp from the game's first edition which included:

  • the entire cast including DLC characters – on disc and ready to go
  • an entirely new console-exclusive character
  • story modes for the new characters
  • brand new game modes
  • online play updates
  • a remastered version of the BlazBlue: Chrono Trigger story mode
  • all of the latest balance updates and cosmetic changes from BB:CSII

For $30 I was given more than just a fresh coat of paint, but also new car smell and a bobblehead. I couldn't argue that I wasn't getting a big enough bang for my buck; that's the way a rerelease should feel.

What can we do?

I'm not suggesting that we entirely boycott rereleases and force fighting game developers into bankruptcy. Doing that could ruin some of our favorite series, or even bring about the downfall of the world's most renowned fighting game tournament.

What I am suggesting is that we value our dollar a little more on the consumer end of things. When is it actually okay to call the same game a new game? Do two new, storyless characters and another pointless stage really sound like quality content?

Clearly I have strong opinions on this topic and, frankly, I doubt my stance will change until rereleases do. If we brainlessly buy into every upgrade that we're offered, we very well may find ourselves lined up outside of GameStop, waiting on "Super Mega Ultra Random Fighter VII Deluxe Plus."

[Updated with Trailer] Dead or Alive 5 Ultimate Gets New Character, Mary Rose Wed, 13 Nov 2013 17:56:07 -0500 Ryan Kerns

After Dead or Alive 5 Ultimate hit consoles this past September, Team Ninja also announced the game would be hitting Japanese arcades. Dead or Alive hasn't seen an arcade release since Dead or Alive 2.

With this arcade release comes a new character to the series, named Mary Rose. Little is known about this new character except that she is voiced by Mai Aizawa (Rune Factory Frontier, Lucky Star). According to the Famitsu article that revealed the new character, she is the smallest (and least busty) character in the DOA universe. Her fighting style has not been specified yet. There's also no word on if she will be added to the console version as DLC.

This news follows in the footsteps of Atlus and Arc System Works announcing an arcade-only update to Persona 4 Arena, called Persona 4: The Ultimax Ultra Suples Hold (I swear I'm not making this up). Added to the arcade version of that game are Yukari and Junpei from Persona 3, as well as a new character (possibly linked to Persona 5) named Sho Minazuki. 

In the last couple years we've seen arcade releases like the aptly named Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition come to consoles either in the form of DLC or retail disc... so I suspect we will see something similar with these games. That wasn't always the case in pre-DLC days, though. Soul Calibur III had an arcade release with revamped mechanics and characters that never hit consoles. Cammy made her debut in the Street Fighter Alpha/Zero games in the Japanese arcade release of Street Fighter Zero 2 Alpha... but things were different in those days. 

UPDATE- an official trailer for the character is now out:

The Five Most Ridiculous Outfits Ever Worn in a Video Game Mon, 29 Jul 2013 15:36:12 -0400 Qyzex

Fashion is something that has always interested me. As an actor, I was always interested in dressing up in outlandish costumes to play parts. As an artist, I'm always looking for new and unique styles to dress my characters in. And when it comes to video games, It's always about how ostentatious I can make my characters look. But, like in real life, fashion faux pas can still happen in video games.


So, here I've comprised a list of the top five most ridiculous outfits ever worn in a video game. And as a side note, I've taken the high road and stayed away from the easy choices of women in leotards or skimpy clothing. (That's it's own article right there...)


The art in this article is my own. If you would like to see more, head on over to my Tumblr.


#5. Nooj – Final Fantasy X-2


It's a Final Fantasy game. These games are ripe for the picking on flashy, eccentric outfits that seem to serve no purpose other than to make everyone stare in awe at how colorful and awkward they are. Nooj's outfit here is a work of art in that regard. Bright and colorful, and with a handful of different pieces of clothing stitched together, and topped off with the signature Final Fantasy useless-belt-syndrome; this outfit is truly outlandish. It always makes me wonder if they came up with this character by taking different limbs off of various action figures, and sticking them all on one torso.


I'm not even going to mention that hair..

#4 Zack – Dead or Alive series

Look at that, and tell me that's not ridiculous. One of Zack's alternate costumes is a Teletubby. Now, I know fighting games are just as well known for outrageous and erratic costumes as Final Fantasy games, but Zack takes the cake as far as I'm concerned. Why one would choose to fight in a metallic, latex costume with a led screen on their chest is beyond me (imagine the chafing). And, this isn't his only strange costume either, as Zack here is quite possibly the only Dead or Alive character to ever wear a bra...


#3 Grant – Castlevania Judgment


Oh Grant, what have you done with yourself? Originating from Castelvania 3, and looking like a normal bandit, or perhaps a pirate, Grant was an astoundingly normal looking guy.

Lookin' normal there, Grant.


Maybe that wasn't enough for him. Maybe he wanted to stand out and be noticed, rivaling Camilla in idiosyncratic outifts. In Castlevania Judgment, Grant seems to have dyed his hair, strapped on as much leather as he could find, and then topped it all off by wrapping himself in about ten rolls of toilet paper.



#2 – Kefka – Final Fantasy 6

Ah, the second character from a Final Fantasy game on this list. Though, with Kefka, I find myself struggling to make jokes, not because I can't think of any (the man is a damn clown) but because Kefka is quite possibly one of my favorite video game character designs of all time, and most certainly my favorite Final Fantasy villain. A man who can paint his face like a clown, and throw on as many strips of clothing as possible (all while keeping with an astonishing color scheme), and still be as deviously evil and malicious as possible deserves loads of praise in my book.

 Seriously, drawing this, I lost track of which piece of clothing was which countless times.


#1 – Voldo – Soul Calibur series 

In what should come to no surprise with those familiar with the character, Voldo walks away with the number one spot for most ridiculous costume. An apparent bondage fetishist, Voldo is a man who is certainly not shy in showing off his pasty, plump rump, and a penchant for eye-catching and mind-boggling cod pieces. Seriously, in his fuzzy purple and orange spider costume, which in itself is pretty ridiculous, the man has a spider head for a codpiece. A freakin' spider head codpiece!


The ridiculousness of his costumes, however, are amplified ten fold when paired with his gauche and mesmerizing body gyrations. As Voldo twists, and turns, and rolls, and spins, we are treated to the pleasure of seeing every bit of his body, whether we wanted to or not. Voldo is not only the king of ridiculous outfits, but the also the ultimate tease.




And there you have it, my list for the most ridiculous outfits ever worn in video games. Agree with me? Disagree with me? Have another character you think should have made the list? Leave a comment below and tell me!

Dead or Alive 5 Ultimate free-to-play? Wed, 05 Jun 2013 14:02:56 -0400 Tankerbawlz

Despite the already fun to play game style and combat system, Dead or Alive 5 isn't doing as well as first anticipated. So the makers of the game, Team Ninja, have decided to go with a free-to-play model which is not unheard of for many of the MMO/MOBA games now a days.

The basics of this free-to-play version is similar to how League of Legends runs, and from my understanding there is going to be four free fighters to choose from; Ryu, Hayate, Kasumi, and Ayane. The other fighters in the game will all be unlocked with a fee, but everyone has the option to play each fighter on a free trial. Other things that will be free are tutorials and offline training. 

This seems like a way to reach out to more players to get a better fan base for the game which isn't unreasonable. The free-to-play game is planned to be released on the Playstation 3, with the possibility of releasing on Xbox 360. Publisher Tecmo Koei is taking this game in the right direction; the game is not "The Best" fighting game that has ever come from this company, but it is not a bad game by any means. Currently, with other games like Injustice out, this seems like a good choice to make.