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Temp0 took time out of his day to give me a quick rundown of his experience at Red Bull Battlegrounds: Detroit.


For more information about what happened in Detroit this weekend, check out my experience here, or the recap of the final matches here!

The Red Bull Battlegrounds: Detroit Experience Mon, 25 Aug 2014 10:25:12 -0400 Ryan Mayle

Over this past weekend I was lucky enough to take a trip to Michigan for Red Bull Battlegrounds: Detroit. This was my first experience going to a Red Bull event and I was completely blown away. The venue was outstanding, the staff was very polite, and I was constantly surrounded by friends, players, and casters.

When first walking to the event, I was greeted by security and a fleet of Red Bull Mini Coopers. However, once I entered the building, the real excitement began. Check in tables, merchandise area, and a table to get autographs filled the lobby.

Inside the actual event area, I could see that Red Bull knows exactly how to throw a Starcraft 2 tournament. Lighting along the walls, signs everywhere, and even a fog machine to give the entire area a nice ambience.

The venue itself had a stage in the back, but they chose to put the players right in front of the audience, which I thought was a great touch. It made the event feel more personal as the audience was right there with the players.

If sitting in the plentiful rows of seating wasn't your style, they also had a full bar in the back with the selection of Red Bull energy drinks one would expect. With the ground being elevated in the back in the bar area, it made for a great opportunity to stand with your drink and continue to watch the games without blocking someone's view.

Overall it was a very exciting event and now I look forward to attending the Red Bull Battlegrounds Finals in Washington, DC.

For a full recap of the recap of the final matches check out all the information here.

Red Bull Battle Grounds Detroit: SC2 Winners and Runners Up Sun, 24 Aug 2014 16:26:53 -0400 Danielle Marie

Over 120 players, and a 64-person elimination bracket, have taken the Garden Theater in Detroit, Michigan by storm. 

As the fourth event in the 2014 Red Bull Series, the top StarCraft 2 players are fighting for a chance at a piece of the $25,000 and 4,000 WCS points prize.

Casted by Kevin "RotterdaM" van der Kooi, Nathan "Nathanias" Fabrikant, Yoan "ToD" Merlo, Dennis "HasuObs" Schneider, Alex "Axeltoss" Rodriguez and James "Mal" Song, the single-elimination bracket stage of the competition has been raking in over 42,000 Twitch viewers over the weekend, as the race to the finals becomes fiercer with every match. 

The Semifinals

With audience members and Twitch viewers on the edge of their seats, viOLet (a Korean Zerg player) upset HyuN 2-1 for a secured spot in the semi finals, while Polt (a Korean Terran player) met the same 2-1 fate against San. 

As the opposition continued, StarDust beat out Snute 2-1 to secure a spot against Taeja, who shutout Petraeus 2-0.

Semifinals 1: viOLet vs. CMStormPolt

Now, with an unsurprisingly Korean-dominated top 4, the first semifinal match of the day was an intense Terran (Polt) vs. Zerg (viOLet) match. 

An incredible come-from-behind victory by Polt in the first game featured beefed up Mauraders and Marines and a steady mineral stream via 4 Command Centers. 

viOLet decided to kick it up a notch for the second game to roll over Polt with hordes of Banelings and Zerglings, but Polt didn't let that phase him as he took the victory with  a 3-1 score.

Semifinals 2: StarDust vs. TaeJa

Stardust took a well-deserved victory for Protoss with bad manners in his first-game victory after he started dancing with his stalkers in the first 15 minutes. 

However, the crowd went wild as TaeJa decided to turn it around with 3 consecutive wins, proving that Terran can in fact come out on top.

With an army of Medivacs to infiltrate and keep his Mauraders alive, TaeJa shredded through StarDust's Zealots. StarDust took his defeats in stride, ending each match with a smiley face and a "GG."

The Finals

The hype started to rise as the final best of 5 between TaeJa and Polt went underway. Both playing Terran, Polt sweeped TeaJa's economy strategy with a risky, all-in performance in the first game. 

Polt continued to test the limits during the second match by harassing TaeJa's economy. After continuing to slow TaeJa down via the Medivac backdoor, there was no recovering as Polt sweeped the second game in a mere 8 minutes. 

Feeding the screaming crowd, Polt shut out TeaJa completely in a 3-0 victory by once again repeating the backdoor Banshee and Medivac tactics he used previously. 

The Celebration

In a shower of confetti, Polt took the $8,000 grand prize, 750 WCS points, and a spot at Red Bull Battle Grounds: Washington DC.

After many months as a runner up, Polt has finally taken home a championship. He expressed how ecstatic he was through a permanent grin. 

He spoke humble words of wisdom in the final moments of his interview, thanking all of his friends, family, and colleagues for contributing to his success.

To watch a recap of the final matches in full, they are all available on the Red Bull Twitch page here. 

Where and When to Watch the Red Bull Battle Grounds: Detroit Fri, 15 Aug 2014 20:13:20 -0400 Amanda Wallace

Red Bull Battle Grounds: Detroit is the fourth event in the 2014 Red Bull Series, a StarCraft 2 tournament. This tournament is being held in Detroit, Michigan with a $25,000 prize pool. This circuit of the tournament is targeted towards up and coming StarCraft 2 players, heading on their way to fight alongside the pros in the Grand Final in Washington, DC this September. 

The tournament will run August 22-24, with the Grand Final happening in DC September 20-21st. 

So you can't make it to Detroit? No problem! There are still plenty of places you can watch the tournment. 


As always, Twitch is a great go-to for watching eSports events. Red Bull has a channel specifically dedicated to their eSports.  The official Twitch stream is a great way to talk to other fans, as well as watch the live content as it is created.

Watch live video from redbullesports on

Or you can watch on the Twitch Red Bull eSports Stream


If you're not looking for watching live (and you can watch older streams on Twitch as well) you can get videos and highlight videos from their Youtube channel, like the one in the header of this article. 

If you're not trying to watch live, Youtube is a great way to catch up on information on Red Bull Battle Grounds: Detroit. More can be found at the official Red Bull eSports Youtube Channel.


A product from the folks who brought you Guild Launch and GameSkinny, Banter is an Android and iOS application (available for free on the app store) that allows you to listen in on official streams for big ticket events -- including Red Bull Battle Grounds: Detroit. 

For mobile usage, while the event is going on, Banter is a great way to listen in on teams and matches without hogging tons of bandwidth or waiting for videos to buffer. Think of it like people listening to radio play-by-plays of the Red Sox (or your favorite MLB team). You can find more information about Banter on the App Store page, as well as on Google Play.

Stay tuned on GS for more coverage about Red Bull Battle Grounds.