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It's just raining new classes in Diep.io over the past few months! At this point the game almost has enough different level 45 classes to fit just about any playstyle.

This past update added two new classes: the ultra-fast reload Streamliner and the massive area-covering Spread Shot. Here we'll be focusing on the Streamliner, which has stolen the hearts of the Diep.io community at large because of of its previously mentioned ultra-fast reloading.

The game now has a class tree you can view in-game but if you need a reminder, this new tank can be reached by either going:

  • Sniper (15) to Hunter (30) then Streamliner (45)
  • Machine Gun (15) to Gunner (30) then Streamliner (45)

It's easier to go the Machine Gun into Gunner route because both these classes innately have higher reload and a larger bullet spread than the Streamliner, making it easier to farm your way up to level 45.

So what's up with the Streamliner?

Let's be real: You've probably either had to fight or have played as this class already, but let's touch on it a bit.

The Streamliner is one of many classes that only fires in a straight line, but it does it so extremely efficiently. Its five overlapping straight-firing barrels shoot one after the other in quick succession, and once you've maxed out your reload stat the bullet stream just doesn't stop.

All sound good? Yeah, it does.

This class has the highest innate reload out of any other tank in the game, along with decent bullet speed.

The trade off for this total bombardment tank is its low health, weak individual bullets, and poor innate penetration.

You can even the Streamliner's low innate bullet damage and penetration via stat points, but neither are the class's strong points. Its health isn't either, and even when going with a 5 or more-point health build you may find yourself being one to three-shot by other players.

Your best bet with this class is to go hard. This means pump your stats into your most valuable offensive stats first and foremost: bullet penetration, reload, and damage.

While you should get a couple points in health and speed a bit early for survivability purposes, your primary focus should be on the stats mentioned above. You need the bullet penetration so your bullets are able to go through other players' bullets, you need damage so those bullets actually hurt, and you need reload so your stream of bullets is endless.

Strengths and weaknesses

The Streamliner's extreme single-line firing makes it great for some situations, but totally useless in others.

The class is strong against other tanks that also shoot in one direction because its stream of bullets can easily overwhelm them. The same can be said for tanks with minions or drones like the Necromancer and Overlord. The Streamliner's constant stream of shots can easily overwhelm their drones open them up for direct attack.

But on the flip side? This class can't deal with bullet-spamming enemies at all.

The Streamliner is relatively slow-moving so dodging is more difficult than with some other classes. Not only that, but its single row of bullets usually isn't enough to deal with a class spewing out loads of bullets from multiple directions.

You have to be aware of your surroundings with this tank more so than some others, because multiple enemies surrounding you at once is just as much of a death sentence as being hounded down by a bullet spammer. A big part of playing this class well is keeping an eye on other players in relation to you, and getting out of the way of danger before you're pew pewed into oblivion.

The Streamliner is a welcome addition to the ever-growing Diep.io roster. Not only is it powerful, its constant stream of bullets just looks cool. What's not to love?

Diep.io tank class guide - The Sniper and its subclasses https://www.gameskinny.com/5ti9a/diepio-tank-class-guide-the-sniper-and-its-subclasses https://www.gameskinny.com/5ti9a/diepio-tank-class-guide-the-sniper-and-its-subclasses Thu, 30 Jun 2016 04:49:10 -0400 Tobbpitt

Of all the level 15 classes in Diep.io, the Sniper was the least loved for quite some time because of its perceived weakness compared to other tanks. It moves and fires slowly with the benefit of having a longer range of sight, and it has some of the most unique level 45 subclasses in the game.

At the time of writing there are nine total tank classes available under Sniper, with six of those being unique level 45 classes that can hold their own in the heat of battle.

This overview guide will cover each of the Sniper's subclasses, including tips and strategies on playing them well to advance you (or your team's) score. The eight classes are:

  • Assassin (level 30)
    • Stalker (level 45)
    • Ranger (level 45)
  • Overseer (level 30)
    • Overlord (level 45)
    • Necromancer (level 45)
    • Manager (level 45)
  • Hunter (level 30)
    • X Hunter (level 45)

Assassin (level 30)

The Assassin is the least flashy class out of the Sniper tree, but it certainly has its uses thanks to its super wide field of view. This is a class that can snipe other players from long range, but has trouble in close-range combat.

While this class's innate penetration and damage are high, you are definitely going to want to invest points into Bullet Penetration, Bullet Damage, and Bullet Speed to not only snipe other players but also to farm efficiently. Your bullets can easily go through food, but more Bullet Penetration means they will go through easier, and you'll net that score. That said, you should not max your penetration.

Try your best to avoid fast classes while playing the Assassin -- this should be easy thanks to its long vision.

Stalker (level 45)

While the Ranger is the more "traditional" upgrade from the Assassin, the Stalker brings something new to the table with its stealth. And the Stalker does pretty well with it thanks to its reasonable innate stats.

The Stalker will stealth when you sit in one spot for a short time, after which you can see other players but they will have a tough time seeing you -- you're not totally invisible, but you mostly are. You become partially visible when shooting once, and fully visible when you decide to move or shoot more than once.

This is a hard class to play well, and you need to put points into survivability stats: Body Damage, Health Regen, and Max Health are your friends. And Reload is your best friend for offense as the Stalker has a slow innate reloading speed.

You spend a lot of time sitting still with this class, but if you love being sneaky and can get into a Body Damage build, you'll be golden. But there are a lot of ways to approach playing this class and you can build very flexibly based on your playstyle.

