Destiny Guides Tagged Articles RSS Feed | Destiny Guides RSS Feed on en Launch Media Network Destiny 2 Has Achievements For Veterans Available Until August 1, 2017 Wed, 19 Jul 2017 10:01:14 -0400 heatherew24

Bungie's Destiny 2 has many die-hard fans frustrated that their new game does not implement all of their hard work and progress from the original Destiny. Some players have been playing since the beginning of the Destiny franchise, and were hoping to have something to show for it in the latest game. 

After listening to fan feedback, Bungie has announced a solution for these veteran players. The company has decided on 7 achievement awards that will carry over to Destiny 2 for players to show off their hard work in the original game. 4 out of these 7 achievements are specifically for the players that have been around since the first and second years of Destiny's release.

Bungie is giving players the opportunity to complete these quests until August 1. Below we've listed each of these achievements and what you have to do to acquire them. 

Destiny Achievements That Carry Over to Destiny 2

  • Laurel Triumphant
    • You completed the Monument of Triumph quest within the first year of Destiny. 
  • Laurea Prima II
    • You completed all 10 Monuments of Triumph within Destiny's first year. 
  • Slayer of Oryx
    • You owned the The Taken King and completed one of the Monuments of Triumph within the second year.
  • Heard The Call
    • You owned The Taken King and completed all Monuments of Triumph within the game's second year. 
  • Young Wolf
    • You owned Rise of Iron and reached 2nd rank in the Age of Triumph record book. 
  • Saladin's Pride
    • You owned Rise of Iron and reached 7th rank in the Age of Triumph record book. 
  • Lore Scholar
    • You reached a Grimoire score of over 5,000 in Destiny. 

What do you get for doing all this work? Snazzy new menu banners that show off your achievements. Each one has its own banner patter and symbol, which is displayed at the top of your character sheet like the picture above. 

Remember: these achievements are only available until August 1, so don't wait to get as many as you can! And stay tuned for the rest of our Destiny 2 guides for more help with the game. 

The Vault of Glass Returns in Destiny's Final Event! Wed, 08 Mar 2017 04:28:14 -0500 StrongerStrange

Destiny's final event is set to bring back one of the game's finest moments, I'm talking about The Vault of Glass.

A trailer has recently been released to show the upcoming Age of Triumph event, and shows players once again diving head first through those gates in search of sweet precious loot and of course going head to shin with Atheon (at least you can Nova Bomb him off a ledge this time).

After nearly three years on from the original release of Destiny, the Age of Triumph is being designed as a send off for all of our Guardians, and for a game that has seen numerous changes during that time.

The Age of Triumph is going to add the game's biggest Record Book to date, starting at a whole 12 pages worth of challenges, some of which are tied to each class. Which of course begs the question, will you need all three classes to complete this book?

Once more the Speaker is talking to us, he's back and is briefly seen in the trailer. Whatever the reason for him finding his voice again, it's nice for fans to have a character returning from the vanilla portion of Destiny.

If you want any more information on this upcoming event then be sure to tune in every Wednesday for the next few weeks as Bungie have weekly live streams set up to showcase some Age of Triumph content.

The first of the streams will be on Wednesday, March 8th on the Bungie Twitch channel, with two further Streams set for the two following Wednesdays, The 15th and 22nd.

Are you looking forward to The Age of Triumph or have you given up on Destiny? Let me know in the comments down below.

Xur Vendor Location in Destiny for This Week (2/10-2/12) Fri, 10 Feb 2017 10:43:07 -0500 Marc Anthony

Welcome Guardians! Just like every other week in Destiny, Xur will be hiding somewhere as usual to sell some exotic items. But are they beneficial to your inventory? And where will he be, anyway?

This week (2/10-2/12), Xur will be in the Tower Hanger at the bottom staircase.

Here are the exotics being sold this weekend:
  • The (once-elusive) Hawkmoon for 23 Strange coins

  • The No Backup Plans for 13 Strange Coins

  • The Skyburners Annex for 13 Strange Coins

  • The Apotheosis Veil for 13 Strange Coins

In addition to these items, Xur will also come with a chest legacy engram as well. These items may or may not fit your specific build today, but Xur continuously comes with different exotics each weekend. We'll see you next week for his next appearance.

What do you think of this week's exotics? Will the Hawkmoon be in your arsenal, or has its window of superiority run out? Let us know in the comments.

Where to Find Xur in Destiny This Week (1/20-1/22) Sat, 21 Jan 2017 06:38:42 -0500 Clayton Reisbeck

Welcome to the weekend, everybody! With the weekend comes the opportunity to spend those hard earned Strange Coins at Xur's shop in Destiny. But where is that guy hiding? Luckily, I'm here to do the leg work for you.

This weekend Xur is hiding in front of the door by the Speaker.

(Thanks to for the map)

Here's his inventory for the weekend:

  • The MIDA Multi-Tool for 23 Strange Coins

  • The Helm of Inmost Light for 13 Strange Coins

  • The ATS/8 Arachnid for 13 Strange Coins

  • The Obsidian Mind for 13 Strange Coins

And that's all for this weekend! Now if you aren't feeling any of these items, don't worry. Xur's stock changes every weekend! I know my warlock would be looking pretty cool in that Obsidian Mind helmet. Whatever your tastes lean towards, I hoped this helped. We'll see you back here next week to help find Xur!

What do you think of this week's items? Will you be picking anything up? Let me know in the comments!

Destiny Rise of Iron: Guide to the New Iron Banner Thu, 06 Oct 2016 08:32:26 -0400 Synzer

The Iron Banner is a popular Crucible event in Destiny. The Rise of Iron expansion revamped this beloved event and now it is better than ever. If you are trying to gear up, there is no better place to be.

I'm going to go over the recent changes to Iron Banner and gives tips for efficiently playing through this event.

This guide will go over the new Iron Banner in Destiny including:

  • Iron Banner Basics - What the Iron Banner is and how to do it.
  • Iron Banner Rewards - What you can get from the Iron Banner.
  • Iron Banner Tips - How to raise your light level using the Iron Banner.

Iron Banner Basics

The Iron banner is a Crucible event that lasts a week. It takes the place of the weekly crucible playlist

  • It has its own rep faction that resets every event.
  • There is exclusive armor that you can only get during the event.
  • There is a vendor that is only there for the event.

Things are a bit different this year.

destiny rise of iron iron banner quest

  • There is now an Iron Banner quest that starts at the Iron Temple social space in Felwinter Peak.
  • There are also only 4 bounties for the event, instead of daily and weekly bounties.

You get rep whenever you turn in a bounty, or win a match. you will not get rep if you lose a match.

Iron Banner Rewards

Each bounty gives you a piece of Iron Banner gear. There are 2 that give weapons and 2 that give armor. You can also do these on your other characters for a total of 12 pieces of gear.

As you rank up, you will complete the quest, and be able to buy gear from the vendor. The vendor gear is different for each event, but it will always have both armor and weapons.

  • The quest gives you a reward for reach rank 1, rank 3, and rank 5.
  • Be sure to turn the quest in each time you complete a step because you will get gear.
  • You can buy gear from the vendors at ranks 3, 4, and 5.

You also have a chance at getting Iron Banner gear at the end of every match, whether you win or lose. The drop rate is high and it not affected by rank.

Iron Banner Tips

Iron Banner is the best way to raise light level if the event is active. First, make sure you get the quest started and all 4 bounties.

  • Play Iron Banner matches until you reach rank 1, then turn in the quest.
  • After the rank 1 quest is done, you can start turning in bounties, but pay attention to the rewards.
    • Some give weapons and others give armor.

Look at your lowest pieces and find out which you need more, armor or weapons. Turn in a bounty if it gives one of your lowest pieces.

  • Example: If you need boots the most, turn in a bounty that gives armor, and save the weapon bounties for later.

This way, you will have the best chance at raising your light level and not wasting a potential higher light level drop.

  • Try to save at least 1 bounty for each reward type, armor and weapon, until later ranks.
    • This allows you to potentially increase your light level from the drops after matches, then cash in for higher rewards.

Playing 3 characters is the best way for huge rewards.

  • Complete all the bounties on one character and get to at least rank 4.
  • On your other characters, you will get increased rep up until you reach the same rank as your highest character.
    • So if you reach Rank 5, your other character will get to Rank 5 a lot faster.

Don't forget to sue a Three of Coins each match if you have them, since that gives you a chance of an Exotic engram.

That's all for my guide to the new Iron Banner in Destiny: Rise of Iron. Let me know if you have any questions!

Destiny Rise of Iron Raid Guide: How to Beat Aksis Tue, 27 Sep 2016 09:29:04 -0400 Synzer

Aksis is the final boss in the Wrath of the Machine Raid in the Destiny expansion, Rise of Iron.

There are 2 separate parts to fighting Aksis and each count as a different fight, meaning you get loot for both. This guide is going to go over each of these fights and how to win them.

If you are looking for the rest of the raid up until this point, check out my Wrath of the Machine raid guide.

This guide will go over both Aksis fights in Wrath of the Machine in Destiny including:

  • Aksis Boss Fight Part 1 - How to beat the first boss fight against Aksis.
  • Aksis Boss fight Part 2 - How to beat the final boss fight against Aksis.

Aksis Boss Fight Part 1

  • Ghost
  • Artifact

The header video shows me doing this fight.

When you make it to the final room, it will be mostly dark. As soon as the fight starts, the room lights up for you to see.

  • Split up into teams of 2, left, right, and middle.
  • Fallen will attack from all 3 sides, with a yellow bar enemy coming first.

After a while, a captain will spawn on each side and have a cannon for 1 of the elements: Scorch/Solar, Shock/Arc, and Null/Void.

  • 1 person needs to pick up the canon after the captain is killed and get ready for the next part.
  • After the captain dies, a servitor will spawn on that side, also with 1 of the elements.

Each side needs to call out which servitor is on their side, because the people with cannons must shoot the servitor of the same element.

