Dota 2 Reborn  Tagged Articles RSS Feed | Dota 2 Reborn  RSS Feed on en Launch Media Network DOTA2 introduces the Custom Game Pass Thu, 17 Mar 2016 11:02:53 -0400 Teevell_6844

As part of the DOTA 2 Reborn patch last year, Valve added the ability for players to create Custom Games that other members of the community could queue up for. They’re excellent for players who don’t have time for a full game, don't have a full team to queue up with, or those looking for a change of pace. Just as game developers can monetize their creations on Steam, Custom Game creators will also be able to get paid for their creative work. On March 15th, the Custom Game Pass was announced on the DOTA 2 blog. Custom Games will remain free to play, but the Pass allows the creator to include special extras that players can buy to enhance their experience.

The first game to have a Custom Game Pass will be Roshpit Champions. This is a survival game for 4 players trying to defeat waves of enemies that grow stronger over time. With the Pass, which will cost $1 for 30 days, players get additional stash and character slots, as well as other perks. At the end of the 30 days, the player can choose whether they want to renew their subscription or not. The 30 day time period encourages creators to provide ongoing support, and allows players time to reassess whether they want to continue supporting that game.

Not every Custom Game will be given a pass. The DOTA team will be in charge of the program and will choose which games will be eligible. They state in their FAQ that they want, “games which have already established a sizeable community and are mature enough to offer good value to customers.”

Getting content creators paid is a good thing, and could help expand the Custom Game community. Do you have a favorite Custom Game you hope gets a Pass? Let us know in the comments below.

League of Legends is getting a new client, and you should be worried Wed, 04 Nov 2015 06:26:46 -0500 John Adamczyk

Riot Games made some pretty huge announcements the other day, and it seems that 2016 is going to be an ambitious season for the company behind League of Legends. 

Even the preseason changes are going to be sweeping. Drastic changes to the entire role of ranged carries and the items those characters will buy, revamped masteries, a new enemy in the jungle; this and so much more, and that's just the tip of the iceberg. 

We're going to see a new champion select system, changes to ranked, a totally new way of unlocking champions and cosmetics, new social features, and, lastly, a client update.

Wait, what was that last one?

Oh, no. Oh, God no.

Alas, it's true:

For many, this is going to seem like a cause for celebration. League of Legends has been in dire need of an overhaul of its ancient client for some time now.

However, this bold transition is worrying.

Why, you ask?

Well, let's flash back to June 2015, when a similar, sweeping change was announced by Valve for DotA 2. In June, Valve announced DotA 2 Reborn. There were promises of a streamlined, overhauled system that would feature all the bells and whistles players had been asking for. From a featured section for custom maps to an easy-to-use client for rounding up a party and just playing the game, Reborn was an ambitious project.

Then, suddenly, it was released in September, no longer Reborn Beta, but simply DotA 2

The results? Not so pretty.

Random crashes. Crippling lag where there had been none. Some players were simply unable to boot up the game. Two months later, things are a little quieter, but one thing is certain: DotA 2 should not have been "reborn," at least, not until all of the kinks were worked out.

The once-optional beta for Reborn seems, albeit unintentionally, to have shifted to the global DotA 2 community. In a way, this makes sense, after all, the number of players in the beta test would never be enough of a stress test for the client compared to every single player. 

But now that it's out, players have been expressing discontent day after day, and it's generally agreed upon that the Reborn client was simply not ready for release.

Now, this says nothing of whether or not Riot will manage a miracle.

Maybe it's unfair to assume that the company's client will be just as buggy, and that making the move onto something different will cause a number of unnecessary problems. In fact, if Riot is able to do what Valve couldn't, it would be another mark in their favor in the longstanding rivalry between their own game and Valve's.

However, League is a huge game with an absolutely massive community. Of the countless hordes of people who play it, the odds of them coming up against unanticipated problems goes up and up and up, and so while League's current client might seem stuck in the stone ages, expect the inevitable upgrade, well after this announced alpha, to be fraught with quirks, bugs, and frustrations you never would have expected.

But, here's to the best for the ambitious next step being made by Riot Games.