Ranger (level 45)

The Ranger is very similar to the Assassin, only with a longer range of vision as well as higher innate penetration and bullet speed.

Playing this class is much like playing the Assassin, and if you find yourself enjoying the Assassin while leveling it's probably your best bet. Playing it well means you have the advantage over a large portion of other classes because you can shoot at them long before they can see you.

The Ranger's biggest enemies are fast-reload tanks like the Machine Gun and its subclasses because the Ranger simply cannot fend off mass amounts of bullets at a time. Stay far away from high-reload classes, as well as Stalkers and Assassins -- unless you're confident you can take them out before they can get you.

Overseer (level 30)

The Overseer is the first Sniper subclass that really changes things up, and it only gets crazier from here.

The Overseer spawns drones you can control, which work as your offense instead of the bullets most other classes shoot. You can click and hold the left mouse button to send your drones to your cursor, and click the right to send them in the opposite direction. This is tricky to get used to and separates the good from the mediocre Overseer (and Overlord) players.

Reload for the Overseer and its subclasses affects them different than other tanks. In the case of the Overseer and Overlord, it affects how quickly their drones spawn once destroyed. You can have a maximum of 8 drones at a time.

This is not a durable class and it is not recommended you try a Body Damage build, but you will want some Maximum Health and Health Regen.

Try not to engage rapid-fire tanks closely, as they will destroy your drones with ease.

Overlord (level 45)

The Overlord is pretty much just like an Overseer, but with a higher innate drone spawn rate. The Overlord definitely spawns drones faster than the Overseer.

Much like the Overseer, this class is not durable and can be easily taken down in a one on one fight against rapid-fire and fast-moving tanks -- but it's amazing in every team-based mode (Team Deathmatch, Domination, Mothership) as it can hide behind other tanks and send out its drones to irritate and damage the enemy.

Bullet Speed is a must-have stat for the Overlord because it makes its drones move faster. Do try to max it while you level.

Necromancer (level 45)

If you like the Overlord but want more drones, your obvious class choice is the Necromancer! If you can deal with the hassle of getting your minions.

Necromancer requires you to ram your body into yellow squares to amass your army of minions, which control identically to Overseer and Overlord drones, but there are simply more of them. A lot more. 34 to be precise -- provided you've maxed your Drone Count stat. (Before you hit 45 this is your Reload stat, which changes at 45 into Drone Count. The minimum minions you can have is 20.)

Playing the Necromancer is very similar to Overlord, but you need some privacy to amass your minions. Try to find your way to an area of the map without any or many players and get to ramming into some yellow squares! In time you'll have an army of minions you can be proud of, and whomp on some other players with pride.

It's more important that you keep your drones safe with the Necromancer, so learning to control them well is a huge part of playing the class well.

Also be aware the Necromancer is pretty much made of paper. You definitely want to invest in Maximum Health and Health Regen.

Manager (level 45)

The last drone class, the Manager, mixes it up in its own way by adding stealth and letting you put stats into Drone Health.

Controlling the Manager's drones is the same as the other drone classes, where you click the left mouse button to send drones to your mouse and the left to send them in the opposite direction. And also like the other drone classes, this control scheme makes this one of the harder classes to play in Diep.io.

This class's stealth works the same as the Stalker, where it takes a couple seconds to re-stealth after coming up -- but stealth is risky, as your drones are always visible. You never want to have your drones hang idly near you, otherwise you're giving away your position to enemy players.

You are just as squishy as the other drone classes, so try to stay out of close combat and keep your distance from other players. Learning to keep your drones on the move and attacking while stealth takes time. Rapid-fire and fast-moving tanks are your worst enemies.

Hunter (level 30)

Is the Hunter the worst class in the game? At the time of writing, it pretty much is but it now goes into the Hunter X, which is more powerful and you may find it worth the effort.

This class has two barrels on top of one another to shoot two bullets at once, one medium size and one small. Unfortunately its shots aren't all that powerful and its innate Bullet Speed is quite low.

The Hunter is not great at farming, nor is it good at fighting at close range. It has the benefit of the Sniper's longer vision, which is a plus, but you're better off going the Assassin or Ranger for long-range combat.

Unfortunately there really isn't much good to be said the Hunter. It deals with slow-moving tanks that do not invest much in Movement Speed, but all in all you just go with this tank to get to Hunter X.

Hunter X (Level 45)

The Hunter X takes what little bit of good the regular Hunter has and ramps it up, adding a third barrel to shoot three bullets at a time. This additional firepower is balanced out by the class's slower innate reload.

This class's three bullets are all of different sizes, with the first being the smallest, the second being standard (medium) size, and the third being larger and more powerful than the other two. These three bullet fires make dealing with drone/minion classes easy, especially if you invest in Bullet Penetration.

Like the regular Hunter, the Hunter X is good against tanks that move slowly. It can be hard for a slow tank to get out of the way of your three bullets if you practice your aim, and the third powerful bullet really hurts -- it's great for dealing with glass cannon enemies as well.

The Hunter X doesn't deal well with fast enemy tanks, especially Flank Guard subclasses that specialize in going fast. Try to avoid fast tanks, and learn to predict and shoot slower tanks to make good use of the Hunter X class.

And that's that for the Sniper and its subclasses. If you enjoyed this guide, check out my Twin tank guide and my Flank Guard tank guide. Happy shooting!