Example: If the arc servitor is on left and the arc cannon is on right, the person with arc cannon must shoot the arc servitor on left.

When the servitors are destroyed, the drop a SIVA charge. You will see an energy target on the platform where the boss is at.

  • The person who is not holding a cannon must pick up the charge, and throw it at the target.
  • Timing doesn't matter this time, the shields will go down after all 3 hit.

Once all targets are hit, everyone should come to middle and kill all the shanks that drop down in front of the boss.

  • Once all the shanks are gone, repeat the above steps until you win the fight.

The first time there are only 2 targets, the 2nd time there are 3 targets, and the last time there will be 7.

  • During the last time there will be multiple servitors. 
  • Keep calling out where the servitors are and quickly get them down for the charges.

Aksis Boss Fight Part 2

  • Auto rifle
  • Scout rifle
  • Helmet
  • Class item

The fight starts when you shoot Aksis in the chest, so be sure to wait until everyone is ready.

This is a long fight and requires good communication with your team.

  • Split the raid with 2 on each side: left, middle and right.
  • To damage Aksis, you must throw charges again, but it is a little unique this time around.

If you turn around from where you see Aksis, you will see 4 platforms with light in the back. These are safe platforms for when SIVA density goes critical, like in the Archpriest fight.

At the beginning of the fight, shanks spawn and Aksis will shoot ranged attacks.

  • SIVA swarms are also shot, so hide behind pillars out of line of sight from the boss when you can.

Aksis will teleport around the room, so you have to constantly watch and call out.

Eventually, 3 people will get an Empowered buff. This will be used to stun Aksis, but more on that later.

After a while, a captain will spawn on each side and have a cannon for 1 of the elements: Scorch/Solar, Shock/Arc, and Null/Void.

  • 1 person needs to pick up the canon after the captain is killed and get ready for the next part.
  • After the captain dies, a servitor will spawn on that side, also with 1 of the elements.

Each side needs to call out which servitor is on their side, because the people with cannons, must shoot the servitor of the same element.

Example: If the arc servitor is on left and the arc cannon is on right, the person with arc cannon must shoot the arc servitor on left.

When the servitors are destroyed, the drop a SIVA charge.

  • The person who is not holding a cannon must pick up the charge, and throw it at Aksis.
  • Timing doesn't matter this time, the shields will go down after all 3 hit.

The next part is the most important part of the fight and requires the most communication and coordination.

  • Before you throw the last charge, make sure you know who is Empowered.
  • You need to have 1 on each side to be ready to stun Aksis when the last charge hits.

If you have the Empowered buff, you must jump on Aksis' back and hold X/Square to stun.

  • Aksis will teleport from the middle to a random spot, and you only get a few seconds to stun before SIVA density goes critical.
  • Each time you stun Aksis, you get a little time to damage the boss, but save your big damage for the 3rd stun.

After the 3rd teleport and stun, Aksis will be stunned for a long time. This is when you use heavy weapons, supers, and get Weapons of Light if you have a Titan.

  • Eventually SIVA density will go critical.
  • Remember the platforms in the back? Your whole team needs to go to the same platform during this part and wait for the explosion.

Afterwards, the platform begins to fall, so jump back to the main area. At this point you just repeat the steps above until you kill Aksis.

You will have 5 phases you can damage Aksis since there are 4 platforms and you get 1 more shot after the last platform disappears.

When you get the the boss low on health, it will teleport back to the middle and began the self-destruct sequence.

  • This is similar to the Oryx boss fight from The Taken King. Just keep damaging Aksis to stop the self-destruct and win the fight.

Also, do not be alarmed if you see enraged, this does not mean you will lose the fight. It just means this is your last chance to kill the boss before dying.

That's it for my guide on how to beat Aksis in the Wrath of the Machine raid in Destiny. Let me know if you have any questions or helpful tips of your own!

Destiny Rise of Iron: Wrath of the Machine Raid Guide Tue, 27 Sep 2016 09:26:41 -0400 Synzer

The latest raid in Destiny is called Wrath of the Machine. It involves ending the SIVA threat from the fallen once and for all by taking out the leader.

Like all the raids, the fights aren't simply shoot to win. Each encounter as you travel through the raid requires you to complete mechanics and puzzles.

I'm going to go over everything you need to know to complete the entire raid, as well as where the chests are located.

This guide will go over everything needed to complete the Wrath of the Machine raid in Destiny Rise of Iron including:

  • Entrance/Archpriest Part 1 - What to do when you first get into the raid and how to complete the first part.
  • First Chests and Jump Section - How to get past the first jump section and the chests.
  • Vosik, the Archprist Boss Fight - The real fight with the Archpriest and how to beat him.
  • Second Jump Section and Chests - How to get past it and where the chests are located.
  • Repairing the Siege Engine/Death Zamboni Fight - How to complete this encounter.
  • Maze and Chest - How to get through the maze section and the chest you can find in there.

Entrance/Archpriest Part 1

Entrance Encounter

The header video shows me doing the entrance and first jump section, but there is another chest that I did not get in the video.

As soon as you enter the raid, you will see columns of light around the field. You will also see 3 electrical pillars, left middle, and right.

  • Someone needs to run through the light get a voltage buff. 
  • Keep going until the voltage is maxed, then go to one of the pillars and press the action button to discharge it.
    • This will start the encounter.

After charging one of the columns, Vosik the Archpriest appears with some enemies.

  • Split into group of 2, near each electrical pillar.
  • 1 person in each group runs around getting charges until maxed, while the other person kills the enemies.
    • Be sure to take out the Voltage Eaters quickly so they don't take the voltage from your pillar.
    • When the runners have max charge, go to your designated pillar to discharge.
    • You will die if you run out of time on the buff.
  • When you have charged each pillar enough, SIVA charges will drop. 
    • Pick the charges up, and throw them at Vosik to lower his shield.
  • Once you throw enough, his shield is down and you can damage him.
    • Keep throwing charges even if his shield is low because they do a lot of damage. Switch to weapons when the charges are all gone.
  • When you damage him enough, he will retreat, and you can continue going through the raid.
First Chests and Jump Section

Continue through the raid, jumping up the platforms until you get inside. When you reach the top, you'll see the first chest at the end of the path.

I don't have the 2nd chest in this section in the video.

  • When you reach the jump section, keep going until you see a platform near the top with 2 yellow/orange lights
  • Follow the platform around until you reach a room.
  • Go through the room, jump through the little doorway, and follow it until you reach a place to drop down to.
  • Jump across the platforms until you reach the room across the way for the chest.

Just follow the platforms until you reach the main area that leads to the first real boss fight.

Vosik, the Archpriest Boss Fight

  • Shotgun
  • Fusion Rifle
  • Boots

When you walk into the room you will see 4 rooms, 2 on each side, and monitors in the back-middle of the room.

  • When Vosik comes out, he will be immune. You will have to take his shield down with SIVA charges like in the first fight.
  • Split the raid with 2 on left, 2 on middle, and 2 on right.
    • Enemies spawn at each of these points.
  • SIVA charges will also drop down, 1 at each point, throughout the fight.
  • 1 person on each side should grab the charge, while the other clears out enemies.
  • It is very important that all 3 people throw the charges at the same time.
    • When you do this, you deal the most damage on his shield.

Once you throw the charges, 1 of the monitors above the boss will have a symbol on it. Shoot that monitor until it breaks.

  • This will delay the SIVA density from going critical. You must do this each time you throw charges, until his shield breaks.

When the shield breaks, everyone can damage him, so deal as much damage as you can.

  • After you damage him, the SIVA density will go critical because there will be no monitors to shoot.
  • If you stay outside, you will die instantly after the explosion.
  • Remember those rooms on each side of the room? Either the front or back rooms on each side will have a light.
    • Make sure you coordinate ahead of time which side you will run to and everyone needs to run into the same room.
  • When everyone is inside, shoot the wall panel near the entrance until it breaks to make that room safe from the explosion.

After that, you do the same steps over again, damaging him until he dies. Keep in mind that as you lower his shield, Splicer captains will start to spawn on each side, so take them out.

You can only use each room once, so you only have 5 chances to damage him. If you don't kill him by the 5th damage phase, you will die and there is nothing that can save you.

Second Jump Section and Chests

After the Archpriest is down, continue forward until you see the next jump section.

Again, it isn't too difficult, but there is a passageway that leads to another chest.

  • Follow the path until you see platforms on the right and tunnel.
  • Jump into the tunnel and follow it into a room.
  • Jump on the pipes on the right side of the room, then up the the grating on the left.
  • When you get up there, take your first left down a hallway.
  • Keep going until you reach the end of the grating, then turn left to see the chest.
  • Go back out and follow the path until you see a drop and some platforms.

At this point it is pretty straightforward.

  • After a couple platforms, you will need to jump to the left wall and carefully jump around to the other side before continuing through the section.

When you reach the last platform, turn around to see beams near the ceiling.

  • Jump on the beam and follow it down the path. The chest is on the left in an alcove

The above video does not have the second chest because I didn't see it my first time through.

Siege Engine/Death Zamboni/Jabroni/It Doesn't Matter What the Name Is

  • Artifact
  • Rocket Launcher
  • Chest
  • Arms

This fight is mostly enemy management and unique to most boss fights. The overall goal is to repair the siege engine, but you must take control of it first.

Part 1

When the fight starts, the siege engine will slowly make its way to you, while enemies spawn from all over.

  • You need to have some people shoot the turrets at the top of the siege engine, and some people take out the enemies.
    • How many you have doing each depends on your group and what you need help with the most.
  • When you take out both turrets, the center will open up with fire. Shoot the center until it is damaged, then you can jump on the siege engine.
    • Make sure you do this before it reaches the end, or you will die. You also need to make sure you never go underneath it or you will die.
Part 2

When you get on, ride it until it breaks through the wall, then you can go forward.

Before you leave, look at the ground floor of the siege engine. Looking towards the back, there are 3 sections that you must put parts in: 

  • Front-right - Blue/Driveshaft
  • Middle-left - Yellow/Warhead
  • Back-left - Green/Engine block

When you come back later, there will be a ramp that leads up to the siege engine. The above directions are for when you come up the ramp.

