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Amidst the multiple celebrities and plenty of costumed galactic villains and heroes, the reveals for Star Wars Battlefront 2 are expected to be plenty. In order to identify this, we have to look at the timeline of the first game back in 2015 and how it coincides with the upcoming game. In addition, as we look at this we can also mind hints along the rumor wagon.

Starting with multiple tweets from Jordan Maison, editor-in-chief at Cinelinx, who stated:

Though it can't be confirmed, it is interesting to note Maison leaked info on a "Rogue One DLC" which turned out to be true. Further clues lie in the timeline before the release of the first Star Wars Battlefront.

The first installment was first revealed at the E3 expo on June 10, 2013 and the following E3 in 2014 showed another trailer for the game. By April the release date was announced as November 17, 2015 at Star Wars Celebration that year. The timeline of the upcoming sequel runs on a far expedited scale, but we can predict the similarities will be significant. The second installment was revealed in an investors call on January 31 of this year by CEO Andrew Wilson. Wilson stated in the call:

We’re thrilled to bring a new Star Wars Battlefront game to fans worldwide in the 2017 holiday season. In the past two years, Rogue One and The Force Awakens have 4 opened new storylines and captured the imagination of hundreds of millions of Star Wars fans

The news was the official statement by the CEO even though the first mention of a sequel by DICE occurred the previous November of 2016. This statement was from EA CFO Blake Jorgensen who revealed the release date to be around the same time, holiday of 2017. The final additions to the original game occurred this past December with release of the "Rogue One: Scarif" DLC in anticipation for the upcoming movie that month. This gave DICE 10 - 12 months of solid work on other projects and the upcoming game, save minor bug fixes and balancing in smaller updates to the game that have happened already.

So what does this mean for the new games' timeline and Star Wars Celebration 2017 roughly two weeks away? On an escalated timescale we can assume a first look at the game's trailer at celebration this year. This would be similar to Star Wars Celebration 2015 where the first game details but second game trailer were released. After that we can expect celebration to be another opportunity for questions to developers about the game, but no game play until EA Play in June taking the place of E3.

Furthermore, we will get to see the game devs talk about their work on the game and the difficulty it took to expand maps, development on the new heroes, and show pride in new weapons or systems without giving away too much. The final similarity we might see is the reveal of the official release date for the game if EA follows a similar path as before.

Star Wars Battlefront 2 will likely be released before Star Wars Episode VIII - The Last Jedi in December, which will have plenty of talk at celebration as well. This would be another similarity to what EA did with the last battlefront DLC release before Rogue One. Finally, if there are any DLC's for this battlefront game like the last, at least the first will be revealed here as the first DLC for Star Wars Battlefront was shown at celebration in 2015.

Star Wars Celebration 2017 takes place April 13, with tickets on sale now. Expect the first Star Wars Battlefront 2 trailer and more news before EA Play.

Next Star Wars Battlefront Game Will Appear at EA Play Event https://www.gameskinny.com/cxj9z/next-star-wars-battlefront-game-will-appear-at-ea-play-event https://www.gameskinny.com/cxj9z/next-star-wars-battlefront-game-will-appear-at-ea-play-event Fri, 24 Mar 2017 06:18:25 -0400 Nick Lee

In an announcement today from EA Play on their upcoming event, the anticipated Star Wars Battlefront 2 will finally be revealed, this comes after clues to development being left by the devs for the past several months. While some have anticipated the official release will be around December of 2017, this look will help to reveal in-game questions -- such as the desire for more planets and maps, heroes/villains, and the addition of the Clone Wars era.

Until now, the devs have been pretty quiet on the actual progress of the game, leaving various tweets. The most notable and recent by senior media/video editor for EA, Randy Evans, in February:

While the event makes no promise of a Star Wars trailer -- direct game play would be good, especially after the promise to incorporate "More eras," and "bigger and better worlds" by EA CFO Blake Jorgensen on two separate occasions.

For those planning, or who wish to attend, the event, tickets go on sale April 20, 2017 at 9:00 am PST. EA will also be unveiling other games during the three day event, but please EA, leave out Jar Jar.

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Mass Effect: Andromeda's New Trailer Offers A Tiny But Encouraging Glimpse Into The New Galaxy https://www.gameskinny.com/9rjm8/mass-effect-andromedas-new-trailer-offers-a-tiny-but-encouraging-glimpse-into-the-new-galaxy https://www.gameskinny.com/9rjm8/mass-effect-andromedas-new-trailer-offers-a-tiny-but-encouraging-glimpse-into-the-new-galaxy Tue, 14 Jun 2016 12:00:24 -0400 Cody Drain

Sunday's EA Play press conference helped to kick off E3 2016 right, showcasing a number of hotly-anticipated games -- one of the most notable of which is Mass Effect: Andromeda. BioWare has been tight-lipped with details on the newest entry in the popular spacefaring RPG series, and the game's appearance Sunday followed in the same pattern, offering only a small glimpse into the action. However, what BioWare did showcase leaves a great deal to be excited about.

The trailer begins with real-world footage of a rocket boosting off from Earth, and then a view from an orbiting satellite (presumably the International Space Station). From there, the game world is introduced, while a voice representing the team helps to emphasize the ambitious nature that appears to be at the heart of Mass Effect: Andromeda:

Our survival as a species has always depended on our drive to seek out the undiscovered, push beyond our limits and expand the boundaries of our known world. With Mass Effect, we are going further than ever before...to Andromeda, to build a new home for humanity.

In the gameplay footage that follows, we are introduced to what will presumably serve as the game's flagship -- the Tempest, whose design is fairly similar to the Normandy SR-1 and Normandy SR-2 from the original trilogy, particularly with regards to the thruster design. We also get an idea of some of the different planetary environments featured in the Andromeda galaxy, including an arid desert planet (where the main character engages a large, lumbering beast similar to the Reaper "Brute" in Mass Effect 3) and large tropical forests.

The trailer also demonstrates the main character (whose last name, apparently, is Ryder) and introduces an as-of-yet-unnamed asari character. The new (and most likely improved) Mako is also briefly shown in action, driving over rough terrain with ease. 

This newest look into the next chapter of the Mass Effect saga was all too brief -- but nevertheless, many of the familiar elements that make the series so popular with fans were on display: an intense firefight (featuring Ryder and two squadmates, a formula taken from the other games in the series), beautiful alien worlds, and some particularly big, menacing alien enemies, to name a few. All of this leaves a desire to see as much of this game as possible, and BioWare is apparently planning to oblige by releasing more details this fall.

As of this week, Mass Effect: Andromeda is still on pace for release in "early 2017," and when it does release, it seems there is a good chance that fans will echo the woman (probably a potential version of Ryder) who awakens from cryogenic sleep at the end of the trailer, who triumphantly whispers "we made it."

What do you think? Leave a comment below with your favorite part of the trailer, or what you want to see from, or learn about the most in, Mass Effect: Andromeda.