Diep.io tank class guide - The Flank Guard and its subclasses https://www.gameskinny.com/yz7be/diepio-tank-class-guide-the-flank-guard-and-its-subclasses https://www.gameskinny.com/yz7be/diepio-tank-class-guide-the-flank-guard-and-its-subclasses Mon, 20 Jun 2016 07:30:41 -0400 Tobbpitt

How many tank classes are there in Diep.io now? I'd give a direct number, but there seem to be new classes added all the time -- often totally unique from what's been released before.

The Flank Guard is one of the level 15 classes that new players overlook because it doesn't look strong, but it leads to some of the most powerful classes in the game. But the Flank Guard itself doesn't have all that much different from the default Tank aside from the barrel pointed at its back.

This overview guide will cover the Flank Guard and its subclasses, of which there are a total of eight. It shares two level 30 classes with the level 15 class Twin.

  • Tri-Angle (level 30)
    • Fighter (level 45)
    • Booster (level 45)
  • Quad Tank (level 30)
    • Octo Tank (level 45)
  • Twin Flank (level 30)
    • Octo Tank (level 45)
    • Triple Twin (level 45)

Leveling the Flank Guard from 15 to 30 isn't all that different from leveling a Tank from 1 to 30 (but I'm not sure why you would do this) because its base stats are relatively even, making it well-rounded even with the short barrel on its back.

It's generally easier to level a Twin than a Flank Guard because of the Twin's firepower, meaning if you want to go for either Twin Flank (Triple Twin or Octo Tank at 45) or Quad Tank (Octo Tank at 45), it will take less time to level with the Twin.

If you want the Tri-Angle and its powerful level 45 classes the Booster or the Fighter, you have to go with Flank Guard.

Twin Flank (level 30)

The Twin Flank's power lies in its double barrels on either side, which makes it more formidable an opponent than most people seem to realize. Everyone has tried to chase down one of these tanks before, only to give up because of the double-barrel firing right in their face.

This may not be the most obviously powerful tank in the game, but it's one to be aware of -- and if you're playing one, you need to make good use of that focus firing on both ends to not only farm efficiently, but deter other players from messing with you.

Triple Twin (level 45)

The Triple Twin doesn't get the respect the Octo Tank does, but it can easily beat one in a duel if you know how to play one well.

The Triple Twin has three sets of double-barrels sticking out of its body, not only making it a great farming class but also relatively safe. It's easy to overwhelm other tanks using this one's six barrels, but your defenses are easier to penetrate than the Octo's because you have two less barrels.

This is a purely offensive class, and as such it doesn't have much default health. Use your front two barrels for offense, the second two for defense and farming, and be sure to invest some stat points in Movement Speed, Health, and Health Regeneration to stay safe.

Quad Tank (level 30)

To Twin Flank or Quad Tank your way to the Octo Tank, that is the question! And the answer is: Whichever way you want to.

The Quad Tank is the more conventional lead up to the Octo Tank as both classes pretty much play the same, but the Quad only has four barrels instead of the Octo's eight.

The Quad Tank is relatively weak and can easily be picked on by any class that specializes in focus firing. If the server you're on is absolutely packed and you really want to get to Octo Tank, you may be better off going Twin Flank instead of Quad for the extra survivability. That said, Quad does farm very quickly.

Octo Tank (level 45)

Is this the most popular class? It just might be, and for good reason. The Octo Tank is hard for new players and a handful of classes to deal with thanks to its eight simultaneously-shooting barrels.

The Octo Tank is purely offensive and does not deal well with classes that can focus it down despite its bullet spray. This means classes like the Triplet, Gunner, and much of the Sniper tree (outside of Manager, Overseer, Overlord, and Necromancer) can take it out easier than other classes.

Luckily most people aren't very good nor do they build specifically to deal with Octo Tanks, so spin to win! Spinning is generally your way to success as the Octo and it does a great job of clearing out everything.

This is bar none the best farming class and can rank up score like it's nobody's business. Absolutely put stat points in Bullet Penetration.

Tri-Angle (level 30)

You thought some other level 30 class was fast? You've got another thing coming once you try the Tri-Angle. The Tri-Angle was Diep.io's first "fast" class and fittingly it splits into two similarly speedy tanks.

Recoil affects nearly every tank, often negatively when they're trying to chase down another player. Not so with the Tri-Angle--the two barrels on the back shoot at the same time as the one at the front, which pushes the tank forward when shooting instead of backwards. This means you can easily reach high speeds without investing too many points into Movement Speed.

Bullets that come out the back do less damage and have less speed than the ones that come out of the main one at the front. Use your fast movement to your advantage as this class's biggest strength is its ability to dodge.

Booster (level 45)

The level 45 "speedy" class, the Booster takes the strengths of the Tri-Angle and amplifies them. This is a very fast tank, with four barrels at its back and one at the front recoil is your best friend.

It's easy to dodge enemy bullets using the Booster and to get in close to weak tanks, but be careful of classes that spam bullets (which seem to be what most people choose).

The Booster is not a durable class and will take more damage than is worth it when facing a wave of bullets. It's best to use that speed to get out of there than it is to stay and fight -- this is the most mobile tank in the game and you have to use that to your advantage.

It's highly recommended you put some points into Health and Health Regen so you don't explode a couple seconds into your first real fight.

Fighter (level 45)

The yin to the Booster's yang, the Fighter is slightly more durable than the Booster but isn't as fast, mostly thanks to its barrel placement with two on either side, two at the back, and one at the front.