At the end, in front, enemies will spawn after a while. Kill the captain to drop the 3 parts needed to fix the siege engine.

  • Everyone should go left down the ramp and stick with groups of 2.
  • 1 person in each group need to carry the part, which slows them down, while the other shoots mines that pop and enemies.

After 10 seconds the person carrying the part will automatically drop it and must wait 10 seconds before picking it up again.

  • This is when the teams should switch who is carrying and who is shooting.

When you get close to the siege engine, 1 or 2 people should jump on it and head to the top.

  • Kill the enemies you see on the way, then kill the captain at the top. 
  • This will lower the ramp on the right side so you can bring the parts up.

Once you get the parts up there, put them in their right spots.

Again, Blue/Driveshaft is immediately right as you get up the ramp. Yellow/Warhead is a little further back and to the left. Green/Engine Block is all the way in the back-left.

When all the parts are replaced, you win the fight.

Maze and Chests

After you repair the siege engine, you will have to jump down a long drop to get the loot.

  • Jump up the rocks to the right and head to the left edge.
  • Drop down and ump to the little area underneath for a SIVA cluster.

Head back up until you see rocks you can climb on the left and right. 

  • Start on the left, then make your way to the right side.
  • Continue jumping until you see a pipe you can jump to. There is a chest inside.

After this, head back down, then continue going forward in the raid. You will eventually reach a dark room with some invisible enemies.

Once you kill the enemies, you can actually keep walking forward for a bit until the light comes on. This will make getting the final cluster much easier.

  • In the room where the invisible enemies were, there is a small platform underneath the area.
  • The above video shows where it is, but you will have to drop down, then jump to it.
  • If you look across from it, you'll see the fragment on another platform. Jump to it to get it.

After that, you can continue on to the maze section. This isn't a hard maze like some of the raids, and only required us to to go back and to the right. I'm not sure if this will change each time you go in.

When you get out of the maze, continue until you see a big drop and you will be at the 1st part of the last boss.

That's it for this guide on the Wrath of the Machine raid in Destiny. Check out my guide on How to beat Aksis for the last 2 boss fights because there is a lot to do in those fights.

Let me know if you have any questions!

Destiny Rise of Iron Review: Grinding All Day Long Sun, 25 Sep 2016 08:40:13 -0400 Synzer

The latest expansion for Destiny, Rise of Iron, is out and it brings new challenges, gear, and a social space. A new raid also comes, which is one the most anticipated things players look forward to each expansion.

Bungie does a great job at making raids, and it is an enjoyable experience. The new raid looks very unique so far, and gives me good hope at what's to come in this expansion. However, there are some issues that bring this expansion down a bit.

Great Additions

One thing I really like is the Rise of Iron Record Book. It is like the Moments of Triumph from the previous 2 years, but you get it at the beginning of the expansion. 

This lets you see all the kinds of things you can do, and gives you some goals to shoot for. Many of them will take weeks or months to do, so you can take your time.

This is great for when people get bored or just want something extra to do, especially completionists.


Ornaments are really cool, though how you get them is a problem. You can get a random ornament in the Radiant boxes you get, but you can only get 1 each week for free.

Xur sells specific ones each week, however they cost a lot of silver dust, more than you would get normally without spending real money.

The good thing is these are only cosmetic and do not impact game play.

Special Artifacts

There were 8 new Iron Lord artifacts added that can change game play. For example, 1 reduces the sprint cooldown so you never have to wait again before starting to sprint.

Another gives melee attacks a chance to turn lesser enemies into allies for a short time. These are fun to play with and I look forward to seeing what all the new artifact will do.


The story is interesting, but short. Everyone who has played Destiny has heard about the Iron Lords and the Iron Banner. Rise of Iron goes into what happened to them and Lord Saladin, the NPC that comes with every Iron Banner, plays a huge role.

The New Raid and Content - The Good and The Ugly

There's a new raid, and it is well made. This isn't new as Bungie has a good track record for releasing interesting raid encounters and enjoyable first experiences.

There is one problem, the new raid has a huge Light level requirement that most people won't see for a while. Now usually you might think, this is a good thing. The problem lies in the new light level system and the content available.

This expansion is shorter, and the lower price of $30 reflects that. That is fine, but there are very few quests after you finish the short 5 mission campaign.

You have the new patrol area and Archon's Forge, but there are issues with that as well. Let's start with Archon Forge.

Archon Forge

This is similar to Court of Oryx from The Taken King. You get consumable items to spawn challenging fights for loot.

Here's where it gets ugly: You can only hold 1 offering at a time to spawn a fight, and you cannot currently transfer between characters without loading up a social space first.

This discourages people from even going there in the first place, let alone using up their offerings. If you fail, you lost your offering and now have to farm until you get another.

Still, it is an interesting new way to pass time and you can get decent loot, but it is not the best way, which brings me to my next point.

Raising Light Level is a Problem

Most people won't be ready to raid near launch, and that is okay. I do not have a problem with how long it takes people to get ready, merely the method of doing so.

The current system lets you get gear up to a few levels higher than your current average. This is great, but blue engrams do not go higher than 340 light.

Legendary engrams will still go up, but once you hit 350, things change. At 350 light level, all legendary and exotic engrams only have a 50% chance to decode into a piece of gear that is 1 level higher than your average.

This is a problem because you might have a low average light level, but high level items in certain slots. This means that even if you get an item you need, you can only ever go up 1 level at a time if you are lucky.

Obviously doing this is not ideal, and if there was not other way, that would be fine. There is an easier method of getting better gear and that's where the main problem comes in.

Getting Ready to Raid

The raid is light level 370. You could get by starting at 360, but 365 is what I suggest. Anything lower than that and you will have serious troubles completing the raid.

The massive slowdown at 350 makes that take forever. The problem is that there is only 1 good method for raising this in an acceptable time frame, a lot of Strikes.

The last boss in a strike drops at least 2 blue items, which will always be a few levels higher than your average level. This makes Strikes the best, and really only, method of getting ready for the raid. 

There are other things you can do instead, but you will not reliably raise your light level doing them. Crucible, for instance, can drop legendary gear that's a few levels higher than your average.

The problem is that it is random and in the same time it takes to get 1 piece of gear, you could have gotten 4-6 by doing strikes.

Again, I don't have a problem with it taking most people a while before they can raid. My problem is that anyone that wants to raid anytime within the next month or 2 has to grind strikes over and over again, which gets tedious.

People shouldn't be pushed into doing the same activity for hours on end if they want to experience another piece of content.

Hopeful for the Future

Now, I still really enjoy Destiny, and I think there are some great additions in this expansion. I'm interested in seeing how Iron Banner will be different, Trials of Osiris, and all the new gear.

New gear is a huge part of what many people look forward to in an expansion, as well as the raid. After the raid has been done enough, you need something else to keep player's interest.

As long as Bungie can bring back some fan favorite events, like Sparrow Racing League, and have them more often, I think this expansion will be well off.

The new raid is also proving to be very entertaining and unique, which gives me quite a bit of confidence that Bungie will only get better at designing them. The weapons they drop this time around also have unique perks that seem useful in multiple ways, unlike The Taken King primary weapons.

Right now, the future looks rocky, but I am hopeful that over the coming weeks and months that Bungie will prove they still have what it takes to make engaging content that lasts. 

Destiny Rise of Iron Guide: Dormant SIVA Cluster Locations Thu, 22 Sep 2016 13:20:20 -0400 Synzer

Dormant SIVA are collectible items in Destiny: Rise of Iron. Besides being collectibles, they are also related to getting the Gjallarhorn as a part of the new quest. It may also be linked to other exotics, but it not yet known.

I'm going to help by listing the locations of all the known Dormant SIVA, and how to get to them. Check out my guide on how to get Gjallarhorn, which also requires you to find Dormant SIVA.

This guide will go over finding Dormant SIVA in Destiny Rise of Iron including:

  • Dormant SIVA List - All the Dormant SIVA that exist in the game.
  • Dormant SIVA Locations - Where to find the Dormant SIVA.

Dormant SIVA List

I'm going to list all the Dormant SIVA you can get first, then I'll separate them by the missions or patrol locations you can get them in.

  • Dormant SIVA: Clovis Bray 1.0
  • Dormant SIVA: Clovis Bray 1.1
  • Dormant SIVA: Clovis Bray 1.2
  • Dormant SIVA: Clovis Bray 1.3
  • Dormant SIVA: Clovis Bray 1.4
  • Dormant SIVA: Clovis Bray 1.5
  • Dormant SIVA: Clovis Bray 1.6
  • Dormant SIVA: Clovis Bray 1.7
  • Dormant SIVA: Clovis Bray 1.8
  • Dormant SIVA: Clovis Bray 1.9
  • Dormant SIVA: Iron Lords 2.0
  • Dormant SIVA: Iron Lords 2.1
  • Dormant SIVA: Iron Lords 2.2
  • Dormant SIVA: Iron Lords 2.3
  • Dormant SIVA: Iron Lords 2.4
  • Dormant SIVA: Iron Lords 2.5
  • Dormant SIVA: Iron Lords 2.6
  • Dormant SIVA: Iron Lords 2.7
  • Dormant SIVA: Iron Lords 2.8
  • Dormant SIVA: Iron Lords 2.9
  • Dormant SIVA: Fallen 3.0
  • Dormant SIVA: Fallen 3.1
  • Dormant SIVA: Fallen 3.2
  • Dormant SIVA: Fallen 3.3
  • Dormant SIVA: Fallen 3.4
  • Dormant SIVA: Fallen 3.5
  • Dormant SIVA: Fallen 3.6
  • Dormant SIVA: Fallen 3.7
  • Dormant SIVA: Fallen 3.8
  • Dormant SIVA: Fallen 3.9

Dormant SIVA Locations

Keep in mind that many of these can also be done during Patrol in Plaguelands. I'm just listing them by mission order to make it easier to find them.