DotA 2 Reborn has been released! Wed, 09 Sep 2015 11:19:28 -0400 David Fisher

DotA fans and people interested in abandoning the perpetually unbalanced League of Peasants will be happy to hear that DotA 2 Reborn is officially no longer in beta! As of today, players will no longer be able to access the Source 1 version of DotA 2, and instead DotA 2 Reborn - a game running on Valve's new Source 2.0 engine - will take its place.

DotA 2 Reborn has been in beta since earlier this year in June, promising to bring a whole slew of new features to the game. Among the changes were overhauls to the game's UI systems, custom game support, as well as graphical and connection improvements.

Those who have already downloaded the Reborn Beta can start playing after downloading a 190 MB patch that was released earlier this morning. Those who have not downloaded Reborn - or DotA 2 in general - will have to download the entire client.

Compendium owners should also note that the weather effects have now been released in the Reborn client. These effects include: the autumn-themed 'Harvest', the sandstorm 'Sirocco', and the world decaying 'Pestilence'.

What's more: Arc Warden from the original Defense of the Ancients: All-Stars has now received a hero slot in the coding for DotA 2 Reborn. Does this mean we could expect to see the hero appearing in the game soon? Only time will tell.

DotA 2's Reborn Update: Part 2 Wed, 17 Jun 2015 05:27:17 -0400 David Fisher

Last week we were given a brief introduction to DotA 2's Reborn update, an update that will put the game back into its beta stages as Valve begins work on implementing the Source 2.0 engine into the game.

Today, Valve released the second part of its three-part info page for the exciting new changes coming to the MOBA: Custom Games.

This brief Source Filmmaker clip highlights Valve's own addition to the Custom Games library "Overwatch" as well as fan-favorite "Pudge Wars"

While the new page does not offer as much as the first update page did, the update does give us a lot of information on the new Custom Games menu. Here are some of the features:

An Easy-to-Use Custom Games Menu

While Custom Games have been available in DotA 2 for a while now, actually starting a match was a complicated task as players would have to install the DotA 2 Workshop tools, then create a lobby and hope that other players were looking to play. Now players have access to an entire dashboard dedicated to custom games and custom lobbies. Here players can: look up the most popular games and mods, bookmark any games they like, see what games their friends are playing, as well as suggest or vote on future promoted game modes.

Launch pages will allow players to quickly join the lowest ping lobby available.

What will also be supported with the new dashboard and UI is the ability to spectate custom games (something that was limited to matchmaking only) as well as the ability to easily create or browse through custom game lobbies. This new interface will allow players to see all sorts of details on current lobbies such as the game type, player slots, ping, and so on. At first glance, it is very reminiscent of old lobby lists in Warcraft III.

New Official Custom Game Mode: Overthrow

Overthrow is DotA 2's newest deathmatch-style mode. In this game mode players scramble across a map in 5 separate teams of two, each trying to stay closest to the "Midas Throne" to gather gold to buy new weapons while trying to get the "kills acquired" goal before the enemy.

To assist, chests will appear at certain points in the map to deliver items that will upgrade their heroes, so players will have to decide whether to stay at the throne, get the item chests, or head straight for the kills. According to the page, another game mode is in development at this time, so we will wait and see what else Valve has in store.

Developer Tools

Valve has also released a set of highly advanced developer tools to make custom games. Named the "Hammer Level Editor," Valve's map and code editing tool is a complex set of equipment that allows developers to create new materials, edit existing models, change particle effects, and access the developer console all while the game is still running. According to Valve, the tools will be functional while the game is running, and so all effects and bugs will run in-engine while the developer is working.

Furthermore, the Hammer's "Panorama UI" allows developers to update Lua gameplay scripts while the map is still open. This means that they can have the map loaded up in-game while changing scripts without having to restart the game or reload the map. Developers who have worked with Hammer during its alpha release can find the change log here.

This has all been very exciting news for the DotA community. The next page is scheduled for release later this week, the teaser simply stating: "The Beta Begins, and Behind the New Technologies." Hopefully, the next page will shed more light on how the rumoured release of Source 2.0 with DotA 2 will affect gameplay or graphics, as well as more information on the beta's release features.