Actually playing the Fighter well requires you to put some points into offensive stats and take it easy on the defensive ones like Health. True to its name, this tank was built for 1-on-1 fights and can stand against most other classes easily.

You can spam with the Fighter much like the Octo Tank by spinning around, but you can be a much bigger terror by actively hunting down other players, dodging their bullets thanks to your barrel-propelled movement, and shooting through their rounds with your high base penetration that you ideally will supplement with stat points in Bullet Penetration.

These are the current Twin Flank subclasses currently in Diep.io, but there are sure to be more to come as the developer adds more and more each month. This article will be updated with the new classes, but for now this is what we have and it's still quite the roster!

If you enjoyed this guide, check out my Twin tank guide and my Sniper tank guide. Happy shooting!

Diep.io tank class guide - The Twin and its subclasses https://www.gameskinny.com/k5h4o/diepio-tank-class-guide-the-twin-and-its-subclasses https://www.gameskinny.com/k5h4o/diepio-tank-class-guide-the-twin-and-its-subclasses Mon, 20 Jun 2016 06:29:21 -0400 Tobbpitt

It almost feels like there are new Diep.io tanks every other day these days with the developer putting out new updates all the time now. Unfortunately if you don't play every day, it can be hard to keep up with all the updates, especially with all the new classes that get added.

This overview guide covers the Twin tank and its subclasses, of which there is currently a total of eight. Each one has its benefits, especially the level 45 tanks that all offer their own brand of overwhelming firepower that most players have trouble dealing with.

There are three branches inside of Twin, which you can choose at level 15. At level 30 you have a choice between three separate options, each of which branching into differing classes at level 45. These classes are:

  • Triple Shot (level 30)
    • Triplet (level 45)
    • Penta Shot (level 45)
  • Twin Flank (level 30)
    • Triple Twin (level 45)
    • Octo Tank (level 45)
  • Quad Tank (level 30)
    • Octo Tank (level 45)

The Twin, which you reach at level 15, is surprisingly capable even at early levels and is fine at 1-on-1 dueling and at farming, thanks to its base high reload speed, which is easy enough to ramp up to super high speeds via the Reload stat.

This is not a durable tank and is fully-offensive, specializing in focus firing other players or efficient farming. It may in fact be the most powerful level 15 class because of its ability to focus fire, which easily beats out the Machine Gun in a duel.

At level 30 the Twin can go into the Triple Shot, Twin Flank, or Quad Tank. Check out below for more information on each of these classes.

Triple Shot (Level 30)

The Triple Shot may not be as popular as the Twin's other two options, but it is great at dealing with drone classes like the Necromancer, Overlord, and Manager.

The above said the Triple Shot is one of the weaker classes in the game and none of its default innate stats are amazing. It deals with drone classes so well because it can easily fire at the enemy tank itself and the drones at the same time, but it's not good at much else.

The Triple Shot can go into the Triplet or the Penta Shot at level 45. You really go through this class to reach the higher tier ones. It may be better to avoid fighting too much until you hit 45.

Triplet (level 45)

This is quite the upgrade from the Triple Shot! The tank's three barrels have come together to face forward, making the Triplet a force to be reckoned with.

The Triplet is one of the highest damage tanks in the game and can easy shoot through most tanks' bullet sprays with ease when you've invested some stat points into Bullet Penetration.

This is a great choice for inexperienced Diep.io players or anyone who wants to feel like a boss. Do be warned that the recoil from the three barrels being on the front makes you move very slowly when trying to chase and shoot in the same direction.

Penta Shot (level 45)

The Penta Shot takes the excess guns of the Triplet and turns it up to 11 with a total of five simultaneously shooting barrels. It's hard as heck for any other player to get out of your line of fire when you're using this baby.

Like the Triplet, the Penta Shot is one of the stronger classes in Diep.io due to its firepower. And also like the Triplet, the recoil on the five barrels can be a real problem. The biggest issues when playing the Penta are dealing with the recoil and 1-on-1 duels against tanks that have more focused fire.

Do not try to engage Triplets or Gunners with this class unless they are already at half to low health.

Twin Flank (level 30)

This class doesn't get much attention but it's much stronger than it appears. The double barrels on either end minimize your recoil so your shooting doesn't have much effect on your movement, and it's easy to farm food (and hence score).

While leveling you can easily out-gun classes with more guns and higher rates of fire by focus firing on them. It's also easy to damage other tanks if you're running away, as you shoot in both directions simultaneously.

Triple Twin (level 45)

Most people seem to go for the Octo Tank, the Twin Flank's other level 45 class, but the Triple Twin does have its uses as it can focus fire other tanks much more easily than the Octo.

This is not a durable class as its base health is quite low. This is the same for the Octo Tank, but the Triple Twin has to put more effort into protecting itself. After all you don't have shots going out in all directions, but only three.

If you're comparing the two, you need more skill to do well with the Triple Twin than the Octo. The two barrels at the front are going to be your primary offense, while those in the back are most often used to keep other tanks off your butt and to farm without putting any effort into it.

Octo Tank (level 45)

The far more preferred of the two, the Octo Tank is one class you see in each and every match you're put into, no matter the mode. Players who have no idea how to deal with this beast will die to it, but players who know how to dodge and get in close (or good Sniper subclasses) will have an easy time taking out an Octo Tank due to its low base health.

The general strategy for playing this class is to spin, and spin a lot. You don't necessarily have to but it makes it even harder for other players to close in on you.