King of the Mountain (1st mission) - 2 Dormant SIVA
  • Iron Lords 2.9 - When you reach the part where you must jump out of the gondola, continue down the hill.
    • Jump to the ledge that's at the bottom and to the right for the fragment.
  • Fallen 3.0 - This one is on a tower during the part where Fallen skiffs come to attack you.
    • You will have to jump on the skiff to the right, and ride it until it gets near the tower.
    • After that, jump on the tower to find the fragment.
    • Here is a video posted on reddit of someone who found it first.
The Walls Come Down (2nd mission) - 7 Dormant SIVA

destiny rise of iron siva cluster locations

  • Clovis Bray 1.9 - At the start of the mission, head to the ketch on the left, and up the stairs.
    • You will find it in a gap in the wall.
  • Clovis Bray 1.3 - When you reach the door you have to go through to go to the wall, drop down the ledge instead.
    • Keep going and you'll see it behind a metal bar.
  • Iron Lords 2.0 - When you reach The Divide you will see a dead walker in the middle.
    • On the side is the fragment.
  • Iron Lords 2.2 - When you reach The Divide, go towards Dock 13 and pass the the room into the open area.
    • It will be on a wall to your left between gaps.
  • Clovis Bray 1.7 - Go to the frozen pond area right before the entrance to the Sepiks strike in the Rocketyard.
    • Go to the nearby room and you'll find the fragment behind a computer on a table.
  • Iron Lords 2.5 - Go to the Rocketyard, then to where the Sepiks strike would be.
    • Follow this until you reach a Hive ship on your left. You will find the fragment on the pillar inside.
  • Iron Lords 2.3 - Continue through the path to the Sepiks fight until you reach the area right before the walker.
    • The fragment is behind a pillar to the right, in the long doorway.
Felwinter Peak/Temple (Social Area) - 1 Dormant SIVA
  • Fallen 3.1 - When you spawn in, go to the left to see rocks you can jump up.
    • Jump to the ledge that's at the bottom and to the right for the fragment.
The Plaguelands (3rd Mission, not Patrol) - 5 Dormant SIVA
  • Clovis Bray 1.4 - When you reach Lord's Watch, go until you get outside and see the SIVA wires on the right.
    • Keep going until you reach the second SIVA wires and you'll find the fragment underneath it.
  • Clovis Bray 1.5 - When you reach Bunker Triglav, there is a tower in the middle you an go up. It is behind a computer monitor at the top.
  • Iron Lords 2.4 - You can get this in the Devil's Lair strike with Sepiks, or in The Plaguelands mission. You need a splicer key if done in the mission.
    • Go to the Rocketyard, then towards where the Sepiks strike would be.
    • When you reach the walker, go to the room to the left of it. You will see a place to use the key if you are on the mission and the fragment is through there.
  • Clovis Bray 1.8 - Go until you reach the last area where you have to take out the guns in the Splicer Battery.
    • You will find it on the right gun structure.
The Iron Tomb (5th mission) - 6 Dormant SIVA

destiny siva cluster locations

  • Clovis Bray 1.1 - When you reach Giant's Husk, go right a bit and keep going until you see water.
    • After that, go to the right corner until you see a boat. Go to the front of the boat for the fragment.
  • Clovis Bray 1.2 - When you reach the room that has cores that you must reverse, head towards the right core.
    • On the ground to the right, and below the core platform, is the fragment. It is next to black pyramids.
  • Clovis Bray 1.0 - When you reach Archon's Forge, turn to your left to see a ledge. 
    • Jump to that ledge and you'll see the fragment in the back-right corner.
  • Iron Lords 2.8 - Go until you reach Site 6 and have to break into the complex.
    • When you reach the part where you must use a computer, look up and to the left to the huge monitor.
    • Jump to grab the fragment up there. 
  • Iron Lords 2.6 - Go until you reach Site 6 and make the long drop down the hole.
    • As soon as you get there, turn around and head towards the platforms in the back.
    • Keep going until you see a cave, and you'll find the fragment in there. 
  • Iron Lords 2.7 - When you reach the final room i the mission, there are 3 huge pillars.
    • Go the the side of the pillar on the far left to find the fragment. 
Download Complete (4th mission) - 1 Dormant SIVA
  • Fallen 3.2 - Go until you jump down the elevator shaft.
    • The fragment is on pillar with monitors in the back of the room.
Plaguelands (Patrol) - 1 Dormant SIVA
  • Clovis Bray 1.6 - Go until you reach the Bunker Triglav area.
    • Head to the building on the left, and go to the 3rd floor.
    • Look towards the roof in the center to see the fragment on a ledge.
The Wretched Eye (Strike) - 1 Dormant SIVA
  • Fallen 3.3 - Go until you reach the area before the final boss.
    • Climb to the top until you reach a bridge that leads to a closed door.
    • The fragment is under the ceiling on that bridge.
The Devil's Lair/Sepiks Perfected (Strike) - 1 Dormant SIVA
  • Fallen 3.5 - Go until you reach the final boss, Sepiks Perfected.
    • It is under a grating on the front left.
Wrath of the Machine (Raid) - 4 Dormant SIVA
  • Fallen 3.8 - After the first jumping puzzle, on your way to fight the Archpriest, keep going instead of going to the boss.
    • Follow the path until you get to the corner in the back-left and you'll see the fragment.
  • Fallen 3.9 - Go until you reach the second jump section after Vosik, the Archpriest.
    • Just before the narrow hall way on the left is the fragment, on top of a structure to the right.
  • Fallen 3.7 - Go until you finish the siege engine/death zamboni fight.
    • After dropping down for the chest, go to the side of the cliff on the right.
  • Fallen 3.6 - Go until you reach the first room after the siege engine/death zamboni fight.
    • Once you reach the bridge, drop off to a ledge on the left. Follow these until you see the fragment.

That's all for the SIVA Dormant Cluster locations in Destiny Rise of Iron. If you know the locations of any I'm missing, let me know and I'll add it to the guide!

Destiny Rise of Iron Guide: How to Get the Exotic Khvostov Auto Rifle Wed, 21 Sep 2016 09:19:30 -0400 Synzer

The Khvostov in Destiny is the first gun you pick up and use. This has been a favorite of players, who often keep it in the Vault or even use it in the Crucible. In the latest expansion, Rise of Iron, players can now complete a quest to unlock an exotic version of this beloved weapon.

I'll help by going over the method and quests required to unlock the exotic Khvostov. You can also check out my guide to get the Gjallarhorn.

This guide will go over how to get the exotic Khvostov in Destiny Rise of Iron including:

  • How to Get the Starting Quest - What you need to start the quest for the exotic weapon.
  • How to Get Exotic Khvostov - The quests required to get the weapon.

How to Get the Starting Quest

There are 2 ways you can start this quest.

  • Dismantle the normal Khvostov you got from the beginning of the game.
  • Go to the Fallen Ketch during Plaguelands patrol

Both of these methods will give you a Khvostov Schematic item. Take that to the temple and you'll get the quest.

How to Reach the Fallen Ketch
  • When you go to Plaguelands patrol, go right and continue until you see a building you can go through that leads to Foundry 113.
  • Follow that until you make it out to the Rocketyard.
  • From the Rocketyard, go left until you reach the Divide, opposite direction of the Devil's Lair strike.
  • Once in the divide, go left into the Breach and follow that until you make it out in the open area.
  • Keep going until you see the Fallen Ketch (ship). Jump on it and kill the Pilot Servitor to get the schematic.

How to Get the Exotic Khvostov

When you turn in the schematic, you will get a quest to pick up manual pages and weapon parts.

Go to Plaguelands patrol and kill enemies until you get all of the manual pages.

The weapon parts are in 3 specific locations. You can also see where to go, if you are near it, by zooming down a scoped weapon. An icon will appear like there is something you need to pick up.

1st Weapon Part

destiny rise of iron exotic khvostov quest

  • Head back to the Rocketyard, then go to the Divide.
  • Go right and through the building, not the Breach, until you reach a dead-end and some stairs.
  • Under the stairs is the first weapon part.
  • This is also where you fight a Devil Archon in one of the first Destiny missions.
2nd Weapon Part
  • Head back to the Rocketyard, but this time go right towards the Devil's Lair Strike.
  • Follow the path until you reach a small room and you'll see the icon near a wall.
3rd Weapon Part
  • Continue after 2nd part until you reach the open area with the fallen walker.
  • Go to the front of the center building, across from the walker, and you'll see the last part.

A Khvostov Rising

After you get all the parts and manual pages, head back to the temple to get your final mission.

"A Khvostov Rising" is a mission on earth that involves chasing a Fallen boss and killing it. Afterwards, it drops the exotic weapon, but the mission is not over. 

destiny rise of iron a khvostov rising quest

Follow the mission until you go to the Fallen ketch and kill the enemies. Go to the target point, talk to your Ghost, and get ready for some feels.

After that, the mission is over and you can turn it in at the temple. You must level the gun up to unlock the other options.

The gun has 3 different firing modes and multiple configurations. It doesn't have anything new, but it is the only gun in the game that is this versatile. It can be either an Auto Rifle, Pulse Rifle, or Scout Rifle on 1 gun.

That's it for my guide on getting the Exotic Khvostov in Destiny: Rise of Iron. Let me know if you have any questions!

Destiny Rise of Iron: How to get the Gjallarhorn and Iron Gjallarhorn Tue, 20 Sep 2016 11:37:13 -0400 Synzer

The most famous exotic weapon in Destiny, the Gjallarhorn, is back in Rise of Iron. This time there is a quest line you must complete to get this powerful rocket launcher.

There is also the Iron Gjallarhorn, but this is only a black skin for it. You can only get this if you pre-ordered the expansion. Luckily, it works just like the normal Gjallarhorn.

I'm going to go over all the steps you need to complete to unlock the Gjallarhorn, and how to complete them.

