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One of the most unique mechanics in Dragon Ball FighterZ is the ability to have Shenron help you turn the tables in a close fight, and much like in the show, it revolves around the dragon balls.

Dragon balls can be acquired in one of two ways by other players so you don't have to build an individual stock, and both ways require you to perform combos. Depending on the number of hits in your combo, you'll be rewarded with X amount of dragon balls. The dragon ball number you get corresponds to the 'tens' digit in your combo. For example, you can grab DB #7 with a 70+ hit combo, #6 with a 60-69 hit combo, and so on and so forth.

If you're having problems landing the big ticket money, never fear. You can also use the full light attack auto combo, which will grant you a dragon ball at random. While this will prevent you from choosing which you get specifically, it's a good backup option if you aren't feeling confident in your combos.

Once you summon Shenron in Dragon Ball FighterZ, you'll have the opportunity to make a wish

The final piece of the puzzle is to build seven bars of super meter. If all dragon balls are on the board, regardless of who originally earned them, the next auto light attack combo will summon the man himself and grant you one of four wishes.

"Restore My Health!" - Brings your current character to full HP

"Make Me Immortal!" - Heals all regenerating health for your entire team and adds a restore function to your super meter, which fills it automatically

"Bring Back My Ally!" - Revives a team member with 20% of their HP

"Give Me The Ultimate Power!" - Adds a second charge to your Sparking Blast and fills your ki gauge to max

Think of Shenron as a tool and not a goal. If the opportunity arises where you're able to summon him without putting yourself at any great risk, go for it. Keep in mind, however, that Shenron isn't an auto win, but if you play it smart and know when to pull the trigger, the dragon might just save your ass.

Dragon Ball FighterZ Colored Squares Guide https://www.gameskinny.com/5sga5/dragon-ball-fighterz-colored-squares-guide https://www.gameskinny.com/5sga5/dragon-ball-fighterz-colored-squares-guide Tue, 13 Feb 2018 14:06:08 -0500 Ty Arthur

Frantic, super-powered, 3v3 mayhem is on tap with Dragon Ball FighterZ as players duke it out for online supremacy! In terms of art aesthetics and base gameplay, we're calling it -- this game will be one of the best fighters of the year.

Unfortunately, some of the mechanics are less amazing, like the malfunctioning ring matches (still) or lack of explanation on certain topics. One of those unknown topics is the square color assigned to every player and shown during a match.

Separate from both rank and player rank, these seemingly random colors have left the fanbase wondering what each square is meant to signify. Wonder no longer -- we figured out the Dragon Ball colored squares mystery!

Dragon Ball FighterZ square colors appear here Color Rank Squares (thanks to DBZenkai for the screenshot)

Dragon Ball FighterZ Colored Squares Explanation

All players start at one color and gradually move up or down a scale according to wins and losses. A white square is where everyone starts out as they first begin engaging in online matches.

After either winning or losing five battles, you then get assigned your very own color square. Going higher up on the list means you win more than you lose, while going lower indicates more losses than wins.

In other words, you probably don't want to face off against a Red/Purple player unless you are supremely confident in your abilities. The Blue/Light Blue end of the spectrum, on the other hand, basically says, "I'm terrible at this game, please beat me senseless and earn some free BP."

here's a grid to explain Dragon Ball FighterZ color squares Dragon Ball FigherZ Color Square Explanation Grid

Moving up or down the rank depends partially on what rank you are fighting as well. Beating Red ranks moves you up quicker, while beating Blue ranks doesn't increase your color nearly as quickly.

Oddly, in some cases the block remains white for more than the first five battles. It's unclear if this has something to do with the connection problems where people drop out unexpectedly from an online match (so it doesn't count towards your total), or if something has changed in the algorithm and you stay white longer than five matches at this point. Expect this issue to get ironed out or clarified with the next patch.

Still trying to up your game and improve your Saiyan combat skills? Check out our character list and tier rankings here to put together the best 3 vs. 3 team and start increasing your square color rank!

Top 5 Dragon Ball FighterZ Mods Already Released https://www.gameskinny.com/3rznu/top-5-dragon-ball-fighterz-mods-already-released https://www.gameskinny.com/3rznu/top-5-dragon-ball-fighterz-mods-already-released Thu, 08 Feb 2018 15:23:25 -0500 Craig Snyder

Having released only about two weeks ago, Dragon Ball FighterZ has already become a massive success in the fighting game community and even secured a spot at Evo 2018! Since the day of launch, modders have been busy at work trying to put together mod packs to help change the way the game looks, sounds, and feels.