This is purely an offensive class -- and if you're good, you can last a while going with an offensive-only glass cannon build (Reload, Bullet Speed, Bullet Damage, Bullet Penetration) but if you're still new to it you may want to consider some Health and Health Regen for your own safety.

The Octo Tank can also be reached via Quad Tank (level 30), which is mentioned below.

Quad Tank (level 30)

The Quad Tank is available for both the Twin and the Flank Guard at level 30, and is exactly the same between either one.

Much as the name suggests, the Quad shoots from all four directions at the same time, meaning like the Octo Tank that comes after it at level 45, the Quad Tank is great at farming and keeping other players at bay but is not good at surviving in a duel.

The Quad Tank is very weak compared to most other level 30 tanks and is nowhere near as strong as the Octo, which shoots eight shots at once instead of four. Play carefully while leveling the Quad and stay away from other players, or simply go with the Twin Flank to get up to Octo instead.

You can read about the Octo Tank in the section right above this one!

These are the current classes that come from the base Twin class, and almost all of them are pretty popular for good reason. While more tanks are being added to Diep.io all the time, these still continue to be some of the best and probably will be for some time.

And that's that for the Sniper and its subclasses. If you enjoyed this guide, check out my Sniper tank guide and my Flank Guard tank guide. Happy shooting!

Diep.io tips - Machine Gun tank and classes guide https://www.gameskinny.com/0v7cz/diepio-tips-machine-gun-tank-and-classes-guide https://www.gameskinny.com/0v7cz/diepio-tips-machine-gun-tank-and-classes-guide Tue, 31 May 2016 15:08:19 -0400 Tobbpitt

The Machine Gun tank and its subclasses are often forgotten by inexperienced players because they're less flashy than some of the tanks you get when going another class. But what the Machine Gun classes lack in flash they make up for in power.

There are only two subclasses that the Machine Gun can build into: the Destroyer and the Gunner. We're going to go into which stats are best suited to each tank as well as general gameplay tips to help you get better with these simple but powerful classes.

Do note these are only my personal opinions after having played Diep.io for a couple months now. You may find you like to use different stat builds or play these classes differently, but these are what I've found to be most effective in the heat of tank battle.


The Destroyer is one of the few classes that has been in Diep.io since the game first started, and it has stayed much the same.

This class has the slowest firing in the game, but the trade off for those slow shots is their high default power and penetration.

Even if you don't max out Bullet Damage and Bullet Penetration, your shots as a Destroyer will still penetrate most other tanks' shots and deal a good amount of damage.

As this class you can shoot through just about any bullet barrage with ease and have a fair amount of HP with just one or two points in Maximum Health so you are durable enough to survive big fights.

The Destroyer's most important stats are:
  • Bullet Speed
  • Reload

These are the standard shooting stats most classes prioritize, but faster-shooting tanks have more leeway. The Destroyer is not one of those.

While you do not necessarily have to max out all of these stats, it is a must that you put maximum points into Bullet Speed and Reload.

The Destroyer is a very slow tank in both movement and shooting, and while their shots are large it's easy for other players to dodge them. Maxing out Bullet Speed and Reload makes it easier for you to actually hit other players.

You can generally feel safe putting 4 or 5 points in Bullet Penetration or Bullet Damage if you want some Health Regen, or Maximum Health instead.

The Destroyer often needs some survivability because its base movespeed is so low, so it may not be a good idea to go full offensive stats. It's a good idea to get some Maximum Health and Health Regen.

One or two points in Movement Speed is often enough, if any at all. This tank's speed will be very low no matter what.

Gameplay tips
  • Practice aiming your shots. Each of the Destroyer's bullets count because its base Reload is so low. If you can't hit your targets, you may as well be playing another class.
    • Practice is easiest done on food while moving; try to aim and hit multiple pieces of food at a time as you make your way to level 45
  • Max Reload first! This is a big deal for almost every class, but the Destroyer needs it to be at maximum before you even get to level 15. Reload not only makes you shoot faster, but propels you in the opposite direction you're shooting.
    • Reload has just as much impact on how fast you're moving as Movement Speed. Getting used to moving with this class takes time.
  • Try to stay out of big clusters of bullets. As a Destroyer, you are not able to move quickly no matter your stat build, so you want to stay out of trouble until you've hit 45 and are confident you can aim and hit other players regularly
  • Definitely do not try to fight over blue hexagon clusters while you're leveling
  • This is currently the only class best suited to playing a melee build. If you want more information on building a melee Destroyer, check out my guide on building a melee tank.


The Gunner is a far cry from the Destroyer. While the Destroyer shoots slowly, the Gunner is very similar to the Triplet class in the Twin tank tree in that it shoots fast and furiously. But that's about where the similarities end.

This class is one I'd consider "sleeper OP"--everyone ignores it because the Twin's classes are so much more flashy, but the Gunner is extremely powerful against almost any other tank.

What makes this class special are its very small bullets. You might think that smaller means worse, but their base damage is quite high, and they have a higher base penetration than any of the Twin tanks. This means the Gunner can focus-fire almost any other class to death in a 1-on-1 fight.

Not only are its tiny death bullets amazing, but it seems to be able to take a beating better than any of the Twin tanks as well. The only downside is, much like the Destroyer, the Gunner moves very slowly.

The Gunner's most important stats are:
  • Bullet Damage
  • Bullet Penetration
  • Reload
  • Bullet Speed

This baby was made to kill.