This guide will go over how to get the Gjallarhorn in Destiny Rise of Iron including:

  • How to Start the Quests - What you need before you can begin your journey.
  • Gjallarhorn Quests - Each quest and what you need to do to complete them.

How to Start the Quests

To get the initial quest, simply complete the Rise of Iron story line. You will be able to pick up a quest from Shiro-4 at the Iron Temple social space.

Gjallarhorn Quests

After you pick up the initial quest from Shiro-4, you will need to complete the scan the anomaly patrol mission in the Plaguelands.

Where to find the Anomaly 

You can find the anomaly mission in Archon's Keep, which is near where the last story mission is located.

  • To get there, either turn around where you start the patrol, or go forward.
  • Turning around will lead you through Forgotton Pass, and going forward will lead you through Giant's Husk.
  • Both of these lead to Archon's Keep.

Once you pick up the mission, follow the marker's as it leads you through the Archon Forge and finally, to Site 6.

  • You will need a Splicer Key to get there, which you can get as a consumable drop from Hive Broodmothers.
  • They are located in most zones and look like Wizards.

Eventually you will reach the anomaly location, which is guarded by a Spliced Walker. Behind the walker is the scan location, do not jump down the hole.

When you do this, you will complete this part of he quest and can return to the tower for the next part.

Iron Medallions

After talking to Saladin in the Iron Temple, you will have to find 7 Iron Medallions on patrol in the Plaguelands.

They will show up as items to pick up when you are nearby and you can also zoom in on a sniper to make them come up easier.

  • Lord's Watch - This is the area you start patrol in.
    • You can find it in a nearby room from where you spawn.

destiny rise of iron iron medallion locations

  • Giant's Husk - This is the first area you reach if you go forward after landing on patrol in the Plaguelands.
    • When you enter the area, climb up the right side and you will find it at the top near a bunch of crates.
  • Archon's Keep - This is the area after Giant's Husk.
    • Go until you see where you can enter the forge and the path to Forgotten Pass. it will be on the ground near rubble.
  • Forgotten Pass - This is the area after Archon's Keep, opposite direction from the Archon's Forge.
    • This is at the end, or beginning if you come from the other side, of the bridge.
  • Bunker - When you enter the Bunker area, head left and it will be in a room after killing some Fallen.
  • Site 6 - This is an area deep underground. You can get here starting from Archon's Keep.
    • Go through Archon's Keep and inside until reach the Archon Forge. From here, keep going until you see a path underground.
    • You will reach the Warrens eventually, continue going until you reach Site 6.
    • After you leave the narrow path, it will be on the left after fighting Fallen.
  • Felwinter's Peak - This is in the Iron temple social space. Jump up the rocks to the left of where you spawn in to find it.

Once you collect all 7, you can go back to the Temple and talk to Tyra Karn. She will give you a new mission called, "A Symbol of Honor", that takes place at Bannerfall on Earth.

A Symbol of Honor

You will have to scan areas, defuse bombs, and kill a boss at the end. This mission can be challenging, especially if you do it solo.

After you complete the mission, head to the temple to talk to Tyra for the next step.

Dormant SIVA

When you talk to Tyra, she will want you to collect 5 Dormant SIVA across the Plaguelands.

These are like the calcified fragments from the Taken King, and you can find them in specific locations in the Plaguelands. 

Beauty in Delivery

destiny rise of iron gjallarhorn quest

Once you find 5 Dormant SIVA clusters, you will get a final mission after returning to the temple.

In the Beauty in Delivery mission, you have to fight your way through until you reach a room where your ghost will stop. While it reconstructs the Gjallarhorn, you have to fight waves of enemies. They come from all directions and captains periodically spawn with Scorch Cannons.

Once your Ghost is finished, you can pick up the Gjallarhorn, make sure you have space in your Heavy weapon inventory. 

Now you can go and destroy all the fallen walkers. There are heavy ammo boxes all around the field that respawn after a short time, so you can keep firing rockets.

After destroying the last walker, the mission is over and you can turn it in to Saladin at the temple.

Iron Gjallarhon

If you pre-ordered, you got the Iron Gjallarhorn from the postmaster. After you get the normal Gjallarhorn, you can infuse the Iron version with the normal version. they work exactly the same, they are just different colors.

That's it for how to get the Gjallarhorn and Iron Gjallarhorn in Destiny: Rise of Iron. Let me know if you have any questions!

Changes to Faction packages in Destiny's upcoming DLC Mon, 15 Aug 2016 05:32:11 -0400 Sweat___

The creators of Destiny have made lots of updates to the game since it first released. From bug fixes to game features, and balance patches too. Players have influenced a lot of these changes by voicing their opinions and concerns online. The Destiny universe is ever changing, and Rise of Iron will be no exception, with faction packages having the RNG hoops being reduced.

Destiny is known to be a bit of grind. One of the many things guardians "grind" for is good or perfect rolls on vendor weapons or armor. Maybe you've been praying for a Longbow from Lord Shaxx, or perhaps The Devil You Know from the Vanguard. It looks like Bungie is going to ease the amount of randomness you'll face when you're awarded a vendor package.

Yesterday, August 12th, Christopher Barrett, Game Director at Bungie, tweeted "wouldn't it be cool if you could pick whether you wanted weapons or armor from faction packages?"

The way the system currently works is that when you gain enough reputation with a given faction you will rank up with them. Ranking up allows you to purchase that vendors weapons and armor, but you also get a package containing some items: 1 random weapon or piece of armor and potentially a shader or emblem you don't already have.

The new reward system

As you can see in the picture the player has a faction package waiting at the New Monarchy faction vendor. The obvious change here is that they may choose from 3 different packages, the one highlighted is a New Monarchy weapons package. We can assume one of the others would be for armor, but the third was up for speculation. Senior Investment Designer at Bungie, Victoria Dollbaum, responded to the question surrounding the third option on Twitter and stated that it's chroma armor.

I feel that this a great feature for Destiny, even though it's a relatively small thing. Currently, chasing a vendor weapon starts with hoping you actually get a weapon, instead of armor, from your rank up package. Now, all you'll have to hope for is that you actually get the weapon you're hoping for, and that it comes with good perks. The fact that they're easing the RNG hoops you need to jump through is a welcome change.

The Infamous Thorn Returns in Destiny: Rise of Iron Thu, 11 Aug 2016 12:34:31 -0400 Sweat___

Thorn. The very mention of this weapon's name can spark rage. A large portion of the Destiny community still suffers from Thorn PTSD, myself included. Well, the Thorn has been confirmed to be returning in Destiny: Rise of Iron, but it's not such a big deal, and I'm here to tell you why.

In its prime the Thorn was capable of killing enemies in the Crucible in 2 head shots or 3 body shots. This was because of the weapons exotic perk "Mark of the Devourer" which causes the bullets to pierce their targets and cause lingering damage. The damage over time(DoT) that it caused was significant enough that after two bullets to the head your opponent would "bleed out" or essentially be poisoned to death. The range and aim assist was also incredible due the state of hand cannons in general at the time, but also because Thorn has the optional perk "Send It" which increased the weapons effective range and accuracy. You couldn't play a Crucible match without running into this long range, poison pistol. This was the case for months!

Thorn in its current state

Now Thorn works very differently. It has been affected by numerous nerfs and adjustments to hand cannons and has seen several nerfs itself. In its current state, it's no longer capable of 2-shotting anyone. The damage from "Mark of the Devourer"  has been reduced but now stacks up to 5 times, for four ticks per shot. What this means is that every time you shoot an enemy the DoT is applied, up to 5 times, and each instance of the DoT effects the enemy for four ticks of damage. This doesn't have many implications for PvP because you're going to die in 3 head shots or 4 body shots from any hand cannon (at their effective range), so Thorn's DoT stacking won't affect you. Although, it's still very effective at stopping your opponent from regenerating health because of the poison damage, I wouldn't classify it as over-powered. Bungie also reduced the amount that Thorn distorted people's vision who were shot by it; it's a slightly green distortion.

Also, there will be a brand new artifact added to the game that reduces the amount of damage that you take from sources that deal damage over time. If you're really worried about facing Thorn in the Crucible, then seek out the new artifact.

Having a year 3 version of Thorn will mainly affect PvE and combat against AI. Having Thorn released in "Rise of Iron" at new light levels means that the gun may see some relevance in the new strike, new raid, and any other activity where an enemy will try to kill you, and you'll have to (cue Variks impression) kill them back. I'm excited to see some encounters where you may need a source of consistent damage, this will further encourage teamwork and communication in PvE.

A Warlock brandishes Thorn

Overall, even though the Thorn meta nearly pushed me into counseling, I'm kind of excited to see it come back. It was a powerful weapon in PvP and one of the most interesting and unique weapons I've used in a video game, possibly ever! I mean, the thing fires metal thorns that go through enemy shields, poisons them, and you can physically see them sticking out of walls. The design is unique as well, the Hive theme suits the weapon as you battle countless Hive to obtain it, and the weapon model is just menacing looking.  

It's a very iconic weapon in the Destiny universe much like the Gjallarhorn, which is also making a comeback this September. Both weapons are obtainable through quests which will hopefully add even more lore to these weapons and pay homage to their origins. I think it's smart of Bungie to embrace these memorable weapons from the release of the game and to allow players to keep using the guns they want to use. 

Destiny: Rise of Iron releases September 20th on PS4 and Xbox One.


5 things in Destiny you HAVE to do (that you probably skipped) Tue, 10 May 2016 14:23:58 -0400 Addison Blu

Destiny has so much content it’s ridiculous. Sure, a huge chunk of what you’ll do is grinding Crucible matches and Strikes, but there are some specific things you’ll have to do to get the most out of your game.

What we have compiled here are the top five things you really have to do in Destiny that neither the game nor the community remembers to emphasize. Some of these things are taken for granted, and others are done so rarely that people forget to share them with others.

So if you haven’t done these things yet, get ready to add another 50 hours of gameplay to your logs.