I've spent hours testing out dozens of these mods. Some are good, and others are very, very bad. If you're looking for a list of the best and most complete Dragon Ball FighterZ mods to date, I've got you covered.

SSGSS Vegeta

Super Saiyan God Super Saiyan, more commonly known as Super Saiyan Blue, is one of the most visually pleasing Saiyan forms in all of Dragon Ball.

This mod brings the SSGSS form of Vegeta to Dragon Ball FighterZ. In its latest version, 2.2, the mod had a significant update that added color to SSGSS Vegeta's aura and particles. A lot of these mods are released unfinished (including this one), but this is one of the few Vegeta mods that comes with updated auras.

SSGSS Vegeta can be unlocked in DBFZ

SSGSS Vegeta is unlocked in Dragon Ball FighterZ organically by earning an A in the Hyperbolic Time Chamber Course (Hard) in Arcade Mode. This course is hidden until you beat the standard Hyperbolic Time Chamber Course. A lot of people are saying this mod does a better job of portraying SSGSS Vegeta to Dragon Ball Super, in terms of hair and costume, than Dragon Ball FighterZ itself does.

Download the SSGSS Vegeta mod for Dragon Ball FighterZ here.

Gohan Blanco (White Gohan)

Gohan Blanco is a popular meme in Dragon Ball culture. Often referred to as "Godhan" due to the white hair, Gohan unlocked his highest potential in the 88th episode of Dragon Ball Super. It was one of the most anticipated moments for fans of the series.

Call him Gohan, Godhan, or White Gohan -- he's tough no matter what he goes by

This mod is very complete, offering a Blanco form for all 12 of Gohan's skins in Dragon Ball FighterZ. There's even a Blanco form for Gohan's clone. The author of the mod put a lot of attention to detail into these reskins, and it's one of my favorite mods so far.

Download the Gohan Blanco mod for Dragon Ball FighterZ here.

Uganda Knuckles

Clearly a more fun and less serious mod of the bunch, Uganda Knuckles jumps from VRChat to Dragon Ball FighterZ in this modded skin for Gohan.

The author of this mod confesses that the model import for Uganda Knuckles isn't his best work. With the rising popularity of the mod, that's being worked on as we speak. The mod is still completely functional in its current state, and maybe even the "trashy" (as they described it) nature of the visuals lends even more to the hilarity of it.

Download the Uganda Knuckles mod for Dragon Ball FighterZ here.

Chrono Trigger Trunks

Old-school Dragon Ball and SNES fans are really going to like this one. It's been in the air for a while now that Trunks vaguely resembles Crono, the main protagonist from what many will say is the best JRPG of all time. The purple hair is the most noticeable difference, and this mod changes that.

Turning Trunk into Crono in Dragon Ball FighterZ

This mod adds the option to change Trunk's fourth costume color to resemble a skin with Cronos' hair and costume from the SNES classic Chrono Trigger.

Download the Chrono Trigger Trunks mod for Dragon Ball FighterZ here.

Purple Heart's OST Pack

Unlike the rest of the list, this is one of the earliest and most complete music packs for Dragon Ball FighterZ. This mod will change several themes in the game to popular songs from the Dragon Ball Z and Dragon Ball Super anime series.

Here's just a few of the changes to music in the game:

  • Main: Cha-La Head-Cha-La
  • Character Select: Resume (Buu Saga)
  • Cell Games: Song used during Cell Games (DBZ)
  • Space: Bardock's theme (DBZ)
  • Hit: Hit's theme (DBS)
  • Goku: Super Saiyan theme (used in the Cooler OVA)

Any Dragon Ball Z fans will get a nostalgic kick out of this OST pack. A few of the songs (like the one previewed in the video above) are also fan-made remixes. All of them are really high quality.

Download the Purple Heart's OST Pack mod for Dragon Ball FighterZ here.


Installing mods for the PC version of Dragon Ball FighterZ is very simple and usually just requires dragging and dropping an archive (or set of files) into a folder in the game's directory. If you go to the referenced download link for each mod, there are instructions on how to install. If you're having any issues, you can feel free to ask in the comments below, and I'll do my best to help you out.

