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For Honor is fighting an uphill battle and still very much struggling to remain relevant to its own player base. Whether it's from severe connection issues that have plagued the game since before its launch, thanks in part to Ubisoft's bizarre and terrible P2P netcode which has lead to connectivity and NAT region issues -- to Ubisoft then responding to these issues with nothing but silence -- until only recently.

Which in turn caused their own community to schedule a blackout event in which they would stop playing, simply just to get the attention of the developer.

For Honor, Ubisoft, Meme

Since For Honor's launch back in February, positive user reviews on Steam have dropped down to 37% and the negativity and anger of the community isn't calming down any time soon. In that time the developer had attempted to appease the playerbase by attempting to fix drop rates within the game itself in the latest patch... but in my opinion:

It's Ubisoft Putting a Band-Aid on a Fatal Wound

In a Warrior's Den Weekly Livestream on March 21st -- Developer Damien Kieken responded to concerns from the community; including the topic of the drop rate. Notably he had this to say:

“We never had an intention for you to unlock everything in the game.”

Later also mentioned:

“It's like in an RPG -- let's say World of Warcraft, you would never try to unlock everything for all the characters of the whole game. It's the same thing in any MOBA, you're not trying to unlock all the content for all the heroes in your game."

In my opinion I think the developers never imagining someone trying to unlock everything for their characters in For Honor is extremely naive -- but I also believe it's bullshit. I don't believe for a second Ubisoft didn't purposely structure the drop rate for gear and loot in For Honor to be intentionally difficult, it's beyond obvious it was implemented this way from the start to drive players to purchase steel and in turn -- make the developer and publisher lots of money. Which is interesting considering this a full priced $60 game, and yet Ubisoft are utilising a pay structure for cosmetics found within most free-to-play games...

The Ubisoft 2017 Financial Strategy

In fact, the likelihood of a casual player (who maybe only plays a few hours day) unlocking everything for their character is almost impossible, as pointed out by Reddit user bystander007 -- The average hero would require around 91500 steel to unlock every base game unlockable -- excluding upcoming updates and DLC, if you then multiply by that 12 for every character in For Honor, you get a little over a million steel. This is valued at over $700 (on top of the charge of $60-100 for the game itself) to unlock everything.

If you were to attempt to grind this instead -- Reddit user bystander007 estimates this would take anywhere from 326 to 915 days depending on how much you played... but by that point I'm sure we'll already have For Honor 2.

For Honor, Knight

The irony being even if you decided to try and grind for two and a half years, you'll still have to deal with Ubisoft's horrible netcode and the plenty of issues that have already crippled -- or in my opinion fatally wounded this game. Fixes like this aren't going to solve the big issues at hand long term. The Ubisoft medical staff are so incompetent they've placed a band-aid in the form of this “fix” on For Honor which is already bleeding out. While it continues to do so -- stay tuned to GameSkinny for everything For Honor...

While it lasts.

Overwatch's Loot Drop Rate Explained https://www.gameskinny.com/eh6ow/overwatchs-loot-drop-rate-explained https://www.gameskinny.com/eh6ow/overwatchs-loot-drop-rate-explained Wed, 08 Jun 2016 07:17:47 -0400 ChrisDeCoster

If you play a lot of Overwatch, as more than seven million people do, chances are you've opened your share of loot boxes.  Due to random chance, a loot box can have awesome rare skins and animations, or just some voice lines and sprays.  While there's nothing you can do to improve your chances of getting more gear, (other than keep playing or buy more boxes,) one redditor by who goes by the username ourobouros has figured out the drop rates.

Using a massive sample size of over one thousand loot crates, which he got from watching streamers and YouTubers play the game, here's what he found:

It looks like the odds of getting that sick Roadhog skin aren't in your favor, as Legendary skins are incredibly hard to come by, with a drop rate of less than 10%.  Despite that, you're always guaranteed at least one uncommon item, be it a Rare, Epic, or Legendary one.  And as always, the best way to get more loot is just to keep playing the game, but it looks like you'll have to spend a lot of time (or money) to get everything the game has to offer.

What do you think about Overwatch's drop rates, especially in relation to it's microtransactions?  Let us know in the comments!

[Title Image Courtesy of Polygon]

Loot tables for Overwatch have been cracked https://www.gameskinny.com/rx4tt/loot-tables-for-overwatch-have-been-cracked https://www.gameskinny.com/rx4tt/loot-tables-for-overwatch-have-been-cracked Mon, 06 Jun 2016 10:08:11 -0400 Sagger Khraishi

From watching over 1,000 loot box openings from Overwatch players on YouTube, Reddit user Ourobouros was able to create a listing of the loot drop percentages in the game. Items such as skins, emotes, voice lines, player icons and more are currently available from these boxes. These boxes are available through in-game drops and via microtransactions.

The drops are split up into four different classes. Aside from your Common drops, you can also get Rares, Epics, and if you are especially lucky, Legendary drops.

Video link Common Rare Epic Legendary
Force 235 125 31 9
Royal 113 66 15 6
Futile 116 67 15 6
Jeel 118 64 14 4
Boogie2988 117 64 18 5
DrFeelgood 121 60 13 6
Masier 117 64 14 5
MFPallytime 237 132 27 8
Stylosa 245 125 28 6
Drift0r 116 58 15 7
Redmercy 234 125 33 12
Nero 238 121 29 8
Outfoxed 284 167 31 14
Gamespot 121 65 14 4
Total count 2412 1303 297 100
Percent of Total 58.66% 31.69% 7.22% 2.43%
Drop rate 97.08% 78.22% 25.91% 9.38%

[Source: Reddit]

Each loot box has a guarantee of at least one rare quality item or better. Which means that you have a chance of getting four legendary items, but worst case scenario you would get a rare item and three common items.

So keep opening those boxes -- and if you decide to quit, sell your account (with all the legendary items you have). Last I checked, one hard to get legendary item priced an account at $40 on a gold selling site. Good luck!