The Gunner is most effective with the above stats maxed out, and even more so with Bullet Speed. But if you want to be more durable and move faster by putting stats in health and movement, you don't need to invest many points into Bullet Speed.

It is entirely possible to go full class cannon with the Gunner (ideally with one or two points in Health Regen and Maximum Health and maybe one in Movement Speed) and dominate the scoreboard with ease.

Gameplay tips

The Gunner is seriously one of the easiest classes to play in Diep.io. Farming and killing other players are both easy tasks.

  • It takes time to get used to this tank's small bullets. Don't worry about their size: they really are powerful.
    • You can easily blow away other tanks' bullets by firing at them.
  • Does an amazing job of focus-firing Twin subclasses. Triplet, Penta Shot, and Octo Tank don't have anything on you!
    • Dealing with Sniper tanks like the Assassin and Stalker can be more difficult because they also have high base penetration.
  • The Gunner's biggest enemy is high mobility classes like the Tri-Angle because its base movespeed is so low, and it's easy for Tri-Angles to run circles around a Gunner and blow them to bits.
    • I don't recommend trying to fight Tri-Angles 1-on-1.
  • It's pretty easy to dominate blue hexagon clusters as the Gunner, and you should do so when you can.
  • Once you're level 45, hunt down the current scoreboard leader. If it's not also a Gunner and you have allocated your stats properly, killing them should be a snap.

The Machine Gun and its subclass tanks are stronger than most players give them credit for, especially the Gunner.

For the time being, the Machine Gun is the only class that does not have level 45 options. Hopefully these will be added in time as the most recently added classes, the Stalker and Necromancer, are both very powerful in the hands of good players.

Does the Gunner need an advanced level 45 class to rip and tear your opponents? No, but it would definitely be nice! The Destroyer sorely needs a level 45 class to compete as it is currently one of the weakest tanks in the game, right after Hunter (in my opinion).

Diep.io tips guide - How to use the Stalker https://www.gameskinny.com/fhh4s/diepio-tips-guide-how-to-use-the-stalker https://www.gameskinny.com/fhh4s/diepio-tips-guide-how-to-use-the-stalker Sun, 29 May 2016 11:17:16 -0400 Tobbpitt

Diep.io has yet another new class! The Stalker is yet another unique addition to the game's tank class roster, and like the recently-added Necromancer it has a unique gimmick to help it stand out from the rest and attract players who want to approach the game a little differently.

The Stalker is unique in that it has the ability to stealth. For the time being it's the only stealth class in the game and with any luck it will stay the only one and remain unique.

Much like the Necromancer the Stalker takes time to get used to and master. Its stealth ability is one-of-a-kind but its trade-off is the fact the class is relatively weak if you don't allocate your stats well to suit your playstyle.

How to get to the Stalker class

The Stalker is an off-shoot of the Assassin class, which starts as Sniper. So your class order is:

  1. Sniper (level 15)
  2. Assassin (level 30)
  3. Stalker (level 45)

Like the Assassin and the Sniper before it, the Stalker is a long-range single-shot tank with relatively slow reload and movespeed. Every tank within the Sniper class is extremely stat-dependent and this one is no different. 

Important stats

When playing the Stalker, you want to prioritize shooting stats over all else. 

Your most important stats are:

  • Bullet Speed
  • Bullet Penetration
  • Bullet Damage
  • Reload

This tank's base damage, reload, and all are very low. This means your stats mean more than tanks that branch off fast-reload classes

Focus on these four main stats first in any order based on your playstyle and needs. After you have maxed them out (or decided otherwise), your next most valuable stats will be mixed between Health Regen, Max Health, and Movement Speed.

Choose Health Regen and Max Health if you want to be able to survive longer when hit by bullets when stealthed, especially Health Regen. Choose more Movement Speed if you want to more easily move from one area to the next.

Note on stat distribution

You may not want to max out Bullet Damage or Bullet Speed (always max Bullet Penetration with Stalker) and instead put extra points toward Health Regen, Max Health, or Movement Speed for more utility.

It's kind of boring sitting in one spot waiting for enemy players to come by, and it's no fun coming out of stealth and getting 3-shot either.

Stalker gameplay tips

The Stalker's main draw is its ability to get the jump on nearby unsuspecting players, which is easier thanks to both its stealth and longer vision that all Sniper-type tanks are gifted with. You can see further than any other player who is not using a Sniper-type tank but have one of the lowest base move speeds in the game.

Much of your time playing Stalker will be spent staying still and waiting for other players to come by, but if you invest more points into Movement Speed you'll be able to get around and re-stealth more easily.

I can see my regenerating health but other players can't.

The Stalker's stealth takes effect rather quickly--it takes less than a second to go from being visible to invisible. Keep this in mind when trying to snipe other unfortunate tanks.

Like Diep.io's other Sniper tanks, the Stalker is a higher skill class because of its innate slow reloading and the fact it only shoots one bullet at a time. It takes practice and good aim to get good at these classes. Practice your shooting when there are no other tanks around so you can be sure you can hit enemies when the time comes.

Farming as a Sniper and Assassin takes more time than some other classes, and both classes move slowly. Try to avoid fights until you are level 45 and get to the Stalker.

You can see your health bar when you're damaged and invisible but your enemies cannot. Enemies can only see you when you move.

The pink triangles that protect blue hexagon clusters cannot home in on you unless you come out of stealth. But once they see you, they will attack you even when invisible.