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Dragon Ball FighterZ Guide: All Special Event Combinations https://www.gameskinny.com/wg56n/dragon-ball-fighterz-guide-all-special-event-combinations https://www.gameskinny.com/wg56n/dragon-ball-fighterz-guide-all-special-event-combinations Fri, 02 Feb 2018 11:27:03 -0500 Sergey_3847

Dragon Ball FighterZ has a great Story Mode with a series of hidden cut-scenes that reveal even more plot points. If you're a fan of the Dragon Ball lore and want to know more about the special link between certain characters, then take your time and trigger these link events in all the story arcs.

In order to unlock some of these Dragon Ball FighterZ special events, you will need to bond certain characters on certain maps (indicated by the "+" sign), while others are unlocked when you pit certain characters against each other (indicated by the "vs." sign). Don't worry if you didn't manage to unlock them upon your first try -- you can always go back and do them again.

In any case, follow the guide below to unlock all the possible special events in Dragon Ball FighterZ.

All Special Event Combinations in Super Warrior Arc

Dragon Ball FighterZ super warrior arc fighters going at it

  • Goku + Vegeta + Gotenks
  • Goku + Gohan + Piccolo
  • Goku + Vegeta vs. Frieza (Map 11-13 only)
  • Goku + Vegeta vs. Clone Kid Buu
  • Goku + Gohan vs. Cell (Map 11 & 12 only)
  • Gotenks + Gohan
  • Gohan + Piccolo vs. Nappa (Map 11-13 only)
  • Vegeta + Tien vs. Nappa (Map 11-13 only)
  • Goku + Krillin + Yamcha
  • Gohan + Buu vs. Clone Kid Buu
  • Goku + Buu vs. Clone Kid Buu
  • Vegeta + Piccolo
  • Gohan + Krillin vs. Captain Ginyu (Map 11-13 only)
  • Krillin + Yamcha
  • Yamcha + Tien
  • Goku + Tien vs. Clone Piccolo
  • Goku vs. Clone Goku
  • Vegeta vs. Clone Vegeta
  • Gohan vs. Clone Gohan
  • Gotenks + Buu
  • Vegeta (SSGSS) vs. Cell (Map 11 & 12 only)
  • Gohan + Krillin vs. Android 16 (Map 08 boss fight only)
  • Goku (SSGSS) vs. Captain Ginyu + Frieza (Map 12 only)
  • Piccolo + Yamcha
  • Vegeta + Gotenks + Piccolo
  • Vegeta + Gohan
  • Goku + Yamcha vs. Frieza (Map 11-13 only)
  • Gotenks + Tien
  • Piccolo + Krillin
  • Vegeta + Buu
  • Vegeta + Krillin vs. Clone Kid Buu
  • Goku (SSGSS) vs. Clone Kid Buu
  • Vegeta (SSGSS) vs. Frieza (Map 11-13 only)
  • Piccolo vs. Clone Piccolo
  • Krillin vs. Clone Krillin
  • Yamcha vs. Clone Yamcha
  • Tien vs. Clone Tien

All Special Event Combinations in Enemy Warrior Arc

Frieza getting ready for a big special event combination

  • Captain Ginyu + Frieza
  • Nappa + Captain Ginyu vs. Clone Vegeta
  • Frieza + Cell vs. Goku (Map 05 only)
  • Captain Ginyu + Frieza + Cell
  • Vegeta + Captain Ginyu
  • Goku + Captain Ginyu
  • Goku + Cell
  • Gohan + Captain Ginyu
  • Gotenks + Captain Ginyu
  • Goku + Vegeta + Frieza
  • Tien + Nappa
  • Yamcha + Nappa
  • Vegeta + Nappa vs. Clone Goku
  • Gotenks + Nappa
  • Krillin + Cell vs. Android 16 (Map 09 boss fight only)
  • Goku + Majin Buu + Frieza
  • Majin Buu + Cell vs. Clone Kid Buu
  • Gotenks + Frieza
  • Gohan + Cell
  • Piccolo + Frieza
  • Tien + Cell
  • Goku + Frieza
  • Nappa vs. Clone Nappa
  • Goku + Vegeta + Piccolo
  • Frieza vs. Clone Frieza
  • Cell vs. Clone Cell
  • Goku + Yamcha + Tien
  • Nappa + Cell
  • Vegeta + Krillin
  • Captain Ginyu vs. Clone Captain Ginyu

All Special Event Combinations in Android 21 Arc

android 21 looking ready for a dragon ball fighterz link event

  • Goku + Android 21
  • Piccolo + Android 21
  • Android 18 vs. Clone Cell
  • Vegeta + Gotenks + Android 21
  • Gohan + Android 18 + Android 21
  • Majin Buu + Android 21
  • Krillin + Yamcha
  • Piccolo + Tien + Android 21
  • Android 18 vs. Clone Vegeta
  • Android 16 + Android 18
  • Android 18 + Android 21 vs. Clone Frieza
  • Android 16 vs. Clone Goku
  • Yamcha + Android 18

Once you've unlocked all of the special links in Dragon Ball FighterZ, you have access to the entire story arc of the game.