Finish the Crucible quests to get weekly bounties

Remember the weekly Crucible bounties you can pick up from Lord Shaxx? Probably not, since most players never earn them.

If you haven’t slogged through the 10-15 hours it takes to get there, you’re actually missing out. In order to ever earn the bounties, you have to finish a series of quests for Lord Shaxx.

The quests are labeled with the big red Crucible symbol (you may have to check your abandoned quests list in the tower if you quit before).

If you have The Taken King, basic playing skills, and lots of time, it's something you really have to do.

Once you get through the quests, the hard part is over. The weekly bounties are easy to finish, they give high experience and faction rewards, and completing them can get you an item up to 335 light, which is pretty useful these days.

Collect the Calcified Fragments and Dead Ghosts

If you do a lot of player-versus-environment (PVE) in Destiny, you need to collect your Calcified Fragments from Oryx's Dreadnaught in order to finish the Eris Morn quest, Hunger Pangs.

Aside from getting new achievements and Grimoire cards, you'll also gain a little faction with Crota's Bane and earn your Touch of Malice, one of the best exotic weapons in the game.

The Ghosts are a little less valuable because they don't help you finish a quest or earn a sweet piece of exotic gear, but if you're a completionist, it's a fun distraction that may pay off even more down the road.

Rank up your Gunsmith faction

The Gunsmith, a vendor in the Tower by the name of Banshee-44, might seem completely unimportant. Basically, he asks you to test out his crappy guns in very specific situations in order to get some reputation with him.

Nothing in the storyline will force you to rank up your Gunsmith, and if you're like my friends, you won't even talk about the Gunsmith.

Gaining Gunsmith faction levels is so very rewarding, though. Each level up to three will allow you to get more new legendary weapons each week on Armsday.

You'll also get class legendary and exotic items up to rank three, random legendary packages at every level, and a quest for The First Curse, an exotic hand cannon, at level five.

So pick up the awful weapons Banshee-44 wants you to test, take them to an easy sandbox patrol, and get your reputation each week. It's a grind, but it's well worth the investment.

Hit rank 25 in one faction

Given enough play time, you should eventually complete this one on accident, but it's much easier to do it with a purpose.

Every level you reach with any faction will give you a random legendary item, but hitting level 25 in one will give you a quest for an exotic class item that you can equip while wearing another exotic armor piece.

First off, you'll have to join a faction. It's important to stay with just one faction, as ranks don't carry over. As you gain reputation, remember to use your Crucible and Vanguard reputation boost consumables and items, because the benefits transfer over 50% to your faction gains as well.

Here's the one most people don't tell you: Spend your glimmer with the Gunsmith for weapon parts. Trade these weapons parts to your current faction in exchange for reputation (forget the ugly lie that heavy ammo synthesis works better).

You can't hold over 25,000 glimmer anyway, and you can hardly spend it faster than you earn it.


Gather a fireteam of reliable friends to play with

It doesn't matter how many randoms you link up with as a necessary evil; to get the most out of your game, you'll need to have consistent, dependable guys and gals to count on for some of the coolest content.

Here are the big things you need to bring your own fireteam to complete:

In addition to dropping unique gear at the highest light levels, these parts of the game are incredibly challenging and fun.

Plus, it's just much easier and more fun to complete any content with people you like and can talk to. You can even share your newfound knowledge on must-do tasks with your buddies and pay it forward.

If you're just having trouble with finding or managing a group, you can use our sister site Gamer Launch's Recruitment Tool. You can find an active group or start your own, and Gamer Launch now includes Destiny API integration so you can analyze your Guardians from their interface.

Best subclasses for Destiny's Crucible playlists Tue, 10 May 2016 04:32:25 -0400 Addison Blu

Trial and error is key

Do you have a favorite class that breaks the meta for a certain playlist? Are you so skilled that your class doesn’t even matter? Do you disagree with the logic behind these subclass rankings?


Comment below and let us know.



  • Sunsinger
  • \n
  • Striker
  • \n

The Elimination playlist is really the toughest of all Crucible options. You can’t just gun people down and then die. Revives, team composition, and resource management count here.


That being said, the best subclass for Elimination is Sunsinger. In a game where the entire goal is to kill all of the enemy players at one time, Sunsinger (with the Fireborn perk active) literally lets you come back from the dead.


Find yourself getting a mutual death with an enemy? Bring yourself back to win uncontested. Get killed with only one enemy remaining? Revive yourself with full health and use your empowered melee and grenade abilities to stomp them out.


For the all-purpose fighter who doesn’t have to rely solely on his super ability, the Striker is pretty great. Usually having enough armor to survive a sniper shot (knowing that snipers dominate the playlist), Strikers can outlive Warlocks and Hunters to fight another day.


Plus, just by closing the gap on ranged enemies, you can make them regret their marksman builds as you slap them with Shoulder Charges, Storm Fist melees, and shotgun blasts to the face. With super abilities appearing generally less in Elimination than in other playlists, this tendency to rely on other subclass strengths is powerful.



  • Voidwalker
  • \n
  • Nightstalker
  • \n

Rift is a strange game type. With its long respawn timer, you can’t simply kill and be killed and still expect your team to win. The key is killing the enemy team all at once without dying yourself and using agility to take the spark home. Voidwalker and Nightstalker can both deliver on these goals.


“It’s always about getting kills without dying!” you might argue.


This is true, but if you’re a Striker running around reliably killing one to three enemies at a time, you’ll never wipe the enemy team. Plus, with the Titan class, the goal is usually armor and recovery, not agility. You’ll rarely be in the right place at the right time, and you can’t carry the spark fast enough to make a difference.


Voidwalker’s Nova Bomb provides just the simple, ranged, deadly super required to take out half the enemy team with the right timing. Since the enemy will already be coming to you whether you have the spark or you’re defending from it, you’ll always have a large target.


Oh yeah, and in a playlist where getting past enemies is clutch, you can literally blink through enemy fire as the Voidwalker.


Nightstalkers have another super move that can make your opponent’s team obsolete, especially when all 12 players are generally in the same place at once. Fire a Shadowshot into a choke point or group of enemies and let your team do the cleaning.


Whatever perks you use to modify your Shadowshot, you can generally put at least half the enemy team out of commission all at once.



  • Sunbreaker
  • \n
  • Stormcaller
  • \n

While Salvage is territorial and objective-based like Control, the strategies are very different. Teams are smaller, and you don’t have to stand on the objective to capture it.


Sunbreaker is a great subclass because you’ll have only three enemies (rather than the possible six in some other PvP games) ganging up on you to take you down before your super ends. Once you’ve wiped up all of them, you can take objectives with relative ease. You’ll also drop more orbs for it, which your team needs with the orb shortage that comes with fewer teammates.


Stormcaller has the same advantages. Normally vulnerable to a six-man counter effort, the Stormcaller can clean up and take objectives.



  • Defender
  • \n
  • Nightstalker
  • \n
  • Striker
  • \n

Control is one of the only player-versus-player (PVP) environments where Defender makes sense. With the Defender’s super ability, you can lay down a bubble that’s literally the same diameter as the objective -- and with two armor buffs to choose from, you can either fight inside or outside your territory to take the objective.


Plus, the duration is long enough to both neutralize and capture the objective all at once. Sure, there are some strong shotgun or melee choices your opponent could make to put you down, but you should equip yourself with the same resources. You also share your bubble buffs with your allies.


Obviously, you may not end up with the most points on your team, but you’ll consistently find that the team with the Defender wins the most often, and that’s more important than individual score.


The real issues are the Nightstalker and Striker super abilities. If you see that the other team has a Nightstalker, either charge your super before he can, or wait until he blows his big purple arrows on someone else. The Nightstalker super turns off your Defender bubble, leaving you naked with a wasted super. Hopefully you weren’t taunting inside your bubble when he cracked you open.


The Striker super is a little easier to counter, as he has to get all the way inside your bubble to effectively kill you and turn your power off. Beware though: he can wipe your whole team if they’re counting on your protection on the control point.


Plus, the Striker and Nightstalker are great even if they’re not countering a Defender. If the enemy team groups up on a point, both subclasses are made to punish them for their proximity.



  • Striker
  • \n
  • Bladedancer
  • \n

With only three enemies to fight and mostly small maps on the playlist, Strikers can rock the Shoulder Charge ability for some one-hit kills. Plus, with extra points being awarded for reviving dead allies, it helps that one of the Striker’s arc grenades can deny access to those Ghosts for at least five seconds straight.


Possibly equal in power on these small maps is the Bladedancer. With arguably the most versatility and utility of any subclass, the Bladedancer can simply adjust to counter whatever the enemy brings to the table. Blink out of the way of Shoulder Charges, cancel your opponent’s super at close range with your own, or simply use your agility to never get caught.



  • Stormcaller
  • \n
  • Gunslinger
  • \n

Clash is the all-out war almost everyone craves. With six players on both teams, no revives, and no objectives, the real goal is just to kill more often than you are killed. Almost any subclass aside from Defender can be viable here, but we will mention the ones that tend to perform well.


The Stormcaller has no problem making enemies regret their group efforts to take down your team, especially in tight spaces or around corners. Short of using a Nightstalker or Striker super ability, the best thing to do against a Stormcaller at short range is probably to run. Yes, you can take them down, but you usually won’t, and you’re just adding to the orbs the Stormcaller drops to empower his allies for a second wave of woe.


At range, you can easily headshot a Stormcaller to death, but a good Stormcaller knows not to give you that option.


The Gunslinger is the long-range answer to the Stormcaller’s close-quarters strength. Keep the other team at arm’s length, and then punish them brutally for showing their faces during your super ability. With the Clash gametype being all about getting more kills than deaths, the Gunslinger is the best option to simply take a few opponents down fast from a distance before suffering a swift death of your own.


And if all the Gunslinger’s strength wasn’t already enough, remember to throw down your tripmine grenades for the most satisfying way to kill your opponent and make him want to stop playing Destiny altogether.