The Stalker is a unique class that may need some balancing from what it is currently, but anyone who likes stealth classes in other games will probably want to give this bad boy a shot at least once to see what it's like being a sneaky tank.

Diep.io - How do you make a melee build? https://www.gameskinny.com/varvv/diepio-how-do-you-make-a-melee-build https://www.gameskinny.com/varvv/diepio-how-do-you-make-a-melee-build Sun, 29 May 2016 08:37:30 -0400 Tobbpitt

There is currently no melee-specific class in Diep.io but you can definitely try this class and stat combination if you want to try your hand at using Body Damage to demolish your foes.

If you want to go melee, your best bet is going with the Destroyer tank class. The Destroyer (Machine Gun -> Destroyer) is the slowest-firing of all the tanks, but seems to have higher base health (or defense? who knows) than the other classes. This is what makes the Destroyer the best option for melee.

If you want you can also go Tri-Angle (Flank Guard -> Tri-Angle) if you want to go melee, but the Tri-Angle's base health/defense is low, meaning it can't take as much damage as the Destroyer. When going melee, the longer you can survive the better -- because you also take damage when you go in to damage another player.

Destroyer melee means you will live longer. Tri-Angle means you will move fast, but have a tougher time staying alive at close range.

When going melee, you always want to shoot away from the direction you're moving so you will go faster.

Melee stats

The stats make the tank in Diep.io and if you want to try to be a body-ramming powerhouse you need to distribute your stat points differently than if you were going with a shooting build.

Your most important melee stats are:

  • Health Regen
  • Max Health
  • Body Damage
  • Movement Speed

Why this combination?

Health Regen makes your health recover faster, which means you'll be back in action more quickly once you take damage.

Max Health means you can take more damage, which is a must have for melee.

Body Damage means you'll do more damage when you ram your body into other players and food. It is your primary damage stat when going melee.

Movement Speed lets you not only get away from dangerous situations faster (which is important when leveling) but also chase down other players easier.

Stat order

Focus on Health Regen and Max Health over Body Damage and Movement Speed at early levels, but put 2 or 3 points into Body Damage early to farm more easily.

If you're having to dodge a ton of enemy bullets, invest a few points in Movement Speed Early.

After you've maxed out all 4 stats, put the rest in Reload to shoot faster, which makes you move faster due to bullet recoil.

It isn't too hard to get high on the leaderboards using a melee build, especially using the Destroyer class. Going melee is harder than a standard shooting build, but there's a certain satisfaction that comes from swooping in on the highest ranked player and ramming them dead in two shots.

Diep.io guide - Pew pew your way to the top with these tips https://www.gameskinny.com/5rqn3/diepio-guide-pew-pew-your-way-to-the-top-with-these-tips https://www.gameskinny.com/5rqn3/diepio-guide-pew-pew-your-way-to-the-top-with-these-tips Wed, 18 May 2016 14:07:50 -0400 Tobbpitt

Diep.io is ever-growing and more people are playing than ever now that the game has a few new classes--with the new Necromancer class being released just today.

Unlike Agar.io and Slither.io, Diep.io has some RPG elements that can cause confusion for new players. Not only do you get stat points as you level, but you also get to change classes as you progress, which is a far cry from the bare bones progression seen in the other two games.

So what is there to know about the game? Not a ton aside from the classes, what the stats do, and general strategic tips to stay alive. And I do have a few of those for you! 

Take these tips as some friendly advice, from one player who started when the game was brand new and only had about 20 people on it, to you.

Know what stats and class combination you want when you get started

You know what's just as bad as a tank with bad stats for its class? A tank with stats that barely do it justice. Know what you want to do when you start so you can use your stat points well.

I personally recommend Reload first and foremost for any class except those going for Necromancer, because of the increased rate of fire and movement effects Reload has -- but in the end it's up to you. Just have a stat plan when you start to avoid building a tank that doesn't really do anything well at all.

Avoid other players until you're at least level 30

It's tempting to want to go in and whomp on other players, but unless you've got at least a couple points in Maximum Health it's probably best to avoid them until your second class change.

Since the leaderboards are score-based larger players aren't all going to go after low level players, but some do and it's best to stay safe until you have two class changes and invested all those stat points you accumulate while leveling.

Reload is usually your most important stat

Everyone pumps at least a few points into Reload, but did you know it's the most important stat in the game for nearly every class sans Necromancer?

Reload not only affects how fast you shoot with most classes, but also how fast you can go when running away. Your weapon recoil affects your speed -- for instance most classes will go slower when firing forward, but faster when firing backward. You can see how Reload affects your speed with any class, and it has a huge effect.

Overlord/Overseer players may not feel like they need Reload because it doesn't make them shoot faster (and by proxy does not make them go faster) but it does make their minions respawn faster. It's essentially useless for Necromancers since they get their minions by destroying squares.

Clusters of blue hexagons are dangerous but lucrative

Blue hexagons are the biggest source of EXP you can get aside from killing a higher level player, especially the massive ones. But clusters of several blue hexagons are protected by aggressive pink triangles, which are a huge pain to deal with if you're already having to dodge other players' bullets.

The EXP is generally worth it to stick around blue hexagon clusters, but if there are a lot of other players in the area, it's best to find your farm elsewhere and hope you come across some stray hexagons among squares and triangles.

The numbers under a player's name is their current score

This is pretty obvious, but it's worth a mention. In addition, your score goes up not only by killing other players but also farming. Each shape you can destroy nets you additional score, meaning it is definitely possible to get up onto the leaderboard just by farming.