That is it for all the special event combinations guide, and for many other Dragon Ball FighterZ guides here at GameSkinny, be sure to check out the list below:

No Rooms Found Fix for Dragon Ball FighterZ https://www.gameskinny.com/qzcdb/no-rooms-found-fix-for-dragon-ball-fighterz https://www.gameskinny.com/qzcdb/no-rooms-found-fix-for-dragon-ball-fighterz Fri, 26 Jan 2018 13:23:51 -0500 Ty Arthur

Launch days for online competitive games always seem to land with more than a few bumps these days, and sadly that is also the case with Dragon Ball FighterZ today.

Everyone is wondering how to play with friends, as there's not a lot of great information in the game itself on hooking up with fellow Dragon Ball Z fanatics to get some matches going.

Dragon Ball FighterZ - How To Play With Friends

After accessing the online mode of the game, to start a match with a friend, you need to make sure you've both joined the same lobby in the same region. These lobbies max out at 64 players, so choose one with a low number of connected players if you have a group wanting to join.

At the moment, this whole process is further complicated for PS4 players; the PlayStation Network is undergoing maintenance this morning, so many on the Sony side can't access online matches at all, creating a sad launch for this killer fighting game.

Picture of frustrated Dragon Ball Fighter Z players This is the face a lot of people are making trying to connect today.

Once you are in the same lobby in the same geographical region, the next step is to either create a new ring match yourself or to join the ring match your friend already set up by walking to their section of the chibi map and bringing up the menu.

Tap R2 (or right trigger on Xbox One) to access the ring settings menu and make a new match if no one else has started one yet. Here you can set a password on the match if you want with a numeric code between 0000 and 9999 that your friends need in order to join the battle.

Solving No Rooms Found Error

Even if you are able to log into Steam, Xbox Live, or the PlayStation Network and get into a lobby with your friends, there's still a potential issue.

The first major problem is that people are frequently getting a "no rooms found" error when trying to join a match with friends, even if they have the password and are in the same lobby.

Dragon Ball Fighter Z PS4 error image This has been a constant, vexing error all morning long.

Two main issues are causing this problem right now. The first is that whoever sets up the ring match is setting the number of players allowed at too low a threshold. In the ring settings menu, make sure to select the option for up to 8 players so everyone can get in.

The second issue is a typical Day One launch problem, as lobbies and match making aren't quite working properly. About half of players can fix this issue simply by restarting the game entirely by exiting the application (not just switching to the dashboard).

If that doesn't work, completely restart your console instead and then join the same lobby again with a new ring match. Make sure you aren't just going into low power mode by pressing the power button but instead actually selecting the menu option to fully restart the Xbox One or PS4 console.

Unfortunately, for many players the issue will start happening again after the match is over, even if the restart resolves the problem.

If we come across a surefire fix for the issue, we'll update this article, but for now it appears we've just got to wait on a patch from the developer for a 100% permanent solution to the No Rooms Found Dragon Ball FighterZ error. It looks like your plans for beating up friends all Friday night will have to be put on hold for a few hours (or potentially even days).

Dragon Ball FighterZ match Hopefully soon this will be you!

When you are finally able to get in and unleash all those devastating combos on your buddies, be sure to check out our other Dragon Ball FighterZ guides:

Dragon Ball FighterZ Android 21 Maijin Guide https://www.gameskinny.com/xbxe5/dragon-ball-fighterz-android-21-maijin-guide https://www.gameskinny.com/xbxe5/dragon-ball-fighterz-android-21-maijin-guide Wed, 24 Jan 2018 13:50:20 -0500 Ty Arthur

More than 20 characters are up for grabs in the 3-vs-3 brawler Dragon Ball FighterZ, including an entirely new one created just for this game's story line.