  • Gunslinger
  • \n
  • Sunbreaker
  • \n

Gunslinger is one of the best subclasses for Rumble. Since you’re primarily going to see enemies one or two at a time, it’ll be easy to clean them up with your super and move on.


Also, Rumble has the unique setup where all five other players are your enemies. You can take advantage of your fast-twitch skills and pull the trigger the moment you see another Guardian rather than picking friends from foes.


Sunbreaker can also break multiple skulls, given that you opt for the perk that returns health when you get a kill with your super hammers. One of the important things to remember with this subclass in Rumble is to start your super before a fight, not during it. The charging time is long enough that a crossfire will kill you before you can sling a single fiery tool at anyone.


Are you losing on the weekly Crucible playlist in Destiny? Having trouble in Iron Banner based on which game type it uses this month? Want to grind Crucible wins but find yourself on the bad end of more than half your games?


We’ve compiled a list of the best subclasses both with analysis and outside sources to give you an edge.


Naturally, your weapons and armor will play just as large a role in whether you can hack it in Crucible, but at least you’ll have our subclass rankings as an easy starting point to get you on the right track. (For Guardian and gear management, check out our sister site Gamer Launch’s Destiny API.)

Another secret weapon appears in Destiny; here's how to get it Tue, 20 Oct 2015 17:44:17 -0400 Courtney Gamache

Players have been going crazy over the new secret weapons found in Destiny during Year Two. Keeping with that motion, they found a cool pulse rifle called "No Time To Explain". The popular new exotic pulse gun found is a different version of the "Stranger's Rifle" from Year One, which many players already have. 

Getting the New Pulse Rifle

There are a few steps in gaining access to the new pulse rifle, and it begins with finding all the ghosts in the daily mission called "Paradox". Once you find the ghost shell, you have to turn it into the Future War Cult vendor in the Tower, which will then lead her to give a new mission called, "Not Forged In Light". 

While the new mission does pose a challenge in lengthy steps, the most difficult would be defeating Atheon, the final boss of the Vault of Glass raid. 

When it comes to the mission as a whole, there are numerous steps that must be taken, which Reddit user IsThisIsALongEnuffName posted:

- Quest is called Not Forged In Light. You have to pledge allegiance to FWC and get reputation for them. You then need to go to Venus and kill a Taken Minotaur which will drop simulation core that you will need to shatter.

- I just shattered the Simulation Core and got a new quest. Need to speak to Lakshmi-2 at the Tower.

- Now you have to do the Vault of Glass and kill Atheon. Killing Atheon rewards you with an Eye that you need to shatter. Currently doing VoG on Normal Mode.

- Currently fighting Atheon. Just beat Atheon and got his Eye. I shattered it and got a new quest where I need to speak to Lakshmi again.

- Got a new quest on Earth, Shadow at Twilight, must go in there alone. Recommended light level of 270. Need to collect a chest. Chest spawns in random random places

- New quest ‘Blood of the Garden’ on Mars. Recommend light level is 290. Holy hell that mission was ruthless. Minotaurs everywhere

-Reddit user IsThisIsALongEnuffName

Having some pretty good statistics, this exotic version of the "Stranger's Rifle" brings a nice touch of variance on year two of Destiny. If you feel like playing Destiny, it's available for the Xbox One, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and PlayStation 4.

What do you think of the new pulse rifle? Have you already unlocked it in Destiny? Share your thoughts below on the exotic weapons popping up!

Destiny: The Taken King - How to get The First Curse Wed, 14 Oct 2015 05:57:29 -0400 Synzer

The First Curse is an exotic hand cannon in Destiny. It looks like, and is related to, the Last Word. The perks are opposite though and encourage aiming down the sights, instead of the hip fire perks of The Last Word.

This gun takes some serious time to get, but the quest is not that hard. I'm going to explain exactly what you need to do to get this gun and clear some things up. Check out my guide on Raising Gunsmith Rank because that is important to getting The First Curse.

This guide will go over how to get The First Curse including:

  • Gunsmith Rank - How to start the quest for The First Curse and the first step you need to do.
  • Imprecation and The First Curse - The second part of the quest and what you need to do.

Gunsmith Rank

The first thing you need to do is raise your Gunsmith rank to 5. This can take a few weeks if you haven't already started. You do this by completing the test weapons that come on Armsday (Wednesday), picking up the DVALIN relics, completing the one-time Crucible quest that involves the Gunsmith.

Destiny first curse quest

Once you reach Rank 5, Banshee-44, the Gunsmith gives you the first part of the quest. You have to get hand cannon kills while a primary or hand cannon telemetry is active, similar to the class weapon quests. When you get 100%, go back to the Gunsmith to turn in this step. Now you have to wait until the next Armsday to continue.

Imprecation and The First Curse

Once the next Armsday comes, talk to the Gunsmith to get the next part of the quest. He gives you a white quality hand cannon called Imprecation. You have to infuse this weapon, get 7 kill sprees, and 7 precision kills in the Crucible.

1. Kill Sprees

The 7 kill sprees have to be with the Imprecation and it must be in PvE, not the Crucible. This is the easiest one, just go on patrol or on a mission where you can kill many thralls, such as The Dark Beyond on the Moon. It will not keep track of how many sprees you have, so just keep killing and checking the quest until that part is complete.

2. Precision Kills

The precision kill streak must be in the Crucible, but it is not an actual kill streak and is easier than it sounds. You must still use the Imprecation, but you only need 7 precision kill in one game, not one life.

You can die as many times as you want during the match, you just have to get the precision kills before tha match ends. If you don't get it done in a match, it resets.

3. Infuse

It starts at 200 and you need to get it to at least 260 to complete the infuse part of the quest. This does not require marks or materials, but it will still destroy whatever gun you infuse into it. There is an extra upgrade node that appears when it is high enough, fill that in to complete it.

Destiny first curse imprecation

The Waiting Game

Once you complete all 3 steps, talk to the Gunsmith to turn in. The bad news is now you have to wait until the next Armsday again. The good news is the quest is basically over, you only need to wait until Armsday, then talk to the gunsmith to get The First Curse.

You can view this gun at the armory if you want to see all the perks. The primary perks make this gun great:

  • Dead Eye - Bonus to range, stability, and movement speed when aiming down the sights.
  • Triple Tap - Rapidly landing 3 precision hits returns 1 round to the magazine.
  • The First Curse - Precision kills while aiming down the sights grant increased range and stability until the next reload.

That's all for my guide on How to get The First Curse in Destiny. Let me know if you have any questions!

Destiny: The Taken King How to get the Sleeper Simulant Wed, 07 Oct 2015 09:32:04 -0400 Synzer

The Sleeper Simulant is the most sought after exotic weapon in Destiny: The Taken King. Nobody knew how to get it or what steps were required, until now. The search is over, and you can finally get the gun.

I'll help you start your search by explaining the quests and what you need to start them. If you are looking for more help with Destiny: The Taken King, visit by Beginner Tips and Tricks.

This guide will go over getting the Sleeper Simulant Exotic weapon including:

  • The First Firewall - The first quest for the Sleeper Simulant and how to get it.
  • Curious Transceiver Codes - The input needed to complete this mission item.
  • Shadow Call - The second mission and what you need to do.
  • Ikelos Fusion Core Requirements - What you need to complete the core.
  • Fallen S.A.B.E.R.  Strike - The special version of this strike and getting the Sleeper Simulant!

The First Firewall

Destiny the Taken King First Firewall

This mission was not available until today, October 7th, 2015.

  • The only known requirement is to pick up at least one of the gunsmith relics.
    • They look like legendary engrams when they drop and have a fusion rifle icon.
    • They start with DVALIN and end with a number. There are 4 total.
    • They drop randomly from any enemy at any time and place.

People have reported the mission being available without getting all 4. There is no way to check how many you have, so if you have at least one, you should get the quest.

The mission requires you to go to a bunker on Earth and kill the Hive and Taken Knights. The order they stand in gives you the code needed for the quest item, more on that later.

When you finish the mission, you get a mission item called, "Curious Transceiver."

Curious Transceiver Codes

This item goes to you mission slot, and if you hover over it, you get the option for input by pressing Y/Triangle. A screen comes up with 2 rows, each column you can pick either the top or bottom row.

The order the knights stood in when they spawned in The First Firewall mission are the codes. There are 4 you need to input before moving on to the next mission. Below is the order, where Top/Hive=0 and Bottom/Taken=1. Credit to kiki_strumm3r on reddit for the code. You'll know you got it right when you see and extra option come that says, "Submit Passcode."

destiny sleeper simulant curious transceiver

  • 010011101
  • 01001100
  • 0111011100
  • 01010100

After you put all 4 codes in, another mission called, "Shadow Call" opens on Earth.

Shadow Call

This is the same area as the Cayde's Stash mission. You have a short time to make it to the top, open the chest, and kill 3 wizards. If you don't make it in time or die, you must start all over.

When you complete the mission, you get an exotic mission item called Ikelos Fusion Core.

Ikelos Fusion Core Requirements

When you inspect the fusion core, you'll see 5 nodes. They each give clues to what you need to fill each node.

Each time you complete one of these objectives, you get an item. Inspect the fusion core then select the correct node to fill it in. Below is the list of requirements.

  • Complete the mission, "The Archive" on Venus. This can be any difficulty.
  • Dismantle a Heavy Weapon that is legendary or higher. You must wait until you have the Ikelos Fusion Core before dismantling.
  • Complete a "Defend the Warsat" public event on Earth.
  • Complete a "Defend the Warsat" public event on the Moon.
  • Complete a "Defend the Warsat" public event on Mars.

After you fill in all 5 nodes, a final node opens up at the bottom that says, "Reactivate Core".

destiny sleeper simulant ikelos fusion core


  • Select this to get the Reassembled Ikelos Fusion Core.
  • Turn it into the Gunsmith, Banshee-44.

Fallen S.A.B.E.R. Strike

After turning in the Reassembled Ikelos Fusion Core, wait for the next daily reset to get the final quest, The Sleeper Stirs. This requires you to do a special level 41, 280 light version of the Fallen S.A.B.E.R. strike. When you complete it you get the Sleeper Simulant Weapon Frame.