You get your first class change at 15, second at 30, and in some cases another powerful one at 45

Getting to level 15 is easy enough, but it can be hard to get to level 30 when the map is bustling, even moreso to get to level 45. Choose your stats according to the classes you want to go, otherwise you could reach max level and find your build to kind of suck.

What stats do

Here's a rundown of each stat if you're confused about what their exact effects are:

  • Health Regen - Increases the rate at which you regenerate health, generally a must-have if you invest in Maximum Health
  • Maximum Health - Increases your max health, you generally want to get some points in Health Regen too if you're not going with a glass cannon build
  • Body Damage - Increases the amount of damage you do to obstacles and other players when you ram into them. A hard stat to work with because you need to be careful with your class choices and also invest points in Health Regen, Maximum Health, and Movement Speed to be remotely effective
  • Bullet Speed - Affects how quickly your bullets move. This also applies to Overseer/Overlord and Necromancer, and it's generally a good idea to invest at least a few points into it with any class
  • Bullet Penetration - The underdog stat that is absolutely amazing, Bullet Penetration makes your bullets be able to go through not only more obstacles at once, but also through other players' bullets. Surprisingly strong and always worth putting points into
  • Bullet Damage - Does exactly what it sounds like. Gimmick builds like Movement Speed Twin Flank might not need any of it, but in general you want at least a few points here
  • Reload - Increases your rate of fire, which is very important for every class except Necromancer. Affects how quickly you move as well, as your weapon's recoil pushes you in the opposite direction you fire except for some classes
  • Movement Speed - Increases your movement speed. Some players swear by Movement Speed, others hate it or only get a few points. It's up to you, but the faster you move the faster you can dodge and the easier you can chase down other players

These tips are by no means the end-all-be-all, but they'll get you started on the right foot. Diep.io is tough--really tough--and you need all the help and advice you can get early on to get better at the game and decimate other players regularly.

Diep.io Guide - How to Unlock and Use the Necromancer Class https://www.gameskinny.com/c57kh/diepio-guide-how-to-unlock-and-use-the-necromancer-class https://www.gameskinny.com/c57kh/diepio-guide-how-to-unlock-and-use-the-necromancer-class Wed, 18 May 2016 09:11:15 -0400 Tobbpitt

Diep.io has quite a few classes, and true to its name, the Necromancer takes reviving the dead pretty seriously.

The Necromancer class is unique from many of the other class options in the game, but it works very much like the Overseer/Overlord in that it directly controls its minion-like bullets. While it is very similar to the Overseer/Overlord, it's by no means the same -- the Necromancer's innate stats are different from the Overseer's, and the way it gets its minions is more active.

How to Get the Necromancer in Diep.io

The Necromancer is one of the few Level 45-only classes currently in Diep.io and requires some effort on your part to unlock it.

First, you go Sniper at Level 15. The Sniper, of course, is one of the slower reloading and moving classes, with a high attack and long range of sight.

At Level 30, you choose the Overseer. This will get you in the right state of mind for the Necromancer since the way you attack is very much the same in that your minions will follow your mouse to attack.

At Level 45, your hard work pays off: You can choose between Overlord or Necromancer.

How Does Necromancer Work?

While Overlord and Overseer automatically regenerate minions, the Necromancer has to be more active. The Necromancer has to get minions itself by by ramming into those yellow square obstacles you farmed for EXP at early levels.

If you destroy a yellow square by ramming into it, it will become a minion under your control. Squares destroyed by your minions will not become new ones -- they'll just be destroyed.

You control the minions just as you would with Overseer and Overlord.

This video from YouTuber Zoinige gives you an idea of what to expect. 

How Is Necromancer Different from Overlord?

As mentioned, Necromancer requires you to manually get your minions by destroying yellow square obstacles -- and boy, you can get a lot more of them than you can with the Overlord.

The big benefit of Necromancer is the sheer amount of minions you can accumulate compared to Overlord. However, if you somehow can't destroy yellow squares with your body regularly, you're going to find yourself without any minions and probably a whole lot of enemy players trying to blow you up.

Necromancer moves more slowly than Overlord, even when it has maximum Movement Speed. And even if you max out your Health, you're still going to take a fair amount of damage. The class relies on you to be able to get a massive amount of minions to survive, and that is often easier said than done.

Necromancer's minions do seem to move faster than Overlord's with max Bullet Speed, but Reload is useless for it. While Reload affects how quickly Overlord's minions return, it does not help Necromancer in the least.

Recommended Necromancer Stats:

  • Movement Speed: You're going to need it
  • Bullet Speed: This will make your minions faster, and hence, more useful
  • Health: You're probably going to need it to protect from other players and to not take too much damage while farming yellow squares for minions
  • Health Regeneration: To regenerate the health you lose ramming into squares
  • Bullet Penetration: This will make your minions more effective overall and not so easily destroyed
  • Body damage: One point should be enough here

Do not put any points in Reload. This will make leveling harder, but it will be worth it once you hit 45 and change to a Necromancer.

The real game starts at 45 for Necromancer players, but it's a long and hard road getting there without any Reload. Don't get discouraged! Keep pushing forward, farming, and avoiding other players, and eventually you'll get to Necromancer at 45.


New to the game's stats and strats? Check out all my other Diep.io guides, and stick with GameSkinny for more .io games tips and strategies!