Only available to unlock after you conclude the story mode in full, Android 21 is a very different type of fighter, focused on mid-range domination but capable of absorbing enemy attacks for extreme versatility.

Below is a complete listing of the Android 21 move list, along with some tips for how to best utilize this new character in the frenzied Dragon Ball FighterZ matches.

Android 21 Combos

A unified combo scheme is utilized in Dragon Ball FighterZ, so all characters have the same basic controls to launch their special combo moves.

Try practicing Android 21's combos in training mode so you can see how they function differently from the other characters and can be used to break enemy combos or push the opponent back.

While she isn't your currently selected fighter, Android 21 can be called on for an assist that launches a smaller version of the Total Detonation Ball to hit an enemy at range while preparing for the next bout of melee attacks.

Special Move Combo
 Ground Stab  Down/Forward + Medium Attack
Hors d’Oeuvre Stab  Quarter Circle From Down to Back + Light / Medium / or Heavy Attack (available in air)
Connoisseur Cut   Quarter Circle From Down to Forward + Special Attack (available in air)
 Aerial Connoisseur Cut   Quarter Circle From Down to Back + Special Attack (available in air)
Total Detonation Ball 
 Quarter Circle From Down to Forward + Light / Medium / or Heavy Attack 


Hors d’Oeuvre Stab should be your go-to damage dealer, and when launched properly, it can even stop an opponent's aerial combo dead in its tracks. The heavy attack version combined with a super dash in particular can be deadly.

Total Detonation Ball changes based on which type of attack you use for the combo. The medium attack version angles upwards so you can hit someone in the air, while the heavy attack version flies faster (but it also discharges your absorbed special move from Connoisseur Cut).

Connoisseur Cut and Aerial Connoisseur Cut are Android 21's game-changing abilities, as successfully landing the attack allows her to absorb a special ability from the opponent. Launching the same Connoisseur Cut combo will then use the special attack instead, which will vary depending on which enemy you hit.

You can potentially hold up to four special absorbed moves, gained by using Connoisseur Cut or Aerial Connoisseur Cut either on the ground or in the air. In essence, this makes Android 21 a chameleon character that can launch an opponent's attacks back at them, which drastically changes how Android 21 plays based on who you are fighting against.

 Yeah, you can cover the screen in fire with Android 21's crazy move list!

Android 21 Supers

These super combos are only available when your bar has been fully charged by getting in hits or performing other special moves first. The first ability, Photon Wave, requires only one full bar, while the other two Android 21 super moves require three full bars to utilize, with one available on the ground and the other in the air.

Super / Level Combo Effect
Photon Wave / 1  Quarter Circle From Down to Forward + Any Two Attack Buttons Leap in air, energy beam fired onto ground
Sweet Tooth / 3 Quarter Circle From Down to Back + Any Two Attack Buttons Turn enemy into pastry, take a bite for recovered health
Excellent Full Course / 3  Quarter Circle From Down to Back + Any Two Attack Buttons (only available in air) Rush towards enemy, launch around screen, slam into ground, finishes with energy ball


Keep in mind that Photon Wave attacks in a diagonal line pattern from your current position to the edge of the screen, so if the enemy is directly beneath or slightly behind you, it won't hit when you leap in the air. Since you teleport upwards to launch the attack, that super move is best used when the enemy is on the ground or it can actually miss.

Sweet Tooth does less damage than you might expect for a three bar super, but it's also one of the only abilities in the entire game that allows a character to recover health, making it incredibly useful in close matches.

     Eating an opponent is an interesting way to win a match ...

Have any other tips and tricks for winning a round with Android 21 that have worked well? Let us know in the comments below, and be sure to check out our complete Dragon Ball FighterZ character tier list and rankings here before you try out any other character combinations!

Dragon Ball FighterZ Complete Character Tier List & Rankings https://www.gameskinny.com/0j18l/dragon-ball-fighterz-complete-character-tier-list-rankings https://www.gameskinny.com/0j18l/dragon-ball-fighterz-complete-character-tier-list-rankings Tue, 23 Jan 2018 17:33:49 -0500 Ty Arthur

Dragon Ball FighterZ is poised to lead the flood of top-tier fighting games are slated to land on consoles and PC this year -- many drawing on the characters and rosters of much-beloved anime and gaming series. 

If you've been following Dragon Ball FighterZ or developer Arc System Works, you should already have a good grasp of how fighting in FighterZ will play out, as there are plenty of similarities between it and Guilty Gear Xrd when it comes to all-around gameplay mechanics. You'll also have a good idea what characters are already on the DB FighterZ's roster.