Destiny The Taken King Sleeper Simulant

Turn in the weapon frame to the gunsmith to finally get your Sleeper Simulant!

That is all for my guide on how to get the Sleeper Simulant. Let me know if you have any questions!

Destiny: The Taken King - How to get the Touch of Malice Thu, 01 Oct 2015 06:01:27 -0400 Synzer

The Touch of Malice is a special exotic scout rifle in Destiny: The Taken King. It has a long quest that involves the raid, collecting materials, doing missions, and collecting calcified fragments.

This mission has several steps, but you won't know what's required to get to the next step if you don't have enough calcified fragments. I'm here to explain each step of the quest and give full details on getting this unique gun.

This guide will go over getting the Touch of Malice including:

  • Touch of Malice Perks - Info on the gun and what it does.
  • How to get Touch of Malice - Full details on the quest to get Touch of Malice.

Touch of Malice Perks

The Touch of Malice has two special perks that make the gun very unique.

  • Touch of Malice - Final round of the magazine regenerates and deals bonus damage at the cost of the wielder's life force.
  • Touch of Mercy - 3 rapid kills will return a portion of the wielder's health.

destiny touch of malice

The 1st perk lets you shoot forever without reloading, but you lose health when you get to 1 bullet. The 2nd perk gives some of your health back when you get 3 rapid kills, so it balances out.

Another thing to note about this gun, it shoots in full-auto mode and very fast. If you use this in the auras on the daughters and Oryx fights in the raid, you can keep shooting and never lose health.

How to get Touch of Malice

Shattered Past

The first step is to get a calcified fragment. These are glowing blue collectibles that you find on the Dreadnaught. There are 50 total and you eventually need 45 to complete the quest.

When you get one, you'll get a quest to talk to Eris. You don't need to, but I suggest going back to her before getting any others. When you turn the quest in, the next step is to collect 5 more, regardless of how many you already collected.

They are bound to your character, not account, so try to focus on getting them on one character at a time. Check this Reddit post for the calcified fragment locations.

Hunger Pangs and The Old Hunger

After completing Shattered Past, you have access to 2 more quests.

Hunger Pangs comes up when you collect a total of 15 calcified fragments. This gives you a special heroic version of the mission Promethean Code.

The Old Hunger comes up after you have access to the King's Fall Raid raid. It requires you to collect 3 items, one drops from the Warpriest, one drops from the Daughters of Oryx, and one drops from Oryx. For help with the raid, check out my King's Fall raid guide.

After you turn this in you get another step to collect 50 Hadium Flakes, 50 weapon parts and 25 wormspore. You get Hadium Flakes from normal chests on the Dreadnaught.

After you turn those in, and collect 30 calcified fragments, you get another Hunger Pangs quest to do a special version of the Undying Mind strike. At the end of the strike you have to kill a special Taken knight that spawns called, "Morgath, Lore-Keeper."

destiny touch of malice quest

You need to collect 45 calcified fragments after that to get the last step in the quest. This requires you to do a special version of the Fear's Embrace mission on Phobos, one of the hardest missions in the game. When you get to the end, you must wait for a special Taken Wizard, "Mar-Zik, the Blightcaller" to spawn. Kill it and you finally reach the end of the quest.

Talk to Eris and she gives you the Touch of Malice with 310 attack. It is important to note that you need Hadium Flakes to upgrade this weapon.

That's it for my guide on getting the Touch of Malice. Please visit by Beginner Tips and Tricks for more help with Destiny: The Taken King. Let me know if you have any questions!

Destiny: The Taken King Court of Oryx Guide Tue, 29 Sep 2015 05:39:00 -0400 Synzer

The Court of Oryx is a new game mode added to Destiny: The Taken King. It takes place while on patrol in the Dreadnaught. This game mode is an arena that summon random bosses and has 3 different tiers to choose from. You need certain runes to summon them, and sometimes you need to charge them.

I'll explain each boss in the Court of Oryx, how to get the runes, and how to charge them. Check out my Destiny: The Taken King Beginner Tips and Tricks for more help with the game. 

This guide will go over everything about the Court of Oryx in Destiny including:

  • Court of Oryx Info - How the Court of Oryx works, which runes you need, how to get the runes, and how to charge them.
  • Tier 1 Bosses - Each boss in Tier 1 and how to beat them.
  • Tier 2 Fights - How Tier 2 fights work.
  • Tier 3 Bosses - How to beat each Tier 3 boss.

Court of Oryx Info

You can reach Court of Oryx by heading through the right hallway, Hall of Souls, as you enter patrol. It is the open coliseum-like area that has statues before entering.

There are 3 tiers to Court of Oryx and you need rune to summon bosses for each one. The statues on the left, as you are facing the court, summon the bosses.

destiny court of oryx runes

  • Tier 1 - The closest statue to the court. You need reciprocal runes to summon Tier 1. The recommended light level is 190.
    • You can get these from quests and chests. You can also buy them from Eris when you get rank 5 with Crota's Bane.
  • Tier 2 - The middle statue. You need stolen runes to summon Tier 2. The recommended light level is 240.
    • You can get these from random drops while doing Tier 1 Court of Oryx, or buy them from Eris at rank 5.
  • Tier 3 - The farthest statue. You need antiquated runes to summon Tier 3. The recommended light level is 300.
    • You can get them from random drops while doing Tier 2 Court of Oryx, package from ranking up Crota's Bane, certain quests, and randomly from chests in the King's Fall raid.

Up to 9 people can help when someone summons a boss in Court of Oryx, but only the person who summons gets guaranteed loot. If you are trying to get Calcified Fragments from Tier 2 and Tier 3, you have to use the runes.

Tier 1 Bosses

Destiny court of oryx tier 1


This is a knight that cycles through different elemental shields. He always starts with Arc, then Solar, then Void. He is pretty easy, so you can usually kill him before he cycles to his last, and sometimes 2nd, shield.

Hives enemies spawn during this fight, but you can ignore them and kill Vorlog quickly.


This is a standard wizard, meaning it has a solar shield, but it teleports. You'll have to chase him around the map after damaging, but it is a straightforward fight otherwise.

Alzok Däl, Gornuk Däl, and Zyrok Däl

This fight involves 3 wizards. To win this fight, you have to kill all three of them within a certain time after killing one of them. If they don't all die soon after each other, they respawn.

One method is to get each wizard's health low, then finish them all off. 

Another way is to use supers and heavy weapons as soon as they spawn since they are next to each other, and kill them all quickly.

They all have solar shields, so using solar weapons and supers makes it quick and easy.

Brachus Horu'usk

This is a Taken Centurion that has a shield that makes him immune to damage. You must kill all the other enemies to take his shield down so you can damage him.

After a short time, his shield comes back and more enemies spawn. Just keep killing enemies and damaging him afterwards until he dies.

Cra'adug and Mengoor

These are two knights, one is Hive and one is Taken. The Hive knight has a sword and the Taken knight has a boomer gun. They each have shields to make them immune to damage.

To take down the shields, you must get both of them close to each other. As long as they stay within range, the shields stay down. When one dies, the other will lose their shield.


This is an Ogre with another damage immune shield. To take this shield down, you have to cause curse thrall explosions near him. Normal and cursed thrall spawn during the fight, so just lead the boss downstairs and wait for cursed thralls to spawn.

Like most of the fights, his shield comes back, so when it does, just kill another cursed thrall near him.

Tier 2 Fights

Tier 2 does not add any new bosses. The fights combine 2 of the Tier one fights at the same time. The enemies are also higher level so each one is harder.

Some of the combinations are more challenging than others, so it is best to focus on one boss at a time.

Tier 3 Bosses

destiny tier 3 court of oryx

There are 2 bosses in Tier 3, but there is at least one more that is not out yet. They change each week, so once you do one, you'll need to wait for the weekly reset before another one is available.

Tier 3 fights have more mechanics than the normal fights and are similar to a mini-raid boss. 


This is a wizard with a damage immune shield. There are also 2 normal ogres and 1 main ogre in this fight. To take Kagoor's shield down, you must kill the main ogre.

It takes too long to kill these ogres normally so there is another mechanic to watch for in this fight. Enemies call Malificient Eyes spawn throughout the fight. When you kill one, you get a buff called Ogre's Fury that allows you to do extra damage to the ogres. The buff stacks up to 3 times.

When you kill the main ogre you only have 30 seconds to kill the boss, so save your supers and heavy weapons for this window.


This is a big knight called the Fanatic of Crota. It is almost identical to the Crota fight at the end of the Crota's End raid with one change, wizards.

There are many enemies that spawn, including a swordbearer and 2 wizards. Kill the wizards first because they continually restore the Thalnok's shield.

When you kill the swordbearer, he drops a sword that lasts for a short time. Only the sword can damage the boss, but everyone else must damage Thalnok until his shield is gone and he kneels. This is the only time that the person with the sword can damage the boss.

You can get in around 3 heavy attacks if you are close when he kneels. Move away as he gets up so he doesn't kill you. If your team is fast enough, you can make him kneel at least twice and damage him before the shield goes away.

When the sword is gone, the wizards and swordbearer spawn again. Repeat the same process until you kill the boss. The damage you do with the sword is based off the user's light level, so have your highest person take the sword.


The 3rd Tier 3 boss is a wizard that spawns special acolytes. The floor is poison except for the safe zones

  • One safe zone spawns beneath the portal platform. This one never goes away.
  • Other safe zones appear where you kill the acolytes. 
  • When the acolytes respawn, the safe zones go away. Go back to the initial safe zone.
  • You can only damage the acolytes and the boss while in a safe zone.

This one is not too difficult. You can kill the boss as long as you are in a safe zone, so just keep killing acolytes, then damage the boss until you kill it.

That's it for my Destiny: The Taken King Court of Oryx guide. Let me know if you have any questions about any of the bosses, or Court of Oryx in general.