While the game's 3v3 system lets you select a trio of characters from the game's list of more than 20 combatants, it's imperative you pick the right characters for the fight at hand -- and having them ranked really helps in that endeavor. 

Goku Seeing the Dragon Ball FighterZ Tier List For the First Time

Dragon Ball Fighter Z Character List

Counting different versions of primary characters, there are more than 20 options available in Fighter Z's character list, including the all-new character Android 21. While different combos will play out differently for different character variations and teams, there's actually more to your character trio decision than just combat tactics.

Some character combinations will give you different intro segments that fans of the series will love, and there are special cutscenes triggered when you defeat an enemy with specific character pairings. Try out different list pairings and see if you can find all the Dragon Ball Easter eggs with these characters:

Character Unlock Criteria
  Android 16  Available at Start
 Android 18  Available at Start
 Android 21 Maijin  Complete Story Mode
Beerus  Available at Start
 Buu  Available at Start
 Captain Ginyu   Available at Start
 Cell  Available at Start
Frieza  Available at Start
  Gohan (Teen + Adult)  Available at Start
Goku  Available at Start
Super Saiyan Goku Day One Edition or Getting 500K Zeni or
beating Arcade’s “Hyperbolic Time Chamber Course”
with A-Rank on hard difficulty
  Goku Black  Available at Start
Gotenks  Available at Start
Hit  Available at Start
 Kid Buu  Available at Start
 Krillen  Available at Start
Majin Buu  Available at Start
Nappa  Available at Start
Piccolo  Available at Start
Tien  Available at Start
Trunks  Available at Start
Vegeta  Available at Start
Super Saiyan Blue Vegeta Unlocked with Day-One Edition or 
by earning 300,000 Zeni or beating Arcade’s “Gravity
Spaceship Course” with A-Rank on hard difficultyTien
Yamcha Available at Start


Dragon Ball Fighter Z Character Tiers

So how do all of those characters stack up to each other? We're going to rank each character from the roster from best (S Tier) to good (A Tier) to usable but not as immediately awesome as the others (B Tier).

These rankings are based on preliminary beta impressions and limited time with the game ahead of official launch -- and these tier lists are primarily centered on the basic abilities of each character and their combo potentials.

Any character can work for you if you practice enough, especially with Dragon Ball FighterZ's auto-combo system preventing players from having to memorize complicated combo schemes. So your mileage may vary depending on your playstyle.

Dragon Ball FighterZ S-Tier Characters

S-Tier characters in FighterZ are the absolute best of the best you can find on the game's roster. These will often be your go-to fighters -- especially when times get tough. 

Android 21 
Adult Gohan
Goku Black
Kid Buu
Super Saiyan Blue Goku 


Android 21 Android 21 is the main villain of the story, and
loves turning characters into cupcakes!

Dragon Ball FighterZ A-Tier Characters

If you can't have all S-Tier characters for some reason, you'll want to try and get some of these A-Tier characters into your party. These characters have a lot of great strengths, so overlook them at your own peril. 

Android 16 
Android 18
Captain Ginyu


Piccolo  Of course, longtime character Piccolo appears in Dragon Ball FighterZ!

Dragon Ball FighterZ B-Tier Characters

Ok. So why go B-Tier at all? Because B-Tier characters in Dragon Ball FighterZ are awesome, too. Sure, maybe they're not as powerful as other characters on the game's roster, but they're fun to play as and should be given a chance. you never know -- maybe you'll find your favorite in this group. 

Super Saiyan Blue Vegeta


 Vegeta    Anybody dominating in multiplayer with Vegeta? If so, let us know your trick!

Dragon Ball FighterZ Online Rankings

While character lists and character tiers are more a matter of personal preference or player skill, the Dragon Ball FighterZ does include official rankings where you earn Battle Points by winning ranked multiplayer matches.

Ahead of launch -- and before the rankings fully open up for all players worldwide -- these are the Dragon Ball FighterZ rankings we know about so far:

Frieza Clan
Super Saiyan
Super Saiyan 2
Supreme Kai
Super Saiyan 3
Super Saiyan God
Super Saiyan Blue



What character trio from this list are you going to play when the official Dragon Ball FighterZ release date of January 26 finally arrives? Let us know who you are most excited to try out, and stay tuned for full guides on each character's basic abilities and combos.